I had been watching him for several days as I would pass his gate on my bicycle. There never seemed to be anyone else there. The only vehicle is an off road truck. But why would he buy eggs from me? He probably has his own chickens. Actually, it doesn't matter if he buys them or not, all I want to do is see him up close. "Ok, I'm going to do this. Here I go." No, this will not do. Let me get rid of this shirt. I took it off and threw it on the ground by the gate. These 501's need to fit a bit looser... and lower. I unbuttoned the top button. Hmmm. Too much? No.... perfect. I hope I don't see anyone I know. I grinned to myself.

The farm road outside his gate was a typical country road. Paved, two winding lanes, with trees on the north side, farm land on the south side, and not another residence for probably two miles in any direction. This man must like his privacy, I thought to myself as I noticed the isolation. His house was on the south side of the street. The dirt road that led from his gate to his house was about 800 feet and slightly uphill. Past his house looked to be growing a million acres of .... probably corn. At least it looked like corn. His house was a two story country type house that looked as though it had been built in the 1920's. It was two stories with white peeling paint. The windows were open and the curtains would occasionally react to a rather infrequent breeze. A window unit air conditioner dripped water from a back room. Probably the bedroom. It reminded me of Gilbert Grape's house. There was a barn on the left side with goats and chickens, and... damn! Chickens!

The bicycle ride to his house was a bit more challenging than I thought. I guess the incline is a bit steeper than it looks from the gate. I think it would have been easier to walk. Perhaps it would also have been easier had it not been the middle of the day and 98 degrees.

The closer I got, the better he looked. He seemed to be about 6'3", maybe 6-4. Tight fitting jeans, t shirt and worn round toed boots. He was big and strong and looked as though he could lift me with one hand. Heck, with arms that big, I think he could lift his truck with one hand. Mmmmm. Yes, this was worth working up a sweat for.

"Hey Mister. You wanna buy some eggs?"

Excuse me? he said as he turned around to see who he was talking to. He stopped when he turned around to look at me. SHIT! His eyes got big. He looks angry. Why is he looking at me like that. This may have been a bad idea.

"I have some farm fresh eggs from my grand mother's farm. This is my last dozen. If you buy these, I'm through for the day" Four dollars.

He began to stutter. His voice was... strange somehow. I was just about to turn and run when he said SURE. I will buy your last dozen eggs. He reached into his pock with two fingers and pulled out some cash. Here ya go. $4?

"Yes. Thank you very much. Now I am free for the day, I muttered as I tried to be unassuming and friendly."

You are welcome! Thank you he said as he handed me the money. Thank YOU, I said. He smiled and told me good bye.

Oh, good. He's not mad after all. What a relief. Good bye? NO!!! Quick! Brian! Think of something!! Anything.

Would you mind if I got a drink of water from your water hose before I go? It's awfully hot. Ah! That's it. Good, Nice save, I thought.

No, no, no! That's not necessary. Come inside. I will get you a glass of water from the fridge. I have to go in anyway to put away these eggs. I still could not read him. He seems like he wants to be friendly, but something is bothering him. He seems "shaken". I wonder if he has dead bodies stashed somewhere.

I was beginning to get nervous as he pointed the way into his house. I went first and he followed me. He introduced himself as Paul. I told him that I was Brian and that my grand parents are the Williams who have the farm on 1364.

I watched him as he put the eggs into the fridge. This man was beautiful. He filled every inch of those faded jeans and the worn bulge in the front told me that he had hidden talents. Oh, how I would like to see first hand. Calm down, Brian. Act cool. Don't be stupid.

He handed me the glass of water, and a towel. He commented that I was sweaty and that I needed to dry off. Ohhh, he hates me. I am such an idiot! Trying to act cool, I took a drink of water and tried to dry off at the same time. That did not work. At all. But he took the towel from my hand and dried off my chest. Yes! YES!! I'm in! I held out my arm so he would not stop. This huge, strong and sexy man was drying off my bare chest. Oh, how exciting! Oh! Yikes! My dick is stirring... BIG TIME! How am I going to hide THAT? Oh, what a relief. He turned me around to dry my back. Just in time. Well, I guess, just in time, I thought with just a tad of disappointment.

I almost died when he pulled on my back belt loop and looked down the back of my blue jeans. He wants so see my bare ass! I can tell. He commented that my tan does not include my ass. AH!! He wants to see... ok. I lowered my jeans to give him a full view of my ass. Oh, how I want to drop them completely and get completely naked for him. I swear, I would jump into his lap and OOOWWWWW!!!!! Damn! He slapped my ass! HARD!!!!! I think I am injured. Oh, that hurts so bad. "Pretty little boy butt." He says I have a pretty little boy butt... and he wants to see more. Ok.... I dropped my jeans further this time and my raging boner is set free. Oh, please turn me around... I want him!! I want him to see me! I want to stand naked in front of him with the biggest hard on I could muster. I want his hands on my dick! I want his hands to caress me. I want to feel this giant man pull me to him and... and.... and everything!!!!

