After Cal invited me to stay the night with him and said he wanted to experience everything with another man, I was excited.

Looking at him I asked, "Other that when I started sucking you, did you suspect I was gay?"

"Not at first," he began, but after we talked and I broke down, the way you held me made me suspicious. It wasn't just the normal man-to-man casual hug. It was more caring and sensual. I began to wonder then."

"Why didn't you say anything?" I asked.

"To be totally honest, I was enjoying it. I felt safe and wanted. And, after being on patrol and seeing gays showing affection, I had become curious myself. Deep inside, I was hoping you would go farther."

"Well, what ever you want to try or experience, just let me know."

"I will," he replied.

As we went to bed, he looked at me and said, "This is also a new experience for me. I've never slept in the same bed with another man before."

"Nothing to it," I replied.

We lay down and I immediately put my arm around him and pulled him to me. He lay his head on my shoulder and as he did, his free hand began caressing my chest. I kissed his forehead and he looked up and we had a passionate hot tongue kiss. Soon, we ere both asleep, cuddled together.

We awoke the next morning and had a hot sixty-nine before I returned to my cabin to shower and dress for a day ashore.

As I approached my cabin, I saw another man exiting it. When I entered the cabin, I found Brad still nude.

"I see you had some company last night," I said.

"Oh, yea. It was awesome," he replied. "And just where were you?"

Smiling, I said, "Cal asked me to spend the night with him." I told him about Cal saying he wanted to experience it all.

"You lucky bastard. You get a virgin and within two days you have him wanting to do it all. How do you do it?"

"Just my charm, I guess," I replied. "We're going ashore and wondered if you would like to join us?"

"Sure. The guy I had last night was strictly a top and with a group. He's spending the day with them."

We dressed for the day and met Cal on deck. Together, the three of did some site seeing and souvenir buying. Cal seemed to be coming out of his depression and laughed a lot.

That evening, Cal suggested we have dinner delivered to his room. I agreed and after eating, I asked if he would like to see what it was like to fuck a guy. Smiling, he said yes.

After removing some lube from my pants, I lay on the bed on my back and pulled my knees up to my chest.

I looked at Cal and said, "Put some on your fingers and rub it on my hole then using your fingers, work some up inside me. Then put some on your cock and start in. Just pretend my ass is a pussy."

He did as I had told him and soon his cock was entering my ass. It felt awesome to me and as he slid in, I asked how it felt to him.

"Fantastic. It's so much tighter that a cunt."

"Well, lots of guys call it their 'man pussy' and I assume you know what to do."

"Oh, yea."

Cal slid his cock in balls deep and held it for a second before starting to pump in and out. As he fucked my hole, he leaned forward and we kissed passionately, each of us moaning in pleasure.

Soon, he looked at me and said, "I'm close. Should I pull out?"

"Hell no. Keep going. I love to feel a guy shoot his load up in me. It's a super feeling."

Seconds later he let out a yelp and buried his cock as it exploded deep inside me.

"OH, FUCK YEA!" I exclaimed.

Once he was drained, he collapsed on me, breathing heavily. We kissed again before he slowly pulled out.

Rolling over and laying next to me he said, "Fucking unreal! That was better than any pussy I've ever had. I loved the way you squeezed my cock with you ass muscles. It was fantastic."

"Well, I know I sure enjoyed it. It's yours to fuck all you want."

Looking over tome he said, "Mike, fuck me, please."

"If you really want me to, I will," i told him then told him of the horrendous pain he would experience at first. He said he could take it and wanted to feel what I had felt.

He lay back and pulled his legs up as I had done. Looking at him, I said, "I want you to experience something else first."

I got in position facing his ass and lifted his ass higher, telling him to hold it there. He did and I quickly buried my tongue in his hole, licking and drilling him with it.

"MOTHER FUCK!" he exclaimed. "Damn, Mike, you're driving me crazy but please don't stop."

