Ricky lay in his bunk staring at the bottom of the upper bunk lost in thought, the image of Thomas stroking is cock, the cum running down his hand, his lean body stretched back sitting on Mike's cock ran through his mind over and over. It made breathing difficult thinking of it, what it meant, seeing two guys in the midst of sex. He rolled over and faced the wall as his stomach was in knots and a sense of jealously that hurt overwhelmed him. Ever since he got on campus last fall, every since he moved into the dorm around all the other guys, listening to their banter, the joking around, he had felt like an outsider. An alien. He had been home schooled, his family fundamentalists, zealous in their beliefs and now Ricky found a lot of the things his mother and father had taught him challenged. In some classes he quickly had to face evolution, global warming, the diversity of race and culture, and he had found himself becoming coy when he called home. Things in his southern Georgian home suddenly seemed so wrong; so naïve.

Ricky had made friends with a few of the guys on his floor. David and Jerrod in the room across the hall both of whom were majoring in computer technology and down the hall there was Thomas, the first person he had met when he arrived at the dorm two days before classes began; the first person who was nice to him, who invited him to go out for a burger. So began his friendship with the three of them, a friendship that seemed to satisfy his loneliness and over time he began to have feelings that he didn't realize at first, feelings he didn't understand for a long time, tried to keep them pushed to the back of his mind, tried not to think what it meant that feeling he got when he looked at some of the guys on his floor, or on campus, riding by on their bikes, or skateboards, or running by in those small shorts, so thin and flimsy he could see their dicks moving around with each step. But it was with Thomas, who was so similar to himself, that those feelings seemed to suffocate him. Now he felt like something that had been within his grasp was gone.


Thomas and Mike messed around for a few days but by the next Thursday they both knew something were missing, there was something not quite right and that evening while the two of them sat at their desks trying to get their course work done they finally discussed what had happened between them and how they felt about it. Mike admitted how he enjoyed the sex and how he was bisexual, but he still had a strong attraction to the opposite sex and Thomas laughed and told him it was okay for he found that as much as he enjoyed their sex he knew Mike wasn't the type of guy he was really attracted. The tension that had built up was released and the two of them found a sense of relief. As they talked, relaxing with each other for the first time since they became roommates, opening up with each other, they found themselves bonding with a true friendship. For Thomas the best part was being able to admit he was gay and how it had been tough, his sense he was missing something, of not knowing how to find the guys he wanted to meet. Mike looked at him and smiled.

"So, do you think some of the other guys on the floor are gay too?" Mike asked; his tone mischievous.

"Maybe...I don't know."

"What about Ricky?"

"Ricky?!" and Thomas knew he had wondered at first, had actually hoped he was, but when he found out about his background he just couldn't see it. "I don't think so. Did you know he grew up in a strict home? I mean religious freak strict."

"Yeah, some of the guys have talked about how naïve he can be and how he is obviously shocked by what some of the guys say or do. But that doesn't mean he isn't gay. I mean...he has never mentioned girls or gone out with one since he got here."

Thomas thought about what Mike said and later that night, with the lights out and he lying on his back trying to fall asleep, all he could think about was the possibility of Ricky being secretly gay. Maybe Mike was right. He'd only seen Ricky in passing since the day he had walked in on Mike and him, but tomorrow morning they had the same class first thing and on the way there he could feel Ricky out.


Friday morning began hot and humid as soon as the sun broke the horizon. A short walk outside and your clothes were clinging to your skin, the sweat forming quickly and with the humidity, unable to evaporate. Thomas was heading out for his first class, dressed in shorts and t-shirt and as he came to the stairs saw Ricky come out right on schedule. They fell in line down the stairs talking in casual tones, although Thomas could sense a tension in the way Ricky was talking. Outside they fell in side by side and proceeded across campus for their class.


"Yeah" he replied, his voice now more anxious than before.

"About the other evening, you know, when you walked in on Mike and me?"

"Thomas, it's okay, I'm not going to say anything."

"But what I want to know is...well...Ricky we all know you came from a strict home, and...well..." Thomas said, hesitate to come out and ask Ricky his own opinion.

"Thomas, look" and Ricky stopped walking, stood facing Thomas as he spoke; "its okay, I'm fine with it. If you and Mike are dating..."

"Whoa, we're not dating. We did mess around some, but for both of us that is as far as it goes. But are you really okay with...what you saw?"

"Yeah, I'm good. I think I understand."

"You do?"

Ricky looked at Thomas and Thomas could see his eyes looked pained, like he could cry, and he knew there was a struggle going on inside of Ricky, a painful one he couldn't begin to understand, but he took a deep breath waiting to see if Ricky said anything. Instead Ricky just looked down at the ground, quiet, waiting for Thomas to say something.

