I had met Alexandro by chance one night when he was at the house getting his ass filled by my best friend´s big black cock. I was sleeping when John came to my room naked as a jay bird with a stiff cock and asked if I wanted to see something.  I thought for a second that he wanted to have sex so I followed him below to the second floor where his bedroom was and saw that the bedroom  door was fully open. I noticed right away a young man laying across the bed naked on his stomach. I could see a huge 12 inch  uncut cock that  was pulled back under his balls laying fully erect, dripping his precum and soaking the sheet below. He had his head facing the headbooard so he didn´t know I had entered the room. 

   Jhon proceeded to enter his ass with his big black cock and started to fuck him hard getting his Alexandro, his victim who was obviously real drunk to emit moans and gasps as Jhon´s cock impaled him. Jhon rode his ass for at least fifteen minutes while I watched. All of a sudden I noticed Alexandro´s  twenty year old  cock swell and he shouted that he was shooting his load. It was so heavy and thick that it left a huge puddle on the sheet just past its huge head. Jhon continued to fuck him til I heard the grunt that was all familiar to me when Jhon was about to unload his balls. I gazed as Jhon fed his spurting cock into the recesses of Alexandro´s ass. After Jhon withdrew he wanted to know whether i wanted to eat Alexandro´s ass. I could see Jhon´s thick white cum trickling from his Alexandro´s abused hole. I got on the bed and first lapped up the his  creamy discharge that was left on the sheets even following the string of cum still connected from the sheet to the his huge cockhead which I took within my lips. When there was no cum left from him  I went to his hole and started the lap the thick cream recently deposited  from my best friend´s balls. It  always excited  me to no end  how one person´s cum is different in taste and texture from another. After feeding on both their creamy semen I went back upstairs to beat of to the mixture of flavors left in my mouth. 

   Jhon, in the morning, when the guy had left said it was hot watching me eat so much come. I said the guy had a huge cock that I needed to suck off it given the oppotunity. Jhon smiled and said he would arrange it. The next time the guy came to the house  Jhon had told me to hide within his closet and he would pretend to suck the guy off but I would be doing the sucking. I waited til Jhon entered the closet and I came from where I was hidden behind Jhon´s clothes and was on my knees just as his cock was being fed through the gloryhole. I engulfed the already huge head already dripping his slimy precum, I let my tongue spear into the huge opening of his cockslit delving for more precum. I then managed to swallow his shaft to the hole drilled in the door. I had at least seven inches of his thick cock down my throat as I started to suck him off. I used all my inate talent to milk his cock wanting nothing more than the full load of cream that I had tasted from the sheets a while back. I could see he was getting into fucking the hole because he started to feed me his cock with a normal rhythm banging his big balls against the outside of the door. 

   All of a sudden he withdrew from the warm recesses of my mouth and quickly got on his knees. Jhon reacted quickly and sent his stiff  black cock through the hole in the opposite direction and into his waiting mouth. I heard Jhon gasp as his young friend fed on his cock in search of Jhon´s thick load still in his balls. I got behind Jhon and started to eat Jhon´s hairy  pucked hole knowing this would facilitate his release of his hot cream from his balls hanging below. I even started to suck Jhon´s balls being able to see his cock enter his Alexandro´s mouth. I stabbed at the two orbs  enclosed within the wrinkled scotum of Jhon. All of a sudden Jhon said he was going to shoot his load and I watched as the heavy spurts of cum shot into the eager mouth. After Jhon had let the guy milk his cock dry the young man  got back up and I was ready as his cock entered. I took the seeping head relishing copious amount of precum. I heard Alexandro say whether Jhon was ready to eat his cum or not. Jhon muttered a yes pretending to have a mouth full of Alexando´s cock. I increased my suction knowing he was at the tipping point of no return. I heard a gutteral grunt knowing his cream was on its way . I could feel his shaft increase in diameter as I waited. The first spurt was enormous and tasted exactly like it had tasted before but was real warm. I let him shoot at least five more spurts letting all of it slide down my gullet into my belly. I milked his  cock til it got so sensitive that he withdrew his member from my mouth. 

   The next time I ran into Alexandro was when he was walking dogs from the neighborhood. I asked how much he made per dog and he said seven mil pesos around 2.50 in American money. I asked whether he was interested im making some extra money. I said I felt funny asking him but he egged me on to ask him what I had in mind.  I said that Jhon had mentioned he had a huge cock and I told Alexandro if he needed extra money I would be willing to suck his cock off for given price each time. Alexando asked how much and I said fifty mil pesos each time he gave me his load of cum. Alexandro thought for a second and said yes but only if it would be our secret. I told him I wouldn´t have it any other way. Alexando asked when we could start and I said whenever he had a full load in this balls. He said what about now. I invited him in and he leashed his dogs outside in the garage. I could see his cock was real hard after we entered the house closing the door behind. He dropped his shorts quickly  exposing his huge uncut member.  He took his hands and pressed down on  my shoulders and made me kneel before the altar of his cock. I immediately wanted to taste his big shaved balls which were all sweaty from the day´s heat. I nursed his balls til he said he cock was ready to get sucked off. As I engulfed his huge member he smiled down and said he recognized someting. I said what and he said it never forgot the feel of a mouth sucking his cock. He stared down at me and said I was the one who had sucked him off from the closet. He had told Jhon it was one of the best blow jobs he had ever had, wanting Jhon to do it agaim. He was disappointed when Jhon said he really didn´t like sucking a guy´s cock and it was a one time thing. . 

   Now everything made sense to Alexandro´s as I took his shaft all the way to his balls. My head was moving back and forth on his member tilI heard him shout he was close to cumming. I swallowed his cock one last time and felt his cock swell. I could feel each pulse as each spurt hit the back of my throat. He grabbed my head making sure I swallowed every drop. I withdrew my mouth saying it was a huge load well worth the money.  I took my wallet out and gave him his fifty mil pesos as he was yanking up his nylon shorts. Now I get his load at least four times a month keeping me well fed on his hot loads of cum. He said this beats walking dogs and he only continues to do it because  its easier to hook up with me if he is walking the dogs in the neighborhood.




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