Authors note: The Pregnancies on Sex-On are faster than on Earth. A full term is 4 months instead of 9


It's been a month since the pregnancy has become public. I am currently 1 month and 3 weeks pregnant and I'm starting to get all the symptoms of a pregnant omega. I puke almost everyday, I crave things that I usually don't eat, and my stomach is starting to show. Though this is happening Sebastian still looks at me the way he did when we first met.

Im really happy that school is out, I have 2 months and 1 week left in my pregnancy and I get to spend them it home. This also has led to Sebastian and I to spend a lot of time together. Everyday we're with each other. Though we haven't been really intimate lately. Don't get me wrong we kiss and snuggle but our sex life isn't that good. We haven't had sex in 2 weeks, which is bad considering that we would screw nearly everyday. I feel he's not attracted to me, Im not sure what to do. My only option is to confront him when he get's home from the gym.


Hey babe, how was your workout?

Good, I really worked up a sweet.

Yeah I can see that, (pointing to his obvious sweat stains). It's really arousing. I quickly begin kissing him while wrapping my arms around him. He quickly pulls away, Wow calm down Tay!

Im hurt, he never used to do this. I turn around and run to my room nearly crying.

I hear him come in and sit on the bed. Baby whats wrong? I lift my head and look at him still sobbing. Do I disgust you Sebastian? What, no you could never, why would you ask that? Well we haven't had sex lately and every time I try to get you in the mood you automatically stop me. Please tell me what Im doing wrong Sebastian. It's not you Taylor, it's me! What, I ask while looking puzzled. I don't want to have sex because I don't want to hurt the baby. I sit up still puzzled. Wait what? Well what if us having sex hurts the baby? I never thought about it Sebastian. Maybe your right, but we should ask a doctor. I do have an appointment tomorrow! Your right we should ask, just to be on the safe side. I smile at him and lean my head on his shoulder.


When we get to the doctor's office we are called in right away. We go through the normal procedure. I get weighed, checked and I have a ultrasound. We find out that the baby is healthy but it's too early to tell sex.

Okay, are there any questions? The doctor asks. Well there is one. Taylor and I would like to know if it's safe to have sex during the pregnancy. Hmm, the doctor gives a little laugh. Yes, it is. Its actually healthy for the parents to have sex. It is, we ask. Yeah, you see the anus will start to tighten itself so when it comes time to deliver it will widen. And if it goes un-stretched it will become uncomfortable. So having sex regularly will keep it from becoming a burden. We listen in shock as he explains even more.

It also help if the penis of the alpha is big and long, so son how big are you? he asks Sebastian. Well... 11 inches soft and 13 hard. Well you are certainly gifted, most alpha's your age are only 11 1/2 inches hard. Sebastian blushes and I giggle. Well if that's the only question then I think your ok to go home. We leave his office and try to hurry home.

We walk into my house and sit down on the couch. Im so glad we can have sex Taylor. Me too babe, I feel like a dam ready to burst. Well I guess we should fix that. I smile and sit on his lap, our lips meet and part mine and let his eager tongue inside my mouth. We kiss for a while, then without hesitation he picks me up and heads to my room.

He sets me down lightly on the bed and shuts the door. We begin to kiss but he's on top this time. I wrap my legs around his waist and he begins to thrust his erect member on me. I slightly moan as he continues. We soon start removing clothes and in minutes we are naked. We continue to make-out and his dick is beginning to poke at my entrance. He pulls away and smiles, mmm I've been wanting this for awhile! Me too babe. Ready babe? Yeah Im ready. He begins to enter and I nearly scream. He notices it too. Fuck you have gotten tighter, my dicks is getting hugged by your ass. Yeah you feel good too. He enters all the way and we are both speechless. Taylor I think we're going to enjoy pregnant sex.

He begins to move in and out of me. I wrap my legs around his waist and he bends down to kiss me again. He kisses me while fucking me and it feels amazing. we stop kissing and start moaning. We both can't stop it's very erotic. He begins kissing my neck and makes me moan like a slutty sissy. He finds one spot and kisses it and lightly bites it. ahhh ohh, wow Sebastian only you could make my neck feel good. He comes up and winks at me before going back down.

He continues to kiss my neck while fuck me at the same time. I soon get to my point. Oh Im going to cum, ahh fuck me harder. His thrusting becomes faster and I soon reach my orgasm. He too begins to cum. Fuck, Fuck oh man Taylor I love your ass. His warm sperm fills my insides as he speaks. He pulls out and lays down next to me. I cuddle up next to him and cover our naked bodies with the cover.

Man that was good, Yeah babe you really got me with the whole neck biting. Ha Tay it's the least i could do, your ass is getting tighter. I quickly blush and he begins to say aww. What? Your cute when you blush. I smile and kiss him. Hey Sebastian. Yeah Tay? Do you think we should think of names. Yeah it would be nice to say a name instead of "baby" all the time. I like James, its nice and classic. Thats a good one, but what about Jacob. Yeah I like it. We could even call him Jake for short. I really like it Sebastian. I thought you would, he smiles and kisses me. We continue to talk and soon fall asleep.


We wake up an hour later and head to the bathroom to shower. Man i smell like sex and sweat. Yeah? and I smell like sex,sweat, and cum. You know you like my cum. He pulls my body against his and grabs my butt. I do know thats why I take it. We start kissing and he begins grabbing my butt with both his hands.

We get in the shower and begin soaping each other up and washing our bodies. But then Sebastian's cock gets hard. Damn sorry I'll turn up the cold water. No it's okay i'll take care of it. I get on my knees and begin taking his cock in my mouth. Soon Im deep-throating him and he starts to fake fuck me, his pubes are in my face and his balls are slapping my chin. He soon starts to erupt and I happily drink the sweet warm cream. I get up and kiss him and we get out and dry off.

Hey Taylor, want to go out tonight? Yeah i'd love too. Good I'll be back here for you at 8. What should I wear Sebastian? Something nice and dressy. He gives me a hug and kiss goodbye and leaves. I turn to my closet and begin the hunt of what to wear.

I finally decide on black slacks, a blue button-up shirt with the sleeves folded up to my elbows, black shoes and a bow-tie. 8 o'clock rolls around and Sebastian pulls up in his red car. He steps out and he is wearing black slacks, a white shirt with a black vest, black shoes and a black tie. Wow you look great Sebastian. And you look amazing Taylor. He opens my door for me and lets me in. Soon we're both in the car and we leave. We end up at a restaurant called Michael's, a well known romantic and expensive place.

Really Sebastian are you sure this place is expensive! Yes taylor anything for you. In no time we are seated and have already ordered. The waiter returns early and has a bottle of liquid, he sets it down and leaves. What's that? I ask. Its their best sparkling grape juice, he says with a funny smile. Haha why did you get that? He begins pouring us each a glass, because this is a special night. And what would that be? He hands me my glass and reaches into his pocket. Taylor I love and want to be with you forever. I've already said this but I want it to be official.

He pulls out a black box and opens it to reveal a diamond ring. Taylor James will you marry me? Im shocked and start to tear up a little but i quickly reply, Yes I will. He smiles and begins putting the ring on my finger. He leans across the table and gives me a kiss. Did you plan this whole night? Yeah, and after dinner we're heading to the beach so we can see the stars and the waves. I smile, wow Sebastian you really know how to be romantic. Anything for my baby.

Our food soon arrives and we begin to eat. We finish and order dessert, even though Sebastian's sweet enough for me. We then head to the beach and sit on a blanket while watching the stars and the waves. We went home around 11 and went to bed in each other's arms.



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