I was kinda nervous about meeting his friends. To be truthful, I didn't even know that he had any friends. He never had company Ever since I've known I have never seen anyone else at his house. Now he called to tell me that six or seven of his buddies were going to be at his house to watch Monday night football and asked if I would like to join them. I didn't particularly want to, but knowing what would be in store after everyone left was really all the invitation I needed. "Do they know anything?" I asked. No, was the reply.

For those of you also don't know, let me introduce myself. I am Brian. I am 19 years old. I am 5'8" 130 lbs. with mop like blond hair. I have a toned swimmers body with the best tan I have ever had, (except for my butt). I am completely hairless except for thin blondish white hair on my arms, legs and ass. Well, come to think of it, I also have a thin black "happy trail" from my belly button down to my larger than average dick. Oh, I have such a good dick; long, fat and straight. It is probably my best feature.

I met Paul at the beginning of the summer by pretending to be selling farm fresh eggs from my grandparents' farm. In retrospect, it was a dumb plan, considering that he had his own chickens who laid their own eggs, but that really doesn't matter anymore. The plan worked and resulted in the most amazing mind blowing sex one could possibly imagine. We have probably been together about twenty times and each time is better than the last. One day I will write a book about our "experiences".

I digress. I arrive at his house and notice that all the action is coming from the barn. Paul has a 60" LED TV in the barn with a very large sofa, some easy chairs, a fridge; a regular man-cave. As I walk in the door Paul looks up and smiles. "About time" he says. I'm a bit nervous, so I mumble some dumb comment and look around the room to see that everyone is staring at me. "EVERYBODY, THIS IS MY BUDDY BRIAN" I manage weak smile and wave while everyone yells back some sort of friendly greeting. "BRIAN, THIS IS LOUIS, PAUL, LENNY, JOHN, SETH, JOSE, MARK, RON AND WILLIAM." Again, a weak smile and wave. Here, Brian, have a seat over here, says Seth as he moves over a bit to make room between himself and William on the sofa. Thanks, I said as I took my place. "Lenny, bring Brian a beer."

There was a lot of small talk. Inane questions. A little uncomfortable, but not bad. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. It's about twenty minutes before the game starts when Seth finally says "Paul?" PAUL!!!

Yeah? What is it?


Paul stops whay he is doing and turns around to look at me.

Yeah, ok. Fine. Brian, come here, says Paul!

I'm sure I had a puzzled look on my face as get off the sofa and move toward Paul, who is moving toward me. "Here" he says as he takes me by the hand and leads me to a stool that he places on the dirt floor in front of the TV. "Stand on this" he commands. "Face this way" and turns me toward the sofa. Suddenly a feeling of panic shoots through my stomach. "Relax", Paul tells me in a quiet soothing voice as he begins unbuttoning my shirt. I grab his hands. "What are you doing?" "You, young man are going to be our naked house boy tonight. You will fetch us beers, brings us chips and pizza and whatever else we may need. And you will enjoy doing it, do you understand?" As I stand there shirtless, he raises my arms to the side for all to see and everyone cheers and applauds in approval. He spins me around so that my back is to them and grabs the waistband of my shorts. He begins singing a provocative melody as he playfully lowers my shorts up and down, giving each a teasing glance. Everyone hoots and hollers as if they were in a strip club. I, on the other hand am mortified. "Paul, what the fuck?"

By nature, I am an exhibitionist and the thought of being naked in front of all of the guys is more exciting than I ever would have imagined. Instantly, my dick began to respond and before he turned me around I had a full blown raging hard on so big that it lifted my waistband off of my belly. "More!! More!! MOOOOOORE" they shouted. I could not believe what was happening. "Paul! No, I whimpered as I grabbed both of his wrists. "No, I can't! I just can't." Before I could say it again, he yanked my shorts down to my ankles, put one huge arm around my waist and lifted me off of the stool, leaving my shorts on the floor. He set me back on the stool and there I stood with a hard on so extreme that I could feel my skin stretching. Being naked in front of all of those men was something that I cannot even describe. It was exciting beyond belief! I wanted them to see me, and grab me and put their hands on me. "STAY!" Paul said as he left me there naked and exposed. William came up to me and embraced me. He turned me as he went to the back of the stool, exposing my ass to all who were watching. He rubbed his hands up and down my back and butt. After a few minutes of caressing and exploring, he led me back to the sofa where he laid me down on the laps of four men so that I lay across four sets of legs. Hands were everywhere. Four were on my chest, someone had grabbed my cock. Someone opened my legs and was feeling my ass. It was pure ecstasy. I wanted everyone there to put their hands on me.

Here, faggott boy. Suck this! They turned me over Jose pulled out his cock and shoved my head down onto it. Someone had ahold of my cock and I felt a tongue enter my ass. I deep throated Jose for three or four minutes until he pushed me off him. I believe he needed to stoop before he shot a load into my mouth.

