Josh Tucker sat on the balcony of his 19th floor condo contemplating his life so far. He was twenty-nine and already a self made multi-millionaire. He was a world renowned architect and owner of 'J. Tucker & Assoc., Architects and Engineers'. He was six-two, one hundred ninety pounds, extremely well built from daily work outs on his Bow-flex with a medium coating of soft medium brown hair on his chest and stomach leading down to an extremely thick patch at the base of his seven and a half inch cut cock.

His hair was medium brown and always neatly trimmed and his sky blue eyes would melt an iceburg. All and all, he was a hunk and the most eligible batchelor in town. His speach was soft and southern sounding. His smile melted many hearts when he showed his snow white perfect teeth.

With all he had he wasn't happy. Nine months before, his lover of five years suddenly walked out saying that he had fallen in love with another man. Josh was still in a state of deep depression.

Suddenly he cot up and went inside to the phone. He dialed the number of his best friend from college.

Jim Davis was a local very sucessful realtor. When Josh called he listened intently. Josh told him that he wanted two things. He wanted Jim to find some property. at least 200 acres, at least 15 miles out of town, extremely wooded, and off the main highway. Second, Josh wanted Jim to list the condo for sale or lease.

Jim said he could handle both and said he even knew of some property for sale. It was 250 acres and the guy wanted to get rid of it as he was moving out of town. He wanted a thousand an acre which was a steal.

Josh asked when he could see it and that afternoon Jim drove him to the property. It was exactly what Josh wanted and instructed Jim to offer two hundred thousand cash. If the man accepted, he told Jim to draw up the papers. Josh then went to the court house and retrieved a copy of the property plot layout.

He immediately began working on plans for his new home, designed the way he wanted it, with large patio and pool. Tow days later he had the plans complete and began to search for a contractor. He knew of several but they primarily did commercial construction. He began an internet search and one company name caught his eye. It was 'G. A. Y. Construction, Inc.'

After checking it out with the Better Business Bureau, Josh gave them a call.

'G. A. Y. Construction. Greg Young,' the man answered with a voice that turned Josh on. Josh introduced himself and told the man what he wanted and asked when they could meet. The man said that he could be over that evening. Josh said great and gave him his address.

At shortly after six, there was a knock on Josh's door. He answered and his breat was almost taken away. there before him stood the most gerogeous man he had ever seen. Standing a couple inches taller, jet black hair trimmed short, and a short trimmed moustache and goatee. He wore a tank top, revealing an extremely hairy chest, and snug levis that showed a nice bulge.

'Mr. Tucker? the man said.

'Yes, and I assume you're Mr. Young?'

'That's right, but please make it Greg.'

'I will if you'll call me Josh.'

'Deal. I wish all my deals could be settled that easy,' he added with a laugh.

Josh led him in and asked if he'd like a beer. Greg quickly accepted. As they sipped their beers, Greg looked at Josh and said, 'May I ask a question?'


'Are you the Josh Tucker that's won several awards for his designs and been written up in 'Architectural Digest'?'

'That would be me,' Josh answered.

'Man, I've dreamed of working on one of your designs. I really admire your work.'

'Thanks. If we reach an agreement on this job and I like your work, who knows where that might lead.'

They talked and Greg tols Josh that he had three offices and that he managed the local office. All three offices worked on just one project at a time, and was supervised personally by himself and his managers daily. If anything wasn't up to par, it was torn out and done over.

Josh was impressed. He brought out the plot plan and the house plans. He had drawn in the house area on the plot plan along with the area to be cleared for his lawn area.

'The property is very wooded and overgrown. I want it kept that way except for the area I've designated. I want total privacy and do not want the house seen from the road.'

Greg looked at the plans and said he understood, and that he'd like to visit the property and see exactly what he was getting into. Josh suggested that they drive out Saturday if his family wouldn't mind.

'No problem there. I'm single and just have a dog at home. He won't mind at all.'

After agreeing to meet Saturday. Josh asked 'Have you eaten yet?'

'No, not yet. Why?'

'I haven't either and I'm starved. Do you like


'Yes, I love it but I don't want to put you out.'

'You're not. I'll call for delivery.'

Josh called and as they waited they discussed the plans more. Greg asked about utilities and Josh said that there was a subdivision a few miles down the county road and water, sewage and electricity was available, but not on the property itself.

