Jorge Franco, a good friend of mine was having marital  problems at home stemming from financial problems and bad luck. Jorge would come to the house for advice  and tell me what was going on in his life. He said he loved his wife, but all the problems were taking a toll on their relationship. Being a good friend, I would listen to his complaints and doubts about his marriage, trying to give him a way forward. Each visit he said he was glad to have someone to talk to since he found it hard to bring up his fears and inner feelings to his wife.

   Once when he was at the house, it was obvoius something was going on in his personal life which he found hard to let out. I didn´t push the subject figuring he would tell me when the time was right. We ended up drinking that day, and after opening up to me about what was bothering him he asked whether I would willing to help him out with something. I said sure and he asked to use the bathroom to take a piss. The bathroom was off the kitchen so I could hear him relieving himself. I could hear the big strong torrent of piss. I remember it made me wonder just how big his cock was. Jorge had left the door open as he was pissing . I got up to get us some ice and glanced at him in the bathroom. He had finished pissing and was standing there slowly jacking his cock. Jorge smiled and said he had caught me staring at his crotch all afternoon. He said that he hadn´t had the urge to fuck his wife lately with all the problems they were having. Jorge knew I was gay from our conversations in the past and he wasn´t bothered in the least about it. 

   I asked what favor he wanted and he abruptly looked down at his ever growing cock. I admit I curious about his cock and came closer to where he was standing. For a short guy he had an enormous cock at least 12 inches in length. Jorge turned and showed me his hard cock and asked whether I would suck him off. Jorge said his balls were so full of cum he needed to get off but didn´t want to just jack off. I entered the bathroom and sat on the toilet facing his huge member. I asked him whether he was sure about this and he came forward with his huge organ in hand. I told him it was huge and he smiled saying wait til its in your mouth then you´ll know just how huge it is. Jorge was uncut and as he came forward he had peeled his thick foreskin back exposing his  slimy head. I could see a drop of precum covering its slit. I let him enter my mouth,searching his slit as he entered to taste what was exuding from  the slit. I heard him moan when my tongue found it and delved within which made him emit more of the clear liquid. I started to suck his cock, receiving the thrust from his hips trying to cram more of his cock within my stretched lips. After a few minutes , he said let´s go upstairs where he could get more comfortable. I followed him upstairs and he peeled his jeans down along with his boxers and sat on the edge of the bed. I got betweem his hairy legs and started to engulf more of his cock but I could only manage 6 inches. I repositioned myself on the bed next to his thighs and told him to lay back while I sucked him off. Needless to say, in no time I was drinking his heavy load. He thanked me and dressed quickly no doubt feeling strange about what had happened.

   The next week Jorge called and asked whether I would go with him to do an errand. He came by the house to pick me up at around 9 p.m. As he was driving, he confessed that he didn´t have to do an errand and that he wanted a repeat. I told him sure and watched as he unsnapped his jeans and peeled them down. I went to the opening in his boxers and unleashed his cock which I immediately encircled with my lips. Again in no time he was thrusting his spurting cock, draining all the cum from his hairy balls down my throat. Since then I have been sucking Jorge off  every week for the past few months. Jhon my freind had mentioned that I was spending alot of time with Jorge. I told Jhon he had alot of problems to deal with and I was there to help my friend out. One night, after sucking Jorge off i arrived at the house, I hadn´t noticed that a gob of his cum was on the collar of my shirt but Jhon noticed. He came toward me and flicked it onto his finger and put it in his mouth, He asked whether it was Jorge´s cum and I confessed to him that it was. Jhon said his cum tasted great and I told him he had no idea how much of Jorge´s cum I had been receiving from his enormous cock. Jhon asked me how big it was and I said at least 12 inches. Jhon asked me whether he would be willing to try out the gloryhole. So I told Jorge to come to the house one night and that I had a surprise for him. Jorge had no idea that Jhon was waiting to suck him off. Jorge had asked me where Jhon was since the gloryhole was in his bedroom. I told him he was still at college until nine that night. The gloryhole made him really hard, i could see the outline of his cock in the denim of his jeans. I went inside and waited. Jorge pulled his cock out sticking out of the opening of his boxers and brought it to the hole. Jhon was ready and took his cock within his lips. Jhon had mentioned to me he was attracted to Jorge and said too bad he was straight. I watched as Jhon started to receive each thrust of the 12 inch cock. After a minute or so I took over savoring the saliva laden cock Jhon had been sucking. Abruptly Jhon pulled his pants down and I knew what he wanted. I stopped sucking and told Jorge I had one other surprise for him. Jhon positioned his lubricated hole impaling him on Jorge´s cock. I could hear Jorge moan and say I was afraid to ask you to let me fuck you since you´ll said you always preferred sucking a guy´s cock. Jorge started to fuck the ass with abandonment thinking it was me. I got in front of Jhon and took his cock into my mouth in no time Jorge made jhon cum especially when Jhon felt Jorge flood his ass with his load.I greedily swallowed Jhon´s cream, Jorge had pulled his cock out and said it was a great fuck. Jhon hid again as I exited the door. Jorge  dressed and left still talking about what a tight ass I had. He patted my ass as he left which got a laugh from me Jhon said his ass was sore for about a week afterwards.

   Jhon said he felt torn between swallowing Jorge´s load or getting fucked by his huge 12 incher. I warned him that if he managed to hook up with Jorge for sex that he had to pretend it was the first time and not to let him know that he had fucked him through the gloryhole. I told him to let Jorge make the first move or he wouldnt  be suspicious that I had told you.




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