I rimmed his ass for several minutes before stopping. Looking at him I said, "That's called rimming. Some guys just say they like to eat ass."

"Whatever it's called, I love it," he said as I began lubing his ass and my cock.

"If the pain gets bad and you want me to stop, just tell me."

He agreed and I began to slowly push against his hole. I watched his face and as my cock began to open up his hole, I could see discomfort in his face. When the head slipped in, he cried out and gasped. I held my position for a short while letting him adjust to the intrusion.

After a few minutes, I slowly began to slide in deeper. I took my time, gradually sliding in then pulling back. With each forward motion, I'd go in a little deeper.

After a moment, I asked, "How you doing?"

"Okay. The pain is easing up some. How much is left to go in?"

"None. You've got it all up you."

"Damn! That entire thing is up my ass?"

"Yep. Reach back and feel if you don't believe me."

He did and said "Holy shit!"

I began to slowly pump in and out and after a couple of minutes, he began to moan.

"Is that hurting?" I asked.

"Fuck no. It's starting to feel good, and every once and a while you hit a spot that sends trimmers through my body."

"That's when my cock head rubs your prostate. Just enjoy it."

I began to speed up and his moans became more frequent. He surprised me when he looked at me and said, "Fuck my ass, Mike. Shoot up me."

I leaned forward and kissed him and soon warned him of my climax.

"Shoot it. I want to feel it shoot up my hole."

I did and we both moaned loudly. As my climax began to subside, I leaned forward and kissed him.

I slowly pulled out and lay beside him.

"I haven't had a virgin ass in years. Man that was hot," I said.

"Man, if I had known sex with a man could be so satisfying, I'd have done it years ago."

"You think it's just because it's new to you or do you think you will continue male sex after the cruise?"

"If I still feel this way about male sex when the cruise is over, I'll never fuck a pussy again."

"What about the other guys on the force? Are any of them gay?"

He was silent a minute or so then said, "Looking back, there are a couple that I think might be. One is single and the other married."

"What makes you think they might be gay or bi?"

"The way I've seen them look at me and some others in the showers after we work out. It's just a feeling I have."

We showered together and later had a sixty-nine before going to sleep, again cuddled together.

The next morning, Cal had me fuck him again and I did. This time he took it much easier and afterward, I sucked him off.

As we dressed, he asked, "Mike, brad is gay also, right?"

"Yea, why?"

"Do you think he would like to possibly join us tonight?"

"Hell, I know he would, but what brought that on?"

"I would love to see what it's like to suck a guy while I'm getting fucked. It would be the ultimate experience."

"I'll ask him," I said.

"No, I'll just invite you to to my cabin after dinner for drinks. Then we'll take it from there."

"Well, one way to get things started would be that when we get there, fix us all a drink then excuse yourself. Go into the bath and strip then come back out. He'll get the hint."


We all went ashore together again and as we returned to the ship, Cal spoke up and said, "After dinner, why don't you two come to my cabin for drinks?"

"I'm game. How about you, Brad?"

"Sure, for a while. I'm supposed to meet some others in the disco later tonight."

Brad and I went to Cal's cabin after dinner and as planned, Cal fixed us all a drink then excused himself. When he returned nude, Brad's eyes grew wide and a smile came across his face.

"You look good enough to eat," Brad said.

"Really?" Cal replied. "You're welcome to find out."

Brad looked at me and saw me unbuttoning my shirt. He immediately began removing his clothes and as we stripped, I motioned for Cal to go lay on the bed. His cock was already stiffening as was ours.

Seconds later, the three of us were in bed, all nude. Brad began sucking Cal's cock as Cal sucked on mine.

Cal stopped and said, "Brad, you want to finish that or fuck my ass?"

"For tonight, let me continue this. I've wanted to suck you since Mike introduced us."

"Fine. We can sixty-nine while Mike fucks me."

