Tim smiled at his reflection in the mirror. He looked fantastic tonight. His tuxedo was black but he wore a red vest and bow tie that brought a bit of color against his white dress shirt. A red scarf was draped over his shoulder that hung down to his waist. His guests had already begun to arrive and mingled in his ballroom. His black hair was styled magnificently and his emerald green eyes sparkled as he admired himself.

Before he discovered his powers as a teenager, he was the perfect model of a nerd. As he developed his powers, his appearance changed little by little over time. Now he was one of the most powerful and good looking young men in the world. It took some time to get used to his new look, but once he did, he used his looks to his advantage. He could see why good looking men were so arrogant. He still remembered when he was ugly and shunned.

He turned when Mark entered the room. All his boys were dressed in full formal attire instead of the various slave outfits that he had them wear. He smiled as he delved into his slave boy's thoughts. Mark was threatened by his acquisition of Paragon Lad. Mark had been his favorite boy for months and the thought of not being his master's favorite was too much for him to bear.

Mark bowed low as Tim faced him. "Your guests have started to arrive, Master." He said softly.

Tim walked over to his former favorite slave and patted him on the head. "Very good, boy, I am pleased with you." He looked down and saw that his slave boy's crotch expanded from his compliment.

Mark looked up with absolute love and adoration in his eyes. "I live to serve you Master."

"I want you to make sure that everything is in place for tonight." Tim instructed as he stroked the boy's face. He used his powers to suppress the boy's hatred for Paragon Lad. He didn't erase the hatred totally because he had a use for it just not tonight. He did not want his slave boy to ruin his party tonight because of jealousy. Tonight he would show the elite of the city who really had the power.

Mark rose to his feet and bowed as he left the room. Tim turned back to the mirror as he admired himself. He found no flaw with his appearance and walked out of his bedroom. He entered the ballroom where his guests mingled and chatted with each other. In the center of the room was a draped mound that looked like a statue by its shape. He used his powers to scan the thoughts of his guests and smiled when he saw how curious everyone was about what was under the drape. A small orchestra played soft music at one end of the ball room with a small area for his guests to dance. At the other end were several tables with food prepared by the finest chefs in the city. A bar was set up with several bartenders to prepare drinks for his guests. Several sculptures and paintings lined the walls. At both entryways of the ballroom stood two of his slave boys dressed in the same attire as Mark. They were prepared to take action to keep the party going smoothly.

Tim greeted the first group of guests giving them a dazzling smile. "I hope you all are having a good time." He went from group to group playing the gracious host and chatting with all his guests. Several of his slave boys circulated the room presenting his guests with various drinks and food.

About an hour had past when Mark quietly came to him and whispered in his ear that it was time. Tim walked over to where the orchestra was playing and took the microphone. "My esteemed guests, I want to thank you for coming to my little party. I hope that everyone has been enjoying themselves. Twin City has had a trying week that would cripple any other lesser city. We are a strong people and will rise up from the ashes of these attacks like a glorious phoenix."

The rich and elite of the city applauded and cheered. Tim smiled as he motioned for them to quiet. "Tonight I would like to raise money to rebuild our courthouse. And to assist me in this venture, I have asked our hero Paragon Lad to assist." He nodded to his boys positioned next to the draped center of the room. The boys pulled the drape down to reveal Paragon Lad standing in his most heroic pose. The crowd gasped and cheered when they got over their shock.

Tim walked over to the hero as he addressed the crowd. "Tonight we are going to have an auction. We are going to auction off Paragon Lad's costume and all the money raised will go to the rebuilding of the courthouse." The guests clapped and cheered. Everything was going exactly to plan.

Paragon Lad blinked as the drape that covered him for so many hours was finally taken off. The relief turned into shock as he saw that there were many people in the room. Stunned he stood there trying to think of what to do. When he heard his Master tell the crowd that he was going to auction off his costume, he nearly gasped. Why would his Master use him for charity to help Twin City?

