There were seven of them all crowded into the small bedroom of the old house. The smell of cum filled the air and in too many spots to count it made the floor wet and slick. On the bed was a stocky well built guy, all blonde and tan, with powerful looking legs being held up and spread apart. He was the baseball player, who now was handling bats of a different variety with one guy fucking him as hard as he could while another fed him, fed him a long skinny cock that appeared to easily slide down the jock's throat. On the floor down on his knees, cum dripping off his face from previous loads was Mike. He was sucking a guy who had creamy dark skin, Spanish or Greek or maybe even a mix of race; either way Mike found him attractive, with his dark wavy hair and goatee and as he sucked the guy's cock, watched his stomach come up close and pull away he liked the tattoo that arched over his navel. Mike held on to the guy's hips for balance as he took the uncut cock; let it push down deep into his mouth gagging him. He could see from the corner of his eye one of the other guys stroking his cock, watching, telling the guy to fuck his mouth, to give it to him, make him eat it. And Mike sucked harder, wanting to show the fucker he could take it. Behind him he felt the last guy rubbing his ass. Mike knew it was the tall quiet guy, the one who hadn't said much when they all met up earlier tonight, all coming for one thing and one thing only. Sex.

The guy behind Mike kept rubbing his ass and Mike leaned up and over, shifted position to make his ass accessible, spread slightly for the hands that were probing down between his cheeks. Soon he felt the guy push a finger in his slick stretched out hole. He'd already been fucked twice and cum leaked down his thigh from the loads.

"Damn he's loose" the voice behind him said to no one in particular.


Mike had gone weeks without really thinking too much about the sex he had with Thomas but the last few days he found himself looking at guys wondering what sex with them would be like, if it would be like it had been with Thomas. He tried to push the thoughts out of his head, going so far as to try to pick up women with more frequency, but suddenly he couldn't think of anything else. Thomas had been with Ricky since the other week and Mike knew that was a closed relationship; one more serious than any he'd seen on campus. Besides, he'd had Thomas and now he wanted something else, something more like himself; a jock. Two days ago he'd gone online, desperate enough to go to the gay hook up sites, to chat with one guy or another, finding out where they met, what parties were going on, and what gatherings for sex were occurring. Mike had finally chatted with the baseball player, had looked at his photo of his body, the well developed chest, the flat tapering waist and his cock, all hard and wet, as he held it up for the camera. Mike had taken one of himself standing in front of the mirror down in the bathroom late at night when he knew no one would be coming in and he had sent it to the baseball player, asking him about the sex party he had mentioned. Now he was at this house a guy on the track team (...or was it the swim team?) was renting. He didn't remember, having been distracted by his nudity when he answered the door. A tall, lean body and when he let Mike in he told him the price of admission: suck his cock. Mike hadn't even got his own clothes off, hadn't made it past the living room when he took his first load.

Now he was working on number four, the second he was going to swallow and he felt his ass open up to probing fingers as he sucked the cock buried in his mouth. As he slid his lips along the shaft he felt the fingers pull out and a larger, more blunt pressure on his hole. A hand came to the back of his head and shoved him down the cock in his mouth, gagging him as his nose was pressed into the guy's stomach. His air was cut off and he turned red and began to push against the hand, then he felt it, the cock busting into his hole and for the third time during the night his hole was penetrated with the cock sinking all the way in. He was allowed to pull back and catch his breath as his hole began to be pummeled, hard and fast. The guy behind him moved up next to his ear and whispered how he was going to pump another load into his ass. Mike sucked harder as his ass took a pounding, the forward thrust hard enough to push him down on the cock in his mouth. The guy he was sucking took his head between his hands, holding him steady, keeping him in position as he began to swing his hips, to pump his cock, fucking Mike's mouth. Mike took it, took the fucking at both ends, the nasty noisy slapping of bodies coming together, impaling Mike at both ends. The guy fucking his ass reached around and stroked his renewed erection, sliding his hand down the slick hard shaft in rhythm with his thrusting. Mike heard the baseball player cry out as he came while being fucked and the guy he had been sucking jerked off in his face. The guy to Mike's side, the guy stroking his cock while he watched Mike get fucked moved up close, his cock all hard and wet, slick with pre-cum, and he pushed his cock head against Mike's cheek and came, pumping out his load smearing it on Mike's face.

"Yea, shoot it in his face" the guy behind Mike said and he grabbed Mike by the hair and pushed and pulled his head on the cock he was sucking while the guy began to show he was ready to cum. Soon Mike could taste the cum dribbling out of the guy's cock, obviously unable to cum hard again it being his third load. When he stepped back letting Mike catch his breath and swallow the cum in his mouth, the guy behind Mike pushed him over, down on the floor, his chest pressed to the floor where he could feel cool pools of cum, and began to fuck harder, rough and fast, slamming his cock into Mike until he cried out, telling Mike to take his load. Mike rolled over when he was finally released and saw the guys using his t-shirt and briefs to wipe off their cocks before tossing them down on top of him.

Mike laid on the floor, listening to the others change partners, get into new positions and go at each other again. The sound of it, the way the guys talked to each other, nasty and rough, the way a couple of them were noisy fucks, crying out and moaning, soon made Mike get hard once again and he stroked his cock, felt the slick shaft slide through his hand. A shadow passed over him and he looked up to see the baseball player standing over him, smiling. Mike stopped stroking his cock and held it up.

"You want to sit that ass down on this?" He asked the guy

"Fuck, yes" and the baseball player straddled Mike, eased his ass down and let Mike's cock sink into his hole, all the way, easily taking it in his loosened hole. He rode Mike hard, bouncing up and down, his cock flopping with his movements, smacking down on Mike's stomach as he dropped down each time. Mike grabbed the baseball player's cock and stroked it as he rode up his cock. The baseball player had to fuck himself a long time to get Mike to the point of cumming and when he did, he leaned back, bending Mike's cock upward in his ass and rode it till Mike shot, pumping his cum into the guy's slick loose ass. As Mike came the guy knocked Mike's hand off his cock and stroked himself hard, his fist wrapped tightly around his shaft as he pumped it until he came, dribbling cum out the head and down the shaft and over his own hand. When they finally settled down the baseball player scooted up and wiped his cock off on Mike's face and soon he was involving himself in another scene as Mike laid on the floor exhausted.

They kept at each other for another few minutes but it was obvious they were spent and finally everyone settled down and lay back where ever they were at; on the bed or on the floor. Slowly each one got up and went back to the small kitchen and grabbed a beer and talked about how much fun it had been. When everyone was ready to leave they went into back to the bedroom for their clothes and got dressed. Mike just slid into his jeans and carried his wet slimy briefs and t-shirt in his hand.


Mike drove slowly back to campus, enjoying the feel of the late night air, cool on his upper body, since his Jeep had the top down and the doors off. He loved the feel of the air blowing over him and on the way he thought about all the cock he had sucked, all the cock that had been in his ass and all the ass he had had his cock buried in at one time or another. He smiled at the realization he didn't know the name of one guy there tonight, that they hadn't done any small talk until the end of the night and not much then. But that was part of it, this anonymous fucking and he reached over and pulled up the rolled up briefs and t-shirt and brought them to his nose, breathing deeply the scent of cum that permeated them. Tossing the dirty things back down he laughed at how his cock had managed to get hard again and he tugged on his crotch to get it into a comfortable position. Damn he thought and he unzipped his jeans and took it out and as he drove slowly through town he enjoyed the feel of his hand slowly stroking it, keeping it hard all the way back to the dorm.



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