Friday January 1.

The boy took the bait. He signed on. He agreed to it all. He signed the fucking contract. As of next Monday I own his ass for the next year. If he can last a year; he gets $250,000 in gold...and all he has to do is survive; to come out the other end; one year from today; between now and then he must take whatever I dish out for one full year, drugs, hypnosis, physical restraint, even body modification (with his permission of course... he found that comforting... the idea that he must give consent.... utterly diabolical... within a month he won't know his name, his consent ,written or verbal will be as forthcoming as his

piss and as easy to frighten out of him); so he's agreed to it all. My only question is: What comes first a totally degrading tattoo or a wicked piercing to remind him of his de-evolution, his climb DOWN the evolutionary tree from primate to mammal down to vertebrate down to worm down to fungus. The question becomes what will be left? If my plan works, and I know it will, in a year the Hugh person will be gone and all that will remain is a vibrating gob of lukewarm proteinacious very gay slime who will live to attend to men. After today I will never again refer to 'it' as Hugh; at best I'll refer to him as 'Boy,' which is far too human to last for long (eventually he will be 'it,' a perfect name for a Boy who will soon be reduced to less than nothing, neither male nor female, and not knowing whether he's cumming or going sexually.

The other boys being led by the biggest and cruelest started calling him 'Shithead' and 'Fuckface' from the moment I introduced them. (I love it because the first one lowers his level to human waste and the second has planted the seed of his new job as 'Everyone's Sex Toy and Sadistic Outlet.' During the lengthy screening I made certain to choose a boy who secretly LONGED TO BE CONTROLLED, MANAGED, AND EVERYONE'S SUBMISSIVE........ even the lowest of the low. Butch the blond giant (6'10' tall, 210 lbs. of solid muscle, sadistic sociopath AND sexually addicted to treating his 'fuck toy' in the cruelest way, as a means to release his pent up anger, from being repeatedly beaten and raped by his step father, who pimped him out to anyone with twenty bucks) has unofficially claimed the boy as his personal property, but he is happy to share provided the other boys come up with new and different ways to humiliate and degrade HIS BOY. Ahhhhhhh Butch is a treasure to behold. The Boy, for all his protests and sobbing, cannot seem to take his eyes off of Butch's TWELVE INCH SNAKE, TRULY AS BIG AROUND AS A BEERCAN. In addition the Boy is mesmerized by Butch's hairy chest, his dense bush, and the blond curls covering his legs and anal trench. There is NO QUESTION the boy is queer although he strongly protests that HE IS NOT A FAGGOT (perhaps because he senses that Butch and the crew would treat him even more hatefully if they knew he was not JUST QUEER, BUT ALSO A CARD CARRYING SUBMISSIVE.)

A Word About the Residents:

The delinquent boys that occupy our halfway house are aged 18 to 22. There are currently 42 boys living in our 25 private and semiprivate rooms. The boys are from every part of the neighboring six states and vary widely in background. Their crimes range from the non-violent variety of shoplifting all the way to attempted murder and aggravated assault. Since I had my pick of the liter when it came to choosing my boys from a huge pool of filth I was careful to choose those boys with a propensity for cruelty and sexual aberration. Some of the boys are straight, some are gay, all are cruel, most are sociopaths. More on the specific boys as the need arises

Unfortunately several of the boys are rather unhygienic, but now that Boy is on the scene I feel sure that we can find ways for him to tidy up around the boys and indeed clean up the boys themselves. We must endeavor to find new and interesting way to humiliate Boy as he is coerced into sucking and licking and cleaning the various parts of the resident's slovenly bodies. In addition, there's a good time in just taping Boy's mouth closed (so he's not tempted to breathe through it) and forcing Boy to bury his nose in one of the resident's filthy bushes and keeping it there breathing in the vile stink. Do I even need to mention filthy ass cracks?

