This is not a love story, it's nothing more than pure reality that I decided to say here. I'm 26 now, studied at UCLA, name's Jake and thought it might be fun to share how i got started into guy on guy sex. I play rugby, I'm usually the hooker, so my body is really built now and was impressive even when I was 18, considering my age. This is the first chapter so I'll tell you guys about my first time...

I've gotten a cruise trip for my 18th birthday, my dad died long ago and my mother needed to take care of my aunt, who was having a baby, so it was arranged and I went with my 32 yo uncle. I wasn't expecting anything sexual, I've had only kissed some girls and that didn't do much for me and I've never really considered any other option, so my thoughts was just on the fun of the cruise attractions. My uncle, Damon, was single and was probably hoping to fuck a lot so we got separeted rooms. We got there at noon, a guy helped us with our stuff and we set out to explore the ship. There were pools, casinos, gym, a lot of places to eat and all you could imagine. On our way back uncle Damon spotted a hot girl who seemed to be alone.

'Hey Jake, I'm gonna check that girl over there. I'll catch you later ok?'

'Sure, I'll get a look around here.'

After a while I decide it was hot enough to swim so I went to my room and changed into my swimming trunks, got a towel and headed to the big pool. On my way to there I noticed some girls checking me out, that didn't arouse me but it sure made me feel hotter. When I got by the pool, and put my stuff on a chair, I waited a bit to appreciate the view and check on who was there. To my surprise, more than three quarters of the people there were guys and built just as me. I thought that was weird because, even being used to guys with good bodies from the team, I haven't seen much older guys with a good body. As older I'm saying 26 to 36, but I was just 18 so they were older to me. There was this group of guys who was making a lot of noise and when I looked closer I noticed they were kind of touching too much, but they were drinking so I thought they must be drunk already, nothing wrong about it.

I dove into the water and got surrounded by the great feeling of cold water on my body. I was hanging out in the pool when I felt a body pressed on my back and turned around to see what was happening.

'Sorry dude, didn't see you there, I'm Luke.' He gave me his hand to shake.

'Oh, no problem. Jake here.' shaking his hand, whitch he didn't let go for a while.

'Are you alone here Jake?'

'Well, not really, but my uncle is probably fucking someone so I guess I could say I'm alone now'

'Haha, good for him. You can hang out with us of you want.'

'OK, you guys seem to be having a lot of fun.'

'We sure are. Hey guys, this is Jake, his uncle likes pussy better than him so he's by himself now' there was a burst of laughts from the guys 'Jake, this is Mason, Marc, Noah and Landon.'

As Luke said the names the guys aproached and hugged me, wich i found strangely good. Mason was the one whose hug felt most different because he had hair all over his chest and abs. All the guys had great bodies, the weakest of them still had a 6pack. I guessed their age to be around 27. The guys were really cool with me and it wasn't more than one hour till we got along as fine as if we were best friends. The weird part was that they touched me a lot and after they gave me some drinks and I was pretty loose, I started to touch them too, specially their chests and butts. It was about 7pm when they decided it was time for a shower and then dinner. The guys were getting out of the pool and Luke came to talk with me.

'So buddy, you're coming with us?

'I dunno, I gotta check if my uncle planned something for tonight first.'

'Come on, he must know you can't get out of this ship, there's nothing to worry about.'

'Haha, you got a point there, but i feel like i need to spend some time with him if he wants. Let me just check if he's in his room, if not I'll go with you guys.'

'Ok, but I'm gonna go with you them, You're not going to escape so easily' as he said that he put a hand on my waist and pulled me closer to him a bit.

'Haha, nah, I had a great time, I'm looking forward hanging out with you guys some more.'

'Ok, let's go then.'

We got out of the pool, I picked up our stuff and headed to my uncle's room, the other guys were on their way to their rooms already. We chatted some more as we walked and when another dude passed by us and looked at me Luke put his arms around my shoulder and pulled me closer to him. Luke had asked something to me and I resumed chatting and forgot all about this fact, even tho his arm was still around me. We got to my uncle's room and the door was closed. I put my ear on the door searching for some noise and what I heard were moans and unmistakable sounds of sex.

'Yeah, I guess he's not missing me.'

'What is he doing?' as Luke said that he pressed his body on my back to put his ear on the door, he was taller than me so it was easy for him. We were in the position for some time and I thought I was feeling something hard growing on my butt. Is he getting hard? It must be from the sex noise, I thought.

'Yeah definetly, I just don't know how he can trade you for some pussy' as he said that he pressed his hard dick on my butt and then let me go.

I was kinda puzzled because I'm not used to drink and was feeling a bit too easy, so I wasn't sure if that really happened.

'My room is just over there so I'm gonna take a shower before we go.'

'Ok, would you mind if i took a shower here too? I'm sharing a room with Marc and he just take ages to get ready.'

'Sure man, I just don't know what you're going to wear... I guess you would fit in one of my shorts but the shirt would be really tight'

'I'll just go shirtless to my room then.'

I said ok and we got into my room. As i was heading to the shower I realized Luke was coming with me.

'Oh, ok, you can go first.'

'Don't be prude, let's save some time and shower together. I'll wash your back.' saying that he just stripped off his trunks and got into the shower.

'Whatever' I said after some seconds.

I got into the shower with him and it was just too small so we were touching all the time.

