He walked into the smoke filled cafe and looked around. He was looking for one of the many Arab shop owners that infested this area of the town. Not seeing him he looked around for a place to sit or a face he just might know. However there was little chance of that here. There were no women here, just men. They were mostly older men who owned or rented the small shops that made up the Arab Shuk area of the city. Here and there one could see a few younger men, but all of them were olive-skinned middle-easterners.

He stuck out like a sore thumb. His blue eyes and blond hair were so out of place and unusual here. At twenty years old, he looked sixteen, maybe seventeen at the most. Besides his white skin and flaxen hair, his dress was a dead giveaway that he was a stranger to these parts. Most, if not all the men were dressed in the Jalabiya, those flowing robes that in colder weather were used as a outer covering but in the heat of this season many preferred to just wear the ornate garment over their bare skin or maybe use white briefs under it. All had some type of head covering. Dexter, that was his name, on the other hand was dressed in tight jeans and an undersize white 'T' shirt that was fighting a loosing battle to cover his slim trim body. He had on a pair of black loafers but no socks. Weighing in at about 150 lbs he was really in good shape and ordinarily he moved with the grace of a gazelle. He was a good-looking young man even if he was out of place here.

A deafening calm descended on the room as the merchants, who were on their afternoon break, stopped their conversations and apprised the newcomer. At this time of day it was impossible to find a small shop in the area that was open for business. During the hours of one to five, following the customs in a great many Levantine countries, these shop owners took a few hours rest. Except for the few cafes and coffee shops, these people just did not like to do business during the heat of the day. They either went home to sleep or sat around in small cafes talking and smoking until it was time to open up their places of businesses again.

Well most but not all of them.... Some of the more affluent merchants might spend a few hours in one of the better brothels in the area. Places where for a price you could buy the services of a male or female companion for the afternoon. Some of the more expensive establishments provided beautiful female and/or handsome male belly dancers that enticed the patrons who sat around low tables sipping steaming cups of coffee while they took long drags of hashish on the hooker water pipes that were made available. After the dancers had aroused their sexual appetites, they would choose a companion or two from the establishment's prostitutes and use the provided rooms for their pleasure.

Looking around the cafe room for the merchant he wanted and unable to find him, Dexter started to leave. As he turned to go a waiter asked if he was looking for anyone in particular.

'Yes, as a matter of fact I'm looking for Mr. Marook the owner of Marook's Rug and Antiques Shop.' Dexter said.

'He is home sick today, but his nephew is here running the store for him and maybe he can help you.' The waiter said as he took him by his forearm and guided him to a small table at which sat a well-developed man of about thirty. Putting down his cup of Turkish coffee he raised his dark eyes, smiled and looked up into the white face standing before him and said, 'Yes is there anything I can do for you?'

'Well I hope that you can,' said Dexter. After introducing himself, he said, 'I was passing your uncle's store and a few things in the window caught my eye.'

'Salam, please sit down and join me. My name is Achmed. My Uncle is sick and I am running his establishment for a few weeks. What is it that you saw?' he said, knowing full well that his uncle seldom sold what was shown in the windows. He used them as 'Bait and Switch' items to entice customers into the store where he would try to sell them cheaper goods at a very high price.

'I was interested in a few of the Mid-eastern items. A nice rug and some low tables and that Turkish coffee maker and the cups for starters.' Dexter said.

'Yes I think I know the pieces you want - they are very expensive. The coffee set alone is well over $900. Are you sure you can afford such expensive and rare items?'

'900, that is steep, but then perhaps if I were to add a few items you might be able to do a little better on the price.' Dexter said knowing the mid-eastern love of bargaining.

'Ahhhhh yes you like to drive a hard bargain.' Achmed said rubbing his hands together. 'Are you sure that there is not a small amount of Arab blood in your family history?'

'Not that I am aware of. I do have to get back to the place where I am staying and I have little time to shop. Would you be able to open your shop for me, now?'

Rubbing his chin as if he had a beard he leaned over and whispered, 'If you were to leave here now, I could meet you at the shop and perhaps we could enter without anyone seeing us. I would not want anyone to see me conducting business during the rest hours, as it would not be right to take advantage of my fellow competitors.' He joked. 'You leave first, I will follow you and by going around to the alley I can enter the store from there. When you get to the store make sure there is no one watching then ring the bell three times and I will let you in.'

'This is most kind of you, Achmed.' He said as he got up and left. A little while later the Arab rose and hurried to the back alley where he opened the rear door to the shop and let himself in. Passing through the backroom into the shop he waited for the bell to ring. When it did he opened the door and almost dragged Dexter into the shuttered shop.