The hero tensed when his Master walked up beside him. "Thank you Paragon Lad for being a good sport for this charity auction."

He wanted to tell his Master off, but a tingling in his head prevented that and he simply smiled and said, "This is a great cause, and I would do anything to help our fair city recover."

The crowd broke out in applause as the hero blushed from all the attention. Little did he know that this moment was the least embarrassing for the night ahead.

"The first item on the auction is our famous hero's silver cape." Paragon Lad found himself turning around against his will so the crowd can look at it. "I will start the bidding at $50,000."

The hero stood with his back to the crowd as he started to freak out. His Master meant to sell the costume that he was wearing! He assumed that the auction would involve one of his many costumes that he kept in his apartment. His mind screamed in horror of the thought of being stripped naked in front of all these people.

"Thank you, Mrs. Chambers for your bid of $100,000. Please come up and claim your prize."

Paragon Lad turned his head as he saw an older heavy set woman approaching them. She smiled with glee as she reached up the hero's back. His cape fell into her hands and his backside was exposed to the crowd. The wealthy lady laughed with glee as she reached over and pinched his ass.

He turned back around to face the crowd as his Master continued the auction by starting the bidding for his boots. The bidding went on as the price went higher and higher. This was totally against his ethics and if he was in control of himself, he would never consent to participate in this. The humiliation of being stripped naked in front of Twin City's wealth and elite was almost too much for him to bear.

The winner of his boots, a middle aged bone thin balding man walked up as he came to claim his prize. Paragon Lad blushed as the man looked at him with lust. He barely heard his master telling him to levitate so the man could pull off his boots. As the hero complied he realized that he still had his powers intact. He could easily take off flying and escape this degrading situation. He gasped as he felt his Master's will invade his mind. Even with all his powers, he could not break free of the mental hold that Shadowfox had over him.

"Our next item is Paragon Lad's belt. The jewel in the middle is sapphire and a treat for anyone to have for their collection."

As the bidding went higher and higher for his belt, Paragon Lad began to feel funny. He never felt so degraded in his entire life but there was a part of him deep in his soul that kinda liked it. He fought wildly to suppress that part of him but it was too late. His cock slowly sprang to life as he tried to think of other thoughts that would avoid getting an erection in his tights.

The winner of the bid was a young blond lady. She walked up to the hero with a mischievous grin. Without any warning she grabbed him and pulled him close to her. Paragon Lad gasped as the lady grabbed his ass with one hand and took off his belt with the other. As she stepped away with her prize, the hero was bright red and his cock was half hard as the crowd murmured to each other pointing at the growing hero's excitement in his tights.

Paragon was in a daze as he tried to control his cock from becoming erect. He barely paid attention as his gloves were auctioned off. There had to be some way to get out of this situation, but every time he tried to think of escape, his master easily crushed those thoughts.

As his gloves were taken off his hands, the hero realized that there was nothing left but his shirt and tights. His cock did not listen to his mind and grew to full erection. The crowd pointed and took pictures with their cell phones. It also caused the bidding to become more frenzied as his shirt was being auctioned off. The bids were now in the millions of dollars as everyone wanted a chance to strip a piece of clothing off the hero.

Paragon Lad stood stunned as the rich elites of the city that he protected relished in his humiliation. He was shocked by their betrayal and knew that if he ever escaped the grasp of his master; his heroic reputation would be ruined. These pictures would be widely circulated and no one will ever take him seriously again.

The bid for his shirt ended at the sum of five million dollars. The winner was an older man who slowly walked up to him with lust written all over his face. He stared at the hero's erection with a little bit of drool forming in the corner of his mouth. When he reached the hero, the old man flicked Paragon Lad's erect cock smiling as the hero flinched. He slowly pulled up Paragon Lad's shirt out of his tights and over his head. The crowd applauded and cheered as they saw their hero shirtless for the first time. Several clicks filled the air as pictures were taken.

