Chapter 3:

To recap: We left off both on my bed, somehow we both ended up jerking off next to each other and Kevin had just cum all over his chest.


I turned to look over at him, he was just looking at my cock with that cute smile. I watch as he slowly takes his hand off his cock and grabs mine. The cool touch of his firm hand, still wet with his load felt amazing. His chest still covered in his own load, raising up and down as he breathed.  I could barley even take the thought of what was happening right now. "ohhh fuck" I softly moaned as he tightened his grip on my hard cock and started to stroke. I closed my eyes and stared to thrust my hips in sync with his stroking, the feeling was so intense, it felt nothing like when I jerked off myself.

I looked back at Kevin, smile on his face he looked so relaxed, he seemed to be enjoying this as much as I was. I couldn't have dreamed of this happening when I met him in the gym complex, I hoped maybe I'd catch a peak of him in the shower or something, but looking at his toned body covered in cum, laying right next to me in my bed as he jerked me off was beyond even a fantasy.

"Fuck I'm gonna cum!" I tried to give him some warning so he could pull his hand away, but he just gripped tighter and jerked faster. I could feel my load rushing up, my breathing becoming fast and heavy. Suddenly my load which had been brewing since I got in the shower with him hours ago started to blow, shot after shot covered my chest, it had to be the biggest load I've ever had.

As Kevin pulled his hand away he just started laughing "well we've made quite a mess huh?" he sat up and walked across the room to grab some tissue, I watched his firm ass bounce and him bend over to grab the box. If I hadn't just cum I would've been hard just from that alone. he sat back down next to me and wiped us both off.

"so what are you up to tomorrow?" he asked as he pulled his boxers back on.

"Uhm not sure yet really, I kinda planned on us having practice"

"Yeah you wanna shoot around? I feel like I need to get more practice in before we actually start up"

"Yeah definitely, we can grab lunch and go to the field" I replied.

Kevin just flashed that stupid smile and nodded.

"Thanks for the handjob by the way" I said with a laugh.

"Haha I was just helping out a friend, not a handjob tho that seems kinda gay" he said looking down.

Kinda gay? I mean I had heard of straight guys 'helping each other out' but never actually experienced it. Regardless if free handjobs was as far as I could get this to go so be it, but I wasn't going to give up that easily. As straight as he sometimes seemed, some of his actions just didn't make sense. "Yeah I guess it does sound a bit worse, not like were having sex" I said, even though I wish we had

"Yeah I don't even know how gay people can do that, like its gotta be so damn painful, it just doesn't make sense"

"Well I guess it kinda depends on who's doing what, but yeah it's gotta hurt" I replied

"True, but I just don't see how they can enjoy it, but to each their own I guess" he stood up after saying this and started to get fully dressed.

"I'm gonna head back to my room, it's almost 2am and if we want to play tomorrow I've gotta get some sleep." He said. I stood up and pulled my boxers up, and walked over to the door with him.

 "Just knock on my door if I don't answer my phone tomorrow, I might sleep through my alarm"

"Ok see you tomorrow" he said as he walked out closing the door behind him.

What a night... I couldn't believe how casually he played it off, as what we just did was totally normal. Or maybe it was for him? Either way it was amazing, he was so hot but also so down to earth and normal. I wanted to take things further with him but also don't want to mess up what we have right now. Checking my phone I realized it was now past 2 I got undressed and headed to sleep.

"Andrew.. Andrew! wake up dude"

I opened my eyes to Kevin standing over me, shaking my arm trying to wake me up. He was already dressed in his practice gear, it's like it way tailor made for him his jersey just tight enough to make out the outline of his chest and his shorts fitting so you could just barley make out a bulge.

"Wait how'd you even get in here?"

"You've got to learn to lock your door, but never mind let's get going"

"uh yeah, what time is it?" I asked still half asleep

"it's almost noon, we gotta go soon or we're gonna miss lunch, put some clothes on and lets go"

Put some clothes on? I looked down to see I had thrown all my blankets off in my sleep and I was laying in bed naked with morning wood.

"Oh shit, ok my bad" I said jumping out of bed and grabbing my practice gear from my basket.

We walked down to the dining hall and grabbed a table, both of us wearing our tight soccer gear we were getting looks from just about every girl who was there. Most people would be moving in either tomorrow or Monday since our classes start Wednesday but there were a few out of state kids who already moved in. We ate some flavorless chicken and a burger each. On our way out Kevin grabbed some fruit and I did the same. As we made our way down to the field which is about a ten minute walk, I ate the Apple I had grabbed, probably the only food there that didn't taste like it was made from powder. Kevin pulled out a banana, peeled it and proceeded to eat half of it in one bite. Once again my imagination soared and the bulge in my shorts grew, thankfully held in by my boxers.