'Sorry about that!' he said. 'But custom rules our lives. Now lets see was it this 'Finjon' (Coffee Pot) that you wanted to purchase?'

'Yes that's the one, along with the matching coffee cups - how much?'

'$1000 American.'

'I thought you said $900.'

'That was for the 'Finjon' alone, the cups are $100 more.'

'Now that my friend is Grand Larceny, and you know it. I will give you '$400 for both.'

'You wound me, you cut me to the bone. By the heart of my mother this is a family heirloom. She would come back from paradise and cut my throat if I sold it for that ridiculous price.'

Back and forth they haggled the Arab coming down a bit and the American fighting to stay below first $500 then $600. Finally, the Arab said, 'Why do you want this item so much. I bet you do not even know how to make coffee in this pot.'

The American said, 'No but I can learn.'

'O.K. I'll tell you what. I will show you and if I feel that you have mastered the technical complexities I will sell it to you for $675. I will not come down one cent more. That is my bottom offer. You drive a hard bargain young man. Is that a deal?' he said extending his hand.

'Yes it is!' Dexter said happily knowing that he had made a good deal. They shook hands to seal the arrangement.

Come we will go into the workshop and celebrate our deal. He then showed him the way into the backroom. Filling the pot with water and placing it on the gas burner to heat up, he then took down a few jars and carefully measured out coffee and sugar and he placed it in a mortar and pounded it to a fine powder.

'This is important because the coffee and sugar must be mixed at this point.' He instructed. When the water had boiled he added the powder to the pot. Placing the pot back on the gas he again allowed it to boil and then he removed it from the fire and let it cool a bit. He poured the black concoction into cups. 'Here take a sip. This is how we Arabs love it. I have additional dark sugar here. I know you Americans love it sweet, we Arabs do not.' He said as he handed the cup to Dexter and guided him to a heavy square workbench in the middle of the room. Pulling up two chairs he sat and asked Dexter, 'Now you tell me how you like it.'

'It is a bit bitter for my taste maybe some more sugar.' He said putting the cup down.

'I knew it, here always use dark sugar.' He said placing a teaspoon of dark sugar in Dexter's cup. 'This should do it!'

They both sat down and sipped the hot coffee. 'MMMMMMMMM it is worth every penny of it.' Dexter said as he drank down his coffee. 'Now what else did I want - oh yesss I want a rug.' He slurred.

'Here you sit down here by the work table and I will get you the samples to view.' And when again he saw him faltering he asked. 'Are you alright?'

'Yes I'm fine, Just a bit warm and .....'

'And what? You look sick.' He said showing concern but knowing full well that the drug disguised as dark sugar he had tricked Dexter into taking was beginning to kick in.

'I don't know. No, I'm not sick. I just feel warm and sort of out of it.' He reached up and placed an arm around Achmed's shoulders in order to steady himself. Achmed grabbed him and held him up. He then pulled the young man close to his body hugging him and rubbing his body against Dexter's. His fingers quickly ran over the heaving body and down to the young man's crotch where he felt the rising excitement and heat radiating through the tight jeans from his cock.

'I see your trouble now,' he said, 'you westerners with your tight clothing in this heat it inhibits the air flow.' He leered as he slowly lowered Dexter's zipper and reaching in, fished around with his fingers feeling up the young man and squeezing his hardening cock. Pulling the uncut meat out he hefted it in the palm of his hand. Taking a quick guess he mused, it must be at least eight inches long, it had nice thickness and best of all, was uncut. God I love when they have foreskin he thought as his fingertips played with the loose foreskin, pulling it back and forth over the angry purple cock head.

'My friend you are about to embark on an entirely new life.' He said as he placed his hands on his shoulders and guided Dexter down to his knees forcing the blond man's face against the folds of his loose fitting robe. See how much better it is to wear the Jalabiya. It allows the air to circulate and keeps you cool. Then slowly lifting up his robe and uncovering his own hard cock, he rubbed it over Dexter's face and lips. 'Smell and taste that! It will become your sweet pollen and like the honeybee you will feed on it. Get used to it, young man, as you will be seeing a lot of it from now on, my little golden money maker.' Achmed placed his hand over the back of Dexter's head and knotted his dark fingers through the flaxen hair and pressed the gasping man's face and lips over the hard olive colored cock. With the other hand he held the circumcised head of his cock and pressed it upon Dexter's wet ruby lips, rubbing it over his lips and teeth and forcing it into the hot moist mouth. Feeling the teeth scrape along his cock head he said, 'Now open wide and don't even think of biting or I shall have to cut your throat. That's it, that' a good boy! Open wider! I do love the feel and stimulation of your teeth scrapping on my cock but no biting.

