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End of Part 10

Sultan got up and went to the Jeep where the driver had been waiting.

'Good bye Judge and enjoy your purchase.'

'I will! You can be sure of that!'

Part 11

Yethro picked up his cell phone and called Dexter. 'You can come back anytime you want. My guests have left and I am finished with the legal business for today.'

Dexter pulled in his lines and started up the outboard and headed into shore. Tying up at the dock he walked up the path to the house. Seeing the judge there putting some papers into his attachÇ case, he asked, 'Are you finished with business for the day?'

'Yes, I'm done and I want to thank you for being so understanding before. If we are to go on seeing each other like this, you are going to have to get used to the idea of me having to take some time to do business. How else can I afford to have you for my boyfriend? All this does take money.'

'If you were really my boyfriend, I would not need all this to keep me happy. I would want only you,' Dexter said, 'however it is rather nice not having to worry about money or where my next meal is coming from.'

'Yes, I agree. It does uncomplicate things. Speaking about eating, what are we going to do for supper? I don't feel like cooking and I'm not ready to find out if your domestic talents include cooking, yet. How about we do something really wild? Something that you would never get a chance to do any other day.'

'Like what?'

'I don't know. Why don't you just throw out an idea and let's see what I can do about it,' the judge said.

'Well, since I will not have this opportunity again, OK.' Dexter said, and after thinking for a few moments, he smiled and said, 'Since this is going to be one of the last nights that we will be together, why not throw caution to the wind and go out on the town tonight and find a fancy place to eat. You know a cafe.'

'Hmmmm,' the judge thought. 'That's a great idea. However neither of us has the right clothes to wear here.'

'Right, I forgot! Well perhaps something else like going to a movie.' Dexter said downhearted.

Seeing the disappointment in Dexter's eyes the judge thought a while and then said, 'Let me make a call or two. Maybe I can arrange something. What size are you? Give me your measurements. My tailor should be able to put together an outfit for you by this evening.'

'That's silly! Don't go to the trouble. You could order in a nice dinner and we could eat it here. It would be almost as good as going to a nice eating establishment. Besides, how would it look when the public sees you out with a male prostitute like me?'

'I don't care what the hell they think. Now give me your sizes. If my tailor can't do it - then we will order in, but I bet he will be only too happy to try and accommodate me. I'll tell him to pick up my stuff and the two of us can go out in style.'

'You're too much, Yethro. Don't blame me if you get into trouble because of this. Your wife will hit the roof when she finds out.'

The judge smiled, looked sheepishly at Dexter and said, 'That she may do - to hell with her.' Then, going into the cabin, he had a brilliant idea. 'You stay out here - we are going out tonight and you will look stunning.' He ran into the cabin and called his tailor and made all the arrangements. Then he called an exclusive cafe and made reservations for the evening.

Dexter was waiting on the porch when the judge came out with a big smile on his face. 'Everything is set. Our clothes will be here in about two hours. The reservations are made for 9 PM tonight.'

'I don't believe it. How did you do it?'

'It's done. Now come here and give me a big kiss. When my lover wants something - It is my job to get it for him, and I want to keep you happy.'

'Your Lover? I'm just a prostitute!'

'Not when you are with me. If you want to be that, you can go back to Sultan. Just say so and I'll ship your ass back to him. As long as you are with me, you are my lover, my boyfriend, my partner - anything but a prostitute. And I don't want you to ever use that word around me again. Now kiss me and let's get ready for our date.'

They kissed and took a shower together. As the water flowed over their nude bodies, Dexter soaped up Yethro's dark hair and he returned the favor. The judge loved to run his dark fingers through the blonde's flaxen locks. He loved the soft feel of the hair and its smell as well.

Dexter, for his part, loved running his white fingertips over the older male's olive bronze skin. He really had a hard, fit body and as his lips kissed the warm skin he felt the desire to suck and nibble on his throat and shoulders. Every now and then Dexter inadvertently let out a moan or sigh and thought damn, I've fallen for this man. I really want him. What will I do when I have to go back to Sultan's?

They both washed the soapsuds off each other and then dried and powdered themselves up with talcum. 'I would fuck the hell out of you but the tailor will be here soon and I want us to be fresh for dinner,' the judge smiled.

