Josh Benedict was taking his turn wataching over the steers in the cattle barn. There were four boys each taking a turn through the night while the others got some sleep. All except Rudy Brown, who didn't trust anyone to look after his Black Angus. What did he think; someone was going to poison the animal? It wasn't really Rudy's fault; his dad had planted mistrust for everyone in the boy.

Josh was leaning up against the stack of bales of hay and straw to read a book that was being passed around about a female gymnastics instructor taking on her male athletes. He was into the chapter where she was getting fucked spread eagle on the pommel horse, but even the descriptions of the hot sex didn't keep him from being distracted by his thoughts. Finally he put the book aside with a brush of his hand over his bulging jeans, and stretched out in the loose straw a few feet from his own Angus steer and let his thoughts take over.

This could be the year. It had to be. The first prize money was his only chance for college. Taking first place was the only way he could stand a chance of getting Grand Champion, which was where the big money was. If he could take both, that would probably pay for all of his college and his folks wouldn't have to worry any more. If his steer took second, well, he wasn't sure he would even use the money to go to college. He would probably buy a car instead for transportation to and from a job. Third place was unthinkable. Nobody bought a third place steer to serve up as prime steaks in a restaurant.

The lights went out inside the barn and the sprawling structure was plunged into a soft light from the night lights that surrounded the building. Josh liked the night. He liked the excitement of the fair, and being there on his own. His folks and his little brother had gone back home; he had to take responsibility for his steer all on his own. His thoughts were interrupted by feet shuffling through the loose straw. He raised his head up to see Jack Royal standing at the end of the stall. His long, thick legs took the stance of a wide V and from there his upper body flared out into a reverse V.

'You're Josh Benedict,' he said.

'Yes, sir. You're Mr. Royal,' Josh said, getting to his feet. Everybody knew Jack Royal. A lot of people thought he was something of an oddball. In his thirties, never married, he had inherited the Angus farm that his father had spent a lifetime building up, along with the some Clydesdale breeding mares and stallions. He had a good reputation as a smart and fair businessman and he was involved in the community. He was also one of the judges at the fair.

'This your steer?' Jack asked.

'Yes, sir.'

The man smiled. 'You don't have to call me sir, Josh. You don't even have to call me Mister. Jack will do.'

'My parents taught me to.....'

'I know, respect your elders. I hate to think of myself as your elder. Oh, I'm older than you, but you're older than you, too, which sort of evens the age gap.'

'What do you mean. I'm older than me?' Josh asked.

'A boy responsible for raising an animal like that isn't a boy. He's a man, no matter what his age is,' Jack said.

Josh puffed up with pride. 'It's no more than all these other guys are doing,' he said modestly with a wave of his hand toward the other animals on either side of him. 'I'll wager you carry your weight around the place, working right alongside your dad, makes you more of a man than a lot of men I know.'

'You have to carry your weight, working around my dad,' he said.

'Well, it's not hurting you any,' Jack said as he reached out and squeezed Josh's bicep. He started off but then stopped and looked over his shoulder. 'You stuck here for the night, watching over things?'

'No. We're taking two hour shifts,' Josh said. 'I've got about an hour to go.'

'But then you're here for the night? I mean, you're not heading home.'

'No, I've got another shift,' Josh said.

'Well, if you want, come on up to my trailer after your shift and get some rest in a real bed, maybe watch some television.'

'All right, I'd like that,' Josh said.

'It's the silver one, last one in the row,' Jack said. 'My name's on the door.'

Josh was a little surprised at the offer, but afraid to refuse. Jack Royal being one of the judges, it couldn't hurt to accept his invitation. In fact, he was afraid not to. He waited anxiously for the second hour to pass. He kept looking at his watch. He had a half hour to go when Billy Kraus showed up.

'Anything happening?' Billy asked.

'Same old shit,' Josh joked. It was a joke among the boys...same old they had to clean up after the animals immediately to keep them clean.

'Did Kelly come by?' Billy asked.

'No. I haven't seen her since we all ate lunch together.'

'She said she was coming by to see you,' Billy said with a sly grin. 'Maybe she wants you to eat some more.'

'Maybe she went home. I doubt her dad would let her be out here this late,' Josh said.

'And maybe she's up in the loft fucking Judd Benz. Maybe you're gonna have to eat sloppy seconds.'

'I'm not eating anything, and if she wants to fuck Judd Benz, that's okay with me,' Josh said with a shrug. It wasn't okay, but he wasn't going to admit that it bothered him. Besides, he didn't know if she was up in the loft with Judd or not. He didn't know for sure where Judd was. If they up there they weren't making much noise. Maybe she really did have to go home with her parents, although he doubted it. Kelly Smith was practically a whore, but she was the daughter of Ed Smith, the president of the bank, and that gave her some class and status and respectability, no matter what she did.

'She's really got the hots for you, you know,' Billy said.

'Then why would she be up in the loft fucking Judd?'

'Maybe because Judd was available.'

'Hell, if it's about availability, there're gotta be a dozen guys spending the night who are available,' Josh said.

'She don't want just any guy...she only wants the studs. That's why I don't stand a snowball's chance of ever dipping my dipstick in that honey pit. But you, on the other hand.....'

'So you're saying it boils down to me and Judd? We're the only two studs?'

'You and Judd and the stallions over in the horse barn,' Billy said.

'Now you flatter me. And probably Judd.'

'I don't flatter you much, and probably not Judd.'

'How would you know, you never seen me with a hardon. Have you seen Judd's dick hard?'

'No, but I've see both of you often enough in the locker room, and all things being in proportion.....'

'Hell, it's not a big deal. A guy's hung the way he's hung. It's what you do with it that counts,' Josh said.

'That's the line for all of us poor slobs that got robbed,' Billy said.

'Are you here for your watch already?' Josh asked. 'I thought Adam was up next.'

'He is. I'm just strolling around.'

'Looking for some poor, unsuspecting sheep to fuck?' Josh joked.

'Fuck you.'

'Don't you wish; I just better not see any prize ewes walking funny tomorrow,' Josh said, laughing. 'Hey, do you want to take your watch early?'

'You anxious to go someplace?'

'Could be.'

'Anybody I know? Or are you going up and spy on Judd and Kelly?'

'Yeah, I think I'll get my camera and go up and take some pictures,' he said dryly. Josh left Billy with the live stock and headed for Jack Royal's trailer. He still thought it was strange that he'd asked him there. He thought it might even be against the rules, associating with a judge, but apparently not, or Jack wouldn't have asked him. Jack Royal had been an all around jock in college and an amateur bodybuilder. He was still built like one; still worked out, which was part of the reason people thought he was weird. He was a good looking guy, too. He could have any woman in the county, including a lot of the married women. Josh had overheard women talking about his muscles and they especially liked his tight butt. But Jack was seeing a woman over in Coles County

He found the trailer at the end of the row, parked back in the shadows of a clump of trees, beyond the strings of lights. He knocked lightly on the door. It opened and there was Jack in his underwear.

'Come in, Josh. I wasn't expecting you this early,' he said, shoving the door open for him.

'Another guy came by and too my watch,' Josh said.

The trailer was small but pretty fancy. A nice-size living/dining room area and a well equipped kitchen. It was warm, which was probably the reason Jack was in his shorts. Josh wondered why he didn't have the air conditioner turned on. Fuck, he looked big in just his briefs.

'Sit down, I'll get you something to drink,' Jack said. At the refrigerator he held the door open and asked, 'Do you want a beer, Josh?'

'I'd better not, I'm not old enough,' Josh said as he sat down on the couch in front of the television. There was a tennis match on. He was surprised that Jack would be watching tennis. He figured he would go for more rigorous spots.

'I didn't ask if you were old enough, I asked if you wanted one,' Jack said. 'I won't tell if you don't, and you're not driving.'

'Okay. Sure, I'll have a beer.'

When Jack bent down in the refrigerator Josh couldn't help noticing the way his thigh muscles spread out wide and the backs of his leg bulged. He also noticed his butt. Big, round, tight-looking. No wonder the women were all ga-ga over his ass. Odd that he would notice, but it was just a casual thought.

'I was just flipping channels, you can find something else if you want,' Jack said over his shoulder. He brought back two beers, handed one to Josh as he sat down beside him on the couch.

'I wondered if you were really watching tennis,' Josh said.

'You don't like tennis either, huh?'

'Nothing against it. I just don't find it very exciting. Sort of like golf,' Josh said.

'You prefer football,' Jack guessed.

',' Josh said. 'I play both.'

'I could about tell that.'

Josh looked at him.

'You're built like a football player and you've got the thighs of a soccer player.'

Josh looked down at his legs.

'You can't hide thighs like that even in a pair of jeans,' Jack said.

'I heard you were a jock in college.'

'I played some football and soccer, and wrestled and played a little hockey, though I'm not that graceful on a pair of skates.'

'And then you got into bodybuilding?' Josh asked.

'Well, the foundation was already there, keeping in shape for all the other sports. I just decided I would really get into it and see what happened.'