Paragon Lad wanted to die. This was the worst humiliation that he ever felt. He wanted to cover himself up and fly away as fast as he could, but Shadowfox's hold on his mind made him stand there half naked and sporting a rock hard erection.

"For our final item for auction, tonight, we will be selling the very tights that our hero Paragon Lad is wearing right now. Not only will the winner get to take off the tights from his very body stripping him totally naked, but he or she will also get to have one hour alone with Paragon Lad to do whatever they want with him."

Paragon Lad screamed mentally as he listened to his Master. He tried with all his might to break free of the mental hold that his master had over him. He had to escape, he thought wildly. The first bid was 2 million dollars and the crowd went into a frenzy trying to outbid each other for the chance to own the hero for an hour.

The hero didn't pay attention as he fought to take back his mind. The chaos of the bidding dimmed to black as he turned inward deep in his mind. He found himself surrounded by darkness and shackled to the ground with thick chains. He used all his strength to try to break the chains that held him.

"Let me go!" He shouted out in the darkness. He gasped as his Master walked out of the thick darkness around him.

"You belong to me, my pet." He said softly as he grabbed the hero's crotch and softly squeezed.

"I belong to no one!" Paragon Lad grunted as he struggled against the chains.

"You willingly signed away your mind and body to me, little hero."


The Master grabbed him by his hair and kissed him hard on the lips. "You can't escape from me, Paragon Lad. You will obey me. You may try to fight, but I am stronger than you."

Paragon Lad cried out as he felt himself losing strength. "Please, don't do this to me." He cried softly as tears started to form. "Please let me go. I'll do anything you want but please let me go."

The Master laughed as he slapped the hero on his ass. "You belong to me and you will obey your master!"

The hero gasped as more chains attached to him and he felt his strength drain down to nothing. He suddenly felt himself snap back to reality as he stood wearing only his tights and a hard erection in front of the rich and elite of Twin City. The current bid was 45 million dollars and many of the guests were on their phones moving money so they can afford to make a higher bid.

Paragon Lad could not believe that this was happening to him. Death was better than suffering these humiliations. But even death was not an escape from the man who cruelly dominated his mind and body.

As the bidding went up to 50 million dollars, Paragon Lad went into a state of shock. He could not believe that anyone would pay that much to take his tights and have an hour to play with him. He realized that he was going to become a prostitute. He was selling his costume and body for money that would go to his Master.

"It looks like we have a winner, ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Jon Swanson has won this bid with an amazing 52 million dollars! Mr. Swanson, please go up and claim your prize."

Paragon Lad stared as a well dressed man in his mid 40s came forward. The man was grossly overweight and his beady eyes stared at the hero causing him to shiver. Jon grabbed the hero and turned him so that his back faced the crowd. He grabbed the waistband of the hero's tights and slowly started to peel them off.

The crowd cheered as Paragon Lad's ass was slowly revealed. The hero stood there helplessly knowing that there was nothing that he could do to escape this humiliation. His cock sprang free from the confines of the tights and bobbed up and down for a few seconds. As he stepped out his tights, he faced the man who paid 52 million dollars to keep his tights and spend an hour with him.

Mr. Swanson looked the hero up and down with lust in his eyes. Paragon Lad was dreading what this awful fat man had planned for him. The hero was turned around so the crowd and see him in all his naked glory. A hush fell over the crowd as they witnessed something that they never thought would happen. Paragon Lad was completely naked and sporting a raging erection.

Paragon Lad bowed his head in shame as people took pictures of him and groaned when he noticed that a line of precum was going from the head of his cock to the floor.

"Mr. Swanson, if you would follow my servant at the east entrance, he will take you to the room where you can enjoy your prize. Thank you everyone who participated in this fundraiser. We will be able to rebuild our courthouse to show the world that nothing can break the spirit of Twin City."

