I recon spur of the moment sex has to be the best sex there is Most of us don't get the chance very often But I have been lucky enough a couple of times recently here is the last one.

My job is not the most exciting Job in the world in fact it is mostly pretty boring I deliver parcels for one of the bigger companies. Catalogue goods etc to homes throughout the country. And I drive about all day eyeing up the talent especially on warm days when all those young studs are out in their shorts. Last Tuesday I spent most of the day driving around with a hardon doubling round blocks to get second viewings of any nice guys I saw walking as I drove. I was making very bad time on my round when I went to this door to put in a parcel. I knocks on the door which was answered by this handsome young guy about 18 years old wearing only a pair of white football shorts .My eyes nearly jumped out my head and I stuttered 'is your mum in mate'.

'No he replied' so I say

'I have a parcel will you sign for it'. Hiding my pen in my pocket. I said to him 'the only thing is I have lost my pen do you have one'. The young guy invited me in to the house while he found a pen. I am standing there in the living room as he pulls out drawers looking for a pen bending over

The shorts were pretty transparent and I could see that he did not have on any boxers under them. My cock was fully erect as I imagined what pleasure I could have from him eventually he said he could not find one in the drawers and left the room to get one.

When he came back I tried to make conversation trying to drag out my lovely view for as long as possible he was friendly enough telling me he was bored shitless. I decided to push my luck a little. Hope I never disturbed you in the middle of a wank or something his face went a bright red color no mate fed up doing that to. I was tempted to offer to do it for him but did not want to risk a complaint to head office. So I left and got back in the van, as I was about to start the van I got an idea. I pulled the bonnet of the van and pulled out the coil lead leaving the van unable to start. Then got back in pretending to try and start the van. I got out and went back to the door on the way up the path I saw the young guy at the window. He came to the door. Sorry mate but my van has broke down could I use your phone to phone for help. The young guy invited me in again I phoned my office told them the van had broke down and that they would have to send out the RAC.

The girl at the office asked for the phone number of where I was as I knew she would have to call me back with details of how long they would be. I asked the guy if it would be all right for her to call me back in a few minutes. Yea no problem he replied. I knew that it would take about an hour for the patrol to come after they had been told that I had broken down. I stood talking to the young guy telling him I was just about to go for my lunch break and how I was dying for a cup of tea. He took the hint and offered me a cup. I pretended that I did not want to give him any hassle but he insisted so I followed him through to the kitchen while he made the tea. While he was waiting for the kettle to boil he sat on the work top swinging his legs from side to side and it was clear from the stretched material of his shorts that he had a fair handful in there. I stood mesmerized looking straight at him as we made small talk. The phone began to ring so we headed back to the living room it was my office who informed me that the patrol would take between 50 and 90 minutes to get to me. I told the young guy how long it would take telling him that I would drink my tea and go sit in the van to give him peace. He said that I could wait in the house until the patrol came. Of course that is what I was hoping for. I sat on a chair and he lay across the sofa on his side one hand holding up his head and the other went inside his waistband of the shorts. I could see clearly that he was playing around with his balls. We talked a little more then I said' so how many wanks you had today then'.

'None yet' he replied 'I am not that long out of bed'. He did not seam to get offended so I decided to push it a little more 'fuck when I was your age I could not keep my hand off the thing in fact I still cant it just as well people cant see in the back of my van'. He let out a sort of nervous laugh. Then said 'do you wank in the back of your van'.

'You had better believe it about twice a day at least'. 'Fuck sake your as bad as me' he replied.

He let out a yawn and stretched taking his hand from his shorts although not fully erect it was clear he was aroused. I took my opportunity 'your wanking looks as if it has paid off you have a fair sized dick in there'. He blushed a little' it's enough to keep me satisfied'. 'Is it as big as it looks from over here?' 'I don't know he replied it's that big' and he put his hand over the shorts showing the full shape of his cock through the thin material by now he was fully erect.

'Fuck that looks lovely I said'.

'How big is yours then' he said to me. I pulled down my zip and out came my fully erect cock 'that big' I said? 'Com'on let me see the real thing it will give me something to wank to'. 'Not in here he said in case someone can see in'

I followed him out in to the hall. He stood against the wall pulling down the waistband of the shorts to expose a good 6.5 inch uncut cock his pubic hair and balls. I dropped to my knees took hold of his dick then started to suck on him. He told me that he had never done this before .he fumbled about a bit with my cock but he was pretty nervous. I told him to bend over but he panicked. 'no I don't want it up my arse' he said.

I am not going to put it up your arse just bend over. He bent over his hands resting on the stairs to the upper part of the house. My thumbs pulled his cheeks apart and my tongue started to probe his young virgin hole. His groans told me he was loving it. After a few minutes I turned him around again and sucked on his cock this time bringing him to full climax. Some blasted my throat the rest on my chin and shirt. I was just about to try and coax him into sucking me when I saw the amber lights of the RAC van pull up outside (My luck the first time ever they are early) I thanked him for the tea gave him a peck on the cheek and felt his firm young arse. 'I had better go now maybe catch you another time' he just nodded. But I hope he orders something online soon.



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