I stood and felt spit drip down my leg. Lenny grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him. He put both hand on my back above my ass and took my entire cock into his mouth. He immediately began to moan and groan in excitement. I liked hands rubbing me as they are doing whatever they are doing to me. Lenny had good hands. He had an even better mouth.

By now, the panic had left me. The excitement did not. There are no words to describe the feeling of being totally naked with a raging boner in front of seven or eight young, mountain sized farmers, all grabbing and groping and prodding and sucking and fucking, and, and whatever else they felt like doing to me. Lenny only wanted to suck my dick. Jose wanted me to suck his. Seth, on the other hand wanted more. As he moved toward me, he had a look in his eye. I knew that I was doomed. He put one arm around my waste and slung me onto his hip like a sac of potatoes. He carried me over to the side of the barn where to the hay. There was a blanket already laid out. He dropped me onto the blanket, onto my stomach and my dick was so hard that I had to stick my ass into the air because it hurt to lay on it. I quickly maneuvered the hay back and forth to create a spot for my dick, so that when someone was on my back it would not break off. The blanket made that task difficult, but just as I secured a sufficient gap in the hay, a 230lb. giant fell onto my back squishing me into the hay. Seth was completely naked and I could feel a huge cock looking for my ass.

Seth dry humped me for two or three minutes, taking the time to get acquainted with every square inch of my body. Soon I heard the familiar squirt of a bottle of body lotion and the cold liquid quickly shot onto my asshole. Almost as quickly as it did, a slippery thumb buried itself deep inside my ass. It didn't hurt at all and Seth pounded my ass with his thumb until I thought I was going to cum. His thumb came out and I heard another squirt and thought to myself "here it comes". Sure enough, I felt Seth's searching. I lifted my ass a bit and Seth entered my ass hard and fast. I yelled in ecstasy and heard laughter and claps coming from the others. Seth pounded me like a freight train. As he fucked me mercilessly, he grabbed my dick with one hand and my balls with the other. He got onto his knees, pulling me up with him until I my own knees were not even touching the blanket.

Before I knew it, there was another naked body in front of me. This person was slim with a flat hairy belly and chest and an absolutely beautiful cock. I managed to grab onto his hips and lift myself up so that no part of my body was touching the blanket, except maybe my feet. Whoever this was shoved his cock into my mouth and I took it completely down my throat. I couldn't get enough of it. I stiffened as I felt a mouth around my dick. Of course it was Lenny. Lenny's mouth had a perfect amount of suction and seemed to be such a perfect fit for my cock. I would have been happy, just to let Lenny suck my cock all night. It was the most intense sensation that I had ever felt on my dick. Lenny was a pro!

Seth was about to lose it. He was fucking me so hard that the others had to back off. He began to moan so loud that I was afraid there was something wrong. He pulled out of me and turned me around so that I was on my knees in front of him. He shot a huge load onto my face and into my mouth. He convulsed in violent jerks and moans. He fell onto the blanket on his back, exhausted and with both hands on my head, he pulled my mouth onto his dick. I nearly did a mid air flip. With my ass in the air, and my mouth on his dick, another dick torpedoed itself into my ass. I opened my mouth to gasp and cum dropped out of my mouth onto his belly. I licked it up like a kitten on a bowl of cream.

Seth finally got up and staggered away, but whoever was fucking me now sat back onto his heels and pulled me on top of his. There was Lenny, now naked, with his lips around my cock and his hands on my hips. The hairy, flat bellied man once again shoved his cock into my mouth. Several men took turns with my ass. Some lay me flat onto the hay, others fucked me doggy style. Some laid on their back and made me bounce up and down on their dicks. Once there seemed to be four cocks, each awaiting their turns in my mouth. I went from one dick to the other. Someone shot a huge load into my mouth and onto my face. Another cock blasted my forehead and my left eye. Lenny kept my cock rock hard and one dick after another fucked my ass.

PIZZA'S HERE!!! Brian!! Go get the Pizza! "What??? Like this??"

Don't argue, boy, as a stinging slap popped my ass. Do as you're told! Crawl over to the door! Paul handed me two fifty dollar bills and told me to get the pizza. My dick was hard, my ass was red and I had cum all over my face, but I dutifully crawled to the door and opened and opened it to the delivery boy. His eyes got huge when he saw me. He stared for a second before he stuttered "that will be $92, please." I stood and handed him the two fifties. He took it as a god of cum dripped off of my face and onto my chest. He quickly pulled his hand back. I apologized. He grinned and looked at my cum covered chest and rock hard dick. Obligingly, I did a quick 360 for him and told him to keep the change. He flashed me a devilish smile and said thanks. I smiled back as I rolled my eyes in pleasure at what was happening to me. He understood, and slowly turned and left.