"Damn, I'll have an up close view of that," Brad said.

They got in a sixty-nine and once they ere in action, I slipped my cock into Cal's already lubed ass. The three of us all climaxed only seconds apart.

"That was the best desert I've ever had," Brad said after swallowing Cal's load.

He left to meet his friends, as Cal and I cuddled on the sofa.

"How did you enjoy that?" I asked.

"Man, it was over the top. Fantastic."

"Cal, you need to circulate and find others to experience sex with."

"How do you suggest I do that?"

"For one, were your smallest speedo to the pool. Don't fold your cock down. Point it up and to the side. If someone turns you on and you start getting boned, don't hide it. Some guy will take notice and if he's interested, he'll find a way to meet you."

"I'll try it tomorrow, he said.

The following day was a day at sea so the pool areas were crowded. I was alone at a two person table in the shade sipping a Bloody Mary checking out a hot red headed guy when I saw Cal enter the pool area wearing a white terry bathrobe provided by the ship. He found a vacant lounge and as he removed his robe, he spotted me, smiled ad winked. I could tell his cock was in the right position.

Numerous ladies eyed him as well as several guys. He lay on the lounge and ordered a drink. He was on his own now and I was curious to see what would happen.

I returned to checking out my hot red head. He as in his late twenties and every visible hair on his body glistened red in the sunlight. Red heads had always turned me on, especially their red cock bushes. He looked my way and saw me looking at him. I smiled at him and he looked away momentarily then looked back. This time he smiled back at me and nodded.

I looked back at Cal and saw the bulge in his speedo was larger. The lounge next to him was vacant and a second later a hot tall slim man walked up, spoke to Cal then sat down.

I looked back to where my red head was and he was gone. I was extremely disappointed. Suddenly, I heard a voice beside me say, "Is this seat taken? I need to get out of the sun for a while."

I looked around and there stood my redhead. My heart began to race as i got a closer look at his magnificent body. His chest had a nice coating of right red hair on it as did his arms.

"Uh, no. Please join me," I stammered.

"I'm Rusty McCoy," he said, offering his hand.

Shaking it, I said, "Mike Davis. Nice to meet you."

He sat down and with a laugh, said, "With my skin, I have to watch how much sun I get at one time."

"I'm sure you do," I replied.

We talked and I found he was a construction worker from a small town outside Dallas.

"You traveling alone?" he asked.

"No. I'm with a bud of mine. He won the cruise at his work and invited me along."

"Oh, I see. Where is he?"

"Who knows. We just share the cabin and do our on thing. I seldom see him."

"Nice," he replied.

"You alone?"

"Oh yea. I prefer it that way. I find it to be more fun because you have no one to consider but yourself. You can do what you want when you want."

"I bet that is nice," I replied.

"Oh yea, especially when you meet someone that interest you."

"Then I take it you're not married."

"No, divorced and couldn't be happier."

"Single here. Never found the right one to settle down with."

"I love playing the field. Much more variety."

"I know."

Seconds later I felt his leg against mine. He gently pressed it against mine. I responded by slightly pressing back. We rubbed legs for several minutes while we talked, when he suddenly said, "I've had enough sun for a while. I think I'll head to my cabin and chill for a while. I'm in 5234. Feel free to join me if you want. I enjoy chatting with you."

"Thanks, I just might," I said.

"I hope so," he said as he stood to leave. As he left he smiled and winked. His trunks showed a nice bulge I hadn't noticed before.

I waited about fifteen minutes then left the pool area, headed for Rusty's cabin. I was sure things would develop between us.

As I stood to leave, I saw Cal and the man that was on the lounge next to him get up together and leave. Cal looked toward me and smiled and nodded. I knew then he had scored.

I found Rusty's cabin and knocked. He answered the door with just a towel around him.

"Hey, come on in. Excuse the way I'm dressed. I just got out of that wet suit."

"Hey, no problem. I always do the same thing myself."

