I've known that I preferred the company of males since I was eleven. Growing up, several buddys and I weold get together out in the woods and jerk off together. I would always get them to let me jerk them off. I loved watching them shoot their loads.

In the eighth grade, my closest buddy and I took it to the next level and I was hooked. I knew that I was gay and wanted to do what we had done as often as possible. I am now twenty and a sophomore at the local college and living at home. Here is my story.

Well, my freshman year in high school was about to start. I was excited about being in high school. Just before the school year started, A guy moved into our neighborhood two doors down from our house. He was tall, about six foot four or so, well built for his height, blond, and good looking.

I was out in the driveway shooting hoops when he pulled up in a U-Haul truck, towing his Mustang convertible. Arriving a few minutes later were two other well built guys who helped him unload the truck and carry everything in. I noticed that he glanced over at me several times while he was moving in. Once he was done and the others had left, he walked over to me. When I looked into his face, I nearly melted. He had the brightest blue eyes that I had ever seen.

'You're pretty darn good,' he said. 'What grade are you in?'

'Thanks. I'll be starting high school this year.'

'Really? Are you going out for basketball?'

'I've thought about it, but havent decided yet.'

About that time my dad got home and walked over to us. 'Is something wrong?' Dad asked.

'Oh, no,' the man said. 'I'm Todd Riggs. I'm the new basketball coach at the high school and will also be teaching American History. I just bought the house two doors down and while I was moving in, I noticed how good the boy was at shooting hoops. I'd like him to try out for the team. I think he'd be a major player.'

I made up my mind right then to try out.

'I'm Matt Taylor, Greg's father. It's up to him if he wants to play. I don't push him toward sports. Now, his grades and studies are a different matter.'

'I agree,'said the coach. 'If their grades suffer, I don't let them play. That's my rule.'

We all talked for a few minutes when Coach said he needed to get the truck turned in. I was glad he was leaving because I coukd feel my crotch beginning to stir.

I did try out and make the team and played all four years of high school. During the summers, Coach hired me to keep up his yard. I did anything I could to be around him. He was only twenty-four when I met him and single. I realized that I never saw him with a female companion, but that different guys would visit on the weekends. I began to wonder.

Coach and I became close during those four years and during my senior year my playing suffered some. After practice one day, he called me into his office.

'Greg, what's going on? Is something bothering you? You're just not yourself out there on the court.'

He had told the entire team that if any of us had problems and needed someone to talk to that he was available and everything would be kept confidential. I knew that I could trust him.

'Well, uh, yea. There is.'

'Want to talk about it?'

'It's kind of embarrasing and personal.'

'Greg, if you want to get it off your chest, I'm here. You know that it will be just between me and you.'

'Yea, I know that coach, but I'm afraid that if I tell you you might think less of me or want me off the team.'

'No way, Greg. Neither of those thing will happen, I promise.'

I took a deep breath and spit it out.

'Coach, I'm gay.'

Coach looked at me, startled at my rrevelation but had no reaction.

'I see. Does anyone know?'

'Just a couple of guys that I get with.'

'Are they both students?'

'Yea, but I'm not ttelling you who they are.'

'I don't want you to, Greg. What can I do to help?'

'Well, I've done some dating to keep up appearances, but never done anything with the girls except finger them. I saw I'm saving myself for marriage. They kind of admire that. But the truth is, I don't want to do anything with them. It's the guys I want.'

After a pause, he said, 'Go on.'

'Well, prom is coming up and I'm expected to be there with a date. But afterwards, a big group wants to go out to the lake and have an orgy to celebrate. I just can't do it.'

'I see. And if you go you think some of them might figure it out?'

'Yea. I'll be eighteen by then and Mom and Dad said if I wanted it they'd give me a cruise for graduation, because my grades were so good. It would be a singles cruise. They said I'd meet others my age and have a good time.'

'Okay, that may be your out. Let's check something.' He started working on his computer, doing a search for singles cruises. He found that there was a cruise out of Miam.

'What day is graduation again?'

'May 30th.'

'Here's one leaving Miami June 1st. Could you get your folks to book it and get your flight to Miami early the morning after graduation? You could use that as an excuse. for not going to the lake. You'd need to get home and pack wouldn't you?' he said with a wink.

'Coach, I love you,' I blurted out. 'Uh, sorry.'

'No problem, I know what you meant.'

'Hey, you're single. Why don't you go along too. It would be fun.'

'No, I don't think so.'

'Thanks for the help amd think about it. At least we'd know each other.'

We shook hands and I thanked him again. I had him write down the information for me to give to my parents. That night I brought up the information on my computer at home and called my parents in.

