They said they are here to save us from extinction but I didn't believe them, I doubted every word they said. Who would have thought that the world would end like this, who would have thought that the only saviors were beings from another plant. I want let them have me, I will get my family back!

The beginning of the end

"Sean slow down! It will be OK, we will make it in time. I promise." My wife grabbed my arm. "You are scaring Josh and Mark." She says in a calm voice.

I look back at my oldest son -who is 17 years old- hends is holding on to his seat so tight you can see his light brown skin turning pale. My other son -who's 16 years old-  face is so pale, he looks on the verge of death.

"I'm sorry guys." I say trying to give the warmest smile I could. "Please Just bare with it for a little bi---." I am cut off by my wife's scream. I look in front of me and see a group of bikers circling a minivan a few feet away.

"We have to help them!" my wife crys out as pulls out my gun from the glove compartment.

 I love my wifes ability to see past her own problem and help someone else without even thinking, that was one of the reasons I fell in love with her. Which is wierd because I am the complete opposite. While she ran on emotions I lived in logic, I always think before I jump into anything big or small.

"How are we going to that?" I spoke in claim voice knowing if I told her no right away she would just argue.

"We fight!" She said cocking the gun.

"We only have a few weapons." I look back at our supply.  There is black shotgun lying a cross my oldest sons lap. a silver handgun is showing from the glove compartment were mY wife has token it's twin. A large sword, which we stole from the museum  we were hiding in a couple of weeks ago, and bat are in the truck of out turck along with boxes  of bullets.

"So, we will make due!" Almost yells as one of the bikers break the vent back window.

 And what do we do if it happens to be a trap?" 

I saw her ready to argue but went silent  at the word trap. I can see my words sinking in but then defiance showed up on her face.

"Nope we have to stop!" She yells as we pass-bye the minivan and bikers.

"Fine!" I yell. 

I quickly hit the brakes then shift into reverse hitting two of the bikers of the motorcycles. My wife quickly lets down her window then starts shooting at the remaining 5 bikers. I watch as confusion dance across the bikers face and i gloat as they scatter in different directions.

"Is everybody alright?" I whisper looking at my sons. They both say yes but I can tell by the way they are shaking, that they are far from being ok.

"Are you guys ok over there?" My wife calls out to the minivan.

"Yes." A silky smooth males voice calls out.

I look over my wife to see two very attractive people; one is white male who looked to be around my age, 34. His long black hair falls down to his shoulder making his strong facial feature stink out even more. He looks as if he stepped out of Greek mythology. His sharp eyes are full of fear and confusion. The other person is a black male, he looks much younger then the white male, he looks to be 24 or 25. He has dark chocolate skin, full lips, and short black hair. His light brown eyes seem to gleam in the sun light. I watch as the anger slowly evaporates from his face, and a heart stopping smile takes its place.

"What happened?" My wife calls out with her sweet honey voice while I watched our surroundings. My wife can make any body feel at peace with her smile. Her ivory skin, light green eyes, perfect face and skinny curvy frame made her look like an angel, has stepped out of heaven ready to save everybody. 

Unlike me of course, although I am fairly attractive, I don't make people feel at peace. I am not that built but my average size and wide shoulder make me look bigger then what I am. My brown skin and strong facial  features almost make me look flawless, and my deep brown eyes always made it look as if I was looking past you and never at you.

"We ran out of gas while we were trying to get to the safe haven." The white male says with a half hearted smile.

"We are headed that way, do you to need a ride?" My wife ask without asking me.

"We would" the white mans face fills with worry. "but we have kids with us and we probably all can't fit. I look back at the tinted windows of the minivan and see people moving around.

"That's fine we have enough room." My wife says again without asking me.

"How many?" I cut in earning one of her famouse glares. I call them snakes eyes.

"Three." He says with new hope in his eyes.

I look overy to the black me  behind him and to my shock he is staring at me with a seductive smile. I quickly turn away.

"OK." I say unlocking the doors. "But hurry, we don't know when the bikers will return."

"Thanks." The two man say together.