'Something sure happened,' Josh said, eyeing his mostly naked body.

'You lift weights, too, I can tell,' Jack said.

'I work out at school. I wish I had a set of weights for home. But my dad said there's plenty of work around the place to keep me in shape.'

'You're welcome to come over and work out at my place any time you want,' Jack told him.

'You've got your own gym?'

'Probably everything you'll need'

'It must be everything you need,' Josh said, eyeing the man's muscles openly. 'I would sure like to be built like that someday.'

'You are, in proportion to your size and age,' Jack told him as he reached down and squeezed his thigh. 'That leg feels like a chunk of granite.' The beer was making it awfully warm in the trailer. Josh put the bottle to his forehead. 'You can take off your shirt if you're getting warm,' Jack said. 'I don't run the air conditioner except back in the bedroom. I like it cool when I sleep.'

Even after Jack's compliment on his build, Josh felt a little uncomfortable taking his shirt off but Jack was holding his hand out to take it. He pulled it off and handed it to him. It felt good in a strange sort of way, being bare-chested with the man. While he was up he casually stepped over to go through the videos stacked on the end table.

'Would you rather watch a video?' Jack asked. 'What do you like?'

'I like action movies.'

'There are more inside the cabinet. Pick one out,' Jack told him.

Josh knelt down and went through the cabinet. He picked out Saving Private Ryan and Pearl Harbor. Further down in the stack he discovered an X-rated video! The cover showed a gorgeous babe with two good looking guys crowded in against her. They were all naked, the guys' cocks hanging out like big sausages. He fumbled with the box, hoping Jack would notice that he'd found it; hoping that he would offer to let him watch it. He placed the three videos on the table, with Pearl Harbor on top.

'I don't know if there's time to watch three if one of them. Private Ryan is pretty long. So is Pearl Harbor,' Jack said as he picked up the video box off the top. He paused when he saw the X-rated video. 'Ah, you want some real action,' he said, laughing. 'I don't know if you ought to be watching that one.'

'Oh, well, it was worth a try,' Josh said with a sheepish grin.

'Have you ever seen one of these?'

'Once, at a party,' Josh lied. His mouth was dry as always happened when he didn't tell the truth.

'Well...if you give me your word that you won't tell anybody, not about the beer, or the video...anything that goes on here tonight stays here, agreed?'

'Right. I understand.'

'Not even to any of your buddies,' Jack said. 'You could get me in a whole lot of trouble. I don't want a bunch of snot-nosed boys knocking on my trailer door wanting to watch fuck movies.'

Josh felt proud that Jack was taking him out of the boy class. He made him feel like a man.

'By the way, you're not driving, are you?' Jack asked as he slipped the video into the VCR.

'No. I'm out here for the night,' Josh said.

'Well we don't have worry about you having too much to drink, then. You can sleep it off here if you have too much,' Jack told him

Josh's eyes were fixed on the television screen where two guys were walking down the street laughing and talking and punching each other playfully. The camera moved to pan the front of the building and focused in on a bay window where a woman was looking out, watching the two guys and stroking her bare tits. The two guys went up the stairs and down a long hallway where they stopped and knocked on the door. A moment later the door opened and there was the woman, naked except for a thong. Josh almost gaped she was so gorgeous.

Jack slouched down in the couch with his legs splayed apart. He downed the rest of his beer and laid his head on the back of the couch. 'Get us both another beer, will you?' he said, handing his empty to Josh. When he came back with two fresh beers, Jack said, 'Look, why don't you get comfortable?'

'Naw, I'm okay, without my shirt,' Josh said.

The two guys were naked now and feeling the woman up. They were built like bodybuilders. One of them had a hardon sticking out about eight inches and the other guy was getting one of considerable size. Josh was mesmerized. He'd never seen an X-rated video before and it was awesome to actually watch somebody having sex; especially two guys and one woman, and especially such a beautiful woman and such good looking, well hung guys.

They laid the woman on the coffee table and one guy knelt down and began eating her pussy while the other guy sucked on her tits.

'You ever do that?' Jack asked.


'Eat pussy.'


The guy sucking her tits rose up and offered her his cock. She took it in her mouth and started sucking him.

'You ever have a girl do that?' Jack asked.

'Only in my dreams.'

'Hey, you're not a virgin, are you?' Jack asked, giving his leg a playful squeeze.

'No, not since I was fifteen,' he replied. That was no lie. He wished Jack would stop talking and let him watch the video. The other guy was hunkering between the woman's legs now, sliding his cock into her cunt. Josh almost moaned from excitement. His cock was packed so tightly in his jeans that it ached. There wasn't room for it to expand to its full size. He could see out of the corner of his eye that Jack's shorts were bulging something awful. Tented, actually, for his cock was standing up inside his shorts. Josh was surprised when he reached down and groped himself and shoved his cock downward. It sprung back up and Josh saw his shorts moving again.

'Damn thing won't stay down,' Jack mumbled. Josh felt more at ease reaching down to adjust his own manhood but it was a futile effort as well. It would be great if he could just take it out and let it stand free. But he didn't do it; not in front of Jack. He might think he was one of those snot-nosed boys if he took his cock out and started jacking off. 'It would give that thing more room to breathe if you shed those jeans,' Jack said.

'Okay,' Josh said with a shrug as he stood up and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans with one hand. Jack reached for his beer so he could take his jeans off. He felt conspicuous as hell with his shorts bulging so, but so were Jack's. He sat down quickly and shoved his cock down against the cushion within the confines of his briefs but it reared back up again. He shouldn't feel so self conscious; Jack had the same problem.

'Nice tan,' Jack said, looking him up and down.

'Thanks.' Pause.

'Damn, you've got thighs that could move a tank,' Jack said, reaching over to squeeze his bare thigh.

Josh jumped and sort of moved his legs away and Jack moved his hand The action on the screen had gone up a few degrees. Both guys were fucking the woman at the same time, one in her pussy, the other in her ass. Josh didn't know women took it up the ass and he was mesmerized by it. Then he got another huge surprise. The guy on the bottom who was fucking her maneuvered himself out from under her and got behind his buddy. Josh couldn't believe his eyes when he saw that the guy was shoving his cock in his buddy's ass!

'Now I know you've never done that,' Jack said.

'Not hardly.'

'You wanta get us another beer?' Jack asked.

'I'll get you one, I'm okay,' Josh said.

Jack reached over and took Josh's beer and downed it. 'Now you're not okay,' he said. 'Get yourself a cold one.'

Josh got up and went to the fridge for two more cold beers. He was already feeling warm and tingly inside; one more beer would be his limit. He didn't want to get drunk. He had been drunk only once in his life and he didn't like the morning after. He held the two beers in one hand and pushed his hard cock down with the other as he came back from the fridge, but not before Jack took note.

'You'd better let that thing out before you rip your shorts,' he said, laughing. Jack was making no attempt to conceal his own hard condition. He had his legs splayed apart and his cock was standing straight up inside his shorts and he wasn't even trying to push it down. He looked huge. Josh decided that if Jack took his shorts off, he would be brave enough to do the same. The guy in the video had pulled his cock out of his buddy's ass and stepped around in front of him and shoved it in his mouth. The guy sucked him hungrily while he fucked the woman.

'Oh, Mannnnn!' Josh exclaimed. 'He's sucking it right out of his own ass. You know I've never done that, either. You either.'

'Well, not in the last week,' Jack joked. He laughed. 'Hey...did I hear something?' he asked, looking over at him.

'I didn't hear anything,' Josh said, looking around.

'Sounded like something tearing...your shorts, maybe,' he joked.

'It was probably your own shorts ripping,' Josh joked back.

'Well, I'm going to fix that before they do,' Jack said and with that he rose up and took off his shorts. Josh was suddenly mesmerized more by Jack than by what was happening on the screen. Not only was he big and muscular and good looking, Jack Royal was hung! Big! He was leaned back so his cock stood up proudly from between his legs, way up over his stomach, bobbing and throbbing and quivering violently. Josh could even see the tiny pearl of precum oozing up out of the slit in the head. He was too shy to follow through on what he'd decided to do if Josh took his shorts off. His bravery waned and it made him feel like a little of those snot-nosed little boys that Jack spoke of with such contempt.

'Okay, the next ripping sound you hear will be your shorts, not mine,' Jack said.

Suddenly it was more embarrassing to sit there with his shorts on than to take them off. With a great surge of courage he set his beer on the table and rose up from the couch and shoved his shorts down. He kicked them off and sat back down like Jack, with his legs splayed apart and his cock standing straight up for the world to see. Standing as thick and tall as Jack's cock...hell, maybe even taller, he thought proudly. It was the first that he realized that he was so big!

'Damn, kid!' Jack swore under his breath.

Josh glanced over to see Jack looking at his cock--really looking at it. 'Damn yourself,' Josh said as he looked openly at Jack's cock.

'That's a double-damn,' Jack said. 'I thought I was pretty good sized. Shit, how'd you grow that thing so big at such a young age?'