'We don't have to go to dinner. Like I said we could dress and order in.'

'What? And not let the highborn scum of this town see my beautiful lover? Don't even think of it. Here put on some underwear and get into that robe. He will be here soon,' the judge said.

The gate phone rang and the judge ran to answer it and let in the tailor. He entered the house with his assistant, both with arms loaded down with boxes.

The judge took his dress suit and hung it in the closet. He then asked Dexter to come into the room. 'Ohhhhhhh,' said the tailor. 'He is going to look wonderful in this outfit. You could not have picked a better costume for the young man. The colors will just bring out the blond hair and blue eyes to perfection. Judge, all eyes will be on the both of you tonight.'

He unwrapped the box and displayed a light weight silken embroidered Jalabiya. Dexter had seen many of these since his arrival in this town, but none that came close to this beautiful garment. Not even the one that Sultan had worn that time when he had seduced him into being a prostitute. 'It's beautiful, but I can't take it - it must have cost you a fortune.'

'It did! But you will accept it, as a gift from me. You will take it and, damn it, you will stop all this nonsense about money and try it on right now,' the judge ordered.

Dexter did as ordered and fell in love with the flowing robe.

'Oh! It looks perfect and those sandals are your size,' said the tailor's assistant. 'You can go anywhere in that outfit and except for your blond hair and that light skin of yours, people will think you are Saudi Royalty. Women are going to throw themselves at your feet.'

'I want you to make up four more in different colors with sandals to match. Deliver them here to me,' the judge ordered. 'That will be all for now gentlemen and thank you for your quick service.'

The tradesmen left and Dexter walked up and down like a model for the judge. 'Thank you, Yethro. I really love this. What are you going to wear?'

'A conservative blue business suit. I had the tailor pick up one from my house. From now on I will leave it here, just in case you should want to go to a movie or a show when you come here again. Now if you will excuse me, I will get dressed myself. We have reservations for 9PM and our driver will be here soon.'

Half an hour later the judge came out of the bedroom all dressed up. 'Well how do I look? Do you think I will make a fit date for you tonight?' he asked as he ran a small comb through his hair.

'Handsome, real handsome and good enough to eat,' Dexter smiled as he walked up to Yethro and enfolded him in his arms and kissed him. 'Perhaps you would like to skip the food and let me dine on you?'

The gate buzzer rang as they disengaged from each other. 'Tell him to go home. Tell him we changed our minds!' Dexter whispered.

'Too late now and stop the bullshit,' Yethro warned. 'I know you are nervous, Dex, but it's time to get going.'

The two of them walked out the door and down the steps. The car was waiting with the chauffer holding the door open. Dexter deferred to the judge, trying to let him enter first, but he took Dexter's arm and helped him into the rear seat and then moved in beside him. 'You know where we are going for dinner, don't you?'

'Yes sir!'

And off they went. After passing through the center of town they drove to a fancy section in the suburbs. Dexter had never been to this area before and the car stopped before, what looked like a mansion. A liveried doorman came out and opened the rear door and offered his hand to Yethro and helped him get out. Dexter was assisted next.

'Good evening, your honor, the doorman said in Arabic, bowing at the waist. It is good to see you here again. It has been a long time since we have had the opportunity to serve you.'

'Yes, it has been a while,' the judge said. 'In fact it has been too long a time. Please speak English as my dinner companion has little or no knowledge of our tongue. Is our table ready?'

'It is just about ready. Would the two of you care for a drink at the bar while we finish the setting up? It will take only a few minutes.'

'Yes some soft drinks will do for now,' the judge said as they were directed to the bar and served orange juice. As they sat drinking, Yethro apologized, 'I'm sorry, I should have asked you what you wanted. Perhaps you would like some vodka or something else.'

'No, this is fine. Aside from wine I do not drink the hard stuff nor do I take drugs. Achmed slipped me some drugs when he...' Dexter left it hanging there as the headwaiter came and told them their table was ready. They followed him to a table where they were seated. The waiter then told them the daily specials not listed on the menu and that he would return for their orders shortly. The judge looked over the menu and translated and critiqued each item and then they selected the items they wanted and the judge ordered dinner when the waiter returned.