 They both open their doors and step out. I quickly see the black man button up his pants and step out of the van, but I thought nothing of it. The two man are tall, or should I say taller than me, they both seem to be around six feet while I am five eleven. The white man has a strong build that match his strong facial features and a big bubble butt to tie it all to gather. I quickly shook my head knocking away the thoughts of his butt. This was the first time I ever looked at another man like that, I have to pull myself together. He walks over to the back seat to open the van door and three teenagers fly out of the car. One is a tall, light skinned black boy who looked to be around 18 years old boy. He has short cut hair and eyes that look like honey. The other one is a young Latino boy who looks to be round, Sean's age. Although the boy is fairly skinny he has a small bump in his stomach. The last of the three is a white boy of average height. He has short blond hair and pale skin. HE looks to be sixteen.

"Who kids are these?" I ask just a little skeptical now.

"Ours." The black man says stepping out from behind the van with the warmest smile that I have ever seen. His tall muscular frame sent chills down my back. Although the white man has strong facial features, his seemed to draw you into him. I shook my head again forcing myself back to the problem at hand.

Seeing my confusion the white man spoke up. "We found them on our way here. We just couldn't leave them out in the street by themselves." My wife turns toward me and gave me a dirty look then turns her head back to them to listen. "Accept this guy here we-" he pause for a second gabing the black boys shoulders "adopted him."

"Sorry about that, my husband has a hard time trusting people, all that work in the military has made him a little crazy," My wifes lets out a laugh.

"It alright." The black man smiles. "My name is Eli and this is Malcolm." He points at the white male and then points at the kids. "This is Malven he's sixteen" he points to the white boy. "This is Diego, he is seventeen." He points the Latino boy. "And this is Steven, he will be eighteen in a couple of months." He points to the black boy.

"Nice to meet you all." My wife says with a warm smile. "I am teresa and this is Sean and these are our kids she says pointing at our oldest Mal and our youngest Mark.

"Get in we don't know when-" As if they were answering some unanswered question motorcycle engines can be heard in the distance, lots of them. "Get in!" I yell.

They pal into the car and once I hear the door shut I speed off as fast as I can. but I wasn't fast enough I look in the review  mirror  and found the bikers right behind us, holding guns, bats, or whatever else was lying around.

One of the motorcycles appears on the siad of us with a gun telling us to pull over.

"Shit." I whisper. "Hold on tight." I swerve the car hitting the man on motorcycle sending him flying.

Bullets fly at the back of the truck widow but it couldn't break through, thanks to it being bullet proof.

"We have to lose them and get off the streets until things calm down." My wife screams over the bullets.

"Ok." I yell turning sharply into some unknown street, praying it wasn't a dead end. The bikers were not expecting it and shot right past the turning point but I knew that it wouldn't take long for them to turn around. We past vacant buildings one after a next. 

"Pull over! There is a hotal right there." My wifes says pointing at an over size building with an equally large garage attached. The building read "home away from hom." I turn into the empty garage and park in a darkest spot I can find and told everybody to be quit. The bikers drove past without even looking over. Happy that my wifes plan worked I kiss her on the lips then turn around to look at everybody else.

"Is everybody ok." I search every body face.

 Eli and Steven look strangely calm. I look over at Mal's who looks more confused then anything. confusion, shock, fear, and the thing that took me off guard was pleasure danced across Mal's face. I look down to see one of Steven's hands are missing, I follow his arm to find his hand placed in the back of Mal's pants. I close my eyes and shake my head and when I open them his hand is on his lap and Mal's hands are over his dick I lok att his face and all the emotons that I saw before have been replaced by shame.

"What was that, did I just imagine it?" I think to myself.

"Is everything alright?" Eli speaks from the back seat.

"Yeah." I lie.

"Now what?" Micheal says with a weird smile on his face.

"We will stay at the hotel for tonight and leave tomorrow if everything is calm." I say stepping out the truck careful not to make any noise.

They all followed my lead and we head to a door that read "Welcome to place of relaxation" but for some reason that made me feel less relaxed. I open the door letting everybody pass me bye, I soon realized that Steven is just a little too close to Mal but I was to tired to think about it.

We walk up some stairs and find vacant rooms on each floor. We walk to the top floor and find rooms for everybody. Me and my wife found a room that we liked that only hand one giant bed in the middle of the room and a large flat screen tv hanging on the wall in front of it. I didn't get a chance to see Eli and Malcolm's room but I didn't think too much about it. We split the kids up into groups, Mal and Steven shared a room and Malven, Diego and Mark share a room. Although Mark seemed happy that he will have other people to talk to other than his family. Mal looked confused about something but he said nothing and they all went to their room.

