I believing in giving cons a second chance, as long as their crimes were non-violent and did not involve drugs or minors.   Ex-cons are the only people I hire to work in my warehouse.

I am thirty-three years old, six foot three inches, and a hundred and ninety pounds  of hard muscle, with dark brown hair on my head and chest.  My beard and goatee is neaty trimmed to about an inch or so. I am also intimate friends with the warden at the prison about fifty miles from my home.

I met Joe several years ago at a hot orgy given by a mutual friend.  I was surprised to find another man that loved sucking cock and eating cum as much as I did.  Oh, I loved fucking a nice ass,  but my favorite thing was sucking and eating.

When Joe has a guy getting out on parole, that fits my requirements, he givesme a call ahead of time.  Other than the reasons I have mentioned, the only other requirement is that they must be open and enjoy sex with another man.

Currently, I employ four ex-cons:  Jack is 30...Brad is 33...Lance is 28...and Sean is 31.  All are extremely muscular from hard physical work done at the warehouse.  All are dark haired except Sean and he is a red head.  All love  sex with another man but I have kept that fact a secret from them.  I have sex with all four but on a one-on-one basis.

I received a call from Joe telling me that he had another inmate about  to be paroled if i had an opening.  I said I did and asked about him.

"Mark,"Joe began, "Clay is probably the hottest one that I have sent you.  He's  twenty-seven and just as tall as you are, and almost as hairy.  He as muscular as the others and has roughly seven and a half inches of beautiful uncut cock that shoots huge loads.  I love eating those huge delicious loads."

"When's he getting out?" I asked.

"Friday of next week," he replied. "And I have already checked, and to my knowledge,he has no family to pick him up or for him to live with."

"Perfect," I said, then asked, "What all is he into?"

"His love is having a cock in his ass and one in his mouth at the same time.  A couple of lifers broke him in not long after he arrived.  Now, he services both inmates and guards."

"Find out if he would like to work for me and give me a call,"I said,

"Will do,"he replied.  "If you can make it here sooner, I can introduce you  to him and we can have a three way."

"Sounds good," I replied.  "I'll see what I can work out. I haven't had your cock in awhile."

"We can do each other before I introduce you to Clay."

"Perfect," I replied.

I headed out to the prison on Tuesday anxious to taste Joe's thick cum again.  I arrived and we had a hot sixty-nine in his officewhile his secretary/security guard kept visitors from disturbing us.  Yes, the guard was into cock also and knew what was going on in the office.

After Joe and I had stripped and made out a while, we flipped into a sixty-nine and hungrily sucked each other dry, devouring each others load.  Once we had both swallowed, Joe called Zach, his secretary/guard,and told him to call and have Clay brought to his office. "After you make the call,  come intomy office," Joe added. He knew how I loved sucking Zach's eight in thick cock.  

Zach knew why Joe had called him into his office  and when he walked in, his cock was very promanently visible in his pants.

As I sucked Zach's beautiful hard cock,  Joe stroked out another load to feed to Zach.  As Zach swalowed Joe's second load, his cock exploded and fed me a  huge thick load  of sweet deicious cum.

Moments after wehad redressed and Zach had returned to the outer office,  there was a knock on the door and Zach ushered Clay into the room.

We were introduced and Joe explained why I was there.

"Are you interested in working for him?

Clay hesitated a moment before finally saying yes.  

"Clay,  Mark is one of us so you don't have to worry about him finding out about what you're into.  He loves cock as much as  I do."

Joe began to smile roadly and said, "Well, in that case, hell yea I'll work for him."

He stood up and came to me with his hand extended for a hand shake.  Instead, I stood and wrappedmy arms around him and lovingly pressed my lips to his.   Immediately, he opened his mouth and our tongues began to explore each  others mouth.  As we kissed, my right hand moved down and began to rub his growing cock.  Then, I felt his hand carressing my cock. 


TO BE CONTINUED.............................

I know it's short but I have an appointment I must get to.



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