Mike lay on his side, his hands tied behind his back, his ankles bound together, and a black pillow case over his head, acutely aware of his own nakedness. He was aware of the cool conditioned air blowing over his skin, the feel of his cock lying loosely and his nuts hanging long in their sac. He'd been like this since Friday night at eight o'clock after he had finished his class work and had done his laundry for the weekend. What time is was now he had no idea, but twice he had been allowed to go to the bathroom, and each time he had returned to fulfill his wager, the lost bet, his submission to his roommate after the dare, the dare he lost.

Mike had always thought of his roommate as weak, a skinny dork. They had been roommates since the beginning of fall semester and now they were half way through spring semester and his view of Thomas was now severely challenged. The cum leaking from his asshole and drying on his face was testament to his misjudgment of his roommate.


Thomas looked at Mike lying on the lower bunk, his bed, with his hands and feet securely bound and a black pillow case over his head. Thomas looked at Mike's body, the well defined pecs, the flat stomach, the thick flaccid cock lying over his thigh as he lay on his side. Thomas could tell Mike was awake, listening for any noise, any movement that would give away where he was in the dorm room, what he may be doing or if he was about to subject him to more fucking.

Thomas had tolerated Mike's bravado, his constant banter about girls and his conquests, or how well he played in one sports or another, always making a snide comment about how Thomas probably wished his was athletic and able to come out and play with his buddies instead of sitting inside all day studying. Mike wasn't abusive, but he was intolerable much of the time, and Thomas tried hard to keep his distance, even though he couldn't stop himself from looking at Mike back from a shower, drying his hair, his naked body on full display, or him lying on his bed tugging on his crotch saying how horny he was and how he needed some pussy and he really tensed up whenever Mike grabbed him in a headlock or pinned him to his bed, jokingly saying he might have to fuck him if he didn't get any from whatever girl he was dating at the time. Thomas knew how he appeared to Mike, his five foot eight frame rail thin, his arms and legs looking long against his thin frame, his sandy brown hair typically long and poorly combed since he didn't concern himself with his appearance when he was buried in his studies, all of which made him appear even younger than he his nineteen. It also didn't help he was as smooth and hairless as a fourteen year old. Mike by contrast was six feet tall and weighed one ninety two, a number Thomas had heard till it nauseated him, and his body looked like a man's body, well developed from sports and weight lifting, with his dark black hair thick on his head, under his arms, and a nice dusting of hair on his arms, his legs and a trail down his stomach. Mike, when in their room parading around naked, would rub his stomach, tug on his cock or flex his muscles while telling Thomas one day he may grow up to be a man like him.

But there was something Thomas kept to himself, didn't reveal for the advantage he might one day gain from it, and last week he cashed in on his secret. He had been on the high school swim team and had run marathons. Skinny he may be, but he had stamina.


Mike was listening, breathing shallowly so as to hear even better, and on occasion he could hear Thomas moving around in their dorm room. Mike knew sooner or later Thomas would be back on him, using him, making him do things. He wanted to be disgusted by it, disgusted by having had Thomas' cock in his mouth or pumping in his hole, of taking Thomas' loads but whenever he relived the events of the last several hours over in his mind it wasn't disgust he felt, but something else, something that made his cock swell up half hard and he knew each time it happened Thomas would snigger just loud enough for him to hear. Once Thomas came over and gave his cock a couple of strokes, smeared the lube leaking from the head down the shaft slicking it up and he couldn't help it, couldn't hold back and he began to pump his hips, to push his cock through Thomas' hand, but all too soon Thomas let go, left him hard and aching. He'd not been allowed to cum, not once, since he lost the bet and he had never wanted to cum so bad as he had the last few hours. He had been so hard his cock hurt when Thomas had fucked him, fucked him with his face shoved down into the mattress, his ass up and open, taking the thick cock ramming in and out of his hole.

