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Before I go into detail with this story I’d just like to begin by saying these stories are loosely based on the truth. I am personally in an open relationship with my boyfriend of almost four years and we’re doing great. I just have a knack for writing! Haha Some of these things have happened, some I may bend the truth, and others may just be fantasies of mine. If you want to know which this entry is make sure to comment and I will answer your questions.

This story is for the enjoyment of myself as well as those who read it. All names are changed to protect the privacy of some people. This said, please make sure you test yourself annual. Knowledge is power. In the world of this story no STDs or anything exist though in real life this is something that I am cautious and aware of as you should be too.

An important note that I’d like the world to know is that I roughly don’t have a type except I like guys who are older than me. Even if it’s just by a year it still turns me on. Don’t ask me why but that’s my thing. What I also find interesting that by doing this I can go and meet tons of interesting people. I don’t have a preference in race, I actually have this secret goal of getting with one guy of each main ethnicity.

Without further delay here’s the story!


To start off the story I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself. My name’s Brandon, I like to be called Dan for short. I don’t know how it caught on but it just did. I have been dating for almost four years my lovely boyfriend Brendan. Yeah I know Brendan, Brandon, we almost have the same name. But he’s such a great guy and I care for him so much.

My boyfriend is so cute! He’s a little shorter than me so while I’m 5’9 he’s 5’7 and I love to tease him about it! We both are Latino and have brown hair and brown eyes. That’s roughly it for us though. Everything else is different. I have glasses while he doesn’t, he’s a science major and I’m a business major so we don’t really hangout with the same group of people. He’s two years older than me too.

A major issue came up a year ago when he was going to leave for a state university leading us to switch into being in a long distance relationship. We decided to be in a sexually open relationship. So basically, we could get with other guys but we couldn’t form romantic feelings towards them. We also made a list of rules to follow by as well, in hindsight though I should have known that we both would break some of them!

Now that you know more about my history I can get started with my first encounter. At this time I was still 17 years old and Bryan was about to leave for university. Once we had opened up our relationship I had decided to make a Grindr account. I mean it’s infamous for being a hookup site, sounds like a good place to go if that’s just what I want to do.

One of the guys that I was talking to went by the name of JerryJB. Jerry was an older guy, he was in his early fifties but he had a really handsome face and these beautiful blue eyes. He was around my height and he was almost bald. At first I spoke to him because I was just being polite but once we started talking about sex I of course began to get turned on.

One day I was bored at home so I decided to go and meet up with him. We agreed that he’d pick me up and take me to his place. I told my family that I was gonna see a movie with my friends and thankfully they didn’t pester me with questions.

Hey, I’m here. I looked out of my window to see his car. I took my house keys, said by to my family, and locked the door behind me in a matter of minutes! I cautiously went over to his car. He lowered the passenger window and smiled from inside.


“Hi,” I smiled, feeling better that I hadn’t been catfished. He unlocked the door and I went it. The drive to his place didn’t take long. We had a bit of small talk but nothing too much. Once we got to his place we went straight to his room. Being so nervous about getting with a guy that wasn’t my boyfriend and it being a guy who was relatively a stranger I began to kiss him to calm my nerves.

At first he flinched not having been ready to kiss just yet but soon he was following my lead. His arm went around my back and my hands began to drift down from his neck to his chest and then underneath the waist band of his underwear.

Not even breaking our kiss I pushed down his waistband for both his basketball shorts and underwear and out sprang his cock. Honestly, I have never seen a cock like his, not even in the porn that I watch. He was really thick and his cock was a good six inches but what really caught my eyes was that the head of his cock was a lot thicker than the base. Even now I have not seen a cock like his.

I stopped kissing him to look at his sexy cock. It was better looking than the pics he sent me over the past week. My hand drifted to his balls and I cupped them together. He began to breathe a little heavier and his cock began to stiffen. I then wrapped my hand around his cock and gave it a firm squeeze. He began to moan and at this point I was hard and turned on. I turned him around and continued to jack him off slowly kissing his back and I began to grind my clothed body against his naked one.

“Oh damn kid, I need your cock.” He said heavily.

“Yeah,” Feeling a bit of an ego boost. “I bet you do want this young cock in you.”

He moved forward towards his bed and laid down on his back. I began to strip down for him taking off my shirt and then pants and honestly as bad as it sounds I was getting even more turned on knowing that he wasn’t my boyfriend.

Knowing that all he wanted out of me was just my cock and a good time. Getting out of my clothing I crawled on top of him on the bed. I began to grind my body against his and his cock began to let loose some precum as my cock began to harden and grow.

