Chapter 2 ------- Time Marches on Over The Boy


Here we are at the end of the second month and I've got the boy in a rather hysterical state. I put him into deep trance and tell him that even though he is by nature both queer and a submissive, he will protest to the boys that HE IS NOT A FAGGOT, HE HATES THE TOUCH OF MALES, AND HE CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY HIS BODY GETS SO EXCITED WHEN THE BOYS DO SUCH TERRIBLE THINGS TO HIM. I've also given him several deep suggestions he will never consciously remember:

1. Deep in his unconscious he is totally homosexual, as he was when he first agreed to my offer, but he no longer remembers that and NOW CONSCIOUSLY BELIEVES THAT HE IS NOT QUEER. I've told him that he hasn't a fucking clue as to what he IS, but he knows that he is not homosexual.

2. In spite of this his body craves the touch of the other young men around him constantly, night and day, AND WHEN THEY TOUCH HIM, EVEN TO SPANK HIM OR WRESTLE WITH HIM, HIS BODY SEXUALLY DELIGHTS IN THE ACTIVITY. Even if one of the boys brushes by him his cock (clitty) will get even harder and begin to leak profusely. THIS WILL ONLY SERVE TO CONFUSE HIM. HE SIMPLY WILL NOT UNDERSTAND IT.


3. I've planted the seed that he is falling in love with Butch, even though outwardly he will only show fear and dislike for him.

(((By The Way: In my sessions with Butch and Jeff, I have told them that they each want to OWN our Boy completely, and live to think of new ways to make his life hell. They want him as their personal sex toy and slave to tease and abuse but mostly to humiliate and torture him sexually. Butch and Jeff are friends, so I've told them to work together to 'share' the Boy........ for now. Later on as my pressure on Hugh increases I will put Butch and Jeff at odds to play 'tug-o-war' with Hugh.)))

4. The Boy will find himself doing the 'girlie' things the others demand of him; still hating it, but his body will once again derive pleasure from it, causing him much consternation.

5. For the time being BOY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CUM. HE WILL FEEL LIKE HE'S GOING TO CUM, BUT HE'LL NEVER MAKE IT OVER THE EDGE. This will make him a slave to his cock (clitty).

There are several more suggestions that are more specific, but these are KEY.

When I brought the Boy to my office (he's now called 'girlie boy' by all the residents), he immediately started crying and asked me for the 500th time if he could please get out of his contract. I had to punish him for that so I had him stand in front of me [naked as he always is in my office........ he loves me to fuck him while in deep trance, or sometimes he'll lick my bush, or clean my balls, suck my cock (poor boy can barely get it into his mouth, and OH how he choked till he learned to take it down his throat), and adores rimming my asshole for hours]; his clitty was hard as stone and leaking all over my floor, something he would lick clean before he was dismissed. I got out the small cane and made him count out 15 strokes across the head of his clitty. When I finished he was wracked with sobs, his clitty head was twice its normal size and quite purple........ really cute.

I said, 'girlie-boy you signed on for my experiment. YOU ARE MY LITTLE LAB RAT............'

He interrupted sobbing, 'BBBBBBBBBut I...... I...... sob, sob, sob......... ddddddon't wwwwwwanna bbbbbe yyyyyyour lllllllllllllab........... rrrrrrrrrrrat..... SOB, SOB, SOB........'

As I reached for the small cane, I bellowed, 'girlie-boy you will BE whatever I want you to be and if you continue to thwart me at every turn, and fight me with every helpful suggestion I make, I will simply be forced to be far less loving with you. As you can tell, I have a soft spot for you. I am so much kinder and nicer to you than the other boys. I allow you to rim me for hours, to lick my balls, to suck my cock. For Christ's sake do you remember how patient I was with you when you couldn't seem to get my cock down your throat. I only whipped your ass a few times till you got it right. You are like a son to me. I love you more specially than all the other boys, who are very jealous of you. They only treat you badly because they know you get so much of my private attention....... AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY MY LOVE. MUST I BECOME STRICK? MUST I FORCE MYSELF TO BE BLIND TO MY AFFECTION FOR YOU? MUST I USE THE CLITTY WHIP ON YOU MORE FREQUENTLY?'

Still crying he responded, 'Oh daddy Sir, I am so sorry. PPPPPPPPlease forgive.....sob, sob..... me. I will be a ggggggood gggggirl. I pppppromise to behave. PPPPPPPPPlease don't ssssssstop loving me.'