They ate and the more they were together the more each of them became. By the time Greg left, you would think that they had been friends for several years.

Greg picked Josh up Saturday after lunch and they headed for the property.

'The timing is perfect. I closed on the property yeaterday and got the keys for the gate, but I do want to get a new lock. Who knows how many keys to the old one are out there.'

'Good idea,' Greg answered and a few minutes l;ater pulled into Home Depot. 'Go get your lock. I'll wait here.'

Josh ent in and found his lock and had several extra keys made. he returned to Greg's Jeep and they continued on the way. When they arrived, Josh unlocked the gate and threw the old lock way out into the woods. After Greg drove through, he put on the new lock. When he got back into the Jeep he handed Greg the key. 'That's yours. You never know when you might need it.'

After checking out the property, Greg smiled and said, 'It looks like I've got my work cut out for me this time.'

'Does that mean you're accepting the job?'

'Yes, if we can agree to terms.'

'What ever you decide I'll agree to. Draw up the papers.'

'I'll get the papers ready but I really feel that this job could be sealed with a handshake,' Greg said as he held out his hand to Josh. They shook hands.

'Whenever you need a payment, just call me.'

As they drove back into town that afternoon, Greg asked if Josh had any plans for the evening. Josh said no.

'Well, how about I drop you off at your place and you can change and then come to my place for dinner. I like you and want to get to know you better before the work begins. Is six okay?'

'Sounds good.'

Greg dropped Josh off, gave him his address and as he started to leave, said, 'Come comfortable. Shorts and shirt. If I don't answer the door come on it. It'll be unlocked.'

Josh went in showered, and got ready. He arrived at Greg's at a quarter to six. He knocked and after waiting knocked again. When he didn't get an answer he tried the knob. The door opened.

'Josh, that you?' Greg yelled from the bedroom.


'Make yourself at home. beer's in the fridge. I'm running a little behind.'

'I don't think you want me to make myself at home,' Josh said unexpectedly.

He grabbed two beers from the fridge and as he entered the living room, saw Greg enter from the bedroom shirtless. Josh had been right. Greg was extremely hairy and he loved it.

He handed Greg a beer. Greg thanked him and asked, 'What did you mean about not making yourself at home?'

Josh blushed and said, 'That just slipped out. When I'm home, I'm always nude. I live that way. I hate clothes.'

'Man, I'm finding that were more and more alike. I'm the same fucking way. A few of my friends know that and expect to find me that way if they just drop by.'

Josh changed the subject and as Greg prepared dinner he sat at the bar and talked. They discussed business, hobbies, what they liked to do to relax. They both loved the outdoors and enjoyed camping, dinners, movies, and quiet evenings at home, especially in front of a fire in winter.

after they ate and had cleaned the dishes, they returned to the living room.

'Josh, I hope that what is starting out as a business relationship will end up as a close friendship. Even though we haven't known each other but a few days, I feel like you could be the brother I never had.'

'I'm sure the friendship will continue and grow. I feel very comfortable around you.'

'I'm glad.'

After a while, Josh headed home but not before a hug from Greg at the door.

On Monday, Greg called and said that they'd be ready to start clearing the land on Wednesday.

'First, I want the utilities connected so I can bring out a travel trailer to live in during construction. I plan to be there nearly every day, but I will not be trying to tell you how to do things.'

Greg laughed and said he'd get to work on the utilities.

Two weeks later he called Josh and said that the drive was in and utilities were available for the trailer. Josh asked if he'd like to go with him to find ond. Greg said yes.

That evening they went trailer hunting, with Josh asking Grg's opinion. They both liked a large trailer with slide out sections in the bedroom and living room. Josh wrote a check and made arrangements for the delivery.

Soon, Josh was practically living at the property. All stumps had been removed along with the shrubs from the area with selected trees remaining. Greg had aranged the drive to circle around in a large arc so as to not only give privacy but also to allow delivery of building materials.

One Friday evening, Josh suggested that Greg see the workers out and lock the gate and stay for dinner. Greg agreed and after the crew left, he drove to the gate and locked up. When he returned to the trailer, Josh stepped outto hand him a beer. Josh was totally naked.

Smiling, Greg asked, 'Mind if I join you?'

'Not at all. We both love being like this outdoors, so why not enjoy it. This could ecome a regular weekend happening.'

'Yes it could.' Greg said with a smile.

TO BE CONTINUED...............



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