"Hey, mister. You wanna buy some eggs?"

Excuse me?

"I have some farm fresh eggs from my grand mother's farm. This is my last dozen. If you buy these, I'm done for the day."

I turned around to see who I was talking to and stopped dead in my tracks. In front of me on his bicycle was the most beautiful shirtless young boy I have ever seen. 19 years old, tanned, blond hair, brown eyes, 5'7", maybe 5"8", 130 lbs. wearing lose fitting blue jeans and sandals.

Oh, uh, uh, uhhhh, ummmm, well SURE, I said as I stuttered like a school boy. I will buy your last dozen eggs. I would have bought his last twenty pounds of rotten tomatoes had he asked. I dug into my pockets and retrieved some cash. Here ya go, $4?

"Yes. Thank you very much. I'm free now for the day"

You are welcome! Thank YOU, and.... good bye?.

"Well, would you mind he asked if I got a drink of water out of your water hose. It's awfully hot out oday."

No, no, no! That's not necessary. Come inside. I will get you a glass of water. I have to go in anyway to put away these eggs.

"Gee, thanks" he said as he flashed me a toothy smile that would have stopped a charging bull elephant dead in his tracks. I don't want to put you to any trouble.

No trouble at all, I responded.

He followed me into the house. By the way, my name is Paul.

"Bryan, he replied. My grand parents are the Williams who own the farm down by 1364."

Oh, sure. I know them. Very nice folks.

"Yeah. I am spending the summer with them before I go back to the junior college in August. It's a good break from the city life."

As I handed him the glass of water I told him "you are really sweating." Offering him a hand towel from the kitchen counter, I said "here, dry off with this"

Thanks he said, making a feeble attempt to drink water and dry off at the same time.

"Here, I said. Give me that" and I proceeded to run the towel over his bare chest. To my surprise, he held out his free arm to the side so that I could reach all of him. My heart was pounding through my chest. I sat down on the kitchen chair and pulled him over to me by his belt loop, spilling some ice water out of the glass onto his stomach. Oh, sorry, I said as he laughed and cringed. I then put my hands on his bare hips as I turned him around", a bit more slowly this time. He dutifully complied as he set down the glass on the table. I proceeded to dry his back while he commented that he did not expect such attention. As I lowered the towel down his back I pulled on his belt loop making an obvious gesture of looking at his bare ass. I laughed and commented that his beautiful tan did not include his ass. He giggled and with both hand, lowered his jeans to show me perfect white ass. He laughed. "You think?" With my left hand still on his side, I slapped his right butt cheek really hard with an open hand. "Owwwww" he joked. I laughed and told him that a pretty little boy butt like that needed a hand print on it. Lower it again, I commanded, and let me see if it is an improvement. Again, he complied and lowered his jeans all the way, so that I could inspect his butt. "Yeah, I responded as I slowly ran my hand over it. Much better!" He giggled. Gee, thanks!

He was not particularly ripped but I dare say that he did not have an ounce of body fat on him. He had broad shoulders and a small waist. His body was hard and firm and his skin was perfect from head to toe, and did not have a single blemish anywhere. He did however have a very light layer of sun bleached white hair on his back, arms and ass. Everything about this young man was beautiful. The kind dreams are made of. Here, let me look at you, as I turned him back around to face me. I took my two index fingers and stuck them down the front of his loose fitting blue jeans. What is this? I asked as I rubbed my fingers up and down his vee lines. Those look pretty cool. You look like you're in pretty good shape. Yeah, he said. I'm pretty active and I run a lot. It's easy to look like this.

Yes, I can see that it is as I patted his bare chest with both hands. You are so hard and firm, I said. As I lowered both hands down to his hips I commented that his skin was still very hot from the outdoor heat. "What you need..." I commented... "is a cool shower."

Oh, I haven't had a shower since I got here. Unfortunately, my grandparents only have a bath- tub in their house. If I want a shower, I have to go outside in the garden, and that water is waaaaay too cold for me. "Well you are welcome to use mine if you wish" I chuckled to myself afterward. Paul, have you no shame at all?

Oh, for sure? Wouldn't that be kinda weird, though? I don't even know you.