I was very pleased that he referred to himself as a 'girl.' As you can tell even I had begun calling him 'girlie-boy,' and the kid is no fool. He immediately picked it up unconsciously...... like one more suggestion, and willing to do ANYTHING to avoid the clitty whip, he totally acquiesced. Frankly he was only doing what came naturally to him. NEVER FORGET THE BOY CAME TO ME TOTALLY HOMOSEXUAL, AND A TOTAL SUBMISSIVE.


A word about Jeffry. Physically he's Butch's photographic negative. Whereas Butch is blond, Jeffry has jet black wavy hair all over. He keeps it long on top so he usually looks like he just woke up with hair sticking up all over the place. He has black curls around his large nipples, a long treasure trail, leading to another big bush and an 8' fat cock, extremely hairy legs, pit hair that constantly sticks out in damp curls, and a very hairy ass groove. Jeff hasn't got an ounce of fat on him and his big pecs sit on a shelf of solid muscle which makes his nipples stick straight out. Poor girlie-boy drools over Jeff when he's in trance and can speak his true mind. He's also hot for Butch but his fear of Butch's natural sadism keeps him from feeling the same kind of adoration he has for Jeff. (I almost forgot, Jeff can take the biggest cocks up his pussy with ease, when he's my whore/slut/pig.)

I guess I should mention that I do pimp out all the young men who live here. That's why I made sure to have my choice. I didn't give a shit if they killed their parents with an ax; I could fix all that with hypnosis, just as I could their generally vehement heterosexuality. In under a month they were out earning me a fortune, with the proper keywords (The boy's name, MY HUSTLER........... e.g. Jeff, my hustler turned Jeffry into a totally compliant, totally queer, anything you want WHORE.) The great advantage is IF they were stupid enough to get caught, I could simply tell the judge that I was doing my best to reform all my wards, but now and then one of them would revert to his old ways........ and so on. It never failed. The boy got a stern 'talking to' from the judge telling him how lucky he was to have a man like me in his life....... such a kind selfless man, who had given up a wealthy private life, as a world known Hypnotherapist, Psychiatrist, and Pharmacologist to look after a group of once labeled 'incorrigible' young men, AND THAT WITHOUT ME THEY WOULD BE IN PRISON BEING USED AND RAPED BY THE BIGGER INMATES. The boys always laid on the charm and told the judge how sorry they were for betraying MY TRUST, and then went on and on and on about what a wonderful, kind man I was.

What the judge didn't know was that the boy was laying it on thick FOR ME, because he knew that when we got back to 'The Estate' he was in for hell, for getting into trouble. I'm sure YOU probably think I would take the boy home and beat him....... BIG YAWN!!! That's no way to teach these boys to NEVER GET CAUGHT.

Most of the time I would take them home, strip everyone down, and have the 'bad boy' get down on all fours to be fucked by one resident, while he sucked another. He would do this till the boys had their fill, which is actually backwards. Do YOU have any idea how many times 42 boys from 18 to 22 yrs. Old can cum in a 24 hour period? Generally I had to stop about ten of them who wanted to keep going, after the daylong 'punishment.' The boys being punished took in so much cum that their bellies looked pregnant and their lower abs looked like they'd gotten a ring of fat. Oh yes, the boy being punished was hypnotized on the way back to the estate and made terribly horny, and ready to blow; then put into a chastity device that was a piece of bent metal tubing filled with pinpoints on the sides. It buckled behind his balls and had a small lock to keep it buckled until the lock was removed. Now the curve in the tubing would have been enough to prevent the boy from cumming, BUT he could still enjoy the divine torture of being edged for 24 hours. MY DEVICE meant that every time his prick swelled it was met with a hundred tiny pin heads. They were very short and very sharp, so he barely bled at all, but it hurt like holy fucking hell. Oh how the boy would squeal and plead with me (talking with a mouthful of dick) to take the hateful device off. Meanwhile he'd be leaking all over the floor. One boy produced TWO CUPS of prefuck in one 24 hour 'Suck-Fuck.' That was impressive, although the leakage was pink toward the end from his cock leaking and bleeding a few drops of blood now and then. I should add that when it was over that boy's prick looked like it had been chewed on by a million mosquitos....... red and swollen, covered in tiny red pimples. He screamed when the other boys touched it for two days.

