The Roller Derby CEO had just shut down the league for the rest of the future do to money and other legal issue that was happening. I have just arrive to attend the last Big Hall Of Fame Dinner were I was going to be inducted for skating well over 25 years. 

Once again I have run into my old pals who have taught me the ropes of the Derby, Paul Roberts and Bill Grohl both came over to give me a huge hug before the 3 of us went over to the bar to grab a few beers. We got to our round 12 seat table just before the MOC started to speak. Both Paul and Bill were all by themselves along me , I have heard that both Paul and Phil wives pass on over a year ago due to both of them having some form of cancer.

The time was just pass 10 now as the Awards and Honours were all handed out when Paul ask myself and Phil to join him back up in his room for some more drinks. I was wondering to myself were this all heading to as he gave me one of those sexy Paul smiles, Paul and Phil both turn 65 as for myself I have just turn 46, Most people say I was like a pet both to Phil and Paul who always put up a good fight on having me on there teams.

I did receive my HOF Ring that night by my Fav skater of all time Gwen Miller and her Husband Sam. Both of them were their with their children and others members of their families. My speech lasted a good 5 mins as the whole room gave me a standing ovation on my fight for LGBT issues. Many of the older skaters were closeted gay's and were to afraid to come out of the closet during the 70's and 80's.

We are all back in Paul rooms now as the 3 of us got into the bottle of Voka and Rum. I started to laugh when Paul ask me if I ever took Viagra before ? I smile and told him no dude ! Phil mouth open and told Paul that he always take1 every other day to meet his needs. " Okay guy's " What is all this leading to ?  

The clock on the table was now showing 11 30 as I drink down my last swallow of rum and coke. I got up slowly and headed over to the door as I gave both Paul and Phil a hug before I headed upstairs for the night. It was about 20 mins that I got back to my room when I heard the phone ring and it was Phil on the end asking me if I was interested in meeting him down in his room for a night cap. 

I waited and thought about it before a good 10 minutes as I then decided to take Phil up on his invite to his room. My large hand knock on Phil door a few times before he open it up for me. I step in as he headed off to the table that was over by the widow that was over looking the city.

Myself and Phil undress down to our underwear before we wrestle one another on his King Size bed. I always like Phil wearing those 70's speedo material briefs along with his greyish hairy muscle body and his nice trim goatee that he always like to have. The wrestling match lasted a good 10 minutes plus as our body's wear all cover with our sweat by now.

I then began to kiss Phil right on his lips as I felt his bugle grew through his briefs, He then roll me over before we started to 69 each other, It was great as Phil's 7 plus cock was rubbing the back of my throat, I can hear him scream of pleasure as his pre cum was filling up my throat and lips. My hand now started to grab his shaved balls very tightly as he was close in cumin, " Fuck Colt " He shouted as his dick started to shoot off a huge load of his sweet salty load of cum. 

Now it was my turn for a blow job from him, Phil was a great cock sucker as he really know how to suck a man cock, I felt the bristle form his goatee that tingle my balls and shaft with great pleasure as my cock began to shot off a load of my own pre cum. Phil had a wider mouth then most men did and he really know how to rap it all around any man cock. It only took a couple of seconds as he started to finger my tight hairy hole before I have  orgasm right into his mouth. He quickly got up to walk over to the table to grab some Pepsi to wash my load down.

The both of us took a good rest before him wanting to fuck my tight hole. It was a good 5 years now before the last guy that was a firemen from Chicago that fuck me silly. I made it very clear to Phil that he got to go very slow when he enter me. I watch Phil rub some kind of tingle heat active massaged oil all over our body's  along with the same type of lube that he blaster on his hard Viagra hard cock by now.

Phil place 2 pillows under my mid section as his hands spreads my cheeks apart, I then felt Phil tongue and his bristle mouth enter my tight hairy hole, Fuck I yell out a few times as his tongue was sliding in and out of me as my ass juice started to flow down like a river all over his goatee. I can really hear him slurping it all up as breathing became more intense. Both my ass and body started to shake as I reach orgasm and dump a huge load of my ass juice all over his greyish goatee.    

He got up from his knees and headed off to the wash room to take a piss. He came back over to the bed and ask me how that was ? I smile and told him it was the best orgasm I ever had. I then look down and notice his cock was getting hard again. We began to chat for a while before he fuck my hole once again. It was well over 17 years that he last fuck me in the sling room at  Paul house.

I watch him pull on a fresh pair of red cotton briefs with his cock hanging out the hole in front, I then move over to the side of the bed and slide my lower body right down to wear his cock was. He once again started to but the massaged oil all over our body's. I then see him took a snort of poppers that he got from his sports bag over in the corner of the room.

His hand slowly pass me the new bottle of Rush poppers to take a snort from. I then watch him pull my feet and legs over his massive muscle hairy chest. We both got high from the poppers as I felt his Viagra cock enter me very slowly. His face and blue yes started to roll as he was pushing it all inside me. I then ask him to stop for a few seconds as the pain got much worst .    

I then took some more poppers to relax me, Phil began to fuck my hole in full throttle as the sweat started to pour out of our body's. " Fuck Colt you feel good  dude" Phil yell out a few times, I reply back with the same motion and scream out loud " Fuck me Phil , Fuck me Phil "  I then grab onto the waist band of the underwear very tightly as he became to be more aggressive with every one of his long strokes. I then felt his shave balls slap my hole many times as he was screaming passion.

I then felt his body tremble as he pull out of me quickly as his cock began to shot off a huge load of  white cum all over my hard tits , mouth and face. He then took a few seconds rest and began to jerk himself as he scream out that he going to shot another load. He grab my head and force it on his cock as I felt his load go down my throat once again, This time it tasted like salty honey dew.

The next morning we both took a shower with each other before we headed out the door for a coffee and bagel. I also love watching him get dress in the morning, This time he put on a fresh pair of blue spandex underwear and then his 70 styles Addidas Track suit. We hug each other for the very last time before I headed back up to my room to grab my sports back and suit case.

The flight back home was rough a bit as there was a massive thunderstorm during the landing. I never heard from Phil ever again. I got a called from a former skater of the Chiefs that Phil pass-away from a stroke that he took over at his daughter house. 

I guess it time to close the book on my days of skating in the International Roller Derby League.

The End




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