When they walked in, I said, excitedly I hoped, that I had found a cruise, and said that I could leave the day before and stay at a hotel near the ship the night before.

'Is that the one you want?' Dad asked.

'Yea, it sounds perfect. Please?'

'Well, I don't know about him being down there over night all alone,' Mom said.

'Honey, he's going to be eighteen soon and he has a good head on his shoulders. He's a grown man and he'll be fine,' Dad assured her.

It was done. Dad booked the cruise and airline flight. My return home was the day after we docked. I'd have a night before the cruise and a night after to look around and be free.

Finally graduation arrived. The ceremony was at one in the afternoon and the prom was at eight that night. I had talked up my cruise with my friends and the girl I was tking to prom. When I told her that I wouldn't be able to go to the lake because I needed to pack, she said she understood.

Mom and Dad took me to the airport. While waiting for my flight to depart, Dad gave me his American Express card for my incidental expenses on board. He explained that certain things were not included in the fare. 'You'll have to settle up before you leave the ship.'

I arrived in Miami and took a taxi to the hotel at the dock where Dad had reserved me a room. I checked in and decided to go for a walk. I cashed one of my twenty dollar traveler's cheques at the hotel and headed out. I ate dinner and returned to the hotel.

Being too young to go to the bar, I went to the game room. There, I met Josh, who had just returned from a cruise. He was twenty one and hot as hell. We talked for a while and after a few minutes seemed like best friends. He was with his parents and said that he'd been trying to ditch them and have some fun. I gave him my room number and said, 'Well, I can't offer you much but if you want feel free to drop by.' I had my hopes, because the look I saw in his eyes was telling me he was gay also. He smiled wickedly and said, 'I just might do that. See you later.'

I went to my room and stripped. Damn, it felt great to go around nude and not have to worry about anyone walking in on me. I propped up in bed and turned on the TV and after a few minutes, there was a knock at the door.

'Who is it?' I asked.


'hold on a minute.' I grabbed my briefs and put them on and answered the door for Josh. He came in and laughed and said, 'Damn, don't you look sexy and comfortable.'

'When you knocked, I didn't even have these on,' I said, leaving the conversation open.

'So, you like going nude?' he asked.

'To be honest, yes I do, but I don't get much chance. Do you ever go nude?'

'Fuck yea, man. Love it. Stay that was when the folks go out of town.'

'Must be nice.'

'Especially, hitting the pool nude.'

'You have a pool?'

'Yea. My dad owns his own company and we live on ten acres. When they leave, I give the maid several days off and just keep Don there.'

'Who's Don?'

'Our butler. Man he's one cool dude.'

The conversation continued and after a while I suggestted that since we both liked being nude why didn' he join me. I stripped off my briefs and Josh quickly followed.

I asked about Don.

'Man, he' a story in itself.' I asked him to tell me.

He said that when his parents are home he's real prim and proper calling Josh 'Master Josh' but when their gone he just called him Josh. Then the story got interesting, real interesting.

Josh said that right after his eighteenth birthday, his folks went out of town. Jos was in his room naked and stroking and had left the door open. He said suddenly Don appeared with a soda for him and walked in while he was stroking.

I asked what happened. He said that Don just smiled and said 'Ah, youth. I remember thoe days'. Josh said he asked him if he ever did it and he said Don answered 'Daily'. Josh said he could see that Don was getting an erection and invited him to join him. He said Don said it really wouldn't be proper and Josh said 'Fuck proper. It's just me and you here and I certainly won't tell'. He said Don smiled and set the tray down and dropped his pants. Josh said he told him to go ahead and get naked and he did. Josh said that Don lay on the bed beside him and they started stroking, each watching the other.

'How old is Don?' I asked.

Josh said Don was only thirty eight then and had a nice build. Josh said that it ended up with them stroking each other off. He said that he told Don to stay naked while his folks were gone if he wanted to. He said he did and the nect day they jerked again, but this time it went further.

'What happened?' I asked.

'Well, we ended up sucking each other off. Greg, I'm gay. I found out that Don was also and we have sex at every opportunity. Does that change things between us? You want me to leave?'

'Fuck no Josh. I'm gay also. That's why I invited you up here. I was hoping to seduce you somehow.'

'I thought so but wasn't sure.'

Josh leaned over and kissed Greg and soon they were making hot passionate love. After a hot sixty-nine, they rested and kissed before fucking each other. After four hours, Josh said he had to leave and meet his parents. They exchanged e-mail addresses, and after a final kiss, bid each other goodbye.

