I had been back home for one month, and was already missing my diet of young Japanese men, so I decided to place an ad offering English conversation to Japanese students. The first replies were from females, so I made sure our schedules did not match, but the fourth was from Jun, a 20-year-old boy who by sheer good luck had a home stay only about 15 minutes away. Slim and tallish with straight black hair and delicate features, he aroused my interest (and my cock) straight away, and we arranged a time. We had had about four lessons, and were getting to know each other. I hadn't told him I was gay, but whenever he came I made sure to wear tight jeans with wide belts and clingy T-shirts. He must have realized, but he kept coming, so I decided the time was ripe.

As I waited for him to arrive for his next lesson, rain bucketed down. A couple of minutes later the doorbell rang and I opened up to a drenched Jun on the doorstep. My mind started ticking. 'You poor thing, we must get you dry and changed!', I blurted, guiding him in with my hand and motioning for him to remove his shoes. His shirt and jeans were soaked. A stoke of inspiration: 'Quickly, take them off here so the floor doesn't get wet.' He removed his shirt, jeans and socks and stood in his boxer shorts, which were also drenched and clung to his young torso. I could feel my cock start to harden. 'And your boxers, they're so wet too! Take them off!', I added, and watched as he slid them down to reveal a limp little penis topped by a tuft of downy pubic hair. He didn't seem to be uncomfortable.

'Come on, you need a shower', I said, and led him upstairs to the bathroom. 'Go ahead, I'll get a towel', I said. Entering my bedroom, I unzipped my jeans, grasped my erection, stroked a few times, and then rezipped. I took a towel from the laundry, and waited until I heard the water stop. He must be out now, I thought, and barged into the bathroom without knocking.

Perfect timing. He was just closing the shower door, and stood side on to reveal a slender body with firm buttocks, his cock loose before him. He looked surprised, but not overly so. 'Sit on the edge of the bath, and I'll dry you', I said as nonchalantly as possible, wondering how he would react. But he was used to a culture that involved public bathing, and he seemed to think nothing of it.

'OK', he replied, and sat on the edge of the bath. 'Let's start with your feet and legs', I said, and knelt down in front of him, my eyes feasting surreptitiously on his cock as I started to rub. I moved from feet to calves to knees. 'Can you open your legs a little, I need to dry your thighs', I said casually, and he did. Having dried as much as I wanted, I took the plunge.

'And next your cock', I smiled, and before he could object I grasped his penis with the towel and began to gently pat it. 'Hmm, hard to get at', I laughed, and removing the towel, I took his head in my fingers and stretched it so I could dry the whole shaft. I felt him jerk back, but I maintained my hold and started to dry him with the towel, this time rubbing instead of patting. He started to harden. 'Oh, sorry, do you want me to stop?', I asked innocently. 'It will be dry soon.' He grew bigger. Taking that for a 'no', I dropped the towel, reached for a jar of lotion near the bath, and applied some to my hand.

I took him in my moistened fingers and began to slowly massage his young shaft. 'Oh', he groaned, and I tightened my grip as I put my free hand on his stomach and started to trace across his body with my fingers, exploring his slim waist, his belly button, and then his chest, before ending on his nipples. I caressed his left nipple until it hardened. Then his right, the stoked his neck and ears, all the while working on his penis with my other hand. He continued moaning. I let go, stood up, took him by the hand and led him to my bedroom.

Having pushed him onto the bed, I took off my T-shirt, undid my belt and slipped my jeans down. He looked at my hard cock as I lay down beside him, and smiled. I place my arms around his body, pulled him to me, and kissed him gently on the lips. He responded, and I kissed him again, and again, then forced my tongue into his mouth, exploring every corner. After a minute I removed it and ran it across his face to his earlobe, nibbling gently as I reached down and took our cocks in my hand.

Wow he was hard! I eased myself from him and moved my head toward his erection, kissing his chest and tummy as I went. When I was in position, I place my tongue gently on his tip and started to move it back and forth. He shook with pleasure, and I repeated the procedure for the full length of his shaft until I reached his balls. I took one in my mouth, then the other, biting very gently on each, then made my way back up his shaft, opened my lips, and closed them around him. He sighed, and pushed gently deeper into my mouth. Taking care not to hurt him with my teeth, I gradually took more and more of him, fighting my gag reflex until I could feel his tip deep inside. I had planned to use my best techniques, but he pulled back suddenly.

Oh, maybe this is as far as we go, I thought, but suddenly he pushed back in, then out, then in again. I enjoyed having my mouth fucked, so I held steady and let him have his way. After about 80 thrusts (I like counting them!), he came. Not a huge load, but he held his penis in my mouth until it softened. His cum in my stomach, I moved back up to kiss him, caressing his lips with my tongue and then forcing it into his mouth. He responded immediately, stroking my hair and forcing my tongue back with his own. As we lay kissing and exploring each other, I noticed he was getting another hard-on, so I encouraged it with some gentle stroking until he was ready to go again.

'Would you like to fuck me?' I whispered into his ear before I nibbled it gently. 'I want your cock inside me, Jun...please', I added. I disengaged from him, turned my face to the far end of the bed, and thrust my buttocks into the air. I immediately felt two hands on my hips, caressing my bottom and reaching for my hole. They parted my cheeks, and I felt his hardness against me, pushing gently into me before the young man thrust inside. 'Ouch!', I yelled, and he started to withdraw. 'No, no, keep going. Fuck me hard', I pleaded. And he did. He gradually gathered speed until his rod was thundering in and out of my arse. I bit the sheets and matched his rhythm with my own until I felt him shoot his load inside me. He stayed there for a second, then withdrew, turned me over and started to kiss me again as his hands moved slowly over my body.

'That was great, Jun', I whispered. 'You can fuck me whenever you want!'. He smiled, looked at my hard cock, and went down on me so sweetly I came in no time. 'Wow, quick!, he said as my cum dripped from the corners of his mouth. 'That's because you're gorgeous!', I replied, putting my lips to his and sharing my cream with him. We stayed naked on the bed for about 30 minutes, whispering, touching, kissing and laughing, until he had to go. But he came back, and we kept fucking.




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