"Ricky, would you like to do something this evening, maybe just the two of us go grab something to eat?"

Ricky looked up at Thomas and slowly a smile came to his face and he nodded yes.

"Okay, then, how about we head on to class before we're late and when I get in this afternoon I'll stop by and we'll figure out where we want to go."

"Sounds good, Thomas."

They made their way to class, speaking in short sentences of the class with long periods of silence between them, but Thomas could sense Ricky's mood was different, better, and he sensed Mike had been right.


The restaurant was on the edge of town, a small little place tucked in between two shops. It catered to a very alternative crowd; alternative in dress, in culture, in sexuality. Thomas had only been here a couple of times for it was not the sort of place to bring his friends. Ricky and he had a booth along the side wall, an intimate spot within the normal noisy banter of the rest of the restaurant, especially at the bar running along the opposite wall. They had ordered and were waiting, not talking much, an awkwardness existing between them. Thomas finally set his drink down, shifted to face Ricky and took a deep breath.

"Ricky, now that you know I am gay..."

"Yeah" he replied, his voice sounding sheepish, timid.

"And I feel like you may understand."


"But I think it is more than that, is it not?"

Ricky sat in silence, suddenly afraid to say anything, his stomach in knots.

"Ricky, come on, it's fine one way or the other. I just think you should be...happy and live as you are."

Ricky sat for a moment, Thomas waiting, and he finally shook his head yes and looked at Thomas with uncertainty in his eyes.

Thomas leaned back in his chair and smiled at Ricky and finally broke the silence. "Do you want to come back to my dorm room when we get back?"

Ricky smiled for the first time, a sense of relief spread over his face. "Yeah, Thomas I'd like that...but I don't...don't know what..."

Thomas interrupted him, knowing what he was trying to say, to admit he was a virgin, probably with both men and women, but definitely with men. "Ricky, it's okay, we'll take it slow. I'm not going to force you to do anything you don't want to do."

The waiter arrived carrying their meals and Ricky just nodded yes and smiled back at Thomas as they sat up to eat.


Thomas had asked Mike if he could be scarce this evening, telling him he thought he was going to be bringing Ricky back to their room. Mike had found it humorous, how quickly Thomas had moved on Ricky and told him he had plans to be out all night anyway.

When Ricky and Thomas made it back and Thomas led Ricky into the room, dimly lit by one desk lamp, Ricky came to stand in the middle of the room, suddenly all nervous and anxious. Thomas shut and locked the door.

"I think we should make sure no one can walk in on us" Thomas stated making both of them snigger, getting Ricky to relax.

Thomas came up to Ricky, stood facing him, their lean bodies nearly the same height. But he noticed the differences too. Thomas noticed the red tint in Ricky's dark brown hair, the way freckles lightly banded over his nose and under his eyes, and how his skin had a natural olive tone, appearing dark against his own pale white skin. He reached out and ran his hand up Ricky's arm, feeling the fine hairs on his forearm tickle his skin and he moved on up the arm to the shoulder where he wrapped his arm around Ricky and brought their bodies together, and their lips together and the tension, the anxiousness, the fear seem to evaporate from Ricky and he moved up to Thomas tighter. Thomas could feel the rough stubble of beard coming in on Ricky's face as he made out with him, as he let his hands roam down Ricky's back, over his ass, pulling Ricky tight to his own body.

Ricky had never been held like this, never made out with someone, much less imaging it would be another guy, that it would be Thomas. Thomas was so smooth and soft to the touch, his cheeks and jaw so smooth, he knew Thomas probably didn't have to shave very often, if at all. He felt Thomas' hands roam over his back and ass and he pressed his body tight to Thomas', felt the way they fit together. He cock was responding, for the first time feeling the warmth of another, and it grew hard quickly, and he pressed it against Thomas.

Ricky pulled back and looked at Thomas.

"Is this how you got Mike?"

"No, no, I had to dare him" Thomas replied, smiling at the memory of their dare.

Ricky ran his hand up Thomas' thigh and over to his crotch, squeezing the growing erection within Thomas's jeans and he leaned forward and just before he put his lips to Thomas' he whispered: "You won't have to dare me."

