I couldn't believe what Josh had just asked me. How could I answer his question about what it was like to suck and bet sucked without revealing completely that I was gay?

Hell, it was only our first night on the ship. If things went wrong, how could we stand to be together for two weeks.

I decided on my answer.

"Well, I assume you have fucked pussy, right?" I asked.

"Oh, hell yea. Many times."

"Well, getting sucked is a lot like fucking pussy but only better. It's warm and wet, yet the action the other guy can give with his tongue cannot be experienced fucking a cunt. Honestly, I think getting sucked is much more pleasurable and satisfying than fucking pussy."

"Mark, you sound like a guy that's been sucked more that just as a teenager. Am I right?"

"Yes, you are. Is that going to affect our friendship?"

"Fuck no. I'm the type that believes if it feels good then do it. It's just that I've never had a chance to experience it. Hell, if I had ever been sucked by a guy and enjoyed it, I'd be getting sucked as often as possible."


"Hell yea," he answered. "What about sucking a guys cock?"

"That's different. Yes, I sucked my buds cock and even let him shoot in my mouth. And before you ask, yes, I did swallow it. It was different, I admit, and the cum didn't taste bad at all. All I can say is that it was erotic. and different. It's something a guy has to do on his own and experience for himself."


We were quiet for a while when I said I was going to sleep. It was late and the alcohol had me very relaxed. We turned out the lights and went to sleep.

The next day was a day at sea but there were many activities on board to keep our time occupied. We had breakfast and lunch and decided to go back to the cabin and relax. We ordered room service and had several beers delivered. afterwards, we stripped and went out onto the small balcony.

As we sat and relaxed, Josh looked at me and said, "Mark, can I get personal and ask you a question?"

"Sure," I replied, suspecting what he as going to ask.

"Have you sucked any cock since you were a teen?"

"Josh, I won't lie to you. Yes, I have, and I might be ending a friendship, but you should know that I am gay. I only fucked pussy when younger to hide that fact."

"You're not ending a friendship. It will take more than you being gay to end our friendship. I respect you even more for being so honest."

"Thanks, I appreciate that. I really cherish the relationship we have as friends."

"So do I. You're the only person I've ever felt close enough to that I could tell you all that I have."

We lifted our beer bottles and clinked them together as a toast to our friendship.

I was curious and asked "Josh, have you suspicioned that i was gay?"

"Never," he said, "until you were taking about how it felt to get sucked and admitted that you had been sucked since your teen years."

"I figured that you probably had with nothing but males visiting me at the apartment."

"I never really paid that much attention," he replied.

After the second beer, we went back inside the cabin. As I lay on my bed, he looked at me for a few seconds in silence. I looked over at him and said, "Okay, somethings on your mind so spit it out."

"Damn, can you ever read me," he replied. "I was trying to get up the nerve to ask you if you'd be willing to suck me and let me see what it was like."

"Do you really want it?"

"Yes, I do."

"Well, be forewarned. If I do it, you will get to experience more that just getting sucked."

"That's okay with me. Do whatever you want."

I noticed his cock was quickly stiffening as was mine. I got up and moved over to his bed and knelt between his legs. Leaning down, I began kissing and licking his neck, then moved to his muscular hairy chest and began licking and gently sucking first his left nipple then his right. Each time, he moaned softly.

I continued lower going around his navel to his pubic bush. After inhaling his man smell, I began licking and sucking hos large firm balls.

"Oh, mother fuck!' he exclaimed. "That feels fucking awesome."

After working both his firm orbs, I gently lifted his legs. I could tell he was apprehensive, but he let me do my thing. I spread his ass cheeks and began licking his hole and tongue fucking him.

"Oh damn! Fuck, Mark, yea! Don't stop!"

I ate his ass for several minutes as he moaned over and over. When I lowered his legs, I noticed that his cock had deposited a large puddle of clear precum in his navel. I quickly licked it up as he watched. Then I slowly lifted his cock and licked the precum off the tip of his cock. His body shook and he moaned. "Ummmm!"

Looking into his eyes, I opened my mouth and after positioning his cock, I slowly swallowed every beautiful hard inch of it, burying my nose in his pubic bush.