Josh shrugged, both embarrassed and proud. It was a rare moment of male bonding and Josh felt the excitement and warmth of the moment. He felt all fuzzy inside, and it wasn't just from his hardon. The beer had something to do with it, but mostly it was just being there alone, naked, with his man. Josh jumped when Jack put his hand on his leg again, this time higher than before. He squeezed his thigh as he moved his hand a little higher. Josh froze as he realized for the first time what was happening. He inched his leg away from him. Jack moved his hand and laid it on his own thigh and leaned back in the couch. Several minutes passed as Josh tried to sort it out in his head. Jack Royal was gay? He couldn't believe that. Hell, no way a stud like him had a liking for other guys. But there was something funny going on. Maybe it was the beer fueling his imagination.

'You know, Josh...I shouldn't say this, but...well, you don't stand much of a chance of that bull of yours winning tomorrow...unless.....' He let his words trail off.

The way Jack's words just hung there it sounded like some kind of threat. 'Unless what?' Josh asked in a choking voice. 'You said he's the best one you've seen,' he reminded him.

'He is, but that don't mean he's going to win,' Jack said with his eyes still fixed straight ahead... 'Unless you warm up a little.'

Josh looked around at him, surprised. Geezuss, he IS gay! He wants do something, Josh thought, or he wants me to do something...something he'd been taught from boyhood never to let happen. A chill of fright went through him. He swallowed hard, trying to work up the courage to get up and grab his clothes...or decide if he wanted to. He cringed inside as Jack reached over and put his hand on his thigh again. This time he didn't jerk away, not even when Jack's hand moved up his thigh toward his crotch... not even when he wrapped his big, rough hand around his cock.

'Now that's more like it,' Jack said huskily.

Josh laid his head back and closed his eyes. A thousand thoughts ravaged his brain...a thousand images...but one in particular. His dad and him sitting on the tailgate of the pickup, him listening to the older man's version of the facts of life and about 'guys like that.' It was easy then, to accept his dad's advice and vowed to be the good boy his parents wanted and expected him to be. But they didn't know how it felt to have a guy's hand wrapped around your cock and working it up and down like Jack was doing, and Jack wasn't one of those dirty old men his dad had warned him about. He was a stud. And his hand felt a lot better than his own. What would it hurt, anyway? He was eighteen years old, he knew the score. He wasn't a virgin but nothing like this had ever happened before, except when he and Ronnie Burnside jerked off together when they were kids. And somehow that didn't count. It wasn't so different from what he did himself, only it was another guy's hand doing the jacking instead of his own, and it felt a whole lot better. Certainly it was a small price to pay for a chance at a college education. He relaxed his legs and let them splay apart again, one of them against Jack's leg. Jack pressed his thigh back against his.

'Damn you are built,' Jack said.

Josh nodded. He was unable to form words and couldn't think of anything to say anyway. His entire being was focused on the feeling of the man's hand jacking him off. Jack ran his other hand up Josh's abs and on up to his chest where he flicked his tits and squeezed his solid pecs.

'You're fuckin' built everywhere,' he said.

'So are you,' Josh said. He wondered if this was how Rick Wilson had taken Grand Champion with his bull last year.

'That feel good?' Jack asked as he moved his hand up and down the huge teenage cock. Josh nodded. 'Better than your own hand, I'll bet.'

'Oh, yeah,' he replied in a husky tone.

'It feels better than my own cock, too,' Jack said. 'I can make it feel better,' he went on. 'A whole lot better.'

Josh wondered how. 'Sure, go ahead,' he said, although he didn't know exactly what he was giving the green light for. He only knew that he was curious. He had a vague idea what guys did with other guys and he was curious whether Jack Royal would do that. He didn't believe he would, but.....

Jack flashed a wide grin. 'You're really going to cooperate, aren't you?'

'It's a little more than just cooperating,' Josh said.

Jack twisted around on the couch and leaned over Josh's middle. Josh could feel his hot breath on his cock and knew he was going to do it. He was going to go down on him. He was going to suck his cock!! Oh, fuck, it's gonna happen! Jack flicked the head of his cock then lavered his tongue all around it.

'Ohhhhhhhhhhh,' Josh gasped. He did more than gasp when Jack lowered his mouth around his cock. 'AAAAAaaaaaawwwhhhhhh!' He'd never felt anything like it in his life! God, it truly did feel like his cock was sliding up into a barrel of warm honey, just like all the guys described sticking their cocks in a girl's pussy, only this was better. This was a barrel of honey with wings of a thousand honey bees fluttering all over his cock. Jack's mouth was that alive! He began moving his mouth up and down on his cock.

'Ohh, Gezusss!' he gasped softly. 'Ohhh....Awwhhh, OOhhaaww, fuck...fuck, I can't believe anything can feel so good!' He also couldn't believe that big, studly Jack Royal was sucking his cock. This explained a lot of things; why Jack never dated women, at least women that anybody had ever met. That woman in Coles County, he bet, was a myth. More likely it was another guy over in Coles County.

'How does it feel?' Jack asked.

'Fuck, I can't believe anything can feel so good.'

'You said that,' Jack kidded him.

'I can't think of anything else to say. There's no way to describe how it feels. It's even better than fucking a girl.'

Jack laughed softly as he moved to his knees on the floor between Josh's legs. He nuzzled and lapped at his balls. He lifted them up and lapped underneath the heavy hangers. Josh hunkered down on the couch and spread his legs as wide as he could to give him all the room he needed.

'MMMnnnnnnn,' Jack groaned as he lavered his tongue back and forth at the apex of Josh's thighs. Josh was jacking his own cock now, amplifying the pleasure that Jack was giving him. 'OOhhh, you taste so good,' Jack moaned.

Josh couldn't imagine how he must taste but it was okay with him if Jack was enjoying the flavor of him down there; except he wanted him to have some more of the taste of his cock. He pushed it against Jack's face and Jack raised up and took it in his mouth again. All the way in his mouth! Josh lay there, his eyes gaping wide as he watched his cock disappear between the man's lips, inch after inch, and felt it sliding into the warm, snug channel of this throat.

'Ohhh, Fuuuuccckkkk,' Josh groaned loudly. 'Awww, you're taking it all the way!' With his throat full of cock, Jack wrapped his thick arms under Josh's legs and lifted his thighs onto his shoulders. Josh locked his thighs around the man's head and humped his cock hard in his throat. He pushed on the back of his head to force him to keep it there. When he had to come up for air he raised up, pulling Josh further down on the couch, so his butt was hanging over the edge of the cushions.

'You are one hot little stud,' he said breathlessly. 'Well, not so little,' he added. 'Fuck you're bigger than most men, you know that?'

'No, actually, I got no basis for comparison with other grown men, but it's good to know.'

When Jack leaned his head down again, Josh thought he was going back down on his cock and he held it up for him. But he passed up his cock and Josh thought maybe he was going to suck his balls again, which was okay. But instead he pushed Josh's thighs up against his chest, doubling him in half, and buried his face in his spread ass.

'AAAHHHHH,' Josh cried with surprise. 'AAaaaahh ...Ohhhh ....Ohhhh, man, w-what're y-you d-doing?'

He knew what Jack was doing, he just couldn't believe it; couldn't believe how great it felt, the man's tongue was lashing all around his asshole.

'You like that?' Jack asked with a soft chuckle as he kept flicking his tongue.

'Oh,' Josh gasped. 'Ohh, Geezusssss! Oh, Fuck man, I never had anybody do that before!'

'Then you've never had anybody do this,' Jack said. With that, he pulled his butt wider, stretching his asshole open, and drove his tongue inside him.

Josh muffled his outcry with his forearm over his mouth. After a moment Jack raised up and sat back on his haunches. 'Why don't you lie down on the floor,' he said. Josh scrambled off the couch and lay on the floor with his knees cocked up, one arm crooked under his head. He didn't know what Jack wanted to do next and he didn't care. He was trembling with excitement and anticipation. Jack knelt between his legs and lifted them up onto his shoulders again. He sucked his cock and sucked on his balls for awhile, then pushed his legs up over his head so he was bent completely in half. Josh looked up to see his own cook looming over his face and the big pearl-like drop of precum forming in the wide slit. Ball juice, the guys called it.

'Hold your legs, I'm going to work you over good,' Jack said.

He gasped as Jack started eating his ass again. His butt was spread apart, making it easier for him to pull his hole open and get his tongue in deeper. Josh's breathing was constricted so that he could only moan from somewhere deep inside. The drop of ball juice got so heavy that it let go and fell right into his mouth when he was groaning. He didn't panic. The stuff mixed with his spit and spread over his tongue. It tasted strangely, excitingly good. Jack bent him in half so far that his feet nearly touched the floor behind his head and his cock was throbbing and bobbing and quivering right over his face. He could feel its heat on his face.

'Take it,' Jack said huskily, putting more pressure on the backs of his thighs to push him tighter in half. 'Go ahead, open you mouth. Suck your own cock.'