'This is really a nice place to eat,' Dexter said. 'I did not know you had places like this in town.'

'This is actually a private club. There is a steam room, pool and gym as well as this dining room. Only the richest and best families can afford to be members. Here is where the real business of the town is conducted. The people may think that they run the government, but it is those who are sitting here tonight that really do.'

'Are you one of them, Judge?' Dexter asked.

'I should hope so. Otherwise, we would not have gotten past the front door. My wife's family was one of the founders of this establishment and I was one of the first to be invited into membership - long before I was her husband. Many people think that her father was responsible for my rise to prominence, but they do not know the true facts.'

'And why are you going to tell me 'the true facts'?' Dexter asked.

'I really don't know why I'm telling you any of this, except that for some reason I feel I have to and I want to,' Yethro said as he saw the waiter return with their food. 'Ahhh, our meal is here, let's eat and then if you want, I will continue my life history for you.'

They sat and ate their dinner. They talked about their lives and the judge told him of his early struggle to gain acceptance into the town's closed social system. Coffee and dessert were served and then it began - a procession of club guests inundated their table. One by one, distinguished diners and their guests came over and greeted the judge. He in turn introduced Dexter to them as his special friend. It was all very nice and proper.

After they stopped, Dexter whispered to the judge, 'You realize that this is going to be all over town by Monday. Your wife will be looking for your head.'

'That's what I hope will happen! Now would you like to go to a cafe and hear some Bedouin music or do you wish to go home to bed?' asked the judge. It had started to rain and they just made it to the car. The lightning and thunder made it sound like the world was coming to an end.

'I think we better head for home before the weather floods the roads. We don't want to be caught in a gully wash.'

They drove home and after they had locked up for the night, Yethro sat Dexter down next to him and asked how he had liked the evening out.

'Except for the weather, it was very nice and there were times I really felt that we were a couple out on a date. I liked that your friends came over to the table to greet us, but I must admit that when the first one dropped by I thought he was going to have us thrown out.'

The judge laughed, 'No, my love. What comes to the club usually stays in the club. However, Arab men being Arab men do love to gossip, perhaps even more than most others, and I'm sure something will get out. I doubt if any of these men were there with their wives. Arab women stay at home. That second man that came to our table has three wives. None of whom were was with him this evening.'

'Who was that lovely woman with him?'

'It was his concubine.'

'And what do you think they thought I was? Was I your concubine?'

'No! You were my dinner date, and a very nice one at that. I can only hope that they all thought you were my concubine. Yes, it would have given me much pleasure for them to think that. However I do not think any of them thought that a man like you would lower yourself to be my bed partner. I think that everyone there tonight would have given his or her eyeteeth to be in my place,' he smiled as he leaned over and kissed Dexter on the lips. 'It made me so proud to be sitting there with you and watch you talking to my friends as if you were my lover. You know that is something an Arab man never has. Wives must stay at home. They never sit and talk to a husband's male friends. Not only is it just not done, but a wife could have her head cut off for even appearing to have a talk with a man not her relative or husband. We keep our wives away from our male friends. Lock them up in harems and have eunuchs protect them from the outside world. Perhaps that is the reason many of us take male lovers or go to establishments like Sultan's. We need to satisfy our need for social as well as sexual companionship.'

'I think I am just beginning to understand Arab mentality. It may take me a while to get to really understand, but I can now see why so many men make the brothel their second home,' Dexter said as he relaxed in the judges arms and returned his kisses. 'Come, let's go to bed and end this wonderful day.'

They started to get up and go into the bedroom when there was a huge crash of lightning and the lights went out.

'Damn, there goes the power,' Yethro cursed as he grabbed a small flashlight from the kitchen drawer and also some candles and matches. 'Don't worry I will turn on the emergency generator. We will have power for the alarm system, the refrigeration and the lights. Here, you light a few of these candles for light. I don't want you to trip over the furniture and get yourself hurt. When I come back we can leave off the lights and just use the candles.'

'Oh how romantic Yethro. If I didn't know you better, I would say you arranged it all.'