I must add there were a couple times when one of the bigger, more handsome boys was out whoring, and with a very fishy stink, GOT CAUGHT. I often wondered if some of the other boys called the cops just because they wanted someone to fuck for 24 hours. I also considered the possibility that some of the boys actually called the cops ON THEMSELVES because when I say I made them malleable fags, I mean they really loved going out and coming home with sloppy asses and a face covered in dried customer cum. Girlie-boy wasn't the only 'little piggy' in the house.


It was around this time that Butch invented 'Musical Cocks' for girlie-boy, who ran and hid when Butch would announce that it was time to play. 42 young men took about two minutes to find girlie-boy with his raging bone already beginning to leak at what was coming. Butch had the boys set up 42 chairs (if everyone was home, which was rare....... They were very popular whores), and put them in a big circle. The boys all got hard immediately.

((By this time standard house attire was a dirty jock strap, AND each boy had a tee shirt and a pair of TIGHT black bicycle shorts on a peg by the door IN CASE WE GOT UNEXPECTED COMPANY. Girlie-boy was sometimes allowed to wear the same jock strap he was issued the day he arrived. Seeing as how every boy had pissed in it, and cum in it, IT WAS THE FILTHIEST OF ALL AND STUNK TO HIGH HEAVEN.))

The game was simple. Someone was in charge of the music, and while it played girlie-boy had to walk around the inside of the circle, wiggling his pussy and rubbing his titties. Whenever the music stopped Girlie had to sit down on the cock nearest to him, and then fuck himself on it, THE VERY BEST HE COULD. Each boy would guide him. Some would grab his nipples and use them like handles to make him raise and lower his pussy faster or slower or harder on the boy's prick. Another boy would grab two handfuls of girlie's flesh and pull him up and down on his prick; others would grab girlie's hips and make him slide forward and away, fucking him by pulling the boy's prick down as girlie moved his hips frontward and back. This was more painful for girlie and he often cried...... which really turned on the boys who all shouted and yelled encouragement to the boy fucking girlie.......

'Yeah, fuck that pussy.....'

'Make him sloppy with your cum........'

'Make the cunt squeal'

'Fuck that pussy harder........ what's wrong with you? .......... Do you looooooooovvvvvvve girlie or do you want to fuck him? C'mon make him scream.'

Meanwhile girlie kept getting closer to cumming. For all the pain and humiliation his body was in the throes of embarrassing passion and he was leaking all over the boy's pubes and bellies, making they swear vengeance. They let girlie know he had 42 bellies and bushes to slowly lick clean or every drop of his clitty juice. THAT REALLY MADE HIM CRY BECAUSE HE KNEW IT WOULD NOT ONLY TAKE HOURS, BUT WOULD ENVOLVE SPANKINGS AND FUCKINGS AND SUCKINGS AND GENERALLY HUMILIATION HEAPED ON CHAGRIN.

The boys had been taught control, but they also got impatient with their numbers. (Later on Butch made them draw straws to choose a different dozen for the game each time they played. Naturally Butch and Jeff were always part of the group.)

When the guys started cumming, Butch would grab girlie's well used butt plug and after he caught a boy's full load he'd have to quickly force the plug up his pussy, then quickly remove it when the music stopped and it was someone else's turn. Each boy only got to cum once. After that he could remain to torment girlie or most of the time get 'fixed up' for a date, and they all had regulars by now, so they could always find some guy willing to part with $50 got TWO HOURS with a HOT YOUNG GOD.

At the end when girlie was full of boy spooge, and truly dying to cum....... not understanding why he hadn't blown several loads by now....... feeling hotter than EVER in his life....... Jeff or Butch would grab him and carry him off to the sun room where all the neighborhood teenagers could see inside.

Jeff loved these times because he would torment girlie.

Jeff might start with, 'Why are you such a slut? You love being fucked by all those guys. I watched you and you were hard and leaking every single second. What's wrong with you..... you a cunt hungry pussy girl?'

Girlie would just cry.

Jeff answered, 'If you're just going to cry like a little girl we may as well make you look more like what you are.'

Then Jeff produced a tube of lipstick. He slapped and poked girlie to stand up, and then used the lipstick to paint his nipples and areolas red, then he turned him around and without removing the butt plug he applied the lipstick to girlie's already bright red, ragged pussy. Finally Jeff put a layer of pink lipstick on girlie's lips. The boy was half out of his mind with embarrassed humiliation. For some reason he wanted to please Jeff and this made things so very wrong. Girlie just stared at his feet wishing he could disappear.