No! I can't! The timing was not yet right. Pulling them back up, I positioned my jeans so that my cock was now pressed against my stomach and somewhat unnoticeable behind my waistband. Besides, he doesn't seem to be noticing. His hands are on my chest and he says that I am hot. Haha! Oh, my! He is the hot one. And he is offering me his shower! Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! I accept! Oh, his hands feel SO good. But be cool. Don't be too anxious.

It was a nice bathroom. It was old, but clean. There is such a feeling of excitement in here. God, I think if I lived here, I would run around all day long, naked and with a raging boner. Heck, I could even run around outside, naked and with a raging boner. I look at this man and I get a raging boner. I wonder if he needs a house boy! Hahaha!!

Ah, the water is cool. I ran the shower a good 15 or 20 minutes, trying to get rid of this throbbing dick. Just when I think I'm making progress, I go to shut off the water and POOF! I'm hard again. The anticipation of being near him wearing only a towel is almost too much. Stop! Think of something else! Damn cock. Every time the wind blows I get hard. What a curse!

Ok, finally I am able. (I think) I position my towel a hundred times, until it is just in the right place. I position it low on my butt. Just a little ass crack is showing. No, too much. Just a little. I position the towel so that it closes on the side. No. No good. Let it meet in the front. That's better. Too tight. Looser and lower in the front. Damn! That looks GOOD. I can almost see the top of my dick... but not quite. Perfect! Even I think that I look sexy. I call out to him and he is in the living room sitting.

"Come here and let me feel you" he told me in a voice that I did not dare disobey. I went to him and held both arms out so that he could put his strong hands on me. God, that feels good. My dick responds. Uh, oh.... Oh, good. He turns me around again. This man's timing is uncanny. He removed the towel and there I am, standing in front of him totally naked. My dick springs to life with a vengeance. Occasionally I get a hard on so intense that I can feel my pulse in my dick. I have never had a hard on this big as this one. At this rate, I think my cock is going to grow three more inches in the next five minutes. Could it possibly get any harder?

He dries off my back and pulls me down to the couch with him. We lean back and there is no hiding it. My cock is free and throbbing with nowhere to hide. I think this may be one of those "hands free" ejaculations. Oh, how I want to turn and face him. But he doesn't seem to notice it. He wraps his arms around my chest and stomach and holds me there. I can feel his cock pressed into my ass. It seems HUGE! I feel his heart beating, too. Fast. Very fast. Could it be? Does he want me as badly as I want him? Uh, moron! You think?

He turns me and pushes me down on the sofa. My butt remains in his lap and my back and legs are on the fabric sofa. I feel as though I am arching my back and pointing my dick straight at him. Oh, wait. I am. Ohhhhh, and he grabs my dick. FINALLY! He sees it. His huge hand grabbed my cock, and he is jerking it. Slowly. Squeezing. Firm and slow. I flex my cock in his hand and he reacts. I could shoot it off right now. No! Don't do it. Try to hold out. Oh, his hands feel so good, sliding up and down my chest and my stomach with one hand and jacking me with the other. I will lay here and let him caress me as long as he wants. His hand on my cock is amazing. His hands on my body is amazing. I want to kiss him, but I don't want to move either. Ohhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmmmm.

WHAT THE.... Huh? Oh, Yikes! Did I doze off? Where am I? Ah, now I remember. I am lying naked on a stranger's couch with my... my soft cock? Oh, how stupid. He probably hates me now. I am so embarrassed. I jumped to my feet and told him that I should be leaving. He tenderly placed his hands on my waist and pulled me towards him as he scoots up to the edge of the sofa. He lays the side of his face on my stomach. He nuzzles my stomach and I believe that he licked me. His strong hands moved around to my ass. Do you really have to leave, he asked? My cock sprang back to life and was now inches from his beautiful mouth. Oh, good. He is not angry. HELL NO. NO, I DON'T HAVE TO LEAVE!!! "Um, well maybe not this minute" I replied as I felt a blush turn my face red. I could feel his breath on my cock. Oh, the anticipation. It was all I could do not to plunge it into his mouth. This beautiful man was making me crazy. He rubbed, felt, slid and grinded my cock on his face before finally opening his mouth and taking it in. His mouth was so wet and warm. I couldn't stand it. I plunged my cock into his mouth with the force of a freight train and pushed it as far as I could down his throat, while he took every inch of it and pushed in return. I pushed it in as far as I could, as I placed my hands on the back of his head and pulled him toward me. He held my dick deep into his throat without moving. He took it all. We were both pushing as hard as we could, him onto my dick and me into his mouth, each without moving. I felt myself reaching the point of no return, so I quickly pulled out. I could tell that Paul was as excited as I was.

I had to give my cock a rest or I was going to shoot a load... this instant... somewhere. And I knew that it was going to be a big one. I could already tell. I pushed him onto the couch and kissed him. I gave him the sweetest and most tender kiss that I could muster. He was sweet and gentle in return. I had to get this man out of his clothes. I removed his shirt first and then his pants. Oh, no! I was right! His cock is huge.