They made out and then Thomas pulled back and reached for the buttons on Ricky's shirt, undoing each one, moving downward with a slow determined pace. He pulled Ricky's shirt open, revealing the lean torso, the nark small nipples and he leaned over and tongued one, ran his tongue over the soft flesh, feeling the center get hard, protrude out and he nip it with his teeth, making Ricky moan and cry out. He rose up and kissed Ricky, passionately, and his hands went to the belt holding up Ricky's jeans, pulling it open, gaining access to the jeans, unbuttoning them, and pulling down the zipper. He ran his hand down Ricky's stomach, over the smooth flesh, through the thin trail of hair, following it downward, into the open jeans and over the briefs, feeling the hard cock pressing outward. He squeezed it, ran his hand up and down the shaft, feeling the hard firmness of each inch. Thomas pulled back and pushed Ricky's shirt off his shoulders letting it drop to the floor. He eased down on his knees, tugging Ricky's jeans down to his ankles, as he moved his mouth to the cock pressing against the briefs.

Ricky felt the way his exposed skin felt so alive, the opening of his shirt, then way Thomas tongued and nipped his nipple, the way his hand went down his stomach and over his cock. He ached with the hardness of it. Then Thomas pushed his shirt off, pulled down his jeans and he gasped when he felt the warm breath breathing on his cock through his briefs, then the hot wet mouth moving over it and he had to hold on to Thomas' shoulders to stand. Thomas wasted no time getting his briefs down once he had the crotch so wet he could see the hard cock within. Ricky felt his cock bobbing in the open, and when Thomas leaned over and put his tongue to the head he held his breath and watched how Thomas licked the pre-cum from the head. He watched how Thomas held his shaft tight in his fist, making his cock flare up dark red and he watched how Thomas' mouth opened up and let his cock slide into it, through his lips into the warm wetness and he pushed forward with his hips. He couldn't help it, he wanted to feel his cock sliding over the tongue, push through the wet slick mouth and he felt Thomas' hands hold on to his hips as he pushed his cock all the way into Thomas' mouth and into his throat. Thomas worked his mouth up and down the shaft, moving slowly, deliberately, his lips locked tight as they moved along every inch. Ricky stood there, bracing himself on Thomas' shoulders, eyes closed, lost to the sensations racing up from his cock as Thomas kept manipulating it.

Thomas suddenly pulled off and looked up at Ricky. "You want me to suck you off...or do you want to do something else?" Thomas whispered.

Thomas didn't know how far to push Ricky, how far to go, so he was going to let Ricky set the pace and what they would do. Ricky looked down at Thomas and he suddenly realized he wanted to do everything, anything Thomas wanted. He wanted Thomas to suck his cock, to turn him around and touch him back there, to open him up, to probe him, and he wanted Thomas to put his cock in his hole and fuck him.

"Show me how to do it" he replied, "I want you in me."

Thomas put his hands on Ricky's hips and turned him around till his round little ass was in his face. He put a hand on Ricky's back and holding his hips, pushed, causing him to bend over, bend over far enough he had to put his hands on his knees to brace himself. Ricky's ass opened up some and Thomas took each cheek and spread them further, opened him up as he moved in, running his tongue along the deep cleft, probing him till he found his hole and Thomas pressed against it, pushed against its natural resistance and he felt Ricky shudder as he moaned. Thomas kept at his hole, getting it wet, slick, his tongue pushing against the wrinkled opening till he felt Ricky push back. Thomas pulled back and rubbed a finger over the opening, pushed against it till his finger penetrated, bore into the tightness, breached the tight ring of Ricky's hole and sank into his depth. Thomas worked his finger in Ricky, fucked his virgin ass with it till he felt the tightness slacken, then he bore two fingers into him and Ricky let his hands slide down his legs, bending over more, opening himself up further, taking the two fingers, feeling them stretch him open and Thomas worked them in his hole, fucked him till he was loose enough to take them easily and then Thomas pushed a third into him and Ricky cried out as he pushed back. Thomas worked him loose again and when Ricky could take the fingers easily he stood up behind him, removing his fingers.

"Get on the bed" Thomas whispered and as he moved to the bed he looked back to see Thomas pulling his clothes off. His t-shirt tossed to the floor, his shorts and briefs pushed down together, bringing his pale white body into full view, his hard cock sticking straight out. Ricky moved on to the bed on his stomach and looked back waiting.

"Roll over on your back" Thomas asked and when Ricky was on his back Thomas moved between his legs, pulled them up and eased them on his shoulders as he leaned over Ricky, folding him in half, bringing his ass up, open, ready, and he pressed his cock, thick and hard to it and bore down, letting it penetrate Ricky, stretch him open further. Ricky cried out and held on to Thomas' waist, his head thrown back, his ass turned up taking Thomas. Thomas eased in an inch or so and held still.

"You okay?" he whispered and Ricky leaned up, his eyes shiny in the dim light.