"Son of a bitch!" he exclaimed loudly. "Do it man."

I sucked slowly at first making sure I work my tongue around the sensitive glans. Before long his breathing got heavier and I knew he was getting close. I sucked more energetically and soon his moaning told me he was going over the edge.

With a somewhat loud "Ahhhhhhh!" his cock exploded, filling my mouth with his huge hot thick creamy load. I collected every drop and milked him dry before pulling off. As he watched, I smiled and slowly swallowed.

As I sat up, I looked him in the face and asked, "Well?"

"Man, I've never had a climax like that. That was better than any cunt I ever fucked. I'm glad you're my neighbor because I might e visiting you often."

"Anytime," I said, smiling.

"Mark, seriously, that was better than I ever dreamed it might be. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did."

"Oh, believe me, I did. I've wanted to do that for a long time now, but never thought I'd get a chance."

"Well, you're welcome to do it anytime you want. I won't stop you,but what the fuck were you doing with my ass?"

"It's called rimming. I was literally licking your ass and tongue fucking you. I was sticking my tongue as far into your hole as I could."

"Fuck, that was awesome."

"I'm glad you liked it," I said, "because I love doing it."

After a moment he asked, "Mark, what else do you like doing with another man?"

"Other that sucking his cock and eating his ass, I love tongue kissing, cuddling, fondling, giving and receiving tongue baths, getting sucked, fucking a guys ass and getting fucked."

"It sounds like you do it all," he said.

"Not all. I don't do any shit play, don't get into bondage or pain, and no blood."

"Shit, do some guys get into that too?"

"Oh yes. Some guys love being bound and gang raped, whipped, tortured, and abused. Some even get into eating other guys shit as it comes out. I've never done any of it and don't plan to."

"Fuck!" he exclaimed. Then,looking at me he said, "Come up here. I can cuddle with you."

I moved up and as he extended hos arm to the side, I lay on my side facing him with my head on his shoulder. He gently closed his muscular arm around me, pulling me gently closer. I lay my free hand on hos chest and began running my fingers through the hairs.

"Ummmm, I like this," he said, turning his head to face me. Then to my shocked surprise, he pressed his lips to mine then offered his tongue. I quickly parted my lips and accepted it and offered mine.

We kissed passionately for a minute or so before parting. when we did, he said, "Wow! that was hot. I love kissing but never found a female that would get into it that much,and kissing a guy is not much different than kissing a woman. Actually, I think it's better."

"Josh, you've been wanting to experience man sex for a while, haven't you?"

"There you go, reading me again. Yes, I have, for about a year. I pulled up on a car in a deserted parking lot in the back seat sucking each other. Ever since then, my curiosity has been strong."

"I figured as much."

We went to dinner, another show, and the casino, and back to a bar. After another couple of beers, he said softly, "Let's go to the room."

I smiled, knowing he wanted another blow job.

Once in the room he lay down and motioned me to lay next to him. I did and soon our lips were locked together. However, when the kiss ended he began kissing my neck and chest, then sucking my nips. He was copying what I had done to him. He was soon sucking on my balls. Then, surprisingly, he lifted my legs and began eating my ass, licking it and tongue fucking me.

After a moment, he stopped and lifted my cock. Looking at it for a second he opened his mouth and began swallowing it, gagging only once when it hit the back of his throat. Slowly, he continued working on it and soon was taking it all. It didn't take long for me to reach my climax and I warned him. He didn't stop. Soon, I climaxed and filled his mouth. He took it all and held it. After pulling off he looked at me and swallowed.

I smiled and asked,"What the fuck brought that on?"

"I told you I was curious. I had to see what it was like, and I liked it. It was a turn on for me."

"Well, now it's my turn."

I soon had his cock in my mouth and sucked him to another climax after which we kissed passionately.

After the kiss, he said, "I hope we can we do this every day."

"Fine with me," I replied. "Even twice a day if you want to."

We went to bed and the next morning when I awoke, he was gone. Moments later, he entered and greeted me with a cup of coffee and a kiss.

When we left for breakfast, I saw him put a note on the bed, and asked what it was.

"You'll see," he said.

