At the age of thirteen, I began experimenting in sex with other males, mainly a couple of my school buds. By the age of sixteen I knew i was totally gay and was strongly attracted to the cowboys that worked on some of the area ranches.

I was raised in a small town in the west, the son of a bank executive. I love visiting the local feed store and checking out the ranch hands that came in for supplies. Most had the sleeves cut out of their shirts and looking at their hot muscular builds, strong arms, and tight jeans always turned me on.

Only once was I able to experience sex with one of them and he only wanted a blow job.

He had seen my looking at the nice bulge in his tight jeans. Walking up to me he asked, "You see something you want?"

"What do you mean?"

"Fuck, kid, don't play innocent. I saw you looking at my crotch. If you want it be a man and say so. Do you want it?"

"Uh, yea."

"Go to the old restroom out back. I'll meet you there."

I did and a few minutes later he arrived. Walking up to me, he opened his pants and shoved them down.

"I'm horny and all I want is a blow job. Get on your knees and start sucking."

I did and after I got him off and swallowed, I stood up and he said, "Now stay here for fifteen minutes until I leave and if you tell anyone about this, your ass is mine."

I nodded and watched him leave. I saw him numerous times after that but he acted as if we had never talked, completely ignoring me.

I graduated high school and later college and got a job with an accounting firm in a larger town on the other side of the state still in the ranching area. My lust for cowboys was as strong as ever.

We got a weeks vacation for each six months that we worked. I let mine build up and after two years, I had two weeks built up. I had found out about a nice dude ranch that was a five hour drive away. I called and made reservations for a single cottage.

I left work early on Friday and drove to the ranch, arriving about eight. I was shown to my one room cottage by the manager and told he would have someone give me a tour the next morning.

My one room cottage had a sitting area with TV, a sleeping area, and in one back corner a small kitchenette, and in the other corner a small bathroom with shower.

Saturday morning I was up early and was sitting on the porch drinking coffee when a hot muscular cowboy approached.

"Mr. Rogers?" he asked.

"Yes, that's right but please call me Mark."

"I'm Buck Taylor. I've been asked to give you a tour of the ranch. You ready?"

"Definitely," I replied.

We headed out and he showed me the pool and jacuzzi area, game room, dining hall and library.

During the tour, we talked and i found out that he was twenty-six and had been employed at the ranch since he was seventeen. As we approached the stable, he said, "This is my area. I'm in charge of the care and feeding of the horses used for the trail rides e take the guest on. We have one leaving at nine. Have you signed up yet?"

"No, is there still time?"

"Sure. Just go by the guest service desk and sign up and get a schedule of activities."

I thanked him for the tour and headed for the office. I signed up and got the schedule.

I returned to my cabin and put on my jeans and boots and got ready for the ride. I was the first one at the stable and when I walked in, I found Buck saddling up the horses.

"Have you ever ridden before?" he asked after greeting me.

"Just a little back in my teen years."

"Well, I'll give you a nice gentle horse," he said with a laugh.

I couldn't help but steal glances at his nice bulge. He caught me a couple of times and slightly smiled but never said anything.

A few minutes later another cowboy came in.

"mark Rogers, meet Derek Carter. He'll be assisting me on the ride today."

We shook hands and Derek was as hot as Buck was. I found out that he was twenty-eight but had only worked at the ranch for two years.

We left on the ride and about noon we stopped for lunch on the far side of the lake from the main area. They had sent a wagon out with box lunches for us. After lunch we continued and returned to the ranch about four.

The ride was awesome, and gave us some spectacular mountain views. Upon our return Buck announced that on Monday evening, there would be a short sunset ride to watch the sun set over the mountains.

I knew that I somehow had to find a way to seduce Buck. I suspected that he played because of his teasing me. I say that because at lunch if he saw me glancing at his crotch, he would very casually rub his hand across it.

Sunday morning I saw Buck enter the stable and walked over to visit with him. Guest were allowed anywhere on property except the hands living quarters. That was totally off limits.

As Buck and I visited, I told him that I'd love to hear of his life as a ranch hand and asked if he would like to visit me, thinking that if i got him in my cottage, I might be able to seduce him.

"Mark, we are not allowed to fraternize with the guest except at the activities, suck as the evening barbecue or on the rides. If we do, it could mean out jobs."

"Well, I wouldn't want anything like that to happen," I told him.


We talked a little and I left. During the day, I spotted several other hands that were also hot. Most looked to be in their twenties but a couple were over thirty but still hot as hell.

Later that night, I was sitting on my porch in the dark, enjoying the cool breeze and all the bright stars in the clear night sky.

It was near ten, when I saw a figure slowly sneaking around the stable, frequently looking around as if to see if anyone else was out.

