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Jason worked on the farm with his father. Tall with wavey black hair, brown eyes. He was ruggedly good looking with a square jaw. Lifting heavy bales of hay had given him some muscle. His tanned chest has a light patch of hair and his stomach was flat and ripped. His cock was a good 8 inches with a pair of low hanging balls. He had just turned 22. His mother passed when he was 12 and it had been just him and the old man knocking around the big farm house.

Jason knew he was gay. When he was younger he felt excited and turned on when he would watch the other boys undress for Gym. He never really dated. Living in a small town didn't really do anything for a young gay man like him. There were no gay bars and all the young men in town were as straight as a 2x4, or so they said. Jason had heard of two guys he knew having been caught having sex. To releave the sexual tention that had been building up with in him he went down to the creek on warm summer nights. He'd strip, lay down next to the creek and jerk off.

One day his father was picking corn when he saw a young man walking up the road twords their house. "Hey there youngin!" The boy looked up at him with sad brown eyes. "I was wondering if you could use some help?" Jason's father thought for a moment and nodded. "You got any family?" The boy shook his head. "My ma passed when I was 5 and my pa a few weeks ago." Jason's dad frowned. "Aw, aint that too bad!!" He called for his son. Jason came walking around the barn and stopped in his tracks. There standing before him was the hottest boy he had ever seen. Tall with shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, smooth white skin and kissable red lips. His body was lean and muscular.

"This is my son Jason." The boy smiled at him. "Dillion." Jason felt his cock stiffen. "Take him to the barn and show him where he can sleep" his father told him. Dillion followed him to the barn. "I really appreciate you're dad letting me work here." Jason smiled. "He's got a soft spot for young folk." They climbed the ladder to the hay loft. Jason purposefully made Dillion go up first so he could stare at his firm, rounded ass in his tight jeans. "This will do nicely!" Dillion exclaimed when they got up there. Jason couldn't help but stare at the boy's rear. "Yes, it certainly will!"

Dillion worked hard over the next few days. He would climb ontop of the flatbed truck with Jason and fling bales of hay for the livestock. His smooth skin glistening with sweat. When they were done Jason's father handed them each a can of ice cold beer. "Do a mans day of work, have a man's drink". Jason wanted to go down to the creek and clean off but mostly he wanted to jerk off. He had been thinking of Dillion and what he would look like naked.

"I think I'll go down to the creek and cool off" he exclaimed. Dillion nodded. "Mind if I tag along?" Jason looked into those sparkeling brown eyes. "Sure." They walked twords the creek. "How old are you?" Jason asked. Dillion smiled. "I just turned 18 last month" he exclaimed proudly. They reached the creek and Jason peeled his sweaty shirt off. Dillion stood there and took in his chisled chest with a soft patch of curly black hair and his flat, ripped stomach.

"Wow!" he exclaimed. Jason smiled. "What?" Dillion laughed. "You're really built!" Jason chuckled. "You're nothing to sneeze at yourself kid!" He unzipped his pants and pulled them down. Jason often went "comando" so his 9 inch cock popped out like a spring. He saw that Dillion's eyes were glued to his meat. "We'll are you gonna join me or just stand there?" Dillion looked up at him. "What? Oh yeah!" Jason watched as he lifted his shirt over his head. Dillions chest was smooth and chisled with two round nipples. His stomach was flat and ripped. Jason dived into the creek to hide his growing erection. He didn't want to scare Dillion.

When he surfaced Dillion stood there naked as the day he was born. Jason looked down and saw to his suprize that Dillion was hung like a horse. 10 inches at least. His cock was thin and long. It was crowned by a turft of curly black pubic hair and a pair of smooth, egg shaped balls below. He dove in and popped up a few feet away from Jason. They swam around and splashed eachother before Jason got out and flopped down on a blanket he had brought with him.

Dillion followed suit. "That was fun!" Dillion exclaimed breathless. Jason looked into his brown eyes. "You are so beautiful!" Dillion smiled shyly. "Thanks." Jason ran his hand over Dillions smooth skin. "I want you!" Dillion smiled. "Well here I am!" Jason pulled Dillion to him and their lips met. Jason kissed him long and deep, parting his thin, pink lips with his tongue. "Make love to me!" Dillion exclaimed. Jason laid Dillion on his back and began kissing his neck. He sucked at the tender flesh as if it were some delicacy to be savored.