We had breakfast then went ashore for the day. When we returned to the ship and entered our cabin, I immediately noticed that the two beds had been put together forming one king bed.

I looked at him and smiled as he said, "I'm sure they have had two guys share one bed before. I hope you don't mind that I had them do it."

"Not at all. I'm glad you did."

We had our usual routine for the evening and returned to the room and climbed into 'our' bed, cuddled together. When he started going down to suck me, I stopped him.

"Let's do each other," I said flipping around into our first sixty-nine. It was hotter than ever.

For the rest of the week we'd have sex in the morning, go ashore if we were in port then have sex again after dinner.

On Saturday evening when we returned to the room, I looked at him and said, "Josh, I want you to fuck me."

"Sure, if that's what you want."

Soon, I was on my back, legs pulled up and Josh fucking my ass as he kissed me. It was awesome feeling his cock explode up my ass and fill me with his man seed.

Afterward, he asked me to fuck him. I told him of the pain but he said he didn't care.

Seconds later, I was entering his ass. I could see the pain in his face but he never said a word. After I was in, I held still a while letting him adjust to the intrusion. when he said the pain had eased up, I gently began pistoning in and out. Soon he was moaning in pleasure which quickly brought me to my climax.

As I pulled out he laughed and said, "Now I know how a woman feels when she looses her cherry. I just lost mine and it was awesome. I hope you enjoyed it."

"Oh, believe me, I did. It's been a long time since I had a virgin."

Our closeness grew during the rest of the cruise. Our last port of call was Key West.

When we went ashore, we did some sight seeing then ate lunch. I had heard of a hot gay bay and asked if he wanted to check it out. He said yes.

We went in and ordered beers. As we stood at the bar, a young masculine guy in his early twenties came to us and asked if we'd like to join him at his table. We agreed. I had heard everything went on inside and had warned Josh about it.

Soon, the guy side out of his chair to the floor and sucked us both to roaring climaxes. when he returned to his chair, Josh looked at me then around the bar then slipped to the floor and I saw the young guys smile. I knew Josh was sucking his cock. Moments later, Josh returned to his chair.

When we left, I asked, "What did you think about sucking another guys cock other than mine?"

"It was hot, but I still like yours best."

The next day we docked back in Ft. Lauderdale and immediately went to a gay motel where clothing was optional in the pool courtyard. That afternoon, we met two guys at the pool who were also nude and invited them to our room. We had a hot four way and i was hot watching Josh suck one of the guys while the other fucked his ass.

The next night we returned to the gay bar whe had stumbled on before the cruise. After getting a beer we headed for the patio. Soon, Josh and I were both sucking strangers cocks and getting sucked.

Back in the room later, I asked, "Josh, do you now consider yourself bisexual?"

"No. I know now that I'm totally gay. It's who I was and thanks to you I found my true self."

We returned home and had frequent sex. However with Josh being a cop, he couldn't go to the gay bars for fear of being seen and reported to higher ups. I'd go and invite guys home and Josh would walk over to my apartment.

Several months later, the police chief issued a mandate saying that gays could openly serve on the police force and any repercussions from other officers would not be tolerated.

Three other officers came out and surprisingly were accepted without problems. There had always been the idea that a gay guy couldn't be depended upon to give proper back up in an emergency. All of them had proved that assumption false before coming out.

Josh was considering coming out but had made the final decision.

Then, when his lease came up for renewal, he said he was renting a house on the outskirts of town. I was devastated until he held me in his arms and told he he loved me and asked if I'd be his lover.

"I never dreamed I'd fall in love with another man,but I did. I love you more than life its self."

I quickly accepted and two months later when my lease as up, I moved in with him.

Then, there was the annual Policeman's Ball where outstanding officers of the year were recognized. Josh asked me to go with him and I agreed.

However, I was stunned when the first introduction was to his Captain.

"Captain, I'd like you to meet my life partner." The captain showed no surprise and made me feel welcome. Josh continued to introduce me that way and all his fellow officers accepted me and told Josh they had no idea he was gay.

We have been together five years now and are building a home on the property my grandfather left me. There, we will be able to go nude both inside and out weather permitting.

I give thanks every day that he convinced me to enter the contest for the cruise.




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