Chapter 12

Paragon Lad could not believe how low he had fallen. Here he was in front of Twin City's rich and elite. His costume had been stripped from him piece by piece and now he was naked with a raging hard on and rented to a fat man who could do anything he wanted with him for an hour. Mr. Jon Swanson was the man who now owned him for the next hour. The crowd cheered for the humiliation of their hero and no one did anything to help him escape from this horrible situation.

Mr. Swanson grabbed the hero by his erect cock and pulled him towards the exit of the ballroom. Paragon Lad could see that he was impatient to get the naked hero all to himself. The crowd moved to let them pass. The hero awkwardly followed as his dick was being used as a leash. To add further to his humiliation, several guests grabbed various parts of his body as he passed them. His ass was pinched, slapped, and grabbed and his nipples were tweaked. Paragon Lad fought to keep his tears at bay because he did not want to be seen crying in public.

Soon they were at the exit of the ballroom and to his horror; it was Mark who was to escort them to a private room. The slave boy smirked at the situation that he was in. He said nothing however as they walked down the hall to a guest bedroom.

Paragon Lad began to panic when they got to the room. Mr. Swanson closed the door behind them and turned to admire his prize. "I don't know why you agreed to do this kind of debasement, but the next hour is going to be the best time of my life."

He grabbed the hero and began to passionately kissing him. Paragon Lad moaned as the overweight man explored every part of his body. His body crawled at the touch from this ugly man but his cock remained as hard as steel.

Mr. Swanson tore himself away from the hero and took a step back. "I can't believe that I have the mighty Paragon Lad under my control." He grabbed the young man by his chin and forced him to his knees. Mr. Swanson unzipped his pants and took his hard cock out.

Paragon Lad stares at the cock like it was a poisonous snake. He swallowed his fear and began to kiss the tip of the cock.

Jon moaned loudly as his fantasy was coming true. "I don't know if you know who I am. I used to traffic drugs into the city. I made my fortune selling every kind of drug that existed. That is until you disrupted my operation. I have waited a long time to extract my revenge on you. And as far as I am concerned the money was worth it."

Paragon Lad stopped kissing the cock and stared up at Mr. Swanson in horror. "What are you going to do to me?" He asked his voice quivering with fear.

"I am going to punish you for sticking your nose where it doesn't belong, mighty hero." Mr. Swanson sat on the bed and patted his lap. "I think we should start with a spanking."

The hero moaned as he got to his feet and walked over to the man who bought him. He lay across the man's lap with his muscular bubble butt primed and ready to be spanked.

Mr. Swanson laughed as he pushed the hero to the ground. "I'm not going to spank your ass, little hero. Lay across my lap on the other side."

Paragon Lad looked at the man in confusion but did as he was told. Soon his ass rested against the man's lap and his hard cock was totally exposed.

Jon smirked as he traced his fingers up and down the hero's erection. "You've been a bad boy, Paragon Lad. If you ever interfere with my operations again, I will hunt you down and have my boys take turns fucking that ripe ass of yours." He lifted up his hand and smacked the hero's cock.

Paragon Lad grunted as the man continued to smack his cock. Precum started to leak from his cock like a leaky faucet. To the hero's horror, he found that he was starting to like the abuse. His invulnerable body made him desensitized to any type of touch. This hard smacking sent waves of pleasure through his body. He never had a lover after he received his powers and the last few days of abuse by his captors opened a flood gate that made his body come alive with pleasure.

Paragon Lad's grunting became moans of pleasure as his cock was smacked harder and harder. "You're a bad little hero!" Mr. Swanson said over the hero's moans. He finally had enough of cock smacking and dumped the hunk on the floor. "It's time to tap that perfect ass!"

He grabbed the hero by his hair and dragged him to the bed. He grabbed the chains that were sitting on the dresser and chained his wrists to the bedpost. Then Jon lifted the hero's legs up on his shoulders and slammed his cock into his perfect ass.