He moved lower, sucking and nibbling on each nipple. Dillion sighed. Jason traced a path down Dillion's stomach to his cock. He took his flaccid cock in his hand and gently stroked it. He felt it grow in his hand. "MMMM!! Dillion moaned softly. "Want me to suck your cock?" Jason whispered in his ear. Dillion nodded. Jason licked the head of Dillions cock before engulfing it with his mouth. Dillion cried out. "Holy hell!!" Jason smiled. He began sucking on Dillions meat stick, making it slippery with his spit. He loved the way it tasted in his mouth.

"Oh yeah!" Dillion moaned. "Suck my cock!" Jason moved faster, his head bobbing up and down. Dillion ran his hands through Jason's hair. "OOOH! You're gonna make me cum!" Jason sucked hard on Dillions head. He felt his body tense and his cock begin to twitch in his mouth. "Fuck! I'm cumming!" Dillion arched his back thrusting his cock deeper into Jason's mouth. He felt Dillions cock head expand and hot, sweet cum exploaded from the tip. It washed over his tongue and down his throat. "AAGGGHHH!!" Dillion moaned loudly. Jason's mouth filled with his sweet tasting seed. He swallowed and when Dillions cock stopped twitching he let go, a string of cum and spit following.

"Damn!" Dillion exclaimed "that was the best blowjob I've ever had." Jason smiled. "It was my pleasure." Dillion smiled. "Will you fuck me now?" Jason laughed. "If you want me too." Dillion nodded. "Turn over on your stomach then." Dillion flipped over and Jason stared at his smooth, round ass. He touched both cheeks. They were warm and smooth. He leaned down and kissed and sucked on each cheek. He parted his cheeks and there in the center like some exotic gem was Dillion's pink hole. He licked the crack of his ass from balls to tailbone and felt Dillion jerk. "Like that do ya?" Dillion nodded.

Jason blew into Dillions ass and heard him moan. He dove in licking and sucking at the soft, tender flesh. Dillion was panting and moaning softly. "MMM! Lick my ass!" Jason inserted a finger and heard Dillion gasp. "Yeah!" Jason moved his finger in and out of Dillions hole before adding another finger. He stopped when he felt Dillion was loosned enough. Jason pulled a condom out of his pocket and a small bottle of lube. Dillion helped him roll on the condom and lubed up his cock. "Ready?" Jason asked. Dillion nodded. Jason positioned himself above his ass, his fat cock dangeling directly over his crack.

"If it starts to hurt, let me know." Again Dillion nodded but said nothing. Jason grabbed the base of his cock and slowly inserted it between Dillions soft cheeks. "Oh fuck!" he moaned. The heat of Dillions ass made him want to cum. He felt his cock press against Dillions hole. "You ready?" Dillion nodded. Jason pushed. He felt Dillions hole resist but Jason wiggled his hips and it eventually gave. Dillion grunted. "UHH!" Jason stopped. "Am I hurting you?" Dillion shook his head. "It's not that bad" he said through gritted teeth. Jason thrust hard and felt his cock sink in. "I've just popped your cherry." Dillion laughed though tears that streamed down his face. Jason remained still, not wanting to move.

When Dillion told him the pain had passed he began thrusting in and out slowly. He loved the feeling of Dillions hole pulling on his cock as he pulled out and rammed his cock back in. "OOHHH! Fuck me!" Dillion exclaimed. "You like it when I fuck you're hot little ass?" Dillion nodded. "Oh yeah!" Jason moved faster, his balls slapping against Dillions ass with each thrust. Soon he felt his balls draw up. "Fuck Dillion, I'm gonna cum!" Dillion smirked. "Yeah, cum in my ass!" Jason began pounding his ass like a jack hammer until he felt his cock expload, filling the condom!" UHHHH!" he howled.

When his cock stopped twitching he slowly pulled out and flopped down on his back. "Fuck!!" Dillion smiled. "I know right?" He pulled the cum soaked condom off and threw it on the ground. He kissed Jason tenderly. He straddled Jason and began jerking off. Jason touched his smooth chest and stomach. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!!" Dillion's hand moved in a blur. His eyes closed tight and his mouth hung slack. His abs tightened. "UUHHHH!!" he squealed as his rope after rope of white cum shot out of his cock onto Jason's chest and stomach.

They kissed and went for a swim to clean off. "Can we do this again?" Dillion asked as they dressed. Jason pulled him close and kissed him deeply. "Any time you want kid."

The End



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