The drug that he had slipped him with the additional sugar was really kicking in now making Dexter more compliant but only to a point. The underside of Achmed's cock traveled over the lips and teeth pushing along the tongue to the back of the blond's mouth where it was greeted with violent gagging. This resistance only excited the Arab more as he continued to push. Dexter gagged and tried to pull away but Achmed at first held him close and refused to retreat. Then when he saw it was useless to keep pressing forward, he momentarily pulled back. At that point Dexter thought that the Arab had given up and he relaxed. Big mistake! Achmed screamed, scaring the hell out of the kneeling young man. Then before the poor slob could gather his wits, his assailant shot his hips forward forcefully pushing past the tonsils and down his throat destroying his last defenses.

'There, you bastard take it all. Take my Arab meat deep in your fucking western throat. You are doing great you gorgeous little cock sucker.' He shouted as Dexter's eyes filled with tears. Back and forth his assailant sawed pushing and plowing forward until his cock was buried deep in Dexter's throat and his pubic hair was resting on the victim's lips and nose. Again withdrawing and again pushing forward, over and over, he continued to abuse the helpless young man's throat as well as utterly destroyed his will to resist. 'There you little son of bitch, you infidel shit head, you cocksucker, take it all. Enjoy the taste of a real man.' Then he felt the first ejaculation of sperm which he let flow down Dexter's throat. After first allowing a globular of cum to directly enter Dexter's stomach he pulled his cock out of his throat and aimed the cock at the handsome white face and continued to plaster Dexter's face with rope after rope of hot cummmmmmm.

'There, as you educated Americans say, 'Lesson number One, Cock-sucking 101'. You are on the road to becoming a first class cocksucker but for now I can only grade you as B+. Not to worry, in no time at all, with much more practice, I'm sure you will be the toast of all the brothels.' He laughed. He reached down and with his strong fingers he grabbed Dexter's 'T' shirt and ripping off the shirt he tossed it in the trash basket. Next lifting up the exhausted young man he laid him face down across the heavy workbench. Meticulously he arranged the devastated body so that the thin waist rested on the front edge of the table with its long muscular legs dangling down so that his toes just touched the floor. Achmed then extended the pale white arms over the rear edge and down along the rear legs of the table. 'I think I will tie your wrists to the table legs so that you don't fall off and hurt yourself,' he laughed as he took some short bits of rope from the workbench drawer and secured Dexter's hands to the bench legs.

'There you go, all nice and secure.' He said patting and rubbing the jean covered bubble ass displayed before him. 'You rest here while I get ready to prepare you for our next lesson.'

He walked over to a dirty sink and from the overhead utility cabinet he removed a shaving mug, brush and an old straight razor. He proceeded to hone the blade on a leather and canvas-shaving strap that hung near the sink within view of Dexter. Dragging the blade slowly over the leather he saw that Dexter was watching his every movement. 'Do you like this strap?' He asked. 'It is a fearful toy that I sometimes use to whip men who choose not to obey me. However, if you do as I say, there will be no need to mark up that beautiful body of yours with red welts.'

Then putting a bit of warm water into the shaving mug, he worked up a nice lather with the brush and positioned himself between Dexter's legs. Placing the shaving equipment within easy reach he reached under Dexter and undid his belt. Removing his Jeans and underpants pants, he let them slip to the floor. Kneeling down, he removed the black loafers and together with the pants threw them into the trash basket as well.

'You will not be needing them anymore.' He smiled and closing his eyes he used his sensitive finger tips, as a blind man would, to examine every inch of skin, starting at the bound man's toes, moving next to the feet and then to his calves savoring and licking on every erotic zone he could find.

He continued this journey up the legs until he arrived at the area between the balls and ass valley. Ohhhhh that special area, that one square inch or so of flesh where the nerve endings are said to be the most sensitive, this area was slated to receive his special treatment. He extended his tongue and starting at the base of the testicles. He lapped around the area up to and around the small rosebud. Flooding the area with his warm spit and then blowing his hot breath into quivering love hole. Up, up and all over Dexter's back he kissed and licked his way. He paid particular attention to the shoulders; taking little love bites out of them. Then he worked his way down again pass the ass hole to the cock and balls and ran the tip of his tongue up and down the shaft taking the foreskin in his teeth and nibbling on it.

'OHHHHHHHHH ahhhhhhhhh!' came the moans of ecstasy from the prostrate body on the workbench.