Hey, it doesn't matter to me. Take it or leave it. It's there if you want it. I laughed as I snapped open the buttons of his jeans. Besides, you're practically there already. He laughed and held his jeans closed with both hands. "Well ok, if if you're sure you don't mind." Not at all, I said. Walk this way. I made exaggerated strides as I set out for the bathroom. He caught on and exaggerated his strides to match mine. He had a nice sense of humor. "Nice house" he said as he gesticulated through the rooms. So open and bright! "And messy, I'm afraid. I never have company you know" He quickly replied with "Huh! You should see my room."

He followed me to the bathroom and waited patiently as I turned on the water on in the shower. It's all yours. I handed him a clean white towel from the cupboard and he thanked me again. I hesitated briefly for a split second, as did he, so I took that as my cue that he was not going to drop strip down in front of me. "Call me if you need anything" I called to him over my right shoulder. "I will. Thanks"

I went into the living room and sat on the couch for what seemed an eternity. He was in there for more than twenty minutes. Finally I heard the water shut off. After a few seconds, I heard him call out. "Where are you?" he shouted. "In here." He emerged from the bathroom still pretty wet with the towel wrapped loosely around him and his wet hair pointing in every direction. God, he was beautiful! "Come here and let me feel you!" He laughed and complied. He stood dutifully in fromt of me with both arms out to his sides. I placed both hands on his rib cage, then felt his chest and belly. "Yes, much better. Your skin is cool now." Oh that shower was great. I could have stayed in there all day. I replied that I thought he was going to. He laughed. Turn around, let me see your back. Did you dry off at all? "Here give me that towel." I reached around in front of him and slowly skid it off. He made a weak attempt to stop me but it did very little good. Before me stood a beautiful, totally naked boy with the most perfect white ass, no more that two feet from my face, waiting for me to dry his wet back. Life is good, I thought to myself. Here, sit down here in front of me while I dry you off. I pulled him down to the couch by the hips and he landed between my legs. He laughed as he wiggled his ass against my crotch and asked, Paul, do you have a banana in your pocket, or are you glad to see me. That caught me off guard and I laughed aloud without thought. Here, I said. Turn around and give me your hand. He turned and slid to his knees on the floor in front of me as he turned and offered me his hand. I sat tall and placed it on my chest. My heart felt as if it was going to jump out of my chest. "Oh, he said. I guess you ARE glad to see me as he felt my rapid heart beat. That's sweet" he said. I smiled and pulled him back to me and he returned to his position on the couch. This time I leaned all the way back and pulled him back with me. I dried his front as he leaned back against me, then dropped the towel and wrapped both of my arms firmly around his chest. I closed my eyes to savor the moment. I would have been happy to remain here for eternity with this beautiful naked boy lying on my chest. (and his rock hard cock standing right up into the air). "Paul, he said. What happens if someone comes in and sees us like this?" I laughed. If that is the case, run, it's a burglar and they came here to rob the place. I live here by myself and I never have company. Ever. Well, except you of course. With that, I grabbed Brian's shoulder and turned him so that he was lying down. I positioned him so that his butt was in my lap and his back and legs on the couch. He stretched his arms over his head and lay there in his full glory. His cock was a little larger than I expected and much fatter than I would have imagined. It stuck straight out with no curve or bend whatsoever. I would not have thought that such a small boy would have such a glorious cock. It was long and fat and cut and, and, and absolutely beautiful! The rest of his body was as smooth as the day he was born, and that light layer of white peach fuzz was enough to send me over the edge. His pubic area had no stubble of and kind and even his armpits were smooth and hairless. His tan lines were not sudden. They were gradual. His tan faded quickly from dark on his dark back to light on his ass within the span of about one or two inches. His white ass showed that he wore loose fitting shorts that ended only three or four inches below his ass.

With almost trembling hands I carefully grasped his cock. He stiffened just a little and a quiet moan accompanied the slightest grin. His cock was warm and rock hard. I slowly jerked it a few times savoring the warmth and the smell. I had forgotten how hard 19 year old cocks could get.

