To put it bluntly, my grandfather was a miser, constantly saving and investing. He raised me from the age of fourteen after my parents were killed in an auto accident. He was there for my every need. The only secret I ever kept from him was the fact that I was gay.

He put me through college and I graduated with a degree in accounting. I was out on my own although he still lived in the same house well kept house he had lived in for years.

The neighborhood where he lived had become commercial and Grandpa was the only holdout. A major corporation had purchased all the property around him for a multistory office building and garage. Grandpa refused to sell.

However, when he found out he had terminal cancer, he contacted the company with an offer, telling them his situation and naming his price for his house and property. They agreed to the price and signed a contract to buy the property from his estate, in cash, upon his death.

When he passed, his attorney had instructions to convert all his holdings to cash, except some acreage he had out in the country. Being his only heir, I inherited everything. When I met with the lawyer, he handed me the deed to the property and a check for four hundred and ninety five thousand. I got weak in the knees, never dreaming Grandpa was worth near that much.

I went home and called my neighbor and close friend over. Josh Thomas had need my neighbor for three years, living in the apartment next to mine. Josh was also straight and didn't know I was gay. He was twenty-seven and hot as hell. Being a motorcycle officer for the Baxter Police Department, he was extremely well built.

After everything began to sink in, I decided to get rid of my old car and get a new one. When I was ready to start shopping, I asked Josh if he'd like to go with me.

"Hell, I've got nothing better to do. Sure I'll go."

We went to the dealer and I found just what I wanted. Once the deal was closed, I was informed that I was eligible to enter the drawing for a two week cruise of the Caribbean, including airfare for two to Ft. Lauderdale where the cruise sailed from.

I wasn't going to enter saying I never won anything in my life. Josh kept after me and I finally gave in saying, "Okay, I'll enter and if I win the cruise, I'll take you with me."

"Well, since you never win I won't make any plans," Josh replied, laughing.

I picked up my car the following afternoon, and as I pulled into the parking lot I called Josh to come out for a ride. He did and we stopped for dinner, my treat. Just being around Josh turned me on.

As we drove home he asked, "Were you really serious about taking me with you if you win the cruise?"

"Fuck yea. I can't think of anyone else to take. You think you could stand to be around me for two weeks?"

"Oh, I think I could manage," he said with a grin.

Two weeks later, I had just arrived home from work that Friday when there was a knock on my door. Opening the door, I saw the dealership logo on his shirt. He introduced himself as the owner and congratulated me on winning the cruise.

"You're shitting me," I said without thinking first.

"You are Mark Wilson, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am."

"Well then, I'm not shitting you," he said with a laugh.

I invited him in and he handed me vouchers for the round trip airfare for two to Ft. Lauderdale, as well as vouchers for the cruise. Both were good for one year. My only expense would be my spending money.

I thanked him and after he left, I walked to Josh's door, which was across the entry from mine, and knocked.

He answered the door shirtless and wearing just gym shorts. I always loved seeing him dressed like that. "Hey, Mark, come on in."

I entered and he offered me a beer which I accepted. "What's up?" he asked.

"Well, I have a question for you," I said.

"Shoot," he said.

With a smile, I asked, "When can you get two weeks off?"

"Why?" he asked, then it dawned on him and he said, "Fuck, man, did you win that cruise?"

Waving the vouchers in his face I said, "Yep, I sure did."

"Mother fuck!" he exclaimed. "You really want me to go with you?"

"Hell yes. I said if I won, I'd take you."

"Damn, I've never been on a cruise before. This should be fun."

We sat down and began looking over the cruise voucher. Included in the voucher was four free spa treatments as well as a two hundred dollar on board credit, which could be used for drinks or purchases on board the ship. We also noted that the voucher was for a balcony room.

"Shit, let me check the vacation schedule at work. When can you get off?"

"Anytime," I replied. "You'll also need to a few extra days for travel time."

We checked the cruise lines schedule to see what dates they sailed. We found one a month away.

The next day he checked the schedule and that period was open. He signed up for three weeks of vacation, three days before departure and four days after. I scheduled the same three weeks.

The cruise departed on a Saturday afternoon and returned two weeks later on a Saturday morning. We decided to fly to Ft. Lauderdale on the Wednesday afternoon before the cruise left and fly back on the Wednesday after the ship returned. That would give us three days before and after the cruise to see the sights around Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.

Together, we went to a travel agency and gave them the vouchers, scheduling our flights and cruise. We had all our paperwork, including boarding passes and luggage tags, as well as our plane tickets.

The day arrived and we were both like excited school kids on a field trip. Neither of us had cruised before and we were looking forward to the experience.

We caught our flight to Florida, and arrived at four in the afternoon. I had made reservations at a beach side hotel. Since Josh was my guest, I refused to let him pay for part of the room. He did manage to buy a meal or two and drinks.