He couldn't imagine doing such a thing. In his wildest dreams and fantasies, taking a cock in his mouth was unthinkable. Anybody's cock. Even his own. But all that was changing fast in his mind. He was thinking ahead, imaging what he could do for himself if he was actually able to give himself pleasure.

'There are dam few guys built big enough and flexible enough to suck their own cock,' Jack said. 'Go ahead. Try it. It's no different from sucking your thumb or a pacifier when you were a kid, no different than jacking off except it feels a lot better, and you've got something bigger and better to suck on. A real live pacifier.'

Along with his own imagining, Jack was making sense and it was changing his mind about things. Suddenly it was easy for Josh to let his mouth go slack and allow Jack to push his cock into his mouth. He was surprised at his tiny squeal of delight. It was weird, the way it tasted....weird having his own mouth making him feel so good. More than that, it felt good from both ends. His mouth was giving his cock pleasure and his cock was giving his mouth pleasure. He moaned and whinnied from his self pleasure. Then Jack gave him the triple whammy. He pulled his asshole open and drove his tongue deep into his ass.

'MMMnnnnppphhhhnnnnn!' Josh cried, muffled by his cock. He nearly went out of his mind. He was being consumed with the new-found pleasure. He sucked his cock hungrily and the more he sucked, the more he wanted and Jack's tongue in his ass made him want it all the more. He wrapped his arms around his legs and pulled himself in tighter so he could have more of his cock in his mouth. He was able to take nearly half of it, deep enough that the head was pressing against his throat. If he could only have enough leverage to try to force it down his throat like Jack took it. But he wasn't that limber and pliable. He would practice on that. He would deep-throat himself like Jack did. Jack pumped his legs up and down, forcing him to fuck his own face. That stretched his muscles and he was gradually able to take even more of his cock. The excitement was mind-boggling. He'd never experienced anything like it. It was like tiny bolts of lightning hitting him from all sides at the same time and he couldn't know where the pleasure was going to hit him next. For a moment he had a sort of out-of-body experience and he was watching himself and Jack Royal, and in his wild imaginations he was joined by Billy and Judd and they were watching him too. As he came back into his body he tried to imagine what Billy and Judd would think if they could see him.

Suddenly he went into a state of panic. He hadn't been paying any attention to the lust building up inside him and now it was upon him. It was feeling too good. THAT good! Ball busting good! If they didn't stop he was going to come! He squealed around his cock and moaned and panicked. He had to stop or he was gong to go off and get a mouthful of come. But he was held captive in the tight, tuck position...and besides...suddenly he didn't want to stop. He didn't want this exquisite pleasure to end, but if it must, he wanted to draw every bit of pleasure from it and that included taking himself to full climax. His panic served only to increase his pleasure and then his resolve. He sucked himself harder now, lashing his cockhead with his tongue, anxious to finish, hungry for the taste of his own cum.

Jack sensed his buildup. He shoved his fingers into his ass and pulled it open unmercifully. Josh could feel the warm air wafting into his open ass. He felt the terrific heat of Jack's spit being dropped into his hole. It felt like molten lava. Jack began working his fingers in and out and around inside his ass, touching places that he didn't know he had. More fingers stretching his hole made him feel even better. Josh uttered a squealing groan as his climax began to overtake him. He was only vaguely aware of Jack standing up, straddling him, pushing his legs down harder, forcing even more of his cock into his mouth.....pressing hard into the opening of his throat.. At the same time he felt Jack's big, thick fingers, now two from each hand, working in and out of his asshole...then there were three, maybe four, or eight...he couldn't tell...then something very hot touched the opening of his ass.

'OOOOOooohhhhhhhmmmmmmmmpppphhhhhhhhh!' Josh groaned loudly. It would have been a scream if he hadn't had his mouth full of cock. Everything was happening so fast. His head was spinning and he was seeing stars. He thought he might black out before the raging lust it reached its peak. The blunt, rubbery hard heat in his gaping ass added incredibly more pleasure to his already mind blowing lust, becoming almost unbearable as the hard heat penetrated deeper into his ass. God, Jack had big fingers and he was using both hands! Suddenly he felt his trigger pop and his come rushing through the tubes inside his body then gushing through the thick seminal vein of his cock. He felt the gush surge across his lips and braced himself. The next instant he was coming. Shooting in his own mouth!

He whimpered like a contented baby sucking on a tit as the warm, thick semen spurted into his mouth. His mouth was quickly filled with his warm come. It felt so wonderful but he didn't have the taste of it yet. He wondered if there was any taste to it. Then his tongue was being flooded and he got the full taste of his own semen. His panic peaked in that instant of flavor revelation, then quickly subsided and he found himself actually relishing the taste of the stuff. It had a salty-acrid-sweet taste that could only be described as the taste of come. The moment was such an intense one and through the fog he wondered if there was any other boy in the world who had ever taken his own load like this.

He shot again and again, till he was forced to swallow. It slid down his throat, thick and warm, in a long rope, making room for more to come. The pleasure spread all through him and he thought he would go out of his mind before it was over. Crazy! Nuts! God, how was a guy supposed to endure anything so wonderfully good! He felt the warm air wafting into his asshole again and Jack was easing the pressure off the back of his legs. He held onto them himself, determined to hold onto his cock as long as he could, till he was drained of every drop of come and every ounce of pleasure. When he was finished he was unable to move out of the position. In the cramped position his thighs hung too heavy over his face for him to lift them. Jack lifted his thighs and helped him lie straight on the floor then sat up on the couch in front of him.

Josh's chest heaved and his stomach muscles rippled with his labored breathing. He cold feel the weight of his cock on one thigh, and the come oozing out and running down over his hip.

'You are fuckin' beautiful, the way your abs ripple when you breathe,' Jack said. Josh threw one forearm over his eyes as if to block out the truth and images of what had just happened. 'That was fuckin' wild,' Jack said. Josh nodded, unable to say anything. 'Your cock isn't going down very fast.'

'It won't,' Josh said weakly. 'It sometimes doesn't go down when it's been real good.'

'Boy, this must have been spectacular,' Jack said. 'It looks like you're rearing for more.'

He might have been, except for the frightful realization that was creeping into his mind, trying to manifest itself in his head, in the form of guilt and remorse. He tried to block it as it came more to the surface. He shook it off...or tried, it emerged. But he couldn't shake it. It was there, becoming clearer by the moment as his mind cleared. An awful realization that he could barely stand to face.

Finally, he raised his head up and asked, 'Did you fuck me?'

'You have to ask?' Jack said with a smile. 'Yeah, if that's how you want to put it, I fucked you with my tongue and my fingers...eight fingers...and you were loving it.'

'No, did you fuck me?' Josh asked. His voice was weak and wavered. 'I mean....d-did you use...your cock? I felt something different part way into it.....'

Jack's hesitation was his answer but the man still tried to skirt it. 'I had four then six fingers in you and you took eight. I had your ass so relaxed and stretched so wide I think I could have shoved a baseball bat inside you and you would have loved it.' He saw that Josh wasn't buying his story.

'Yeah, but you were standing up...over me,' Josh said hesitantly.

'Okay,' he said, finally, with a sigh. 'I was rubbing your asshole with the head of my cock, and you liked that, too.'

', you had it in were fucking me,' Josh said. 'How much of your cock did you have shoved inside me?'

'Just the might have slipped in a little more than that in the frenzy...a couple of inches, maybe.'

'You fucked me!' Josh murmured as he scrambled to his feet. Then he exploded. 'You son-of-a-bitch! You fucked my ass!' he yelled angrily. He started for him but Jack stood up and grabbed his wrist and easily stopped him.

'I didn't actually fuck you,' he said soothingly. 'You needed something plugging that delicious ass of yours, kid. You were so wide open my fingers weren't doing the trick and it was begging for something bigger. I just filled your hole with what I had available. You didn't seem to mind. You were loving it.'

Jack struggled to get free and tear into the man. Tears were streaming down his face. Jack let go of his wrists but pulled him in tight so his arms were locked between their bodies and he couldn't get away. Strong as he was, Josh couldn't break free of the man's powerful arms.

'Let me go!'

'I will, when you've settled down,' Jack said in his soothing tone again.

'You son-of-a-bitch cocksucker! Let me go!'

Jack sat back on the couch, pulling Josh with him and laid them both full-length with Josh pinned between him and the back of the couch. He held him there for a long time; till he felt his body relax. Then he relaxed his hold a little.

'You wanted it, Josh. You can't deny that. You would've wanted it even more if you hadn't shot your load.'

'I admit, I wanted it...I liked it when you were sucking my cock and doing my ass but I didn't want to be fucked. I never told you I wanted to get fucked.'

'You never told me you wanted me to suck your cock either, or tongue your ass.'

'It's different. Getting's a lot different,' Josh said.

Jack reared back and tilted Josh's head toward him. 'Tell me you didn't like it. Look me in the eye and tell me it wasn't the most incredible sex you've ever had,' he said as he swiped a tear from the boy's face.