'I see you enjoyed that. Well behave yourself and maybe I will give you more, but, not now. Now, is my time to enjoy but I'm afraid that you are going to be hurting.' He said as he opened his eyes and rising to his feet he stepped back and admired the full round succulent globes. Running his hand over the smooth meat he observed, 'What a beautiful body and ass you have. It is almost perfect. Almost the most beautiful ass I have ever seen, but not perfect. There is the matter of that ugly blond stubble. Now if you will just keep still and do not move while I remove some of that unsightly hair I will attempt to make it enticing and create a work of art. I am going to remove the hair on your ass and some of your pubic hair. For now I will leave that beautiful blond bush above your cock. This will make you very attractive and so hot that men will fight over you and perhaps a woman will even want you for her bed.. But that is in the future.. Right now, I repeat, don't move, as I would not like to mistakenly damage you when I remove that unsightly mess. As you can see this is not a safety razor and it is very sharp and I do not wish to cut your balls off or do damage to your ass hole if I can help it, at least not yet and not with a razor,' he smiled as he started to lather up Dexter's ass and balls. 'Easy now,' he said as he guided the sharp instrument over the tender ass and spreading the young man's cheeks with his fingers he expertly removed what little hair that was there. Smoothing the skin with his fingers he kept up a running comment as he pulled Dexter's cock down and ran the blade over his balls. 'There just like a new born baby's ass. All clean and smooth.' He dried the wet areas and then he smacked the ass a few times. 'Nice very nice. I always like ass with a little color. To us from the Levant, while we love blonds with blue eyes and white skin, the sight of a white ass is sickening.' He commented as he leaned down and gave the hot red ass a kiss. 'All warmed up and ready for lesson number two now.'

Replacing the shaving equipment he returned with several small plastic vials, one of which he uncorked. He grasped a handful of blond hair and pulled back lifting Dexter's face from the table and holding the open vial under one of his nostrils forced him to inhale by pinching his other one shut and holding his mouth closed. 'That's it breath deep my pet. If you thought you felt good before just wait until these poppers kick in.' Forcing him to take several deep hits in each nostril he soon saw the drug begin to work. He then started to rub his fingertips over the blond's body almost like he was going to give him a Turkish massage. He could quickly see how the young body was reacting as it's breathing became deeper and the moaning increased. These poppers were great, as the odor entered the bloodstream; it magnified the body's feelings making Dexter hornier than he had ever been before. Even Achmed was able to see that the drug was doing its job well because; even against the young man's will his cock was again hard as a rock and throbbing.

'You little Jack Rabbit! You love this. Don't try to deign it. Your cock gives you away. It's hard as a rock again.'

He reached down and ran his fingernail up and down the steel shaft. The uncut pole was hot to the touch and Achmed could feel the hot blood trying to burst out.


'Ahhhhhhhhh youth' he sighed. 'The ability to cum and cum... How I envy it. I see you are suffering so I will help you ease the pain.' Taking the shaft in his fingers he pumped the cock as the blond started again to moan like the bitch he was becoming. With his other hand Achmed stimulated his balls. Dexter was well on his way to shooting his load. At this point Achmed leaned over the moaning and withering body bring his mouth to the soft skin. At first he kissed, then he licked and finally bit into the soft skin of the neck and throat. At the pinnacle of Dexter's passion the Arab squeezzzzzzzzed his balls and Dexter orgasmed like he never had know was possible. Achmed reached down and caught all the heavy white cream in one hand while he milked the very last drops out of the still hard but sensitive dick with the other.


Taking the thick, slippery liquid and letting it drip onto the valley between the two bubble globes he then worked it in with his fingertips. First one fingertip prodded his rosebud, then another, moving round and round until he was able to push into the hot wet chamber. 'My, but you are tight. You are a virgin?' He asked, and stopped trying to open him up further. 'Well, I must not open you up too much, it might take away from my enjoying busting your cherry. I wonder what I did that I should be so rewarded here and now on earth. I guess that they will subtract one virgin from my quota when I reach paradise. It will be worth it. So let's enjoy.'

Rubbing the last of the slippery scum on his own cock head he pressed the wet head of his cock against Dexter's hole and pushed hard. After much effort the head entered and Achmed thrust his hip forward ramming his cock in to the hilt. Dexter screamed and thrashed around as the long circumcised cock bottomed out.