Here, kid, said Paul as he handed me an icy cold beer. Once I took a drink, I could not stop. Oh, that was the best drink of anything I ever had. I drank more than half the bottle in one swig. I heard them laughing at me. They pulled me onto the sofa again as I ate a few pieces of pizza. It was so good! Every one was dressed again except me. Even now, I had a raging hard on, I was eating pizza and someone was jacking me off. Could it get any better? Yes! Lenny came to me with a slice pieces of pizza in his hand and made me stand. "Here, fuck this for me." He pulled me up and wrapped a piece of pizza around my cock and started jacking me off with the pizza. It was warm and greasy, and I felt unbelievably dirty. He took another piece and smeared it on my belly while someone used a slice on my face like a napkin, wiping the cum off my mouth. At the same time, someone slapped a piece of pizza between my ass cheeks and smeared it around. Everyone caught on and before I knew it, pizza was being smeared onto every square inch of my body. I took another drink of beer. Two hands on my shoulders turned me around and pushed me to the sofa. Before I could take another bite, another cock shoved into my greasy ass. Lenny's mouth once again found my cock suddenly the clothes started flying. As one cock would exit my ass, another would enter. Soon it was clear that everyone was taking their turn with me. Another cock in my ass. Violent thrusts. Now another. They pounded hard as I remained on my knees on the sofa. Another cock and then another. Every cock there entered my ass, except Lenny's and his amazing lips never left my aching dick. Finally, something familiar. Paul. Oh, Paul. Paul turned me over so that I could see him and he shoved his cock into my ass hard and fast. My back was on the sofa, my head was against the backrest and Paul has my ass in the air with my legs tightly wrapped around his naked waist. It was my favorite position in the entire world and I never wanted this night to end. He pounded me hard and tender at the same time. I am in love with Paul!

When I was completely exhausted after two solid hours of fucking, Paul finally spoke up. "OK, everybody. It's time to send this kid off right. Come here, kid." With Paul's cock still buried deep within my ass, he took me back to the blanket. He sat on his ass and laid on his back with me still on top of him. With his huge cock in my ass, I slowly grinded back and forth and seven or eight naked men surrounded me. They were all jacking their cocks. The first one stepped up to me and shot his load onto my face and mouth. It was warm and salty and wonderful. When he was done, I sucked the last drops from his cock. Now a second cock. He shot an even larger load onto my face and it dripped down to my greasy chest. I sucked the last drops from his dick, too. Lenny scooped up the cum from my chest and began to jack me off with it, slowly. It was amazing. Paul sat up and leaned back on his two hands so he could watch the action. I continued to slowly jerk back and forth on his cock. I have never had so many beautiful naked bodied and hard dicks in my face before. They all competed to shove their respective cocks into my mouth. Lenny was the chief competitor. Each shot a hot wet load onto my face, eyes, hair and mouth. At one time I had to close both eyes. There must have been a gallon of cum on my face alone.

I could feel something building within me. Another cock sprayed my face and mouth. I spit it out and it slid down my chin and it flowed down my neck. Lenny grabbed it and continued to jack me slowly with it. They seemed never to stop. (nor did I want them to.) Yet another cock went into my mouth and this time, as I sucked it, it was the last straw. It shot a huge load down my throat and I gaged and spit and it sent me over the top. Lenny caught it in his hand and jacked my cock, this time as fast as he could. He knew it was that time. His hand was so warm and slippery on my dick with eight mens' cum, I could no longer stand it. I lay back on Paul's chest and began to convulse. He held me with both arms as I began to yell. Another cock jammed down my mouth as I tried to scream. Loud (yet muffled) guttural yells accompanied with heaves, convulsions and jerking. I shot a stream straight up and onto Lenny's face. He quickly repositioned himself and grabbed my hips, shoving my cock deep into his mouth as I shot a second, third and fourth load. He slowly went up and down of my sensitive dick as I continued to leak warm cum into his mouth. H moaned in ecstasy. He took every drop with a look of intense excitement on his face. When I finally finished, he very slowly slid his lips off of my cock. Every few seconds he would slide it back on, making sure not to waste a single drop.

When I finally got the strength to get up, I felt every square inch of my face and body covered in cum. I slid my hands up and down my chest and stomach in disbelief. Cum dripped off of me onto the dirt floor. If ever there lived a cum whore, tonight it was me. As Paul stood, I jumped onto his chest, assuming my usual position with my arms around his neck and my legs wrapped around his waist and my head resting on his shoulder. "Come on, little man. Lets go get you cleaned up." I nuzzled my head on his shoulders as he took me into the house. You have had a busy night. I kissed him passionately on his mouth. Everyone clapped.

"Last one out, turn off the lights!"




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