"Well, there are more towels in the bathroom if you want to get out of yours."

"Thanks, I think I will," I said, thinking 'Man, this guy is cool and experienced.'

I returned with just a towel around me and Rusty handed me another Bloody Mary. We sat together on the small sofa not worrying if the towels revealed anything. The sofa was so small that when we sat, our hips ald legs were touching.

As we talked, he casually lay his hand on my leg. I made no attempt to move it. As my cock stiffened, so did his. I turned my head toward him and as I did, I began puling his hand closer to my cock. He turned his head toward me and I went for it. I pulled his hand against my cock as i leaned over and kissed him grabbing hos cock at the same time.

We kissed passionately as we opened each others towels. Soon, we were in his bed having a hot make out session. Moments later we were in a hot sixty-nine. After eating each others load we kissed again and agreed to meet after dinner back in his room.

That night we fucked each other wildly as well as sucked each other.

However, before dinner, I called Cal's cabin.

"I saw you leaving the pool. Did he go to your cabin?"

"No, he took me to his and he was wild. After lots of kissing he sucked me off then I sucked him. i got him off and he said to keep sucking. I did and moments later he came again. I was shocked. We made out some then he ate my ass out then fucked me. He climaxed and kept fucking and climaxed again. I stood up and cum was running down my legs. I cleaned up then fucked him. He's coming to my cabin after dinner."

"Fucking hot. You go man. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

I was proud of Cal and also jealous that he had hooked up with a double cummer.

The rest of the cruise was nice. I managed to fine a few married guys on the cruise with their wives that just wanted to get sucked. I was glad to help them out.

I had sex with both Cal and Rusty, sometimes both in the same day. Brad had met a guy from our home town and had been staying with him in his cabin.

One night, Rusty asked if I liked three ways and I said I loved them. he called another cabin and minutes later another hot stud joined us. He was a Marine home on leave and on the cruise with his family. He had wild sex that night and I discovered that the hot Marine loved to be double fucked. It was awesome feeling my cock up his ass with Rusty's. We both climaxed in him at the same time. Later he sucked Rusty and I both off, Rusty first then me with Rusty's load still in his mouth. After he took my load he swallowed both at the same time.

The cruise ended but not before I had both Rusty and Cal's phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Brad and I spent a few days In key West before returning home frequently going to a gay bikers bar where sex took place right there in the bar. that was hot! I never knew having others watch you suck another guys cock or them watch you get sucked could be so hot.

About two months after the cruise, Rusty visited for a weekend and I don't think we ever got out of bed. It was wild.

Then I got a shocker.

I answered a knock at my door to find a uniformed police officer standing there. It took a moment for me to realize that it was Cal.

"What are you doing here?"

Walking passed me and into my living room he said, "That's a hell of a way to greet the man you seduced and corrupted and turned gay."


He grabbed me and kissed me passionately. After the kiss he told me that he wanted to be closer to me and that I held a special place in his heart.

"I applied with the force here and was accepted. I live here now only a mile down the road. We can get together as often as you want."

"Fuck yea. If you had told me you could have moved in here with me. How long have you been here?"

"Four months. The first three months i was in the academy here. It's taken me a month to track you down. There are a lot of Mike Davis' in this town."

We had sex almost every night after that day. He had only taken a six months lease on his apartment and when it was up I had him move in with me.

Three months later, as we were eating dinner, he got up and walked over to me and said, "If anyone would have ever said I'd have sex with a guy, I'd have called him a liar or punched him out. Not only did I have sex with a guy, but I fell madly in love with him. Mike, will you be my lover?"

"Most definitely," I said. "I love you too, and as soon as we can, we're going to take a cruise and celebrate our union."

We kissed passionately and that night we shared one bed as lovers. Lovers for the rest of our lives.

And, yes, we did take that cruise.

And the man that Brad met on the cruise from our home town....well, they are lovers also.




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