Jeff ordered, 'I'm covered in your drippings and my sweat. Plus, for some very odd reason I seem to be leaking jizz from my pussy........... I mean asshole. I need cleaning , but then first YOU NEED CLEANING OUT.

Jeff went and dragged in a large overstuffed pillow and a bib. He grabbed girlie-boy by his cute wavy brown hair and dragged him onto the pillow on his belly. Girlie wondered if Jeff was going to fuck him....... AGAIN, but he had forgotten about the bib.

'Lift you head up my widdle baby girlie-boy' Jeff spoke in baby talk.

Girlie-boy didn't even think of disobeying. His whole body was on fire from Jeff touching him, and he didn't know why........ girlie loved it...... but he hated it....... It made him terribly embarrassed and excited. Thankfully he was now lying on his clitty which was turning purple and leaking almost like he was cumming....... OH GOD HOW HE WANTED TO CUM.

Jeff tied the bib under girlie's chin and around his neck, did a quick 'kittichy, kittichy, coo' under girlie's chin, giving the boy gooseflesh all over his body.

Jeff noticed and said, 'Is my widdle babeeee tickly-ish' and started tickling girlie all over his body


Girlie thought he might go crazy with the discomfort and yet he never wanted Jeff to stop touching him. Then Jeff climbed on top of girlie and started rubbing his naked sweaty flesh and wet curly body hair, all over the boy as he tickled him. Girlie was bouncing back and forth between heaven and hell. His body wanted Jeff to rip out the butt plug and fuck him with that mighty, meaty pole as hard and deep as he could. Suddenly he didn't care if he wasn't queer. THIS MADE HIS BODY COME ALIVE WITH SEXUAL ENERGY AND HE WAS SO FUCKING DELIGHTED. HIS LIFE HERE WAS ONE LONG SEXUAL NIGHTMARE, BUT THIS........ WITH JEFF................................. OH GOD, JEFF WAS RUBBING BETWEEN GIRLIE'S LEGS WITH HIS OWN BIG MUSCULAR, HAIRY LEGS, AND THE HAIR WAS PUSHING HIM CLOSER AND CLOSER TO CUMMING. GIRLIE WANTED JEFF TO SLOW DOWN AND KEEP GOING FOR DAYS. GIRLIE COULD FEEL JEFF'S CHEST FUR SCRUBBING HIS BACK WITH THEIR COMBINED SWEAT AND JEFF'S CROTCH CURLS WERE TICKLING GIRLIE'S PUSSY. BETWEEN JEFF'S SLIMY MUSCLES AND HIS BODY HAIR GIRLIE WAS GOING OUT OF HIS MIND.

Suddenly girlie felt like he might lose control, but he was so totally excited he didn't know if he was close to cumming or pissing. AND THEN IT HAPPENED. THE DAM BROKE AND GIRLIE STARTED PISSING LIKE A MARE, AFTER A LONG RIDE. HE TURNED BRIGHT RED ALL OVER.

Jeff noticed and started laughing, 'Why didn't ou tell you daddy you had to go pee pee. You know ou need peemission to go pee pee. Girlie is a bad girl.'

The boy started to cry helplessly, 'Oh Jeff, no please don't make fun of me. You got me so turned on..... Jeff you make me feel so good. Oh please stop laughing..........'

SLAP!!! SLAP!!! SLAP!!! SLAP!!! SLAP!!! SLAP!!! SLAP!!! SLAP!!! SLAP!!! SLAP!!! SLAP!!! SLAP!!! Down came Jeff's hand HARD on girlie's ass.

'Don't you dare talk that faggot talk to me you fucking pussy. You are nothing but a toy to play with. If there was a real woman around here do you think I'd ever even touch you? You're a filthy cum slut and you are a 'girlie-boy.' Hell, your clit jumps every time someone calls you that and walking around all these naked guys has you hard and leaking all the time. If you EVER talk that faggot talk to me again I'll beat you bloody. DO YOU HEAR ME CUM PIG?'

Girlie looked at this tall dark stallion of a man and wanted to die. HE WASN'T QUEER AND NEITHER WAS GIRLIE. THOSE WORDS JUST CAME OUT............ FROM NOWHERE.

Then Jeff said the words that really struck fear into the smaller boy.

Jeff said, 'Wait till Butch hears this. He'll never let you forget it and he'll probably kill you for me.'