He couldn't believe how Thomas had bettered him. The way he had left him in the dust, not just once, but in both challenges. It had been a dare with winner of two out of three contests getting to control the loser. The third contest never happened. He had no idea Thomas was such a good swimmer and when they had met at the pool last Saturday morning for their first contest and he saw the skinny frame, so soft looking to his eyes, so young, he had thought he had the win in the bag. But he also remembered how Thomas filled out his swim suit, had shown up at pool side in a bikini, a yellow thing that barely covered anything, so tight, its color so transparent when Thomas had dropped down in the pool Mike had felt a panic, a sense of himself he didn't understand, for he found himself looking at Thomas' cock, the way it lay to the side. The way it was a lot larger than he had expected having never seen Thomas naked, having no sense of it when he was wearing those ugly boxers he typically wore. Until he had to climb out of the pool defeated he had begun to toy with the idea that instead of making Thomas his slave for the next weekend, doing his laundry, doing his homework, and cleaning their room with a toothbrush he should, maybe, use him in other ways, sexual ways, ways he could get him naked and it frightened him slightly, the idea of doing something gay. Then he had lost, lost by a lot, the way Thomas had cut through the water so fast, and he had seen Thomas' look, the way he looked at him as he climbed out of the pool and suddenly he wondered about sexual things from another perspective.


Thomas knew it probably wasn't fair they way he manipulated Mike into the choice of contests, all events he excelled at, events that stamina was more important than brute strength. Two hundred meters, two laps in the pool at the athletic center on campus was the first event and Mike had invited a bunch of his buddies to come watch him, so sure he was going to dominate. Thomas winning, and winning by several lengths made it no debate as to his winning. He thought he would spring an erection he was so pleased with his performance and when Mike's buddies came to where they were climbing out to raze Mike about getting beat he swore he saw Mike looking at him in a way that was more than respect. A look that made him reconsider his options when he won their bet.

The second contest the next day was a run, two laps at the track, then cutting out the main gate, cut across campus to the park running along one side and running the two miles of trails circling the park three times. It would be nearly eight miles, long enough to make stamina again the most important factor. He won by a long margin, nearly eighty yards or more and he could have run another lap while Mike had to bend over, hands on knees, trying to get his breath.

Mike had been a different person during the week, quieter, completely somber, and from time to time he would ask Thomas what he was going to have to do next weekend. Thomas had just smiled and shrugged his shoulders pretending he wasn't sure for most of the week, but he knew what he wanted to do. He just didn't know if he could go through with it. He wanted to make him suck his cock, to take it in his mouth and whenever the thought of how it felt to have a guy suck his cock, and he had felt it many times prior to getting to college last fall, he wondered how it would feel to make Mike do it. By Thursday Mike's comments about the upcoming weekend began to have a sexual tone, a joking reference that Thomas wasn't thinking of making him a sex slave or something and Thomas let the comments float between them for a while. Then, late that night, when Mike was on his upper bunk, looking down on him while he sat at his desk writing a report, he finally laid his pen down, saved the file and shut down the computer program and turned to Mike.

"Do you want to be my slave, serve me all weekend, you know, do things other than wash my clothes or clean the room? Do you want to serve me sexually?" Thomas asked, with tone serious and calm.

Mike laughed it off at first, cried out hell no, but he got quiet, laid there propped on one elbow looking back at Thomas, remembering how he looked coming out of the pool, his yellow bikini almost transparent, his cock so obvious, and he thought of what he looked like after their run, he bent over double trying to catch his breath and Thomas walking up in those nylon running shorts and tank top, his body wet with sweat, his cock inflated, bulging the front of his shorts and he remembered how he had stared at it as Thomas came up to him, saw how it moved within the shorts and he took a deep breath and looked down at the floor, feeling embarrassed, suddenly wanting to admit it, that he did want to submit to Thomas.

"Well..." and Mike hesitated and Thomas offered no diversion. "You know if you tied me up and forced me....I guess I couldn't stop you..." and his voice trailed off and he lay back on his bed and stared at the ceiling. Thomas had his opening, knew Mike would submit if only he felt Thomas had total control.

Friday night and Thomas had ordered Mike to strip and lay on his lower bunk on his stomach. It didn't take long and Mike didn't struggle to stop him or even commented on what Thomas was doing as he bound his wrists and then his ankles. Thomas had pulled his head to the side of the bed and before Mike knew what was happening Thomas had his cock out and rubbing over his face. Mike hesitated, pretending he wasn't going to open his mouth, but he did, after a while, when he obviously couldn't stand it any longer, he opened his mouth and let Thomas push his hard cock into it.


When Thomas rubbed his cock over Mike's face he freaked out a little, hesitated in opening his mouth, afraid of being a cocksucker, but the more Thomas rubbed his cock over his face, ran it over his lips and eventually the taste of it hit him and he wanted it, wanted it bad. When Thomas pushed into his mouth and he sucked along the shaft he had never wanted something so bad. The feel of it over his tongue, the way the shaft filled his mouth and he was soon pumping his head as much as he could taking Thomas' cock deeply, till he gagged and was soon taking his first load of cum. Thomas had pulled out, squeezed his shaft till a large bubble of cum pooled at the head of his cock and he then wiped it off on Mike's upper lip and across his cheek.