Our Hugh:

BOY IS NEVER ALLOWED TO TOUCH HIS CLITTY. The other boys must wash it, when they feel like it. (Butch uses a scrub brush on Boy's clitty head as well as his nipples and pussyhole until the Boy cannot touch those areas for their intense sensitivity. The other boys must hold his clitty while he pisses etc. (more to come on that). Other residents will use him as their private urinal while they play with his pussy and tell him what a pretty little girl he is.

Right from day one we began this process of dehumanization. First we forbid the 'boy' from ever referring to himself as Hugh; we had him stand wearing only his baggy shorts around his ankles and alternately slapped and poked him till he correctly recited the rule that 'Hugh is gone and only 'boy' remains' Sounds simple enough but after a round of heavy slapping and poking it got harder and harder for boy to recite the 'rule' and sob at the same time. The twenty or thirty residents in attendance at our 'meet and greet' derided 'boy' as he cried and tried to speak the rule as the others rained down pokes and slaps on him and kept pointing and laughing at his embarrassed state of undress.

Next was the delivery of 'toilet' rules:

From now on Boy never uses the bathroom alone. He must always be accompanied by at least two of our residents. After entering the bathroom Boy must strip naked, fold his clothes, and then sit on the porcelain rim to piss. He must spread his legs wide while one of the residents fiddles with Boy's 'tiny clitty' (a term he is forced to use often... when he needs to piss for example he must chase after certain specified daily 'toilet monitors' and say 'Please Sir my very tiny clitty needs to piss.' Of course he's forced to repeat himself often and louder till his embarrassment is maximized.) So the monitors will fiddle with Boy's clitty till he successfully pisses. Should he get hard any one of several punishments may be employed ... spankings, standing in the corner shorts or thong around ankles, made to stand in the middle of the room and explain in detail that Boy's tiny clitty got hard when the toilet monitor was trying to help Boy piss... I will encourage the residents to degrade and make Boy behave in as queer a fashion as possible.... e.g. he can be made to lisp and prance around.

Beyond pissing, Boy will receive four (4) very thorough enemas a day, also by our residents... This will not only keep him totally evacuated it will also keep him weak as a kitten for later frequent wrestling matches during the day. The object will always be his total humiliation with frequent forced nudity, mocking, pokes and prods; all leading to his general retching, crying and sobbing.... we want to reduce him to tears as often as possible in order to heap on the humiliation and push his de-masculinization. We want to turn him into a cum hungry faggot, who loses control of his humanity at the drop of a hat, and is constantly demoralized. Butch, after a suggestion from me, insisted that EVERY TIME BOY BEGINS TO WHIMPER, CRY, OR REALLY BREAK DOWN AND SOB, HE MUST IMMEDIATELY INCLUDE, STRIPPING NAKED AND SUCKING HIS THUMB. If he forgets, or starts to suck his thumb a bit late, Butch puts Boy over his knee and beats his pussyhole with a thin ruler (the perfect size to thwack his pussy). Strangely, I can't help but notice that Boy, in spite of all his bellowing sobs, can't seem to keep his clitty from getting hard as marble and leaking like old plumbing. Butch always points out both occurrences and let's Boy know that THIS MAKES HIM A QUEER FAGGOT HOMO FOR CERTAIN. He loves to explain that straight little boys DO NOT GET HARD OR LEAK FROM HAVING THEIR HOLES BEATEN.....(By the way Boy is almost 21years old, average height and weight for his age, with a six inch clitty, AND HE USED TO HAVE A FURRY BUSH, DENSELY CURLED PITS AND PUSSYHOLE, AND LOTS OF HAIR ON HIS LEGS UNTIL BUTCH CUT IT ALL OFF AS BOY KICKED AND SCREAMED THE SECOND DAY HE WAS HERE.)


That first day we took Boy shopping for his 'new duds'... I planned to get him two sets of clothes, short shorts and white button shirts, all in white so that when they are laundered every other day in the resident's urine there will be no mistaking their odor or appearance. One set will be two sizes too small and the other will be two sizes too large and have draw strings at the waist as well as baggy shirts with all buttons removed.