Girlie plead, 'Oh please don't tell Butch. I'm begging you, please Jeff........'

Jeff slapped his face hard, 'Don't you ever call me Jeff again. You call us all Sir. Break one more rule and I'll tell Butch and then I'll tell Master. Master will hook up your ovaries to his portable electric shocker and he'll roast your ovaries all day long......'

Just then Butch walked in.......'Don't tell Butch what?'

Girlie wished he had a gun to blow his brains out.

Jeff laughed as he told Butch how girlie had just told Jeff that he loved him and wanted to be his wife....... Jeff really embellished everything girlie had said till it was outrageous....... INCLUDING HOW MUCH HE WISHED HE WAS A REAL GIRL.

Butch said, 'Ya know if we talk to the Master, I bet he'd consider granting girlie's wish. Do you really want to be an actual girl?'

Girlie said, 'No......... ' but Butch kicked him in the ribs before he could finish, and said, 'Don't you speak to me you filthy faggot.' And he kicked him again in his very full ass.

Butch ended with, 'I wish I could stay but I have an appointment with some guy. I don't even know why or who he is, but I have to see the Master first. See ya later. Now Jeff don't you get carried away and elope with girlie.'

Jeff wanted to tell Butch to go fuck himself, but even Jeff was afraid of Butch's mean side. The guy was crazy and he'd beat you half to death for the fun of it so Jeff just scowled at him as Butch smiled and left.

Jeff looked at girlie and spoke, 'Time for baby's dinner.'

Girlie remained mum. He hated the idea that he'd ruined a possible friendship with Jeff. Girlie liked Jeff and admired him, and certainly thought he was amazingly, model handsome, but he didn't love Jeff like some faggot. That one moment if felt great having all those sweaty muscles rubbing him, while Jeff's thick hair was scratching and tickling his skin, and that big cock was........... well, he just liked the skin on skin contact......... ANYONE WOULD.

Jeff produced a soup spoon, held it in one hand and said, 'I'm going to remove the butt plug. If you lose a drop of the cum your filled with I will get every dog in the neighborhood, including the Great Danes, and have them fuck your pussy full, so we can start again.

Girlie knew this was going to be awful and knew he must not puke. To comfort himself he kept thinking how he had been all cleaned out before the game so there would only be cum and ass juice in him.

Jeff pulled the butt plug out quickly...... he had no choice with all the slime and girlie tried to close his pussyhole fast.

A minute later Jeff had pushed the spoon inside girlie and pulled out the first spoonful. It smelled like earth and chlorine and chemicals AND ASS. That's also pretty much how it tasted.

Girlie forced himself to swallow as Jeff babbled at him in baby talk.

'Here comes the airplane, open the hanger, zoooooooom........ now swallow it all up, 'cause here comes another one.'

Apparently the jizz hadn't all mixed in girlie. He was so stuffed that it seemed to be in globs from each of the boys who fucked him. Some of it was bitter and smelled awful, some was more chemical, some had curly hair in it, which Jeff insisted he swallow down.

Maybe fifty big spoonful's later Jeff was scraping the walls of girlie's colon and getting mostly mucus, which girlie had real trouble swallowing. IT WAS LIKE EATING A MOUTHFUL OF SNOT....... THICK SNOT.

When they finished that chore, Jeff made girlie suck up all his piss. Luckily for the boy most of it had soaked into the pillow, but there was still plenty to slurp up off the floor.

At one point Jeff grabbed girlie's head and used his hair to mop up the remainder of the piss. When he finished girlie sat there with more cum leaking out of his pussy (from places the spoon couldn't reach) .


He added, 'And keep that leaky clit of yours away from me or I'll get a butcher knife and cut it off.'

Jeff laid on his back while girlie sat at his huge size 13 feet and picked up one. He sucked in the long big toe with all the curly black hair on top of it. It tasted great. Girlie's clitty was hard as he'd EVER felt it......... except for when Jeff was rubbing all over his back. Why couldn't he have kept his mouth shut and just let Jeff ride his back and legs and bite his neck all day long. 'Oh WOW' girlie thought, 'What if he had turned me over and rubbed those hairy muscles all over my titties and legs and clitty. I'd have cum till I disappeared into one big puddle.