Then came the black pillow case over his head and he almost panicked, not liking the way everything went dark. Thomas pushed him over on the bed flat on his stomach and soon was kicking his legs apart as he moved up between them and Mike knew what he was going to do. He felt the knot in his stomach from being fearful, afraid it would hurt but he also wanted it, wanted Thomas to put his cock in his ass, to push it in him and let him feel what it was like to get fucked. Thomas didn't waste any time, probing his cock along Mike's ass, letting him feel the slick head slide up and down his crack, push against his hole. Mike pushed back and he heard Thomas snigger just before he bore down on him, shoved his cock into Mike's hole, breached its tight opening and penetrated him and he had rose up, stifling a want to cry out, gritting his teeth as Thomas worked cock up his hole and stretched him open. It wasn't long and he felt Thomas push against his ass cheeks, his cock buried all the way into him. Mike laid there taking the fuck, taking the way Thomas just shoved his cock into him over and over and over, his body slapping up against Mike's ass till he felt Thomas slamming into him, grunting and moaning and he knew Thomas was coming, pumping his load into his hole, and then he felt Thomas pull out and shortly after he felt Thomas' remaining load spatter across his ass cheeks. Then Thomas was up and gone, leaving him lying there feeling the cum run over his ass, feeling it dry on his face and soon after trickle out of his hole. And Mike felt his own cock achingly hard, knowing it was sticking straight out, ready to cum with just a little stimulation. Stimulation it was not going to get.


Thomas came into the room and looked at Mike lying on the lower bunk still tied up. He smiled to himself, knowing Mike liked what was happening more than he would admit. Thomas pulled his shorts and t-shirt off and stepped up to the bunk beds, looking down on Mike as he tugged on his inflating cock. He saw how his cum he had smeared on Mike's ass was dried and flaking off and the memory of the fucking he gave Mike fueled his desire. His cock got hard, filled his fist with its girth and he climbed on the bed holding Mike down by the neck as he kicked Mike's legs apart getting between them. He was going to fuck his ass and he was soon in position and as he pushed his cock down, probed into Mike's ass searching for his target and when he saw Mike push up, push his ass up wanting it to be fucked Thomas rub his cock over the opening, then he shifted over Mike and bore his weight down pushing his cock into him. Mike cried out, his moan muffled by the pillow case over his head, and Thomas didn't hesitate to pull up and begin to swing his hips, to work his cock through the tight ring of Mike's ass, to fuck him, penetrate deeply into his hole. Thomas built up a brutal pace, his hips slapping down on Mike's ass cheeks, the bed rocking and squeaking beneath them. Thomas rolled to his side, brought Mike over and began to fuck from this new angle, banging his cock into Mike's hole in a way to make him cry out each time he shoved inward. Their bodies became hot, sweat quickly formed where their hot flesh pressed against each other and Thomas gripped Mike harder, one arm wrapped around his neck holding his body tight to his own. Thomas fucked furiously, felt his need to cum rise quickly and he thrust his cock into Mike hard and fast till he came, pumping his entire load into Mike's guts, then fucking his cock through it slicking the shaft, cooling it off. Thomas reached down and stroked Mike's hard cock, stroke his hand over the wet head and smeared the pre-cum down the shaft till it was slick, then he quit, leaving Mike wanting more, wanting to cum.


Mike knew it was Sunday morning when Thomas wake him up with his cock entering his hole again and this time Thomas fucked slowly, took his time, built up his pace slowly, and this time he reached around and stroked Mike in rhythm to his fucking, sinking his cock into Mike as he pulled his fist down the hard slick shaft. Thomas tugged the pillow case off Mike's head and pulled his head around, kissing him on the mouth and Mike accepted it, opened his mouth to let Thomas' tongue snake into him as he felt Thomas' cock work deep into his hole. Mike didn't last long and he was soon pumping his cum into the sheet below him, pushing his ejaculating cock through the wet warm cum. Thomas grunted as Mike came, fucked him harder and Mike hadn't realized the spasm in his ass with each ejaculation was milking Thomas' cock, driving him to the verge of cumming and Thomas pushed Mike's face down into the mattress and rose up over his bound body and began to pile drive his cock down into Mike's hole. Over and over and over Thomas drove his cock into Mike as fast and hard as he could after pulling up each time till his cock came almost free of the stretched out hole it was fucking. Thomas quickly pulled out and shifted on the bed, holding Mike's head up and he shoved his cock into Mike's mouth, slid the slimy shaft, wet and slick, down as far as Mike could take it and he pumped his hips a few times and fed Mike his load.