Josh brushed his hand away but he began to calm down. 'Okay, I admit, I liked it. I said liked was great... but I didn't know you were fucking me. I didn't know that was what was feeling so good.'

'And now it makes a difference? Why?' Jack said.

'Yeah, it makes a difference. It's gonna make a hell of a difference when I have to face my friends, or look at myself in the mirror...knowing I've had another guy's cock in my ass.'

'Why? When you look at yourself in the mirror, just remember how great it was. As for your friends, they've got no way of knowing. Nobody's going to know unless you tell them. You're not going to walk out of here with 'I Got Fucked In The Ass' tattooed on your forehead.'

'I'll know,' Josh said sullenly.

'And me,' said Jack. 'It'll be our secret. You used to like secrets when you were a boy. This is just a grown-up secret, between two men.'

'Did you do this with Rick Wilson?' Josh asked. 'Is this how he got grand champion last year? Did you make him suck himself like you did me?'

'Would you want me to tell anybody about you?' Jack retorted. 'And I didn't make you do that. I only showed you it could be done. But dam few guys are hung well enough to do that, you should be proud.'

'Did you fuck him? With your cock?' Josh asked.

Jack smiled. 'I'm not going to answer your questions. Suffice to say, a little cooperation goes a long way, as you will discover.' Then he asked, 'If I let you go, now, are you going to tear into me again?

'No, I know better. I know I couldn't handle you.'

'True, but you could do some serious damage, though, with all those muscles,' Jack said. He released his hold on him but Josh didn't get up. 'You're free,' Jack said. Josh shoved himself up off the couch. He swallowed, still tasting his own come. That should have been worse than having a couple of inches of cock shoved in his ass, but somehow, sucking his own cock didn't seem so bad. Not nearly as bad as having another guy's cock in his ass. He could never do that to anybody else...suck anybody's cock but his own...after all, like Jack said, it was no different from sucking his thumb...a real life pacifier. Only better. Yeah, only better...a live pacifier. Jut like Jack said. Getting fucked in the ass was a whole different story.

'Do you want to take a shower before you go?' Jack asked him.

'Yeah, I'd like to.'

Alone in the shower, Josh tried to reconstruct the huge event in his mind but it wouldn't come together. His mind hadn't exactly been working at full capacity. It was nothing but a dumping ground for all the fiery emotions that engulfed him when it was all happening. He broke it down in parts, as he was prone to do when he needed to sort things out. Jack Royal had sucked his cock and his balls and his ass. That felt great. He made him suck his own cock and that felt pretty great, too. He shot off in his own mouth and swallowed his own come, and that wasn't such a bad thing either. Broken down, it was easy to focus on each thing till he got to getting fucked. That shouldn't have happened. He still believed that he didn't know it was happening at the time but he couldn't be sure now, and besides, he shouldn't have done any of it. He quickly dismissed everything and went back to the comfort and safety of his muddled mine.

He clenched his asshole and reached back with one soapy finger to make sure it was closed. Everything seemed all right. Except for one thing; the way his finger felt on his asshole. It felt good, like no other time he'd washed his ass and that scared him. He remembered how good Jack's long, thick fingers felt moving around inside him, and that scared him a lot, now. He tried not to think about how the man's thick, blunt cock had felt stretching his ass.

Jack was right, it was the most incredible sex he'd ever had. Fucking Kelly couldn't hold a candle to what he'd done tonight. He wished he could tell Billy and Judd about it, let them know how great this other kind of sex with another guy could be, even though it was supposed to be so wrong. Just then Jack opened the door to the small bathroom.

'I was just getting out,' Josh said, turning off the water.

'Take your time. I don't think you've got a towel in there.'

Josh stepped out of the shower as Jack handed him a towel.

'Take your time drying ff. I enjoy looking at you,' he said. He left the bathroom door open and leaned against the closet door to watch the muscular teenage athlete dry off. 'You've got one hell of a body on you,' he said. 'And I mean besides your cock.'

'Thanks. So do you.'

'I wish I'd been built like that when I was your age.'

'I figured you were,' Josh said.

'Oh, I was pretty well built as far as muscles but I didn't have a cock that size. Not many grown men do.'

'When did you?

'I was well into college before I reached my full potential between my legs.'

'I don't know if I've reached my full growth or not,' Josh said.

'I doubt it. Did you know the average size of a man's cock is four to six inches? Hell, you're damn near double that already; you're going to be a stallion when you reach your full growth.' Josh blushed. 'Are there very many girls who have been lucky to ride that thing?' Jack asked, nodding toward Josh's swinging cock.

'A couple,' Josh replied with shy modesty.

'And how does that compare with what we did, now that you've had time to think about it more rationally?'

Josh snorted with laughter. 'There is no comparison,' he declared. 'You think you've reached the ultimate pinnacle when you finally get to fuck a girl. Fuck, if those guys only knew.'

'I hope I didn't shock you too much.'

'Stunned was more like it,' Josh said. 'I would never dream that you were...not in a million years. Nobody would.'

'That's the beauty of being gay in a macho-stud body,' Jack said. 'The muscles help cover up my little secret. Hey, do you really have to leave? You can spend the night if you want. Just so you're gone early in the morning. It wouldn't look good for you to be seen coming out of one of the judge's trailer.'

'I have to take another watch,' Josh said as he hung up the towel and went to get his clothes. Again, Jack stood and watched him intently.

'It's a real shame to cover up such beauty. Why don't you take your watch like that?'

Josh laughed.

'Are you okay now?' Jack asked with concern.


'I mean in the head. I don't want you to leave all fucked up in the head.'

'I'm okay. I flew off the handle, that's all. I'm okay now,' Josh said. ' felt good, what you did.'

'I'm sorry I surprised you so. I know how it is, everything being so was quite a shock when I realized what'd happened to me the first time.'

'I'm okay,' Josh said again.

'I tried to keep taking you to the next level.'

'You damn near drove me right off the scale,' Josh said.

'Next time I won't spring it on you like that. I'll make sure you know up front what I'm going to do.'

'I don't think there'll be a next time for, at least not for that,' Josh said emphatically. 'I don't want to take that to the next high level, whatever it is.'

'You admitted you liked it,' Jack said.

'I don't want to go all the way with it, though.'

'It's a shame to stop short of total pleasure,' Jack said. He eyed him with a sly grin. 'It's sort of like being almost a virgin.'

'I'm not exactly NOT a virgin in that respect,' Josh said.

'Let me see if I've got this right. I gave you, say three or four inches of cock. If my cock was only three or four inches long, you would've had it all. Would that mean you're totally not a virgin?'

'You know what I mean,' Josh said with a scowl. 'You didn't fuck me all the way and I wanta leave it like that, okay?' He didn't like Jack getting all philosophical on him. It only confused him more.

'Okay, but all the rest...did you like that enough to come back for more?'

Josh didn't have to think about that. He was hoping there was a way he could be with the man again. He'd been wondering how he might bring it up. 'Sure, any time,' he said.

'You know where I live.'

'Everybody in nine counties knows where you live,' Josh said.

'I'll hire you to do some work for me, that'll give you a reason to be at my place on a regular basis, or as often as you like.'

'All right,' Josh said as he tucked his shirt in and did up his jeans. 'I gotta get back now.'

Jack put out his hand, like two men closing a business deal. 'I'm really glad this worked out all right. You're the best thing that's happened to me in a long time, Josh. And for the record, you've got a better-than-good chance of taking first place tomorrow with that fine animal.'


'Look, if you want to come back after your shift we would have time for another round before morning,' Jack suggested.

'Maybe I will.'

Walking back to the cattle barn, it bothered him a little that maybe his steer wasn't really good enough to take first place on its own; that he would take first simply because he'd had sex with the head judge. 'Well, fuck it,' he mumbled. The steer wouldn't know that when he was sliced up into steaks and nobody else would know except for him and Jack Royal. And maybe it wasn't true anyway. The animal would be steaks in a few days and he would have his money for at least one year of college. More if the auction went really well. Adding it all up in his head, he had no regrets about having sex with Jack Royal. Well, maybe some, over having his cock in his ass. Maybe it was regret....maybe it was doubt...he didn't know. He got back to the cattle barn to find Billy waiting rather impatiently.

'Sorry I took so long,' Josh said as he sat down beside Billy and leaned back against the stack of bales.

'That's okay, I was just laying here jacking off,' Billie joked sarcastically.

'You want to make me think you're joking, but you're not,' Josh joked back.

'I don't mind that you were gone for so long, just so you tell me why you took so long to do it. You know .....details.'

'No details to tell,' Josh said. 'I just went walking around and ended up back in the grove and I sat down and just looked at the stars.'

'Well, while you were out there star-gazing, Kelly's been waiting on you,' Billy said nodding upstairs.

'She's waiting on me? Up in the loft?' Josh asked, surprised and suddenly very excited.

'Yeah, Judd said he dam near fucked her eyeballs out and she's still waiting on more. Man, you sure must have something she wants awful bad.'

'Only about ten inches of cock,' Josh bragged.