Probably a full hour passed without so much as a twitch from Bryan. He fell fast asleep as my hands softly and carefully caressed every inch of his firm young body. His cock softened, but it didn't matter. I was content to gently rub my hands over his body for as long as he would let me. Could this really be happening, I asked myself or is it a wonderful, fabulous dream?

Finally, a sudden jerk awakened him and for a second he seemed disoriented. Oh, gee. I'm sorry. Your hands felt so good it put me to sleep. That's ok, I replied as I noticed that his cock grew just a little. You feel amazing. Thanks, he replied. I guess I should be thinking about leaving soon he stated as he lifted himself off of the couch. As he stood there in front of me, once again, I could not keep my hands off of him. With both hands on his waist, I asked him if he would was sure that he had to leave. Moving my hands back to caress his ass, his cock started growing quickly. Welllll, he hesitated. Maybe not this minute he replied as he grinned slightly at me. I moved my hands around to his cock and took it in both hands and I moved closer to it. It was warm and hard. He took a step toward me as I moved it toward my mouth. I rubbed it ever so gently on my face and proceeded to run the tip past my lips. I kissed the end of it, holding it very softly to my mouth. I opened to take in the end and slowly wrapped my lips around it, sliding it slowly in. He stiffened and groaned and I could no longer stand it. I pulled him to me thrust my mouth around him, forcefully taking in every inch possible. I deep throated him until I had every inch of him jammed down my throat and held here there without moving. He thrust his cock into my mouth and we stood there, also motionless, except to see who could push harder into the other. For about five or ten seconds we were locked into a struggle with a combined force that could easily have injured either one of us. Finally, and only because I had to breathe, I slid it out of my mouth, then immediately back in. I leaned back onto the couch as he followed, keeping his beautiful cock in my mouth. He placed a knee on either side of my shoulders and he began to thrust slowly, in and out, as I followed his motions with my hands on his hard white ass. The motions were smooth, except when he would thrust and hold his cock in my mouth, pushing with the strength of a bull. My hands never stopped sliding up and down every inch of his body. He felt amazing. After several minutes of the most amazing cock sucking I have ever experienced he lowered his body down to my ass and placed his sweet soft mouth onto mine and began to kiss me. His mouth was opened and he thrust his tongue deep into my mouth. His breath was sweet in what I could most closely compare to cilantro or mint. His kisses were tender, despite his obvious "enthusiasm". His hands went to my shirt and he began unbuttoning it. After opening the last one, he pulled me forward and removed my shirt in one smooth move, tossing it over his head. It landed on the chair and slid off. It was now his hands that were caressing my semi hairy chest. Even though I was exactly twice his age, I too was young enough to be ripped and hard. His excitement increased noticeably as this discovery and that obviously pleased him. His kisses remained passionate and continuous as he pulled me up to a standing position and loosened my pants. He got on his knees as he pulled them down, lifting my right foot, then the left as he took them off. He pushed them off to the side then pushed me back onto the sofa. He stood as he turned and ran back toward the bathroom, returning with a bottle of body lotion in his right hand. I saw this in the bathroom he said with a grin. Oh, yeah, I replied. Not sure why that is in there. I never use it, personally, I stated trying not to look embarrassed. "Yeah, uh huh, he responded, as he squirted a huge glob of it into his hand. It immediately found its way to my own rock hard cock and I all but lost it right there on the spot. He coated my cock with a generous supply and gently coated my balls as well. His hands were smooth, gentle and warm. He wiped the excess onto my chest as his sweet soft mouth found its way back to mine. This time his kisses were different. They were not really kisses. It was more as if he only wanted his own mouth touching mine. His mouth was soft and wet and he did not remove it from mine as we spoke. He moaned and groaned and moved his ass over my huge 8"cock, securely gripped into his right hand. You are so big, he stated with his lips never leaving mine. His mouth was so soft and sensual. I have never had anyone's mouth touching mine during conversation. The experience was electric. It was such a sweet and gentle act.

