To recap, My name's Andrew and this is about a soccer teammate and friend I met the first day of college named Kevin.

Chapter 2.

"Well are you gonna put that away or should I come back later?" Kevin jokingly asked."Uh yeah sorry, walked in at a bad time" I finally said, pulling my pants back up. Kevin walked over and took a seat next to me on my bed, looked at me with that perfect smile "Everybody jerks off Andrew, most people just remember to lock the door" he said laughing afterwards."Yeah I gotta be sure to do that next time" I said, hoping we would stop talking about what had just happened."So... do you drink" he said holding up the bottle.

Now I drank at parties in high school socially but I never really went much past that, but it was the first weekend of college so why not..."Hell yeah, let's get to it!". Dor the next few hours we sat in my room talking about our high schools, our hometowns, and what we expected college to be like, until Kevin suddenly stands up "you wanna go for a walk, explore campus a bit?"Now mind you at this point it was past midnight and we were both fairly buzzed.  "Yeah why not?"We headed out, since it was still early move in week for athletes, there was nobody else walking around.  We talked some more, mostly complaining about our building which so far seems to have the heat on full blast even in September.  

After about 15 minutes we stumbled upon a somewhat secluded garden near one of the greenhouses and I stopped to take a leak.  As I pulled my cock out, Kevin walks up right next to me and does the same.  I try to just stay looking at the ground and not create another awkward situation."Wow I guess your quite a grower" Kevin says laughing.I look up to see him jokingly laughing looking right at my dick.  "what do you mean by that?" ...Now I knew exactly what he meant, hard I'm a solid 7" but soft it's less than 3"."Well when I walked in on you it was a hell of a lot bigger than that" he said still smiling."Yeah I guess never really thought much of it" I said back clearly embarrassed. I pulled my pants back up and turned and walked.  As soon as I did I felt his hand grab my upper arm and pull me around.  He looked concerned "Hey I didn't mean anything by that I was just joking around.""Whatever man, I'm bigger than you anyways I joked back, playfully punching him in the arm."How would you even know, I'm not the one who always seems to have a boner" he said still holding me by the arm."Well until you prove me wrong I'm sticking with my story" I again punched his arm, this time a bit harder and he let go."Haha whatever dude" he said, as we started to walk around some more.

Now honestly I've always thought of myself as more of a top, so I didn't really care if his dick was 2 or 12 inches long.  The rest of his body would make up for it anyways.

Even though I'd only known Kevin for a matter of hours I felt so comfortable talking to he and he seemed to feel the same way. "So if you've never had a girlfriend, have you ever had sex?" I cautiously asked him."Honestly no..." he said looking at the ground clearly embarrassed by it "I mean I've kissed girls but I never really got passed that point"."You don't need to be embarrassed by it man, I've only had one girlfriend and we never even had sex" I said."Really?  I felt like I'd be the only inexperienced guy at college." he replied clearly a bit relieved.

After almost 30 minutes of wandering around we finally saw another person, a short girl with long brown hair wearing a tight tank top and yoga pants.  Now while I may be gay my years of acting straight have taught me to notice a hot girl when I see one.  She smiled at me and I did back as she passed us.  "God damn did you see that ass" I whispered to Kevin."What, uh I guess" he slowly replied"what are you blind, she was a solid 10 man" I said suprised he seemed like he didn't see the same girl."I dunno I guess I didn't really notice""Well your loss, she's probably the only girl on campus right now."

Eventually we wound up back at our building and we walked back up to my room.  As soon as I walked in I fell backwards onto my bed "that was fricken exhausting!" I said he layed down right next to me, his back on top of my arm. "no kidding, I'm already sore from that run, I'm not in shape at all" he said."Out of shape? bro your back feels like a rock, you've got no fat" I could feel his muscular back pressing on my arm."I'm just tense, I've been stressed out so much about starting classes." Kevin said letting out a deep breath.  I sat up pulling my arm out from under him, and he sat up too.

  I turned towards him and started to rub his shoulders with both hands "just relax Kev, we haven't even started yet." I said trying to comfort him.  working his shoulders I felt just how toned he was, it was like there wasn't a gram of fat on him."Damn that feels amazing!  You're good at this" he said. I said nothing back, just continued to massage his shoulder I slowly worked towards his upper back (my girlfriend used to make me give her massages so I became quite good).  As I started to deeply rub his shoulders and back, he suddenly stands up and pulled his shirt off "your gonna put a hole in my shirt if you keep it up" he playfully said and he sat back down waiting for me to get back to work.

As I worked his shoulders and back more, I could hear him letting out deep breaths, almost like a light moan and it was turning me on.  "Lower" he says, my hands about halfway down his toned back already, I moved down till I was about 2 inches about his waistband.  I worked his muscular back as best I could and cautiously went all the way down to just above his boxers.  After about 20 seconds he jumps up and turned to face me, terrified I scared him off I open my mouth to apologize and he says "now your turn!"

This totally caught me off guard, but I smiled in agreement and turned my back towards him.  I felt a cool rush as he slid his hands under my shirt and pulled it off.  His firm hands gripped my shoulders as he started to rub.  He honestly didn't give the best massage but just the feeling of his hands rubbing over my body was getting me hard.  He slowly worked his way down to my lower back.  His hands in place right above my waistband had me in heaven.  Suddenly me exhaling turned into a soft moan, I caught myself halfway through but that wasn't good enough. "Sorry didn't mean to get you all hot and bothered" he said jokingly.  I turned back to face him "sorry, you give a good massage I guess"  and smiled at him.  

Between the massage I just got and his abs and pecs starring me in the face my member was at full staff completely tenting my sweatpants "Well there goes your boner again" he said playfully pushing my chest. Before I could think of a reasonable response he slid his hand down his pants "I'm gonna have to prove you wrong now" he said."wrong in what way?" "Well you told me you were bigger than me, but you're wrong." he said.  Was this seriously happening? sitting there shirtless I watch as he slowly strokes his cock under his pants.  

Within 10 seconds he slides his pants down and his cock springs out.  And dammit he was right, it had to be over 8 inches long, he was cut and it just slightly curved upwards."Holy fuck your huge" was all I could think to say."Stop starring at my cock and prove me right" he said gently tugging down at my pants.  I instantly pull them down, my own boner springing out, already dripping with precum."Well I may be bigger but your definitely thicker, now I see why your girlfriend didn't want to have sex!"Looking down he was right, his was long but slim, mine was about 50% thicker than his."Honestly now that I'm hard I've gotta jerk it, I can goto the bathroom tho if it's weird."  He said, starting to pull his pants back on.

"No! you can stay it's cool" I replied instantly, he just smilled at me and layed back down.  he started to stroke his cock and I just watched at first and did the same with mine.  After a few seconds I realized how weird this may have looked so I layed down next to him and started to work my own boner."oh fuck" I could hear him quietly moaning out.  I kept jerking, this was the hottest situation I'd ever been in but I didn't want to cum first so I did my best to hold out."ohhh fu-" I look over and see Kevin thrust his hips up still stoking as a huge rope of thick cum lands on his abs, he shot onto his chest 6 more times before he finally had emptied his cock.   I just laid there stroking looking at his body covered in his thick cum.  I slowly turn back at my own cock and keep stroking.Suddenly he pulls my arm away...

Chapter 3 to come soon.

Again I really appreciate feedback, and sorry for any grammatical errors this way typed on my phone.




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