Billy's eyes widened. 'No shit? You've got ten inches? I mean, I knew you were hung like a horse, but no man could be that big.'

'Remind me to show you sometime, and bring your ruler,' Josh said cockily as he shoved himself to his feet and brushed the straw off his jeans. 'Well, duty calls,' he said as he headed for the ladder.

'Hey, there might be somebody else up there with her by now, maybe more than one,' Billy warned.

'When she sees me, she'll throw those guys off,' he bragged. He climbed up the ladder feeling the juices of his manhood rushing through his veins, despite the fact that he's just dropped a heavy load. There was no one there except Kelly. She was laying on a blanket in a pile of straw with another blanket over her. He knew she was naked underneath the blanket.

'I've been waiting for you,' she cooed.

'That's not what I heard,' Josh said as he sat down beside her.

'What awful rumors have you heard?' she asked.

'I heard you've had lots of company.'

'Okay, Judd was here,' she said coyly. 'There were two more boys who came up but I told them to climb right back down.'

'Judd said you wore him out,' Josh said, laughing.

'It's not my fault if he can't keep up,' she said.

'You like that, don't you, wearing guys down? Well, you won't wear me out,' he said.

'I hope you're not all talk, like Judd.....'

Josh had to smile with satisfaction that Judd wasn't such a stud after all, at least by Kelly's standards, and she was pretty much the benchmark among the guys. Kelly Smith set the standard bearer for a guy's reputation; well, he was going to give her something to talk about. He unlaced his boots and took them off, leaving his socks on. Then he took off his T-shirt and tossed it aside. He liked the way Kelly looked at his bare muscles. He stood up and undid his jeans.

'Are you going to get naked?' Kelly asked.

'Are you naked under that blanket?' he asked. He pulled his jeans off and stood in his shorts. He left them on, more or less to tease her. They were bulging like hell with his growing cock and Kelly was looking almost glassy-eyed.

'Well, are you?' he asked again as he knelt down and drew the blanket back. She was naked all right. Not a dam thing on except a nice, smooth tan where she spent so much time at the club swimming pool.

'Yes,' she said meekly.

Josh's cock throbbed inside his shorts. He rose up off his haunches, proudly displaying his tented shorts and reached down to squeeze her tits. She reached out for his shorts but he brushed her hand away. 'Don't get so anxious,' he said. 'You'll get it when I've got you ready.'

'Oh, I'm ready, Josh. I've been ready since the first time I saw you in the halls at school.'

'I've been ready for you, too. I don't know why we never managed to hook up before now,' he said as he ran his hand down her taut stomach to her muff. He gently pulled on her hair as he tickled her pussy. She spread her legs out and thrust her pelvis up, squirming against his finger.

'You like that?'

'Oh,Yessss... Oh, please, Josh, don't tease me. I've waited for this for so long.'

'Girls tease guys all the time, and then sometimes don't follow up at all.'

'I would never tease you, Josh.'

'That's because you know I've got what you want.' Damn, he was feeling studly. He wondered why this hadn't happened before. She was hot for him and he'd dreamed of taking his place in the Kelly Smith hall of fame. He stood up and peeled his shorts down his thighs and kicked them off. His cock stood out and up at a sharp angle, bobbing and quivering with every throb.

'Ohh!' Kelly gasped. 'I've never seen anybody so big!'

'Think you can wear this down?' Josh asked, squeezing his huge cock.

'No, you're probably going to wear me out with that. God, Josh, it's so big and beautiful.'

'All the better to fuck you with,' he said. It felt good, talking so vulgar to her. Guys had said that she got hotter when you talked dirty to her.

'Oh, I love it when you say that. It's my favorite word from a boy.'

'Say what?' he asked. 'What's your favorite word?'

'Fuck. I love the word but most guys never say it. They just want to do it, but it's like they're too shy or embarrassed to say it.'

'Do what?' he asked.

'Fuck me.'

'Well, I'm saying it and I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna fuck your eyeballs out, Honey,' he said as he went to his knees between her legs. He felt a strange sense of macho power, saying it out loud so boldly in front of her. He put his hand between her legs and clasped her pussy. She was hot and wet. 'Damn, you're ready,' he said.


Or maybe it was just Judd's come flowing out of her. 'Did Judd use a condom?' he asked.

'No. I hate condoms. I like to feel a boy going off in me when he's really powerful.'

'Yeah, I like it raw, too. Do you want me to fuck you bare back then?'


'You're safe then? I mean, you're not going to get pregnant or anything. I'm not ready to be a daddy.'

'I'm safe,' she said. 'You can do it all night and go of as many times as you like, I won't get pregnant.'

'Do what?' he asked with a sly grin. He trusted her. When you're naked with a girl, with a hard cock, and you're fingering her pussy, trust comes easy. One finger, then two, and she was squirming around on them. He shoved three fingers up in her and began fucking her with them. She was loose from the pounding Judd surely gave her and slick with his come. She started moaning and grabbing at the blanket.

'OHhh.....Ohhhh.....Ohhhh, do it, Josh. Give it to me,' she moaned softly.

'Do what?' Give what to you?'

'Your cock! Give me your cock! Ohh...Ohhh, Godd, Josh, stop teasing and give me your cock!'

'Okay, but you gotta tell me what you want me to do with it.'

'Please,' she whimpered.

'You like the words so much, I wanta hear you say it.'

'Fuck me,' she gasped in desperation. 'I want you to fuck me, you big stallion. Fuck me! Please, Josh...!'

He puffed up with pride at hearing her beg him to fuck her. It was usually the other way around, but not with Kelly. She knew what she wanted and she wasn't afraid to let him know. Her wanting him so bad, begging him, made him hold back a little longer. 'You ought to be about fucked out, after Judd,' he said. 'Judd just fucked you, and God only knows how many other guys have been up here.'

'Not that many. Just Judd, and one other boy,' she said. 'Most boys talk a lot but they're afraid when it comes down to really doing it. And Judd.....well, Judd's not nearly the man you are. He's not nearly as big.'

Josh smiled. 'Are you saying Judd's a weenie?'

'No, but he's not a stallion like you,' she said.

'Should I take it as a compliment, you calling me a horse?'

'Oh, Yes. I meant it as a compliment. You've got the biggest, most beautiful cock I've ever seen.'

'How was Judd...his performance, I mean,' Josh asked.

'He was...okay...good....but like most boys, the way he moves...well, it's just the same old thing.'

Josh laughed. 'You're saying you got bored? Shit, that's priceless...Judd bored you?'

'Not...not bored,' she said. 'He's just not...I don't think he could be as good as you.'

'You don't know how good I am,' Josh said.

'Show me,' she said. 'Show me how good you are.'

'Say it for me just one more time,' he teased.

'Fuck me,' she said. 'I want you to fuck me, Josh.'

'I said one more time.'

'I take one back!' she whined as she squirmed helplessly on his fingers. 'Oh, Josh...Josh...stop teasing me.'

'Okay,' he said in a soft, soothing voice. 'Let's find out just how good I am.' He ego was about to burst. It was every guy's dream to have a girl begging him for it instead of the other way around. He pulled his fingers out of her and fluttered his fingertips over her wet pussy for one final titillation. Kelly moaned and lifted her spread legs higher, her body fairly begging him to take her. He positioned the head of his cock gently against her pussy. She thought he was still teasing her and she reached down for his cock and guided it on target. Before he had a chance to shove it in her she hunkered up at him and took nearly all of him.

'Oohhhhhhh,' he moaned with surprised.

'AAAwwwhhhhhhh!' Kelly groaned louder. And louder still as he hunkered over her and drove his cock all the way in.

It was a hot, wild fuck. A teenager's dream. Josh was sailing, far off from the nagging doubts that Jack Royal had planted in his head. He had never felt such passion in his life. He fucked her every way he knew how, and learned more positions and moves along the way. There could be no doubt that he was satisfying her. She seemed to be in a frenzied stupor thrashing around under him, and on top of him. After awhile he wondered if she even knew who she was with. He felt like he was just a big, stiff hunk of meat to her, with the muscles to back up its performance. He didn't care. He would be her stiff side of muscle beef any time.

Just then Billy appeared head and shoulders up through the opening to the loft. It was a jolt for Josh to be suddenly face to face with his buddy, barely a yard from him, when he was concentrating on fucking Kelly. Billy did sort of a double take before he was able to speak.

'You guys have to quiet before somebody calls the sheriff about all the noise up here,' he said.

'Yeah...okay....thanks,' Josh said between strokes. Billy didn't move to go back down. He stayed, gaping at them. 'I said okay,' Josh hissed. He stayed a few seconds then disappeared down through the opening.

'He could've stayed,' Kelly said.

'Not on my watch,' Josh said as he stroked her pussy with long, deep thrusts of his big cock.

'Ohhh...Ohhhh...Ohhh, Josh...that feels so wonderful... Ohhh, yes, hunk, do it...fuck me,' she mumbled.

'How long do you want me to fuck you?' he asked.

'All night. Till the sun comes up.'