We were sharing a large room with two queen beds and a balcony overlooking the beach. I was hoping that at some point, I'd get to see him nude. I happened that first night.

After checking out the room and ordering up a few beers, we lay on our respective beds and relaxed, deciding what to do that evening.

We finally decided on checking with the front desk and get their recommendations on nearby restaurants.

We both said we needed to shower before going out and I told Josh that he could go first. We each had a very large suitcase as well as a hanging bag for our suits, slacks and dress shirts.

Opening his suitcase, he pulled out his shaving gear and nothing else. Then he began to undress. After removing his shirt, he turned to me and ask, "Mark, are you shy or self-conscious about being nude around others or them being nude around you?"

"Fuck no," I replied. "I'm that way with others at the gym all the time. Why do you ask?"

"Well, I'm not either, and I usually run around nude at the apartment, but if it bothered you, I was going to make sure I took something with me to wear out when I got through showering."

"Fuck, Josh, I go nude all the time also. It doesn't bother me in the least. On this trip, how about we both do whatever we would do at home."

"Deal," he said.

My heart was racing wildly at the thought of him going nude when we were together. I watched with anticipation as he casually removed his jeans. He was commando.

When I saw that, I said, "So you go commando also."

"All the time," he said. "You, too?"

"Yep," I replied.

Once his jeans were off, he turned and faced me. His cock was beautiful and I tried not to stare at it. It was long and slim and cut, with two nice size balls hanging below it. "Be out shortly," he said, then headed into the bathroom.

As I heard him turn off the shower, I decided to get a jump on him. I opened my suitcase and got out what I planned to wear for dinner,laying it on my bed. Then, I stripped totally naked and lay back down and returned to watching TV.

When he came out and saw me nude he smiled and said, "I see you decided to get comfortable also."

"Yep,just like at home. If no one is offended by it, I see nothing wrong in going nude with others."

"I agree a hundred percent," he replied. "You ever go to nudist resorts?"

"I have to a few," I replied not saying that they were gay nudist resorts.

"I love them. It's so relaxing to see everyone just being themselves."

"I agree," I said, as I got up to go shower. In the shower I had to jerk off and my climax was unbelievable.

When I returned to the room he was still nude. Together, we dressed and went down to dinner. We were told about an fantastic Italian restaurant three block up the block.

We took off walking and found it and went in. After a great meal and some wine, we headed back to the hotel. As we passed one bar, the music was inviting and we decided to go in.

We went into the dark bar and went up to the bar and ordered two beers. As we stood there looking around, I saw only males, then two men kiss. Realizing it was a gay bar, I leaned close to Josh and said, "Do you realize this is a gay bar?"

"I just did," he replied.

"You want to leave?" I asked.

"Nah, let's stay. I've always wondered what went on in these places, but didn't dare go into one back home. Here, no one knows me."

"Fine with me," I said, "but you do realize that these guys might think we're a couple."

"So? No one knows us, so let them think what they want."

I watched him as he looked around the bar, seeing several couples kiss and grope each other.

After a moment, he said, "This is wild. Let's circulate and see what else is going on."

I followed him closely, and when he saw a sign saying 'Patio' and an arrow he turned toward the patio. There, things were more open.

Almost immediately, we spotted a guy on his knees sucking a guy in leather gear as other watched. Then as we circled the patio bar we spotted three guys off in one corner with one of them fucking another in the ass as the third watched.

Turning to me, he said "This is fucking unreal. How do they get by doing this shit out in the open like this?"

"From what I've read and heard, as long as it's out of sight of the general public and in a private business the cops leave them alone."

"Damn!" he said.

We had another beer and watched the action before leaving. As we walked back to the hotel, he said, "You may think I'm weird, but after seeing all that shit, I can't help but wonder what it's like to do some of that shit."

"Can I be honest with you?"

"Yea," he said. Then he turned and looked at me and asked, "have you done any of that?"

"In my early teens yes. My best bud and I experimented as lots of boys do. We were thirteen and tried it all."

"May I ask what it's like?"

"Well, fucking a guy and getting sucked feels awesome but getting fucked hurts like hell to start."

"Damn, you have done it all. All I've ever done is jerk off a few times with some of my buds. I was about fifteen or so."

"Yea, we did that too. That's how it all started. Then we saw guys in the park sucking and fucking and decided to try it."

"We never went that far,"he said.

"Would you if your buds had asked you to?"

"I don't know. Maybe," he said. "I do remember it was kind of exciting jerking off with them."

"Hell, same with me. Not long ago I was in the steam room at the gym with one other guy. It was late and we were the only ones there. I heard something and looked up to where he was sitting and he was jerking off. He looked at me and said that every guy did it and if I wanted to join him to go ahead."

"Did you?"

Smiling, I said, "Yea, I did. He was right. Every guy does it. Even you, I bet."