“Damn,” He smiled. “How big is that cock?”

“Seven and a half inches.” I laughed lightly and went for bold. “Want to have a taste?”

“Fuck yeah!” Crawling forward my cock then hovered over his face. “Such a nice fucking cock he whispered leaning forward to kiss my tip. Separating himself from my cock I saw a string of precum connecting his lips from my cock. I couldn’t help it but I then went and shoved my cock in his mouth. He began to moan lightly as I began to face fuck him. Each time I’d thrust a little more of my cock until I was balls deep. I held my cock there a couple of moments relishing in the fact that an older guy is deep throating me right now and I slowly pulled out my cock looking down to see my cock slick with saliva.

“Damn, that’s so hot.” I looked behind me to see his cock dribbling precum to his body. It was really hot to make his cock leak like that. His cock was just too sexy to ignore. Turing my body around I put us in a 69 position. As his cock went into my mouth I could feel my cheeks widening from how big his cock was. Eventually I got down all the way to his bush feeling quite accomplished because I somehow got that huge cock in my mouth. Even though he was being face fucked he was still able to grab two fistfuls of my hair to prevent me from raising my head.

After a couple of moments he let me go and began to bob my head feeling his hard cock brush against my tongue. Eventually I got off his and turning myself around once again we began to have a sloppy make out session. It was so hot kissing his wet lips that were just a little salty from my precum. I began to grind my wet cock against his and at that point I couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Jerry, I need to fuck you man.” I said between kisses.

“My condoms and lube are in the night stand.” I got off of him and the bed and retrieved a condom and some lube. Looking back at him he was already positioned to take my cock. On his hands and knees with his ass sticking out showing his hungry hole. I slicked my cock up with lube and began to put some on his hole. He began to moan as my finger slipped into his hole.

“Dan I need your cock.” He said as he pushed his ass back against my finger. I pulled out my finger and began to slap my wet cock against his hole.

“I want this fucking cock?” I growled and began to grind my wet cock on his crack.

“Fuck yeah, you don’t even need to use a condom of you don’t want to. I just need it in me.” I put my flaring cock head on his hold and made a gentle push, just enough to feel some resistance but not to get in.

“Tonight, we’re going to use a condom but next time I’ll fuck you raw.”

“Okay,” I ripped open the condom packet and wrapped it around my hard cock. Putting some more lube onto my cock I then went and started to shove my cock into his hole.

“Oh yeah,” He moaned and he pushed himself back and I got my head past the ring. We both moaned as his ass adjusted to my throbbing cock. His ass tightly held onto my cock and his hole was so warm. I grabbed onto his ass and sunk the rest of my cock into him.

“Fuck! Your hole is so warm.”

“Your cock is so big!”

“Damn!” I pulled my cock almost completely out and sunk back in. “Your ass is so fucking great!” and with that I began to furiously pound him. I kept on fucking him so hard that he fell over down on the bed and now using the weight of my body I’d thrust back into him. His whimpering only made me want to keep fucking too.

The sound of my balls slapping against him was just too much for me I pulled out of him and ripped the condom off my fat cock.

“Turn over and eat my load.” He did as I told him to and flipped himself over and as soon as he opened his mouth I began to unload my cream in his mouth. I then went and shoved my cock into his mouth and he liked my cock clean.

“Now it’s your turn to cum.” I smirked as got myself closer to his cock. I began to lick all over his thick head collecting all of his salty precum. Slapping his cock against my tongue I took it all in at once. It hurt like a bitch but the way he was moaning made it worth it.

Somehow, I didn’t even know it was possible, but his cock got even thicker and soon he was gushing his load into my mouth. Coming off of his cock I hovered my lips over his and let a couple drops of his cum cover his lips and then I shoved my tongue into his mouth. He began to moan as he tasted his own cum.

Eventually we stopped making out to catch our breath.

“Damn kid, you’re really good.” He laughed and I just stared at his ceiling reveling in what had just happened.

“That was great.” I smiled as he rubbed his hand against my chest.

Afterward we went into his shower and made out for a while; I grabbed his ass and felt his ass some more. Eventually though I had to go back home.

“Well,” I looked at him as he stopped his car. “This is my place.”

“I had a fun time kid,” He smiled showing me his adorable laughing lines.

“Thanks, I had a great time too.” I cupped his check and kissed him tenderly. “I’ll see you again.”

“Yeah, see ya.” And with that I opened the car door and returned to my average high school life.



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