'Don't say that unless you mean it. I'm long winded,' he told her.

Even Josh was surprised at his stamina. He more than made up for Judd's lacking, leaving the girl limp and panting and whimpering with soft waves of pleasure that continued to pour over her even after he had dumped his load inside her. He pulled out and wiped his cock with his T-shirt.

'Want me to send Billy up?' he asked. =

'Oh, Godd no,' she replied. 'I couldn't take another stroke.'

Josh climbed down from the lost with his shirt tucked in his back pocket.

'You're a fuckin' pervert, staying up there to watch,' Josh told Billy when they were alone again in the dim darkness of cattle shed. Kelly was gone and Josh was satisfied and he knew she was too

'You were getting too loud,' Billy said.

'You were gaping. You would have stayed and watched the whole thing if I'd let you.'

'Yeah, I would've,' Billy admitted. 'You would've done the same thing.'

'I don't wanta watch another guy having sex,' Josh said.

'You were going to take your camera and take pictures of her and Judd, so don't call me a pervert,' Billy said.

'Speaking of Judd...did he go home, or what? I haven't seen him all night. Has he taken all his watches?'

'Well, you have been pretty busy with Kelly and watching the stars,' Billy reminded him.

'Did he go home?' Josh asked again.

'No, I'm still here.'

Josh turned and looked up at Judd standing over him. 'Where you been?' Josh asked casually.

'On watch,' Judd said. 'Where've you been?'

'No place in particular. Just around,' Josh said.

'Yeah, I heard the sheep bleating,' Judd joked. Josh laughed. 'I guess we'll see how many of the sheep are walking funny in the morning.'

'You've got the next watch.'

'Yeah.' Josh got up and brushed the straw off his jeans.

'I'm going to sneak over to Burger King and get something to eat,' Billy said.

'I'm going to crawl up in the loft and get some sleep,' said Judd.

Josh walked off into the darkness, making his way to the back side of the fair grounds to the perimeter that had been assigned to the boys around the livestock barns. The night was quiet and he couldn't imagine why anyone would want to harm one of the animals, but it happened once in awhile. The best animals were the most vulnerable, to put them out of the competition. Most guys stayed with their animals all night, sleeping only when they couldn't stay awake any longer. But the fair officials provided guards as well to be on the safe side. There was an off-duty cop on hand but the patrolling was done by the boys themselves.

Josh thought of Kelly, and Jack Royal; of his surprising awakening into the world of sex; all kinds of sex, and all in the same night. He felt heavy between his legs and the tingling hadn't gone away. He could've fucked Kelly again, right then, if she was there. The funny tingling in his ass was still there, too. He decided to take a walk up through the parking area where the trailers and campers were parked; see if Royal had any more visitors.

His camper was dark. Maybe somebody was staying the night, like he'd invited him to do. He stood in the shadows and watched the trailer but no one came out or went in. The guy was probably asleep. He moved on. It was a long two hours, but it was his last watch. Billy would take the next one, then Judd, and then it would be getting daylight. He went in and out of the barns, strolling up and down the aisles between the steers and sheep and hogs then made his way around the perimeter one more time. When he got back to the starting point he found Billy zonked out in the straw. He watched him for a moment, smiling. How the fuck could anybody look so young and innocent at eighteen? Shit, he looked more like he was twelve, and he was so cute it had to be embarrassing. He nudged him with the toe of his boot. Billy stretched and yawned.

'It's all yours,' Josh told him.

Billy dragged himself to his feet and stumbled off. Josh climbed up into the loft. In the dim light of one dirty bulb he could make out Judd lying back in the pile of loose stray and when got closer he saw that he was awake.

'Shit, two hours gone by already?' Judd said.

'Two and ten,' Josh said, 'you been awake all this time? You've got the last watch after Billy.'

'I dozed off.'

'What's up? You haven't been acting right,' Josh asked as he dropped down and stretched out beside him.

'I don't know if my boar is going to win.'

Josh laughed. 'Hell, man, a one-eyed judge would pick your boar out as the only possible winner. A blind judge would pick him just by feeling the animal. You got nothing to worry about.'

'Well, if he doesn't take first, I'll have a lot to worry about,' Judd said.

But Josh sensed that there was something else wrong. Judd wasn't speaking with much conviction about being so worried about his boar.

'How come I get the feeling that's not all that's bothering you?' Josh said. 'Come on, what's up?'

'It leaves an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach, knowing your only chance of going to college is walking around on four legs.'

'What's up?' Josh asked again, letting him know that he sensed something more.

'Nothing that you would understand,' Judd said.

'Try me. Shit, man, we go all the way back to kindergarten. If anybody understands you, it's me,' Josh said. He paused. 'And it's not about your boar,' he stated flatly. Judd looked around at him, then away. 'Is it?' Josh pressed.

'No,' Judd replied quietly. 'No, it''s more like a stallion.'

Josh scowled. 'You don't even own a horse,' he said, confused. He rose up and twisted around, fixing his eyes on his buddy. 'What the hell's wrong, Judd? You owe me a chance to understand. It's not your boar. Is...fuck, is somebody pregnant? Is Kelly pregnant?' he asked, suddenly horrified.

'I suppose there are a lot of girls pregnant, but if Kelly is, it's not mine,' Judd declared.

'What makes you so sure? She said you didn't.....' He caught himself but not in time.

'You got her too, huh?'

Josh hung his head, 'Yeah. Right after you did.' He felt ashamed and guilty; he knew how Judd felt about Kelly. As much as she liked to fuck around with other guys, that didn't seem to matter to him.

'Don't look so guilty, buddy, we're not going steady or anything,' Judd said.

'We're back to square one,' Josh said. 'What's bothering you?'

'You,' he replied without hesitation.

Josh was taken aback but immediately went down the wrong track. 'Hey, I'm sorry, man, but she wanted it, I gave it to her. Like you said, you're not going steady. I don't think anybody could go steady with Kelly. She's just not a one-man girl.'

'I know. She's more like a one-platoon girl; she ought to join the Marines.' There was a long silence.

'How come we're dancing all around the issue?' Josh asked.

'Because you wouldn't understand the issue, not in a million years.'

'Dammit, that's for me to decide,' Josh growled. 'I'm going to ask you one more time, then I'm gonna knock it out of you. What's the fuck is the problem?'

Judd hesitated for a few seconds then said, 'You.'

'Goddamit, we've already gone down that path. What the hell do you mean me? If it's Kelly, I won't ever go near her again, you've got my word on that.'

'It's got nothing to do with Kelly.'

'Then what? What's it got to do with?'

'It's got to do with you,' Judd replied huskily. 'Just you. Nobody else.' He swallowed hard, loud enough that they could both hear it. 'Well, nobody else'

Now Josh was totally baffled. Then the God-awfullest thought crept into mind. Naw, I couldn't be that! But what else could it be? He couldn't believe it...not about Judd Benz! He pushed himself to his haunches, squarely in front of Judd, sort of bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet.

'So, it's narrowed down to you and me, nobody else.'

'That's pretty narrowed down,' Judd conceded.

'Yeah, so much that it can mean only one thing,' Josh said. 'What one thing would that be?' Judd asked.

'You tell me.'

'You tell me what you think,' Judd said.

'Okay, I'll take a stab at it...if you don't have the guts to say it...I think you're trying to tell me...are you?... That you're maybe more interested in me than you are in Kelly.....that maybe you're gay.' The words blurted out and hung over them like a pawl. Judd just looked at him, his eyes unwavering. Josh stopped bouncing up and down, just crouched there on his haunches with his fingers interlocked.

'Well, I said it was about a stallion, not my boar,' Judd said.

The silence was deafening except that Josh could hear the soft noises of the animals below. He gaped at his friend in disbelief, trying to believe that he was joking, but he wasn't. Suddenly Judd stuck one foot out and planted his boot right against Josh's crotch and pushed him off balance. Josh caught himself on his arms behind him, leaving Judd laughing.

'So you're admitting it?' Josh asked in a surprised tone. He let Judd leave his foot in his crotch.

'I guess I am,' Judd said, working his foot against Josh's bulge.

'Does anybody else know?' Josh asked.

'No. Fuck, no.'

'You foot in my crotch is giving me a hardon, you know.'


'Okay, you got me up tell me you're gay...are you going to do anything about it besides kick me in the balls?' Josh said, lightheartedly.

'If you'll let me.'

Josh laughed, 'You're blowing my mind, Judd. Shit, I wouldn't believe in a million years that I would hear you talking like this.'

'Me either. And I'm sorry I'm blowing your mind, but I had something else in mind.'

Josh reached down and took hold of Judd's work boot and pressed it tighter against his crotch.

'That feeling good?' Judd asked.


'I could crush your balls,' Judd said.

'That what you had in mind?' Josh asked.


'' Josh said.

Judd laughed.

'I don't think you're sure about yourself,' Josh said.

'I don't know, maybe I'm not. I just know I've got weird feelings. I don't know if I want to follow up on them. I don't know why I even told you.'