(My delinquents found a pink silk thong and begged me to get it for 'Boy,' whom they love to call 'Their Little Girl' when they force him to wear just his pink thong or even funnier his pink thong with a very tight white shirt, flapping open to show off his thong. Then they'll take him to town for a 'walk.')

We had taken Boy to one of the larger department stores, into the men's dept., into a small fitting room and had Boy strip naked. Then we brought him one article at a time starting with the small clothes first..... The initial item was a pair of boxer briefs so small that the fly was pulled wide open in front exposing Boy's bush, part of his clitty, and a shot at his ovaries (balls). Then he was forced out of the dressing room to 'model' for the residents and me, as we poked and prodded him to sachet around. We made sure to make enough noise etc. so that we drew plenty of attention from the other shoppers.

Then boy was sent back to the dressing room and made to strip off the shorts. Next came a dress shirt so small that it could not be closed in front. Boy had to hold the shirt together (no buttons)... his clitty head and ovaries hung out the bottom as we forced him to parade around the shopping area... more slaps and poking... that got him bawling.... lots of laughter and derision. It would have been so much better if Boy had already be denuded of hair and had the 'strip naked and suck you thumb rule' that first day, but alas there are only so many hours in the day AND WE HAD A LOT OF WORK TO DO.

Then for a change of pace we went to the baggy shorts... of course we tied them loosely and forbade Boy from holding them up. It was so precious watching him try valiantly to march around soooo carefully, but with a few hard shoves forward the shorts began to droop and a minute later they hung between Boy's knees..... That allowed us to further deride him and yell at him for letting his shorts fall down in public.. I slapped him hard across the face and made him pull them up... then I made him suck on this thumb and try to 'model them' for us one more time.... a few pokes later and they were drooping down further and further... I savored his embarrassment as first his bush.... and then his cock root... and then his cock head were exposed; more shouts of derision Re: Christ Boy can't you keep your fucking shorts up???. A few minutes later found Boy huddled in a corner of the dressing booth naked and sobbing and refusing to come out... Naturally I put him in that first pair of tight boxer briefs that showed bits and pieces of his cock and balls and whacked his ass all the way out of the store and to the van.... Boy was desolate and sobbed all the way home (of course once in the van with the residents he was made to strip bare (always his 'traveling outfit') and poked and generally abused all the way home... Once there... he was made to stand in the corner, thumb in mouth, shorts around ankles otherwise naked for one hour..... till dinner where he was made to stand in the middle of the dining room wearing my favorite boxer's (newly laundered in resident piss) thumb in mouth and made to describe his 'shopping trip'.... needless to say by the end he was a sobbing child... Soon via hypnosis he'll be a two year old for a good part of every day.... a very unhappy two year old, who is fully aware 'internally' that he cannot help acting this way even though he hates it. Ahhhhhhh the wonders of hypnosis.

Most of the time Boy will only be allowed to wear a baggy pair of shorts or his pink silk thong, Never the two together. The ONLY REASON I don't keep him naked constantly is because he would quickly become 'used to his nudity' and it would stop being a source of his humiliation. This way he can be made to strip bare assed frequently by any of the other boys, whom Boy must call 'Sir'. He calls me, 'Master.' Already the bigger, hairier, older boys, led by Butch, love to gang up (four to six of them) on the Boy, make Boy strip off his shorts, grease him up, and then wrestle with him. Once them have him sobbing and begging to stop they take turns rubbing his titties from behind, then force Boy to suck their enormous cocks, clean their sweaty, hairy bodies with his tongue, and fuck him till he bleeds. This wrestling goes on for two to three hours, leaving the Boy leaking cum from his pussy and otherwise covered in it, head to toe. Then they taunt him while forcing him to scrape the cum off his body and suck his hands clean. After that they make him stick two fingers up his pussy, finger out their cum, and eat every drop. Then he wears his pretty pink thong for the rest of the day; except when they drag him around to the others and force Boy to pull down his thong, very slowly, while wiggling his hips and acting like a total faggot slut, and then tell each of the residents how he was 'rude' and challenged the big hairy gang to a fight, which he lost because he's a pussy slut, and then he had to suck them and get fucked by them. Each resident finds his own way to further humiliate the Boy from zapping him with cattle prods, to forcing him to jack off and them spanking him brutally for touching his clitty.