He is going to kill me with that thing. He is at least 8", thick, cut, and his dick laid neatly against his stomach. Damn! He had a visible six pack, huge defined pecs, biceps bigger than my legs and a light layer of hair on his chest and stomach. Does this guy go to the gym every day? I knew that he looked ripped when he was clothed, but damn! I didn't know he was THIS defined. I placed a knee on either side of him, stabbing him in the belly with my cock and placing my arms around his neck and began to kiss him like an out of control school girl. He kissed me back. Hard.

Sometime during all of this excitement, I remember running to the bathroom and retrieving a bottle of body lotion that I had noticed while I was in the shower. I guess I was in a daze. I gave that lethal weapon of a cock of his a good coating and I knew that I was about to die. For the life of me, I could not think of a better way to go. I jumped back onto his lap and began to run his dick past my asshole. Oh, he felt so good. Each time I thought of stopping, the thought of such a huge cock entering my ass made me chicken out. Finally, I could no longer stand it. I stopped in just the right spot and began to take him. His cock was so HUGE. I finally got just a tad to start entering my ass. It was orgasmic. I took an uncontrolled and unexpected breath and froze. It hurt, so good. I wanted to thrust down on him just like I did when I thrust my cock into his mouth, but this was different. I had no choice but to take it slowly. VERY slowly.

Each push resulted in the same reaction from me. Each was involuntary. I tried not to gasp as I pushed down on him, but I could not help it. It didn't matter, anyway. He was so big and felt so good, I wanted all of him. It took forever, but I went down on him as quickly as I could and I began riding him for all that I was worth. He felt amazing. Before I knew it, my actions were out of control and I was yelling and bouncing loud enough to wake the dead. His huge arms were holding me tightly, probably so that I would not break his dick off. Ha, ha! I remember him standing and lifting me with him at the same time he tightened his grip. Only someone with his size and strength could have controlled my violent motion. I just could not get enough of him. I felt very much like I was in one of those rowing machines. One instant, my knees were against my chest and the next minute, I was straight legged and tall. My head was hanging so far backward that I was looking at the room upside down, at last when my eyes were not rolling to the back of my head.

I guess my motions finally got to be too much for him. He laid me down on to the bed. I opened my eyes and for the first time saw him fucking me. He was so big and so powerful and sooooo naked. As I laid on my back, I pulled him toward me with my legs and flung my arms straight out over my head. I felt so exposed. My flat belly was stretched and his massive cock penetrated me in a way that I had never known before. With both hands on my hips, he pulled me towards him each time he violently thrust himself into me. With my legs, I raised myself each time to meet him. I was getting the fucking of a life time!

I could feel it building within me. I lifted myself up with my feet as a powerful orgasm began to take ahold of me. I was not ready. I tried and tried to hold back. When I knew that I could no longer hold it, I shuddered and stiffened and screamed and shot a load equal to the blast of a fireman's hose. It erupted from deep within me and escaped with an intensity that both amazed and pleased me. The first shot hit my chin and trailed down my chest and belly. I tried to hold the second shot but could not. I held back and back, and when I could no longer hold it in, I shot again with even more intensity, this time hitting my right eye and mouth. He kept fucking me hard. VERY HARD. I shot again and again, and again. My moans turned to yells. The third or fourth stream actually landed inside my mouth, causing me to choke and gag. He laughed and said "serves you right". I told him to shut the fuck up. It was his fault.

I pulled Paul's mouth onto mine. It was only then that I realized how much I had deposited onto my own face and mouth. I could tell from his reaction that this not only surprised but that it caught him off guard and excited him. With renewed vigor, he pushed harder and faster, deliberately smearing my cum drenched face with his mouth. I think the cum on my mouth and face is what pushed him over the edge. His excitement built and he began to get loud. Soon, it was obvious that he was ready. I locked my legs around his ass and wrapped my arms around his neck with a bear hug sufficient to have injured a lesser person. I wanted him closer. As close as possible. He erupted with a violent release. His moans, jerks, spasms and seizures seemed to go on forever. After shocks continued for a good two minutes. I could tell that not an ounce of strength was left in his body.

After laying on top of me for a few minutes, he rolled over onto his back pulling me with him. Oh, such relief. I could breathe again. He passed his hands up and down my back and butt as I nuzzled his neck. Occasionally, he would run his mouth over my face savoring the last of the cum. Each time, he responded with a hug and a smile. I kissed him passionately again and again as I caressed his face with both hands. I wanted more.

I didn't get more that day. We took a shower together and I left shortly thereafter, exhausted. The next time I saw him was at about a week later at three in the morning. I bicycled over to his house and left all of my clothes with my bicycle at the gate. I walked from the road to his front door buck-naked giving my dick plenty of time to reach its maximum. I knocked on the door and waited until the porch light came on and the door opened. He was naked. His grin welcomed me as he opened the screen door. I jumped onto him and wrapped my arms and legs around him, and kissed him as he held me tight. He turned off the porch light headed outside toward the barn. After a few minutes, I was bound my wrists with a rope and lifted three feet off the ground. Damn! Ohhhhh, what he did to me... but I guess that's another story.




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