"Yeah, it doesn't hurt now" and he lay back, running his hands up Thomas' sides and to his neck, pulling him down. "Fuck me Thomas" he whispered just before he brought their lips together. Thomas pulled back a little, working his flared cock head through the tight ring of Ricky's ass and then he bore down on him, slowly, easing inch after inch into his hot soft insides. He kept working his cock up and back down, pushing in further each time till he finally was buried all the way in Ricky, his hard cock wrapped in the heat of his insides and he held Ricky's head and kissed him as he began to fuck. Slowly he worked his cock back and forth, the tightness gripping his cock as it moved through his opening. Ricky's legs shifted off his shoulders and wrapped around his waist, knees spread out further, his ass open and upturned taking Thomas' fuck, taking the cock pumping his hole.

The idea of Ricky being virgin, of his hole being so tight, the way it gripped his cock, had Thomas soon fucking him at a fast pace, thrusting his hips back and forth, plowing his cock into Ricky, pushing in deep and pulling back as far as the swing of hips would allow. Over and over and over Thomas thrust deep into Ricky, making him cry out, moan and shudder underneath him.

Ricky had nothing to compare the way it felt, the way Thomas' cock felt in his hole, pumping back and forth and he lay there, feeling each time Thomas buried himself all the way in, pushed down on him, pressed him into the mattress and he cried out each time, noisily. He threw his arms over his head and held the bed frame, pushing his body up against Thomas feeling the heat of his body. As Thomas got faster, his fucking harder, making the bed squeak and shake, Ricky felt the drops of sweat rain down on him, felt how Thomas skin was slick and wet where they came together, the heat of his body hot against his own. Thomas got faster, his hip movement jerky and Ricky instinctively knew he was going to cum. Thomas leaned down, ran his lips over Ricky's neck and long his shoulder blade and suddenly, when he shoved into Ricky hard, slamming his hips down on him, he bit Ricky on the shoulder, stifling his cry as he came, pumping his load deep into him. Thomas pumped his hips slowly a few more times, raking his cock through his slick load. When he pulled out he shifted down, moved between Ricky's legs where he could see the hard cock arched over his stomach. He saw it bobbing in the air, he saw the head wet and slick with a drool of pre-cum trialing down to Ricky's stomach and he leaned over, took the shaft in his hand, holding it up and licked it clean, tongued the sensitive head till Ricky was pumping his hips upward, instinctively, naturally trying to get off. Thomas moved his mouth over the head and let the cock slip in and he pushed down as Ricky shoved upward, taking the cock all the way, the sweet slick cock. Thomas let Ricky fuck his hips upward, work his hard cock through his lips and into his mouth. He knew Ricky wouldn't last long and he worked two fingers back into his hole, slide them through the slick remains of his load, and Rick began to shove up in hard short thrusts. Thomas noticed Ricky clutching handfuls of sheet in each hand as he worked his hips upward and Thomas felt the cock swell up further, the head flare out wide and sensitive and Thomas locked his lips down tight and sucked hard as he worked his fingers in Ricky's ass. Ricky cried out, shoved up and came, shooting thick wads of white cum into Thomas' suctioning mouth. Thomas took each wad, savored it a brief moment and swallowed as Ricky fed it to him. When he was spent Thomas pulled up and licked his cock clean. Thomas moved up next to him, wrapped an arm around his body and spooned up to his back, nestling his head on his shoulder they lay still, their breathing slowing, settling back down.

Ricky stirred slightly, and whispered "I should go back to my room."

"No" was all Thomas said as he held Ricky close. Soon they were asleep.


The sun filtered through the cheap blinds, casting bands of light across the opposite wall and over the floor where Thomas and Ricky's clothes lay scattered. Ricky heard the bunk above squeak, shift a little and then he heard the foot fall of Mike landing on the floor and he wearily opened his eyes, suddenly nervous, knowing Mike had come in last night to find him in bed with Thomas. He saw Mike leaning down toward him, a big smile on his face. He opened his eyes and opened his mouth slowly to say something but for a moment nothing came out. Finally he said good morning in a hoarse smoky voice.

"Well good morning to you" Mike replied. "Listen, if you two nasty fucks are up to it, you want to get up and go grab breakfast?"

Thomas leaned up and over Ricky, looking down on him seeing the surprise on his face. Suddenly Mike and Thomas busted out laughing, and Ricky relaxed, following suit. Ricky looked up at Thomas and back at Mike nodding his head yes.

"Yeah, Mike, give us a minute and we can go eat. I'm starving."

"I bet you are" Mike replied as he pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He turned and headed for the door. "I'll wait down stairs while you two get dressed.



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