At the end of Day One I showed Boy to his 'bedroom'.... a bare set of wire bed springs next to the furnace in the dingy damp over-heated boiler room. As uncomfortable as Boy's current bedroom is he won't be using it much once the residents are allowed to tether him around the house performing various 'odd jobs' through the night.. more details later

End of day one (I am looking forward to the introduction of drugs and hypnosis to the mix) Boy's next move will be toward cum slut girlie Boy or perhaps even 'no balls'... who knows it's all so terribly exciting....

Week Two:

Here it is and two weeks have already come and gone. Now with Butch controlling him for a few hours every day, Subject has gone from 'Boy' to 'faggot' to 'Girlie Boy'. In keeping with his new station he is forced to lisp and sway effeminately when he walks. He does this all around the house as the residents jeer at him for being so girly and dirty. I was heartened to notice that Girlie Boy has begun to spontaneously suck his thumb in earnest..... the process is taking hold of his mind!!! And I've only just begun to use drugs and hypnosis, so far to simply confuse him. It's great fun to dress him in his baggy shorts an extra small shirt, ratty sneaks, and no socks then get him so totally confused that he pisses himself..... What a delight to see the alarm in his face as he involuntarily 'lets go.' Naturally his clothing is stiff and reeking from it's piss washing every other day. Usually Boy's alarm is followed by copious tears, a hearty spanking (for being a filthy piggy), and usually some time in the corner. Needless to say Girlie Boy must continue to wear his pissy duds till they dry on his body...... this is especially enjoyable if his 'accident' is timed close to Girlie boy's bed time. Then he must lie in his sodden clothes in the hot damp filthy boiler room on his springs.

While I'm in the vicinity I should mention that several of the residents have taken to having Girlie Boy tied in very unusual positions and then placing his hogtied, or tightly bound body on the floor next to their beds while they sleep. In these cases the residents make sure that Girlie Boy is sufficiently uncomfortable that he gets no actual rest.

Jeff, one of the other sadistic residents, has fashioned a box, much like a coffin only far smaller, for Girlie Boy to be kept in while he 'sleeps' next to Jeff's bed. I insisted that Jeff drill at least one small air hole in the vicinity of Girlie Boy's nose. We wouldn't want him to suffocate (God forbid...... a miserable end to our fun). Using hypnosis and high doses of adrenalin mixed with Dexedrine we can work Girlie Boy into quite a frenzy before sealing him into his sleeping box. Alas by the time Jeff releases him in the morning poor Girlie Boy hasn't much of a voice left, having screamed himself quite hoarse. (naturally his terror has him pissing himself profusely.... Jeff has experimented with 'boxing him in various states of undress.. I shall have a more complete report later.) Girlie Boy often can't make a sound past squeaking for as much as two days. I've forbidden Jeff to use Girlie Boy's sleeping box more than once every two weeks. I'm afraid if he employed it more often it would drive poor Girlie Boy into irreversible madness, also ending all the fun.

Next I will make him a SEXUAL NERVE END and even though all of this cruelty and humiliation make him sob and carry on so, he will not be able to stop himself from getting more and more sexual pleasure from it. We will be punishing him constantly for his Clitty dripping and shooting so often even though he will swear he is trying to 'control' himself....... as if that were possible. He may even find himself begging to suck cocks and be fucked because 'somehow' he will get the idea that without a constant intake a cum, at both ends, at least once an hour he will get terribly sick and could even die eventually. (MY, MY, MY how ever do Boys get such ideas?)

End of Chapter One



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