I went into room feeling really honry for some reason and I neaded release. But My wife is already in bed fast to sleep. I crawled behind her and and start kissing on her neck at first she moaned but then she weaved me off.

"I'm sorry sweetie but I need my rest and so do you." She said falling back to sleep. i knew she was right but my dick wasn't so sure.

 I get out of bed- ignoring my eight inch hard on- and went to go check on everybody. I make it to Eli and Malcolm's room and prepared to knock but before i could do so I hear moaning and grunting from the other side of their door, making my dick so hard that it hurt. I place my ear on the door when I hear someone start to speak.

"It looks like our son found the one he wants to make his own." I recognize the voice as Eli's.

"T-thats gre- sweatie." Malcolm cries out breathlessly.

"Soon we have a new family members and hopefully grand kids." he says with a gleeful grut.

"What does that mean?" I think to myself.

I hear the bed began to move under their weight and I hear Malcolm crying out for more and screaming in pleasure when he got it.

"What about the parents?" Malcolm’s yelps after another thrust from Eli.

"I am thinking about making Sean my second  breader." Eli says with another thrust. 

"But-" Malcolm begain but is cut off when gave the hardest thrust yet causing Malcolm to scream out. Make in my dick fight against my pants.

"You like that bitch, don't you?" Eli says thrust harder.

"Yes, I love it! I love your alien dick!" Malcolm cries out over and over again.

My heart skips a beat when I hear alien. They left earth right? I ask to myself. They caused so much chaos. No it must be roll play. My thoughts are interrupted by loud yelp from Malcolm.

"You ready to have another one of my babies, aren't you bitch?

"Yes. knock me up baby."

My mind goes cloudy as I try to think about what they were saying and what was going on. I look down and realize my eight inch dick was out of my pants and I am playing with myself. I try to stop and I know I should walk away but it just felt to good I couldn't help it.

"Here it comes!" Eli yells after a few more grunts. There is one last grunt from Eli and one more yelp from Malcolm  then everything goes quit. I wanted to cum so badly but if I did they would find my cum all over their door. I placed my dick back into my pants and slowly walked away, refusing to cum, but hearing them start up again almost made me stay.

"I'm not gay." I whisper to myself.

I slowly walk to where my son Mike is sleeping, which is not too far away from Eli and Malcolm's room, and peaked inside- Although my dick has gone down it is still semi hard I didn't want them to see- but they were all sleep. I was about to walk back to my room until I heard a bed squeek closeby. I thought it was Eli and Malcolm going at it again and my dick started to raise but I realized that the noise is coming from Steven and Mal's room. I place my ear to the door hoping that it was just my imagination but my heart stopped when I heard the bed squeaking.

"Please slow down." I heard Mal moan.

"You want me to stop?" Steven says with a threatening tone.

"I don't know." Mal answer's weakly.

"Fine." Steven was about to pull out, I assume

"Wait." Mal cries out. "Please don't, just slow down a little."

"I thought you said you were straight?"

"I am!" Mal yells weakly

"Then why are you begging for my dick!" Steven says with a laugh but Mal said noting. "That's what I thought. You want this dick just as much as I want that pussy." I flinched at the word pussy. "I will take it slow this time but next time be ready."

"Thank you." Mal says before he starts moaning again.

I slowly peek my head in ready to break this up and send steven in there with Eli and Malcolm. But when I opened the door I paused as I saw Steven fucking Mal in the ass right in front of a mirror hanging from the wall. I froze as watched the scene unfold in front of me. I watched as Mal took my son doggy style and watched the pleasure on my son face in the mirror. I realize that I stayed in the room far too long, I quickly back out of the room afraid they would see me. My dick is rock hard and I need release. I went back to my room and into the washroom that was connected to it and started play with myself. At first all I tried to think about was my wife but then it went to Malcolm ass, then to Eli fucking that fat ass. It played in my head over over as the pleasure was starting to overwhelm me but then a image of Steven fucking my son sent me of the edge and I came all over myself and the floor.

"What is wrong with me?" I thought to myself out loud.




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