Paragon Lad cried out as Mr. Swanson's cock invaded him. His cock was not as big as his Master's but it felt like it was too big for his asshole. Jon cried out in pleasure as he fucked the man who ruined his life. Sweat rolled down his face as he had more exertion tonight than he had for months. It was worth every second to him to have the chance to fuck this perfect specimen of a hero.

It wasn't long for Mr. Swanson to cry out as he shot his seed into the hero's ass. Paragon Lad was in a frenzy of pleasure. He groaned as Jon pulled out his cock. The hero wanted more.

Mr. Swanson smirked at the disappointed look on the hero's face. "Look at the mighty Paragon Lad wanting to have his ass fucked. I can't wait to tell everyone what an ass slut you are."

The hero paled at the thought of his reputation being more ruined. He was still craving release and his hand went to his cock to stroke himself to orgasm.

Mr. Swanson slapped the hero's hand away. "Oh no you don't, little hero. This is about me and my pleasure. All you are is a sex toy to be used."

Paragon Lad tugged at his wrists and ripped the chains away. Jon backed away in fear thinking the hero was going to use his powers to extract revenge. However the hero fell to his knees and crawled to him on his hands and knees. "Please, Mr. Swanson," he begged. "Please sir, let me cum. I need to cum."

Jon laughed at how pathetically passive the hero had become. This was hardly the same man who destroyed his drug empire. "Sorry, little hero, but my time is up."

He got dressed as Paragon Lad continued his begging. When Jon was all dressed and ready to go, he turned to the hero and lifted up his head. "Tonight is the best night of my life. Not only did I use you as my fuck toy, but I also got to see you as the sniveling little fairy boy that you are." He spat in Paragon Lad's face and then felt the room.

Paragon Lad was still in a horny state as he collapsed on the floor. "Please let me cum. I really need to cum."

Tim smiled as he watched his guests talk excitedly about what they witnessed tonight. This party was going to be the talk of the town. The humiliation that had rained down on the hero was a beautiful thing. Several of his guests had come up to him asking how he convinced the mighty Paragon Lad to perform such an act. He gave the same answer to everyone saying that the good of the city was more important than his dignity.

He looked at his watch and saw that Mr. Swanson's hour was almost up. Taking his leave of the party, he walked over to the room where the fat former drug lord was having his way with the hero. As he got to the door, Jon was coming out.

"I want to thank you, Mr. Drapper for the best night of my life. This was worth every penny that I have spent to help rebuild our city. If there is anything that you need from me, you just let me know. I owe you big time for this night."

Tim bowed his head. "I'm always willing to help a friend in need. I can assure you that Paragon Lad will never bother your operations again."

"I don't know how you pulled this off, but any man who can take down that arrogant hero is a great man in my eyes. Now if you'll excuse me."

They shook hands and Tim opened the door to the room. Paragon Lad was curled on the floor sobbing and repeating how he needed to cum. He probed the hero's mind to see that his mental manipulations worked perfectly.

Paragon Lad looked up and flinched when he saw that it was him. "Please, Master, I need to cum." He said softly.

Tim sat on the bed as the hero rocked himself. "You were a bad boy tonight, Brent. You tried to fight me instead of obeying. It's not nice to try to break a deal that we had made. Why should I reward you?"

Paragon Lad looked afraid as he realized that he would be punished again. He uncurled himself and went to his knees. "I'm sorry Master." He said softly. "I won't fight you again. You are too powerful for me. I submit to you and only you." The hero bent down and began to kiss his shoes. "Let me pleasure you Master."

Tim probed into the hero's mind. He wanted to believe that he was totally broken, but deep within the hero's mind there still was resistance and thoughts of escape. He kicked the hero back and stood to his feet. "You still have much training to finish, boy. Return to your quarters. Get your rest tomorrow is going to be a long day for you."

Paragon Lad staggered to his feet, his cock still erect, and ran from the room sobbing. It took tremendous willpower to not ravish the hero right then and there, but his methods of breaking men were never wrong. Tim left the room with a smile to return to the party.

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