Girlie sucked each long toe and then spent lots of time licking between them. Jeff's feet were very ripe from going running earlier and then working in the yard, but girlie's body loved it. He sucked and licked every square inch of skin on both feet until he got all the foot smell into his body; then he was off to those giant, muscular hairy legs. The hair was what really put girlie into seventh heaven. He loved how Jeff's hair made him look so masculine. Jeff was a real man. Girlie could never be a man like Jeff. No matter where they went all the men and women stared at Jeff and Butch, the two prime MEN on the Estate, although the rest were gorgeous in different ways. Billy had bright red hair and pubes and pits but the rest of his tall lanky body was hairless........ still very hot with a longer hose than Butch.

Girlie got every part of Jeff's legs and swallowed a drain full of hair. He rimmed Jeff's asshole for over half an hour till it was squeaky clean to three inches INSIDE.

Girlie went even slower up Jeff's perineum and behind his very sweaty, hairy balls. He used his long tongue to slurp and lick up and down the big boy's ball bag and kept sucking one giant golf ball into his mouth and then the other. He tried to get them both in but he'd have to force one into his throat to accommodate two and that might hurt Jeff. Girlie would never hurt Jeff, so he did his best to spend more time on each nut. To make it feel better and more exciting for Jeff, girlie passed the cock and first washed all Jeff's very sweaty bush hair. First he'd apply lots and lots of spit till the hairs were dripping with girlie's saliva, and then he licked it off........ once that was accomplished he did it again....... and again. When he was done he sucked the bush dry.

When girlie got to Jeff's cock he spent lots of time sniffing it and savoring the sweaty cock smell. He looked up at Jeff who nodded his consent and girlie swallowed Jeff's snake down his throat until his nose was in Jeff's bush touching his pubic bone. Girlie gave Jeff a 45 minute slow blowjob rewarding girlie with nine shots of Jeff's ball cream, and that's just how it tasted to girlie.

Next came Jeff's torso and all those muscles. Girlie traced Jeff's eight pack with the tip of his tongue and then started licking all the sweat and dried cum off. When he got to Jeff's nipples and began alternately licking and sucking and nibbling one and then the other he got the grand prize as Jeff began to moan. Girlie realized that Jeff's prong was fully hard again and bouncing on his hard as rock belly, filling Jeff's bellybutton with prefuck.

So girlie really spent a lot of time on Jeff's pectorals and his nipples. From the time girlie started on Jeff's chest the unreal man stink from his pits kept hitting him and several times he felt like he might faint.

Eventually Jeff started rubbing his cock from all the attention. Girlie wanted to keep his mouth shut, but he just had to say, 'Sir, would you like me to suck your Manly cock with my pussy mouth or perhaps ride it in my back pussy.'

Jeff answered, half asleep, 'If I wanted your faggot help I'd ask for it.'

Girlie literally dove into Jeff's right armpit. SO MUCH HAIR!!! SO MANY DRIPPING CURLS!!! SO MUCH MAN SMELLING SWEAT!!! It was like a locker room full of used jock straps and naked football players after a long game in the sun...... waiting to hit the showers.

Girlie didn't know why his body was suddenly ON FIRE; all he knew was that he was excited beyond words. He hated his faggot body for being so different from his non-faggot brain.

FUCK IT!! He didn't care. He licked off all the dripping sweat and then sucked off all the sweaty skin. Next came the spit bath, and he licked and spit and sucked until all Jeff's manly pit stink was in girlie.

Girlie even did Jeff's arms and hands to each finger. He loved the long thick fingers in those two massive hands, and how Jeff's black hair covered the backs of his veiny hands and arms.

After doing his shoulders, he continued up licking Jeff's neck. Jeff didn't seem to notice as he slowly jacked his cock and seemed to be fighting off sleep.

A moment later Jeff took in a deep breath and shot all over his chest seven times.

He only said two words, 'Get busy.'

And girlie went back to Jeff's heavenly chest to start it all over with the added treat of having it covered with Jeff's wonderful smelling ball juice.

Half an hour later girlie asked Jeff to turn over so he could get his super muscular back, but Jeff had had enough. He said, 'No thanks faggot. Just remember we are NOT friends; we are not anything. YOU ON THE OTHER HAND ARE A TOY, A SEXUAL SLAVE, SOMETHING FOR ALL OF US TO PLAY WITH WHEN WE DON'T HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO. BUT FAGGOTS ARE BROKEN SEX TOYS. DON'T FORGET THAT. YOU ARE A BROKEN SEX TOY. YOU'RE JUST A FAGGOT.'




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