Taking a rain slicker from the hall closet and the flashlight, he went out into the rain and made his way down the back road to the emergency shed. Once inside, he started the generator and then came back into the house where Dexter was waiting for him with towels to dry off. After he was dried off he said,

'Well I guess there is nothing else to do. We might as well go to bed. Bring the candles into the bedroom. There is no need to set out the hurricane lamps. We will be sleeping soon and by morning the electricity should be back on,' Yethro said with a gleam in his eye. 'Besides, like you said before, it is more romantic with candle light.'

They undressed each other in the candlelight and were soon in bed . Dexter lay on his back as the judge reached over and kissed him. The older man then climbed on top of him and pressed his body weight into him. The candles flickered and bathed their sweating bodies in the soft glow of the yellow light. Dexter held the judge in his arms making full body contact. With slow deliberate movements Dexter's fingers reached up and enclosed Yethro's head and pulled his face and lips to his mouth. He kissed him deeply, his tongue driving inside his mouth, their saliva mixing, their bodies becoming like one. The judge braking away from the kiss, whispered into Dexter's ear, 'I want you now, my love. Are you ready for me?'

'Oh! Yes, I'm ready,' he moaned as he spread his legs and let the judge's hard body mould itself to his. He could feel the man's throbbing sex as it entered his welcoming love-hole, sliding past his gateway. The two men uniting and became one. It was not a 'lust thing' although there was lust and lots of it. It was more like a slicked up motor launch docking in it's home port.

'I love you, Dexter,' the judge grunted as he slowly and forcefully pushed his manhood into him until it could go no deeper.

The younger man uttered a deep moan of deep satisfaction then held his breath for a split second. Then without thinking or knowing where it came from, he heard this strange voice answer, 'I love you, too Yethro!'

Slowly, but with great tenderness, the older man continued to plow the younger man. He placed his lips on Dexter's ear then softly murmured, 'I have waited to hear you say that since the first day you came here.'

Everything else disappeared. There was just the two of them in the semi-darkness. The only sounds heard in the room were the falling rain hitting the roof, the wind blowing through the trees outside, and the moans and grunts coming from their love-nest. Slowly, ever so slowly as Yethro's cock expanded and pushed its way deeper into his lover, there came that pause and then that deep moaning as both of them released their passion....

They held on to each other for a long time and then Dexter said, 'I could get used to evenings like this. I want to thank you for a wonderful evening and a great week. I will miss you.'

'I'm glad you said that because we are going to be doing this a lot in the future. You had better get used to it, dear.'

'What are you talking about?'

'Tonight was our celebration night. You are not going back to Sultan. I did it!' The judge said as he rolled off Dexter and blew out the candle. 'You are mine, now. You belong to me. Today while you were out fishing, I sent for Sultan and I purchased you from him. You are free from him and you do not have to return to the brothel any more. I paid him $250,000 for you.'

'$250.000. That's a lot of money, are you sure I'm worth it?'

'You are to me. No more will you have to service Sultan's clients.' Yethro said as he kissed Dexter on the lips. 'Monday I will submit a copy of the Bill of Sale to the county clerk and it will all be legal.'

'What will your wife say about this?' Asked Dexter. 'She is not going to like this at all. She will try to take you for all you're worth.'

'She might try that and even if she should win, I don't care. She can have all of it! However, I think that she will be very happy to be rid of me, at last. I will let her have the house in town. I will also give her a small monthly cash payment, which will take care of her until she finds a new husband. If, for some reason she will not accept my generous offer, I will give her a traditional Islamic divorce and give her nothing. I think she will not only accept the offer but she will jump at the chance. Not many Arab women are ever given this opportunity. You and I can live here or I will buy a new house for us in town and use this one for a country get-a-way. What do you say to all this?'

'Well like you said the other day, it is better to sleep in the bed of one master than having to have my ass plowed by a new one every night,' Dexter said rather sarcastically.

'What do you want? Dexter, what do you want?' Screamed Yethro.

'I don't know what I want and neither will anyone else really know until I am able to make my own decisions as a free man. I want my freedom!'

'I cannot give you that, my love, not because I don't want to, but rather because I am afraid to do it. I fear you will choose freedom above me and I will lose you.' Yethro moaned and turned over and in a sleepy voice said 'And that I cannot and will not permit...'

To be continued...


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