Thomas finally released him for good, his wager paid for the weekend, and Thomas suddenly sheepish about what they had been doing all weekend just nodded at Mike and grabbed his gear and headed for the showers. Mike lay on the bed, his mind racing with his emotions, with his confusion and he reached down and took his hardening cock and began to masturbate, to stroke it as he relived each moment of the weekend, and he soon came, pumping out his load on his stomach. He held up his hand and looked at the cum stringing between his fingers and he licked it off, tasting his own for the first time. He was surprised at how different it tasted from Thomas's cum. By the time he got up and gathered up his stuff to go shower Thomas was coming back in the room.

"You're back already?"

"Yeah, I need to go study for a test tomorrow" Thomas replied.

"Well..." and Mike hesitated, not sure what to say, and finally he looked over to the door. "I guess I should hit the showers. I'll catch ya later?"

"yeah...maybe" Thomas said as he began to put his notebook and books into his backpack.


Thomas wondered how Mike would react after he was let loose and for three days their conversations were strained, like they didn't know what to say to one another. Thomas noticed Mike was parading around the dorm room naked more than usual, but now without the usual banter, the jock bullshit. Instead he saw Mike touch himself a little more, his cock half hard more often, and it made him wonder if Mike wanted to go further, was questioning his straight jock boy image. Thomas had began to change in the room in front of Mike, no longer shy to let Mike see him naked, see his skinny body with its thick cock hanging down long over his balls and there were a couple of times he almost asked Mike if he wanted to climb down from the top bunk and join him. But even with the new openness between them on one level there existed a strain that neither seemed to know how to get past on another.

Mike now knew Thomas had to be gay, the way he had so easily used him for sex and afterwards, there was the looks, the way he carried himself, and his willingness to let Mike see him naked. Mike no longer thought of him as skinny, not the way he had shown such stamina, instead he thought of him in other ways, ways that made him nervous, but each evening he lay up on his top bunk and listened to Thomas down below, thinking how easy it would be to just jump down and initiate sex. To slide in beside Thomas, to touch him down there, to feel his cock get hard and then do those things that made him anxious.


Thursday turned nasty, thunderstorms rolling in turning the sky dark, menacing, with flash after flash of lightning with the loud rumbling thunder. The rain came down hard, quickly leaving all the sidewalks and roads overflowing with storm water. Thomas was at his last class of the day when the storms began and had debated whether or not to wait it out or just accept getting wet. He secured his backpack, making sure it was zipped up tight and took off in a run. The dorm was busy with a lot of guys roaming the halls, trapped inside due to the weather. Thomas was soaked and he made his way to his room as quickly as possible. He opened the door to find the lights out which he didn't bother to turn on as he came in tossing his backpack on the floor and began to pull his shirt over his head when he stopped in his tracks. Lying on his bed, naked, was Mike.

"Get out of your wet clothes and come on over" Mike whispered.

Mike waited, lying on his stomach, knowing how it looked. He was submitting to Thomas willingly, showing him he wanted it and as Thomas eased on the bed, eased up between his legs he sensed Thomas wasn't in the role of dominant master but something more intimate. Thomas moved over him and laid on his back, and the contact was warm, stimulating, the feel of Thomas's lean body, the feel of his growing erection nestled between his ass cheeks, the warmth of his breath as he moved his head down over Mike's neck, his nose running along his hairline, his lips touching his skin, softly, slowly, till he was mouthing one ear, then downward across Mike's cheek and then mouth to mouth. Thomas grabbed each of Mike's hands and held him down as he pumped his hips against Mike's ass, pushing his cock into the crack, probing along the cleft. Mike pushed up with his ass and he felt Thomas' cock rub over his hole, press against it and he moaned as he pushed up against the hard cock, more determined to be fucked.

"Do it...do it, Thomas...put it in me" he whispered, his voice hoarse.