Josh reached down untied Judd's work boot.

'What're you doing?'

Josh pulled the boot off and tossed it into the straw then pressed Judd's sock foot into his crotch. 'That feels better than your rough boot,' he said.

Judd crooked his toes and worked his foot up and down the hard bulge. 'Shit, how far does that thing reach?' he asked.

Josh undid the top button of his jeans. He waited a minute then undid the next one. Judd's eyes were glued to his hand. He undid a third button, waited, then the fourth. He laid his fly open, revealing the triangular white patch of his briefs.

'What're you doing,' Judd asked again.

'Showing you how far it reaches.' He heard Judd swallow. He undid the last button and reached down inside his jeans to haul the bulging pouch of his shorts out into the V of his fly. Judd pressed his foot against it.

'Shit, man.'

They stayed like that for awhile, Judd rubbing his foot against Josh's bulging manhood and Josh rubbing his hand over Judd's foot. Finally, Josh dug his hand down inside his shorts.

'Don't fuck with my head, want it?'

'Billy might come back and come poking his head up,' Judd said. Josh laid back in the straw so he was able to see down through the opening And then hauled his cock out of his shorts and tucked the waistband under his balls.

'I'm gonna jack this off before Billy gets back,' he said.

'Geezusss!' Judd swore softly.

Josh stroked his hand up and down the shaft of his cock, drawing the skin taut which made the head of his cock swell out something awful.

'Shit, man,' Judd said.

Josh kept moving his hand, setting a steady rhythm. He wasn't doing it to jack off as much as he was to tempt Judd into doing something.

'Maybe you're not gay after all,' he said.


Josh stroked his cock a couple more times then wrapped his fist around the base with the huge hunk of meat sticking up out of his hand.

'If you were gay, you would be all over this...wouldn't you?'

'Being gay and acting on it are two different things,' Judd said.

'Yeah, right, like being straight and acting on it are two different things,' Josh scoffed. Judd was watching him intently, his eyes glued to his cock. 'Go ahead if you want to...I won't tell anybody...otherwise I'm gonna jack it off before Billy gets back,' Josh said. He was moving his hand very slowly, then gradually began to pick up the pace.

'Dam, how bit is that thing?' Judd asked in a husky tone.

'Ten inches last time I measure it, but you could measure it again to be sure,' Josh said.

Suddenly, Judd rose up onto his knees between Josh's legs and reached for his cock.

'Aww, yeahhhh,' Josh whispered. 'Mann, your hand feels so good.' He lay looking down at his hunky team mate jacking his cock, thrusting it back and forth through his fist. 'You've got big hands,' Josh observed.

'Good've got a big cock. Geezusss! I've seen you in the locker room often enough, I knew you were big...but Shit!'re huge!'

'You gonna suck it?' Josh asked hoarsely.

Judd swallowed. 'I...I d-don't know...I don't know if I can.'

'Why don't you try it?' Josh said, but Judd didn't make any move to take his cock in his mouth. 'If you're gonna try it...well, you'd better do it, Billy's gonna be coming back pretty soon.'

Judd hesitated a moment then leaned down so he was eyeball to eyeball with the big cock in his hand. He cupped Josh's balls with his other hand. He gazed at the impressive manhood for a moment then wet his lips.

'Here goes nothing,' he said, then wrapped his lips around Josh's cock.

'Ohhh, Fuucckkk!' Josh moaned softly.

Judd slathered his tongue all around the head and sucked down on the shaft several inches till the head was pressed against his throat. Josh put his hands on the back of his head and he reared back. 'Don't force me. I can't take it all the way,' he said.

'No, I wasn't forcing you,' Josh said. 'Just showing you how good it feels.'

Judd got back on his cock and sucked him for several moments. Josh thought he was liking it. But suddenly he leaned back straight then stood up, leaving his cock to throb and bounce in the cool night air.

'Why'd you stop?'

'I don't think I'm gay. I'm not getting anything out of it,' Judd said.

Josh leaned up and boldly grabbed his crotch. He was hard. 'Not getting anything out of it? What's this?' he asked, squeezing his hardon.

'I don't know, you tell me, you're the one who's got hold of it,' Judd said cockily.

Josh pulled his hand back. He didn't want Judd thinking he was gay. 'You got me this way, are you going to at least jack me off?' he asked.

Judd hesitated then knelt back down and took hold of Josh's cock. 'Yeah, I guess I can do that,' he said.

'Fuck, your hand feels good,' Josh said as he moaned and gasped and fucked his buddy's fist. He put his hand on Judd's shoulder, gently urging him to go back down on his cock but it didn't work. Maybe he wasn't gay. Maybe he just needed to find out.

'Take yours out,' Josh said, out of the blue, surprising himself.

'Okay.' Judd scrambled to get his cock out of his jeans and finally undid them and shoved them down to his knees. 'I'm not as big as you,' he said.

'Don't apologize for your cock,' Josh said as he wrapped his hand gingerly around it. 'Fuck, man, this is nothing you have to apologize for.'

'Ohhhh, your hand feels good, too,' Judd moaned. 'Funny how somebody else's hand feels better than your own.'

'Your mouth felt better,' Josh chided him.

'I don't know why I even did that,' Judd said.

And Josh didn't know why he had hold of his team mate's cock! Fuck, was he gay too? Did Jack Royal flip a switch that turned it on? But Judd's cock felt strangely good in his hand, so big and hard and gnarled with bulging veins. He wasn't about to go down on him but dammit, his cock felt good.

'Hey, what do you think Billy would do if he climbed up and saw us dong this?' Josh asked.

'Either fall back down the ladder or come up and join us,' Judd said.

'You wanta find out?'

Judd thought about it then shook his head no. 'No, I don't trust Billy that much.'

'We'd better hurry, then,' Josh said as he let go of Judd's cock and lay back again. Judd worked his cock in a frenzy, leaving him moaning and gasping and his hips lurching. He was jacking himself with his other hand. Suddenly Josh leaned back up and took hold of his cock again. 'I can do that for you,' he said huskily.

'Oh, fuck, I'm getting close!' Judd gasped.

'Me to...hold off...just a minute more, we'll shoot off together.'

They were panting by the time they climaxed. Judd shot off first, followed in a split second by Josh. Josh's cum shot out in long, thick ropes, landing softly in the straw above his head then as the trajectory lowered he was streaking cum all over himself.

'Holy Fuck!' Judd exclaimed as he aimed his cock down into the straw between Josh's legs. When their cocks were oozing cum, they let go of each other.

'Shit, that was wild,' Josh said.

'You shoot like a fuckin' stallion,' Judd said. 'Shit, six feet at least.'

'Fuck, I got it all over me,' Josh growled as he groped for his T-shirt to wipe it off. They got dressed and Judd went down first.

'Wait a few minutes before you come down,' he said.

'Why? Nothing unusual about two guys climbing down out of the loft,' Josh said.

'Yeah, I guess you're right.' Josh followed Judd down the ladder.

'Shit, I got cum on your jeans,' Judd said.

Josh looked down at the big dark spots where the semen was soaking into the fabric of his jeans. He made a swipe at the globs and flicked his wrist.

'You got some in your hair,' Judd told him as he took out his bandana and cleaned it off for him.

Judd sat down in the pile of loose straw and Josh leaned back against a stack of bales of hay to wait for Billy to show up from his rounds. Josh's head was still boggled with thoughts he couldn't sort out. What the fuck was happening to him? He just fucked around with one of his best friends.

Judd was the one who went down on him, but he'd still jacked Judd off. And there was Jack Royal...Funny that he didn't feel any remorse or guilt and not even any shame about what'd happened in Jack's trailer. It was like things were just happening natural; like it was stuff just waiting to happen anyway in the natural course of things. One thing, he felt a closer bond with Judd.

'Hey, was that dumb, what we did, or what?' Judd said.

'I don't didn't feel dumb,' Josh said.

Another long silence.

'Just so you know...,' Josh said. 'I'm open to doing it again.'

Judd laughed. 'Yeah, I'm laying here wondering why we wasted all those years. I was surprised as hell when you took hold of my cock,' he said.

'I was surprised as hell when you went down on me,' said Josh. Then he asked, 'How about you, are you open for round two sometime?'

'I don't know about the going down part.'

'No, just get together and mess around sometime when you're staying over at my house. Anything beyond that...well, that's up to you.'

Just then Billy came sauntering down the aisle toward them. 'I'm going up and get some sleep,' he told them as he headed for the ladder.

Josh panicked, and he saw the look of panic in Judd's eyes. There was cum all over the straw!

'Better sack out down here,' Josh said.

'How come?'

'We saw a rat up there,' Josh lied.

'Fuck!' Billy swore, 'I don't mind rats, but I don't wanta sleep with ‘em.' He stretched out in the straw in the bed where Judd had been lying.

'See you guys,' Judd said as he went off on his rounds.

Billy curled up in the loose stray. Josh stretched out with his back against the bales and pulled his cap down over his face and thought of Jack Royal and his big cock...and how it might feel in his hand.



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