Greg went to sleep very content that night. He hoped beyond hope that the cruise would provide the same excitement.

The next morning, he awoke, went down for breakfast and spotted Josh in the lobby.

They talked and Josh said he had a little while before they checked out to catch their flight home. Greg immediately said 'My room now.'

They took off and were soon sucking each other's cocks to climax. Greg found that Josh loved cum as much as he did.

Greg checked out and after labeling his bags with the cruise lines tags with his name had them sent to the dock. His small carry bag was with him.

He made his way to the dock a little later and as he waited to board, he check out the other passengers. Suddenly, someone caught his eye. He thought he recognized the man but decided otherwise. Who would he know on this cruise?

Finally, he boarded and after checking in and getting his cabin assignment, he went searching for it. He found it on the eighth deck. His dad had been told by friends that the middle of the ship was the best place so that is where he was. He even had a priivate balcony, and a seperate bedroom. His bags were there waiting for him. He unpacked and just as he finished he heard a knock on the door.

He went to answer it and as he opened the door he froze. Stunned all he could say was 'Coach!'

'In the flesh.' After a moment he added, 'May I come in?'

'Uh sure.'

Greg shut the door and without thinking, tjrew his arms around his coach's neck and hugged him.

'I think you're excited to see me,' Coach said with a laugh.

Releasing his coach, Greg said,'Oh, I am, but I thought you said 'I thought you said 'No'. What changed your mind?'

'I've always wanted to take a cruise but just never had the time. Well, I'm off for the summer so I decided to finally do it. And like you said, at least we'll know each other.'

'How did you know which cabin I was in?'

'When I booked the cruise, I requested a cabin next to yours. I'm right next door. When I came aboard, I asked which one you were in.'

'I thought I saw someone on the dock that I recognized but wasn't sure. That was you.'

'Yes, it was. I saw you and when you looked my way I ducked down. I wanted to surprise you.'

'Well, that you did, coach.'

'Greg, schools over and you are no longer a student of mine. Call me Todd.'

'You got it if I can break the habit of calling you coach.' They both laughed.

Todd told Greg that he was right next door to the left and that he needed to unpack.

Todd left and Greg closed the door and leaned against it. A few moments later he heard a slight knock. He opened the door but no one was there. He heard it again and followed the sound. It was coming from his bedroom. As he entered, he heard the knock again. He walked to what looked like a hidden door and after unlocking it he opened it.

'Surprise,' said Todd. 'Our cabins connect.'

'Fucking cool,' said Greg. 'Want to just leave them open? We can visit anytime that way.'

'Sure, why not,' Todd replied.

Greg was sure now that somehow he'd get to see coach, uh, Todd naked.

After Todd unpacked, he walked through Greg's bedroom and found him out on his balcony. Greg was startled when he heard Todd say, 'Want to go check things out?'

'Sure. You kind of startled me. I forgot about the connecting door.'

'Well, you're the one that suggested leaving it open so we could visit.'

'Yea, and let's keep it that way.'

The checked out the ship and the activities and later returned to get ready for dinner. They decided to forgo the main dining room that night and hit the pizza parlor.

Once outside U. S. waters, Todd asked Greg if he'd like a beer.

'I'm not twenty-one yet.'

'We're outside U. S. waters. On board, it's eighteen. Since this is a singles cruise, everyone must be eighteen to travel.'

'Fuck, man, let's go.'

They had a couple of beers then strolled the deck a while before returning to their cabins.

Greg stripped and settled onto the sofa and was watching TV when Todd stepped in, saying, 'Hey Greg, you want to uh....' He saw Greg nude and stopped.

'Sorry Todd, but this is the way I'm most comfortable. That bother you? You've seen me in the gym I'm sure.'

'No, it doesn't bother me, and yes I've seen nearly all of the players in the gym naked. I just wasn't expecting it here. I go that way a lot myself.'

'Fine, then. We can go nude here in the cabins and not worry about the other.'

'Suits me. Now what I came for was to see if you wanted to try out the rock climbing wall tomorrow morning?'

'Sure. What time?'

'About eleven if it's okay. I'll call and make a reservation for us.'


Todd returned to his cabin and after a few minutes, Greg walked into his bedroom and stole a peek through the door. Todd had stripped and was headed to the bath. Greg waited and when he heard him come out he stepped in casually and asked, 'Did you get it set up?' taking every inch of Todd's beautiful muscled body.

Undaunted, Todd strolled around toward Greg nude and said, 'It's all set.' Putting his arm around Greg's shoulder, he said, 'I think we're going to have a great time on this cruise.'






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