Thomas shifted his hips till he could take his cock in hand and move it into position, and he rubbed the sensitive head over Mike's hole smearing pre-cum over it, slicking it up, teasing it till he felt Mike push up and Thomas brought his hips down breaching Mike, penetrating him, slowly, easing inch after inch of cock through the tight ring of his hole and into the hot velvety soft insides. Thomas didn't stop until he was all the way in and he lay for a moment flat on Mike's back letting him get use to the cock he had buried in his ass.

Mike laid underneath Thomas, feeling the cock that stretched and stuffed his hole, the warm body that lie on him and the gentle kissing, the lips touching him around his neck, ear and side of his mouth. He felt his hole finally loosen all the way, the pain of penetration suddenly just vanish and he pushed up, pushed against Thomas's hips trying to get more of his cock inside him. Thomas shifted, eased up on his hands raising his body up and he began to fuck, to pull his cock up and out of Mike's ass and then ease it back in, all the way till hips pressed against ass, till Mike's hole was full and stretched back open with his cock. Thomas kept it up, building up his pace, plunging his cock into Mike over and over and over again, till the bed squeaked and Mike grunted and cried out in rhythm to Thomas' fuck, to the pace that rocked the bed. Thomas fell down on Mike, bear hugged their bodies together as he ground his cock into Mike, pumped his hips to work his cock through the tight ring of Mike's hole, to stir in Mike with his cock till he felt it. The need to cum building up, the way his body tensed up, the way his cock ached with its hardness and he slammed down his hips, shoving his cock into Mike till he came, pumping his load as deeply into Mike as he could, grinding his hips, working his cock through the slick warm wad of his load till he was spent, exhausted and he fell still for a moment.

When Thomas rolled off Mike, Mike rolled to his side, his back up against Thomas's chest and he began to stroke his own cock, to work his pre-cum along the shaft slicking it up.

"Wait" Thomas said as he reached around and held Mike's hand still. "Get down on the floor on your back."

Mike slide off the bed and on the floor where he watched Thomas follow him and soon Thomas was hovering over his hips, his back facing Mike, as he held up Mike's erection, held it up under his ass and began to move his hips slowly, letting Mike's cock rub over his ass, rub over his hole, teasing himself, bringing up his desire for it and soon he held Mike's cock still and lowered his ass, breached his opening and slid down.

Mike watched his cock disappear, watched as Thomas' lean body slide down his cock till he was sitting on his hips. Thomas wasting little time in shifting positions and riding up and down Mike's cock, furiously, up and down he moved till his skin glistened in the dim light coming through the window. Mike sat up and pulled Thomas back against him and kissed him on the neck, along the edge of his hair and over his ear.

"That feels so good" he whispered in Thomas' ear, "the way you ride my cock."

Mike let Thomas go and fell back flat and let Thomas resume his fuck, his riding up and down Mike's cock. Mike noticed Thomas seemed to be stroking his cock by the movement of his right arm and he was surprised he would be hard again so soon. Thomas rode him harder and harder till Mike began to hump up from the floor and shove his cock up as Thomas came down, their bodies slapping together as Mike's cock disappeared in Thomas. Mike held Thomas' hips and kept working his own in rhythm with Thomas till he felt his cock swell up, his load race out of his cock and he came, pumping hard, short thrusts of his hips upward, as he unloaded his cum into Thomas.

"Fuck...take it...take my load" Mike grunted through clinched teeth. Thomas leaned back as Mike settled down, his cock spent, and Thomas began to stroke his cock harder, the noise of his hand over his slick shaft the only thing either could hear as Thomas brought himself to the point of cumming again. He leaned back and pumped his hips in short jerky thrusts, keeping Mike's cock buried in his hole. He threw his head back and cried out as cum shot out of his cock.


The door flew open and Ricky stood in the doorway, the light from the hall spilled into the dark room illuminating the two figures on the floor, Mike lying flat with Thomas sitting on his cock, his body stretched out, leaned back, his hard cock shooting its cum as Thomas couldn't stop even with the shock of finding the door opened on to them. Ricky stood in shock, looked at the two bodies, especially the lean one, the one on top with cum all over his stomach and his cum covered hand still stroking the hard shaft of his cock. Thomas, finally spent, stopped and looked at Ricky, wondering what he was going to say. Time seemed to stand still, the three of them looking at each other.

"I...I...Tom...we're going to a movie...I mean...shit, shit...shit" his voice trailing off. "Listen I'm sorry, I...won't say anything. I..." and he stopped talking and pulled the door closed leaving Thomas and Mike still on the floor.





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