'Great I love screamers.' He yelled back at him. 'You want something to scream about, I'll give you something to yell about!' He leaned over and untied Dexter's wrists. Then grabbing his hair he pulled his head back and up, arching the blond's chest up off the bench so that he could plow that bubble ass even deeper. And he used his strong arms to rock poor Dexter back and forth on his long cock. At the same time, he now had better access to the young man's upper torso. His fingers pinched and pulled at the hard nubs of his tits, his fingernails scratched the chest and left thin furrows that just broke the skin. His hot mouth pressed against the taunt shoulders, licking the skin and tasting its saltiness as he went on a feeding frenzy kissing and biting. With his cock still sawing in and out of the ass he forced Dexter's mouth on to his own and bit his lips and cheeks. There was no let up. No slowing down. If anything Achmed increased his pumping action. Faster and faster he plowed his hard cock into a now totally destroyed and bleeding ass hole. More and more he left his teeth marks on the neck, shoulders, back and face of the now almost unconscious young man.

'Bitch - you are no longer a man - You are a fucking bitch and your asshole is your pussy.' More powerful thrusts as he worked his hips faster and faster. Pulling on Dexter's jaw he opened it and spit into his mouth. 'Pig, infidel, whore, bitch.' Each thrust hitting and rubbing over and against the magic button again causing Dexter's cock to harden. Letting the bloodied torso fall back to the bench top he reached under it and again grabbed the foreskin covered cock and started to jerk it off in concert with the ass pounding. Dexter, though drained, came again and what little muscular activity he had left pulsed around Achmed's cock forcing him to explode. He removed his bloodstained cock and finished his massive ejaculation on the rear end and back of the now exhausted and semi-unconscious Dexter. Rubbing his sperm into the back and working it into his skin. He laughed and said, 'There, now my sperm is a part of you. You will always remember the man that shredded your virgin ass and turned you into a sperm hungry bitch.' He moved away from the workbench and picked up the telephone dialed a number and spoke a few words in Arabic then hung up. A few minutes later there was a knock on the rear door and Achmed opened the door to see a big Black Sudanese standing there with a smile on his face.

'You have something for me?'

'Yeah, you can take him now. He was a good fuck but he is going to cost you plenty.'

The big man walked over and looked Dexter over. He was appalled at the shape he was in. But he knew that with some medication and rest he might be able to use him in two weeks of so. 'He is in bad shape. A blond, was he a virgin?'

'Yes, but not any more.' Achmed bragged. 'I busted him good.'

'Yes that I can see. You fool! You idiot! Do you know how much I would have paid for him untouched or even in fair shape?' Said the Black brothel owner. 'More money than you will ever see in this lifetime or perhaps five lifetimes. Now in this condition, he is worthless. Utterly useless and almost garbage. He is worth almost nothing.' This was a lie, the Sudanese knew that with a little care and perhaps some surgery his ass would heal and with a little luck he could still be worth a hundred thousand or more. The bites would heal also and if they didn't, they might even add to his worth. 'I should let you keep him but tell me how much you want.'

'Ten thousand cash.'

Laughing and sneering he turned to leave, 'You keep him. His medical bills and food will coast me almost that much and that is before I can even earn a cent from him. I would have gladly paid twenty to fifty thousand or more for him before you got your dirty hands on him. You should be paying me to dispose of him, however I will give you five hundred.'

'That's high way robbery. Make it a thousand and the right to use him once a month.'

'Six hundred and you are never to come into my establishment. I don't want you near any of my employees. If I find that you have - I will kill you myself.'

Hearing the knocking on the front door and realizing that it was passed time to reopen the store for business Achmed relented and said, 'Done, but get him out of here now! I have to clean the place and open for business soon.'

Dexter started to moan. 'He is coming to. I can't have him screaming out until I get him out of here and get him home. How are we going to transport him? Can we gag him? I have my van outside in the back alley.' Said the Sudanese.

'Better than that, we can drug him and roll him in a big rug. I will help you load him into the van. If anyone should see us they will think that you have just purchased a new rug. When you get him home you can have one of your men help you carry the rug into your establishment. Everyone will think you have just purchased a new rug.'

'That is great. Not too much drugs, I don't want him to overdose.'

'I am an old hand at this. Not to worry.' Achmed went over to the medicine cabinet and pulled out a black box. He opened it and removed a vile of tranquilizer drugs and a hypodermic needle. Filling the syringe he said, 'this should keep him out for a few hours. He will be O.K. That will give you time to get him settled in his new home.' He then administered the drug and the two men picked out a cheep rug and rolled Dexter up in it and then they carried him out and put him in the rear of the van.

Achmed laughed and said, 'Just like Cleopatra. You now have a new queen.'


Jay Benson/Joystick

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