"Hell yea I do, quite often."

We reached the hotel and went to the hotel bar for another beer, talking about what to do the next day, then went to the room.

Once inside, he immediately stripped and lay on his bed. I followed and lay on mine, after getting us another beer that we had had delivered earlier that afternoon.

After a moment, he looked over at me and said, "Man, after seeing all that action, I'm horny as hell. You mind if I jerk a load out."

"Not at all. In fact, I'll join you if you don't mind. It's been a few days for me."

"Be my guest," he said.

We both began fondling our cocks and were soon both totally boned. After a moment, Josh surprised me by getting up and joining me on my bed.

Laying side by side, we each stroked our own cocks. After a moment he said, "Mark, I'm not gay or anything, but as a kid I always wondered what it would be like to jerk off one of my buds and have him jerk me off. Did you and your buds over jerk each other?"

"Yes, Josh, we did, and doing it doesn't make you gay. It feel awesome to have someone else jerking you. Do you want to do it now?"

"If you want to," he said. "Our secret, just between buds."

"Definitely," I said and casually reached over and grasped his hard cock. As I did, he moaned softly then reached over and began stroking mine. Soon, we brought each other to roaring climaxes, each firing our loads out onto our stomachs.

"Fuck, that was erotic as hell," he said.

"Yea, it was," I replied then said, "Look, we're both pretty open so why don't we just agree that on this vacation, whenever we feel like getting a load off, we just do it, even in front of the other."

"Sounds good to me, but it has to be our secret. If any of the others i work with found out, I'd never hear the end of it."

"They won't hear it from me," I said.

We cleaned the cum off our stomachs and were soon asleep in our own beds. I lay there thinking that things were progressing more than I ever expected.

The next morning after breakfast, we put on our swim trunks, actually our speedos under regular shorts and headed for the beach. I intentionally led him toward the gay beach to see his reaction. He showed no reaction as we joined the other guys on the beach.

After a while, as he sat with his arms around his knees he said, "Seeing all these guys, it's hard to believe that most of them are gay."

"What makes you think they're gay?" I asked.

"One, there are no women, and two, they are mainly in pairs. It's not hard to figure out."

We returned tot he room after eating lunch at a sidewalk cafe and relaxed, nude. After a while, I noticed him fondling his cock and start jerking. After a few moments, I joined him.

after we had both climaxed and cleaned up, he said, "Mark, I feel so comfortable with you. I never dreamed I'd jerk off in front of another guy. But with you, for some reason, it feels natural. I guess it's because we both have a lot of the same views."

"Probably," I said, wondering if things would develop further.

That night we went fr a walk and it surprised me when, as we passed the gay bar, he said, "Let's get a beer."

As we sipped our beer, one guy began hitting on him. Josh very casually thanked the guy for his interest in him but said, "I'm with someone tonight."

The guy looked at me, smiled and left, but throughout the time we were there, we saw him watching us.

As we started to leave I said, "For your friends benefit, let's make it look good." I then reached down and took Josh's hand in mine and we walked out hand in hand.

Once outside, Josh said, "Did you see the way he looked at us when you took my hand?"

"Yea. He was shooting daggers at me. Hell, Josh, he was wanting to get you in bed."

"I know."

Saturday arrived and we arrived at the ship terminal at half past eleven, checking our bags and getting in line.

As we were given keys to our cabin, which had our pictures on the magnetic strip for security reasons, we were told that they were also our on board charge cards. Also on them was our dining room and dinner time.

"Gentlemen, your stateroom won't be ready until two but a buffet lunch is being served on the promenade deck poolside. We found the buffet, ate then walked around the ship. Shortly after two, we found our cabin and went in. Moments after our bags were delivered. We hung up our hanging clothes and shoved the rest in drawers before going up on deck to watch our departure.

At four o'clock sharp, the ships horn sounded and we eased away from the dock. We were on our way, slowly watching Ft. Lauderdale disappear behind us. The first night was casual dining and after a great meal and service, we went to the theater and saw a great show. Later we went to one of the clubs for a few beers, then hit the casino.

All evening, however, Josh didn't seem to be himself. On the way back to our room we stopped at a lobby bar and got two more beers to take to the room. Once there, we stripped and went out on our private balcony. They were made with the partitions between balconies protruding out far enough to prevent the guest on either side from peaking around them.

As we sat there, I looked at Josh and asked, "What's wrong? You haven't been yourself all day."

"It's hard to describe, but ever since that guy came onto me at the bar, I've wondered what it would have been like to go to bed with him. You think I'm sick or weird?"

"Hell no. You're curious. Lots of guy go through stages like that at some point in their life."

"Well, you know what it's like. You did it with your buds. I didn't. Mark, what's it like to get sucked and suck a guy?"

TO BE CONTINUED...............



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