He guided my aching cock toward his ass hole and slid it back and forth for what seemed forever. Finally he stopped at just the right spot and began to lower himself onto it. With each inch of penetration, he would stiffen his body, inhale as though it tool away his breath, and waited for a few seconds before taking more. Finally after nearly a full minute he was totally filled and began to gently move his ass forward and backward, being careful to keep me fully penetrated. It was no time before his motions became fast and furious and he began to moan loudly. He began to get loud, but his lips never left mine. The saliva began to build up and drip down my chin. Eventually, a small stream ran down the side of my neck as he continued to keep his mouth planted firmly on mine. Oh, Paul! That feels so good! Don't stop. That feels sooo good! His forward and backward thrusts were now even more violent and he seemed not to be able to get enough. He took my hands and guided them over his body, his sides, his ass, his chest and even to his face. His mouth remained on mine, with the saliva becoming more superfluous and the kisses more and more passionate. With my dick still shoved completely and fully up his ass, I stood and lifted him up with me. I walked to the bedroom with my cock still in his ass, he continued to ride me as if he were on the mechanical bull at Gilley's, moaning and jerking as we walked. He was so worked up that I had to hold onto him carefully so that he would not get away from me. I took him into the bedroom and laid him onto his back. His arms immediately stretched back to over his head and as I continued to pound him with every ounce of strength I had. His rock hard cock slammed into his belly again and again as I violently fucked him. When my mouth would leave his, he would instantly grab my head and guide it back. He continued to yell and moan as I fucked him. He grabbed a shirt from the bed and wiped his mouth. After what must have been 15 or twenty minutes, he grabbed my hand and guided it to his cock. To my surprise, it was still rock hard. He began to guide it up and down hard as he jerked himself off with my own hand. As I was fucking him, he was fucking my hand. I could tell that he was getting close. He grabbed my head and his mouth turned again to kisses. His groans were uncontrolled and he became tense. He raised his ass as high as he could thrust himself and me with his legs and I continued with a single hard push as far into his beautiful white ass as deep I could get. His body began to twitch and his groan turned into a single strained cry. I'm cumming, I'm cumming, he yelled in a voice that was forced and strained. Suddenly after a few seconds of motionlessness he shot a violent load directly across his belly and chest and directly onto his face. The first shot was beautiful, but then came a HUGE second, third and fourth stream, all landing into the exact same path as the first, and depositing a large load of warm cum on his face, chin, neck, chest and belly. Each shot was accompanied with a yell and a violent jerk. The boy shot a good eight or ten times. l When his legs no longer had the strength to hold up our two bodies, he collapsed back onto his back and pulled me toward his mouth again as his tongue found mine. I discovered when my mouth again touched his, that his first four squirts landed on his face and mouth, I could no longer contain myself. I was kissing a mouth slippery with his own cum. The combination of salty cum, a slippery and wet mouth and his sweet nature was more than I could control. As I began to tense up with my dick still far into his ass, he locked his legs around be in a scissors hold, assuring that I could not pull out. He pulled my mouth to his, grabbed me with his arms and began to give me a bear hug that almost took my breath away. I felt an intense orgasm building in my body and cock and I began a continuous thrust of my cock into his sweet ass one more time, pushing as deep and as hard as my strength would let me. I exploded and emitted loud guttural yells with each load that I shot into this beautiful boy's sweet ass. Each uncontrolled thrust was met with a kiss that was hard and passionate. I finally collapsed onto this young boy without an ounce of strength left in my body. I pulled out of him and rolled over onto my back as I pulled him onto my chest, where he too collapsed onto my heaving body. We lay there for several minutes, each feeling the others' heartbeats and our sweat mingling together as one. He placed his head onto my shoulder as we both lay still, each trying to regain enough strength to get up. I called his attention to the dresser on the far wall. In the mirror I could see this beautiful, perfect white ass lying atop me. It is a sight I will never forget. He smiled and waved to me. I waved back.

Brian returned to my "shower" two or three times per week for the next two months. Each time, it began with a familiar "Hey mister, you want to buy some eggs?" Each time, I replied with, "Sure, you want to take a shower?"

The summer of 2013 passed quickly, but it is by far, the most wonderful and memorable one of my life. I think of the boy every day and wish we could be together forever. Perhaps, one day we will be.




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