'Turn around.' Was all that Luke said. And so I did.

He started to soap my back and then lower till my butt, which he grabbed with both hands and squeezed it, I couldn't help but let out a little gasp of pleasure. He then moved closer onto me and I could feel the base of his dick on my butt, the head was hitting my lower back. He hugged me from behind and began to soap my abs, then up to my chest and made some pressure on my nipples, taking out a moan from my lips. Luke then kissed my neck and was giving me little bites as one hand went down to my navel and took hold of my dick, which was rock solid by the time he grabbed my butt. His other hand kept twisting my left nipple. I was moaning out loud now, he was fucking my back and stroking my dick.

'Yeah.. fuck this feel so good, yeah stroke my dick.. oh God. MMMMhhhh yeah fuck me man.' I couldn't beleive I said that but it seemed the most natural thing to say. My hands were holding Luke's head on my neck. He was making me feel so good i wasn't going to last long. 'Oh man, I'm cumming.. Yeah don't stop Luke, make me cum. OH I'm CUMMING!' with that i let out six ropes of thick cum on the tittle wall. I was slowing my breath now and it was all sinking into me, I was taking shower with a dude asked him to fuck me, what the hell was going on?

'Your body is so hot Jake, my dick is so hard, why don't you help me out with that sweet mouth of yours?' Luke was whispering in my ear and even shoked as I was i couldn't help but feel his lust for me and get horny again.

'I'm ... I... I don't know what to do. I'm sorry I can't do this.' I tried to get out of his grip but he held me close and turned me around, facing him, his dick now pressed against my stomach.

'Hey it's ok, we didn't do anything wrong, it was good wasn't it?' with that Luke grabbed my hand and led it to his cock. I took hold of it and was scared because it felt great against my hand, it was hard and powerful. I began to stroke it. 'Yeah... that's it, it's not bad either right?' Luke then lowered his mouth over mine and pressed our lips together, pushing in his tongue. His tongue was hot and alive and it set something inside me on fire, I wanted to swallow his tongue, I kissed him hard, my tongue fighting against his. I took a better hold of his dick and when he let my mouth to take a breath I lowered mine over his neck, then down to his nipples and sucked them for a while, I was suddenly very proud that i was making this dude so hot for me, moaning, begging me not to stop.

'Oh yeah, I knew you'd like this, yeah suck on my tit... oh god Jake.'

His hand held my head on his chest and them directed it lower to his abs, and i kissed him all over. His hand kept forcing me down and then i was facing his dick, stroking it with my hand.

'Oh please Jake, suck my cock, I'm begging you. Oh god this feels so good, you'll like it too, come on, suck...' this was the moment i choose to let it go and wraped my lips around the huge head of his dick, it was big, it was bigger than mine and i got an 8 incher. 'OOOOOOOHHH yeah Jake, Yeah suck it good, oh god, yeah...'

Sucking dick was better than i could have ever imagined, the feeling of his hard cock pushing against my throat was just amasing, I was fucking loving it. I opened my eyes and saw his head was pushed back, in a position of pure pleasure and that just got me hornier. I couldn't get enough of his dick, I was licking it from the head to the base, I couldn't get it all in my mouth, but boy was i trying. I let it go for a bit and went for his balls, his pubic hair was trimmed but his balls were hairless. They smelled great, it was clean from all the day in the pool but it still had the smell of guys. I sucked one in my mouth and pressed my tongue against it. I wasn't sure what I was doing but i guess i did great beacuse Luke was moaning and swearing all the time.

'OH Jake, suck my dick, I'm about to cum, I want to shot inside your mouth' That was kinda scaring but i did as he told me, I let go of his nuts and put his cock inside my mouth again. He put his hands on my head and started to face fuck me. It hurt a bit as his cock went deeper but i was loving it. I put my hand on his butt and felt his ass flex as he fucked my mouth. I was so horny i was stroking my dick while sucking him. 'Oh yeah I'm gonna cum, keep going... OOHH yeah that way, OH god, fuck yeah Jake suck this big dick, I know how much you love it, suck it good for me. Yeah oh god. I'm gonna cum, i want you to swallow it all, don't you dare to waste a drop of it. OOOOHHHHH God, Here it goes!' His comanding voice was really turning me on and as he said his last word jets of cum erupted from his dick. I almost gagged but then i managed to swallow it all, it tasted bitter and sweet at the same time. I fell in love with the taste of it as soon as it was in my mouth. When he was done I was jacking myself off like crazy and one second later I let out another load of cum. We stayed that way for a while, me on my knees, breathing hard.

'Oh boy, Jake that was fucking awesome, you suck cock better than Marc, and that's really something.'

'I guess I should say thanks?'

'You definetly should, it's a great thing to know how to give so much pleasure to a man.'

He gave me his hand and pulled me to my feet. We made out for some time then took a proper shower and i was kissing him all over while washing him.

'Was it your first time with a guy?'

'Yeah, and it sure won't be the last.'

'Haha that's the spirit, now let's go, the guys must be furious because they don't even know where your room is so them could come and join us.'

'Oh they would if they knew?'

'Of course, you're the hottest dude in this fucking ship, we were just begging for you to be into guys.'

'No way, you guys are way hotter than me...'

'Damn, You have no idea how hot are you hahah'

'haha, let's go Luke.'

We put some clothes, Luke got a shorts of mine and we went out to his room.



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