He passed the front of the stable and turned down the left side. I couldn't see that side so I left my porch and hurried to the stable, peeking around the side. As I did, I saw the man reach a side door and look around.

He quickly opened the door and slipped in. In the dim light from inside I saw it was Buck that was acting so secretive.

Curious, I eased to the door and after a moment, I slipped in silently. I eased farther into the stable and soon heard a rustling sound from one of the stalls next to the wall I as by. I eased to the corner and peered around carefully.

I was in the back of the stable where there were unused stalls. In the very first one to my left I saw Buck laying on a pile of hay, totally nude.

Next to him were three gay porn magazines,open to pages of hot muscular guys sucking and fucking. with his left hand he was using a nice size life like dildo in his ass and he stroked his cock with his right. I knew I had my chance to get him.

I silently stripped and with my hard cock pointing the way, I eased around the corner to the open gate of the stall.

Buck was laying with his head toward me and his feet away from me. i was able to get almost right up to him without being seen.

I softly said, "Do you need any help?"

He jumped and tried to hide the dildo and magazines.

"No need to hide them. I've seen everything your doing."

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

"Well, I saw you sneaking around and thought someone was up to no good and decided to check it out. But I admit, I like what I found."

As I talked, I moved closer and was soon kneeling next to his waist. I reached out with one hand and grasp his cock and began stroking it. with the other hand I began working the dildo in his ass.

He just lay there, looking into my face. I smiled and leaned forward and swallowed his entire cock.

"Oh, Fuck!" he whispered.

I continued sucking and soon brought him to a massive climax. After taking his load, I hungrily swallowed every drop.

Without saying anything, he rolled to his side and slid down so his face was at my cock. He eagerly swallowed it and began sucking me as i continued working the dildo in his ass. As horny as I was, it didn't take me long to fill his mouth with my load. He took my entire load before he swallowed.

I eased the dildo out of his ass and lay it aside before he sat up.

"Mark, please don't say anything about this to anyone."

"I have no intention of it. It's no one else's business. I've wanted to suck you since I met you."

"I figured that by the number of times I saw you looking at my crotch. I've wanted you also."

He leaned toward me and we kissed passionately, trading our hot wet tongues.

After the kiss, I told him that I hoped we could get together again and soon. He said it might be possible.

We both dressed and I eased out of the stable first and saw him come out about fifteen minutes later.

On Monday, I used the pool and weight room during the morning. I had signed up for the sunset ride and when it was time I headed for the stable.

I was the first one there as Buck led the horses out of the stable. Seeing me he smiled and said "Hi."

"Hi, yourself. I sure enjoyed last night."

"So did I," he replied. Then glancing toward the lake, he said, "You see that path along the lake?"

"Yea, why?"

"Tonight after ten-thirty, head down it. About three hundred yards down there will be a fork. Take the trail to the right and about fifty yards down it there will be a clearing on your right. I'll meet you there."

"I'll be there," I said.

At the appointed time, I took my stroll down the path. I found the fork and went to my right. Fifty yards down, I found the clearing and when I entered, I found Buck already there. He was totally nude and laying on a blanket.

"What a nice surprise," I said.

"I hope you're going to join me."

"Try and stop me," I replied, and immediately stripped. I lay next to him and he rolled toward me and we began kissing passionately.

After the kiss, we flipped into a sixty-nine and hungrily began sucking each others hard cock. We slowed our sucking to make it last longer, but before long we both climaxed simultaneously and swallowed.

Then came another hot passionate kiss.

After the kiss, I asked if he got much sex on the ranch.

"Seldom from the guest," he replied.

"From you answer, it makes me wonder if your having sex with other hands."

"Some, but not often enough. We have to be very careful."

I asked about his quarters and he said that they each had a private room with sitting area and sleeping area and small kitchenette but all had to use a communal toilet and showers.

"What about in your room?"

"Mark, only seven are gay that I know of. That leaves twelve that we all think are totally straight. In conversation, a few have expressed their hatred for gays. If they suspected anything, we'd be reported in a heartbeat."

"What about Derek? I think he's hot and would love sex with him."

"He's on our side," Buck replied.

"Nice. Maybe you can set up a three way with him."

"Let me see what I can do."

We kissed more and made out and when again hard e fucked each other lovingly, filling each others hole with our load.

We dressed and headed back to the compound, with me taking the same route back and Buck going off in another direction.

On Wednesday evening there was a barbecue for the guest and hands. It was delicious and the beer flowed freely. As it began to end, Buck came up to me and said softly, "The clearing in one hour."

"Got it," I said.

I waited and in just over an our, I casually made my way to the clearing.

When I arrived, I was surprised at what I found.




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