I'd walked down the road that was the old highway a thousand times. The Army Corps of Engineers had placed the new highway further down but the old highway was infront of the house. My drive ended infront of the highway. When you got to the end of my drive, if you decided to go right from there, it was just a short walk down to the lake on the left and if you chose to keep going, you'd end up where the old highway murged with the new. If you chose to go left, you'd walk until you came to the dead end where the old broken concrete bridge was. I sometimes liked going either way. I went down to the lake to see if anyone was down there fishing or possibly even jerking off. I had found a used condom down there once and a discarded Playboy that was crinkled and slightly mildewed. My favorite thing to do was walk twords the left. Down that way, it was quite. There were woods on either side and the only sound that could be heard was the birds chirping and the traffic from the new highway.

occasionally I'd hear a truck or a ATV going down the road twords the dead end. I had been tempted to walk down there and see what they were up to. You really couldn't fish because there was only a creekbed there which flowed into the lake. I wondered if people went down there to dump stuff, to smoke things they probably shouldn't be or if they were seeking some private place to screw. I often hoped to catch two hot, young studs naked and fucking eacother but every time I went down there, there was no one around. One day my luck changed.

I saw a red pickup truck drive down the road and decided to walk down there for a little "look see". As I got closer, I saw someone standing infront of the truck. It looked like a man but I couldn't be sure. The closer I got though, I knew it was. In his early twenties, he was tall with short stawberry blond hair cut in the military style, brown eyes and a lean, toned build. He looked up when he heard me approach and I smiled. His brown eyes sparkled as he stood there looking at me. It was then I noticed a pair of headphones on his neck and a metal detector in his hand. I smiled.

"Don't mind me, I'm just out for a walk!" He smiled. "I just thought I'd try my luck out here" he said in a deep voice holding up the metal detector. I nodded. "You ever find anything?" He shrugged. "Somtimes. I found a few buffalo nickles and a wheat penny once but that's pretty much it." He took a step twords me . "I'm Dillion" he exclaimed holding out his hand for me to shake. I took it in mine and noticed it felt warm and slightly sweaty. "Stephen." Dillion grinned. "You live around here?" I nodded. "I live in the first house when you come down the road." He chuckled and nodded. "I live in town". So he didn't live too far away. We chatted for a few minutes. I casually mentioned I had found a Playboy magazine down by the lake. That made Dillion grin. "Really? sounds like someone was having some fun." I laughed. "Apparently." I noticed he was looking at me strangely. I didn't know if he was thinking of making a proposition to me or what. I soon found out. "I used to come down here and... well you know." I smiled. "I've done that a few times myself."

Before I continue my story, maby I should describe to you what I look like so you'll see why a hot, sexy guy like Dillion comming on to me was a bit of a shock. I'm tall with short dark blond hair, green eyes, clear skin and chunky. I'm not exactly obease or overweight. A few years ago you could have said that about me but since then, I had been loosing weight. It must have been working cause the looks Dillion were giving me were downright lustful! He smirked and blushed. "You got a girlfriend?" I shook my head. "You?" He shook his head. "I had sex with a few but for some reason, it didn't do anything for me." Was his hot, stud comming out to me? "It was then I realized I liked guys." Damn! Yeah he was!! I smiled and nodded. "I hope that doesn't freak you out" he said looking at me hopefully. I laughed and shook my head. "Are you gay too?" I nodded. He smiled. "I was hoping you were." I raised an eyebrow.. "Oh? Why is that?" Without saying a word I watched his hand drift from his side to the obvious buldge in his jeans. "I was hoping you might wanna taste of this!" I couldn't believe it! Dillion was asking me to suck his cock!!

"You sure you want me too?" He grinned and nodded. We got into the cab of his truck and I nervously watched as he rolled down the windows. It was warm outside and the cool breeze that drifted through the open windows felt wonderful. He smiled and looked down at his crotch. "Well?" I smiled. "Let's see what you got first!" He pulled his shirt over his head and I saw that his pecs were sculpted with a little patch of hair and his stomach was flat and ripped. My eyes were glued to his crotch as I watched him unbutton his jeans and slowly pull the zipper down. By now my pulse was racing and my face burned whenever I felt aroused. He knew exactly what he was doing! He lifted his hips off the seat and pulled his pants and boxers down. My eyes grew wide when I saw the huge cock that flopped out. It was huge!! 10 inches at least and it wasn't even hard yet! He had a pair of heavy, lemon shaped balls to match. He looked at me and smiled.

"Well, you gonna suck on this or not?" he asked gently stroking his cucumber sized dick. I watched his hand slide up and down the thick shaft. My own 5 inches were straining in my pants. I leaned down, thankful there was no gearshift in the middle and took his cock in my hand. If felt warm and fleshy. I licked the spongey head and felt Dillion shudder. "Yeah, that's it!" he murmered. I parted my lips, not forgetting to wet them first and took the head of Dillion's cock into my mouth. I began moving my head slowly up and down. I had never had a cock in my mouth before but the sensation of the soft skin of his cock sliding past my lips felt amazing. Dillion panted softly and I felt his hand on the back of my head, pushing me gently down, allowing me to take more of his delicious cock into his mouth. "Yeah! Suck that cock!" he crooned.

I alternated sucking his cock and then his balls. I rolled each nut around in my mouth, making it slick with my spit. Soon Dillion was breathing harder. "Oooh! Yeah, You got me so close baby!" He gently clawed my hair and thrust upward as I went down. Suddenly, I felt his cock grow even harder. I felt it twitch in my mouth and rope after rope of his hot, thick, salty spunk shot out down my throat. "UUUHHHHH!!!" He grunted as he came. I swallowed his yummy load before sitting up. I smiled and wiped the cum that had leaked out with the back of my hand. Dillion put his head back and closed his eyes, smiling. "Damn that was probably the best blowjob I've ever gotten!" I laughed. "That was my first time giving one too!" He smiled and pulled me into a hot, passionate kiss. He kissed me deeply before we parted. He turned his truck around and drove back to my place so I didn't have to walk back.

"I gotta get going but I want you're number before I go!" I gave it to him and be programed it into his cell. "Thanks. See you again soon hot stuff!" he exclaimed before kissing me deeply again, his tongue sliding in and out of my mouth. I stood there at the end of my drive and watched as he drove away in a cloud of dust. I hoped we'd see eachother again. Somehow, I knew we would.

To Be Continued......



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