When we got to the field we sat on the grass and got our cleats on.

"So what do you want to do today?" Kevin asked

"I dunno we can go back and chill in my room aft-"

"no I mean for soccer you idiot" he said with a smile

"Oh right, well we could do some passing drills then work on shooting"

"Ok sounds good" kevin said, as he stood up he pulled of his jersey and started to juggle the ball. I just sat there watching for a few moments, his firm fit body flexing as he tried to keep the ball in the air. His skin was smooth and had a nice light tan to it, not so much that it looked fake but enough to make his defined abs pop even more. Eventually I snapped out of it and got up taking off my jersey as well. We shot around for a while each of us pretty dirty from diving for the ball. after a couple hours we sat back down near our gear.

"You wanna call it a day?" he asked "the sun is killing me"

And he was right, it was probably 80 out still and we were both drenched in sweat, the only reason I had kept going is because I got to look at him the whole time. "Yeah you wanna hit the gym quick, I haven't been to the one here yet, I'd like to check it out" I said

"Yeah as long as they have ac I'm down" he said laughing as he pulled off his cleats and tried to get his jersey over his wet body. The gym was right next to the field, athletes have a separate one from everyone else so it's usually pretty empty. When we got there we saw maybe 4 other people in the whole gym.

"This is so much better than the one back home!" he said clearly excited.

We stretched out a but then he headed to the bench and I followed. I spotted him and as he built up the weight my imagination took off again. I was standing with my crotch right over him, his final set he said he was going to need help with, as he started his face get red sweat dripping down "Ughh" he groaned loudly as he struggled to push the bar back up. I could feel my cock once again swelling up. "Andrewww" I heard him moan out softly, I could hardly take it. I suddenly noticed why he had just said my name, his arms were shaking as he struggled to get the bar back on the rack.

"Fuck, sorry man" I said as I grabbed the bar and helped him up. He just layed on the bench clearly out of energy "what the hell was that?" he said

"sorry I just got really distracted I guess" I replied

"Whatever, next time try not to let me die" he smiled at me assuring me he wasn't actually mad. Next I went and thanks to him actually spotting me there were no incidents. After a few more workouts we called it a day and headed back to our locker room to rinse off.

As we walked in it was once again just the two of us, we stripped down to our boxers and headed to the shower. We both took them off and walked in this time I decided I would shower next to him.

"So last night.." I started to say

Kevin cut me off and turned to be he looked genuinely concerned "look I don't know what came over me last night, maybe it was the alcohol but I promise it won't happen again. I never should've put you in that situation, it must have been so uncomfortable for you" He looked down at the floor genuinely ashamed of what he had done.

I grabbed his arm, "It's ok, it wasn't uncomfortable for me" I paused for a second, not sure how he would react to what I was about to say "honestly, I kind of enjoyed it, I've never done anything like that before"

He looked up with that cute smile "Thanks for that, I felt so uncomfortable after I left, like I was just helping you out but I just felt kinda guilty afterwards." he said "but I guess there's nothing weird about it if you were ok with it, I was just helping you out" he said clearly relieved.

"It's ok man, you were just helping out a friend, guess I owe you one" I said laughing. I could tell he felt as if he did something wrong, that touching a guys dick made him immediately gay. And whether or not he was, it wasn't my place to tell him which he is. I was glad we were able to talk about it, I had been afraid it was something we would bury and never talk about or do again.

He just looked at me with that stupid smile. I just stood there for a second the water dripping down his chest and abs, and that cock... it wasn't hard but was still impressive. I could feel myself getting hard once again, the thoughts of being his first flooding my head- I had to look away. We finished up our shower not saying much and I headed back to our lockers him following me. As we took our towels off to get dressed I saw his hard cock spring up, all 8 inches of it. He very quickly pulled his boxers on to cover it up, almost as if he was hiding it.

"You want to grab lunch somewhere off campus? I need to eat some real food." he asked

"Yeah I know a good Mexican place we can walk to"

"Awesome, I can't keep eating that flavorless chicken"

We got dressed in shorts and t-shirts because of the heat and headed out. Kevin always had clothes that fit well, Hes not huge and buff but still always had clothes that hugged his body without being weirdly tight. We kept walking until we finally got to the place. It was called 'Chimi's' and I had gone here when I toured the school so I knew it was pretty good. We each ordered some tacos. Kevin rolled his up almost like little burritos and I watched as he opens his lips and takes half of it in one bite. Even watching him could turn me on, I had to get him in my bed again, even if it was just another handjob I needed to get physical with him or I would go crazy.

"Hey you wanna head back to my room after this?" I asked, by this point it was almost 7.

"Yeah sure it's getting kinda late anyways, your roommate is still gone right?"


Chapter 4 is soon to come, let me know what you think so far, and again sorry for any errors still working with just my phone.




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