I found my true sexuality after I graduated from high school. My three best friends, Greg, Trey and Troy, and I decided to go on a week long camping trip on some property Trey and Troy's grandfather had. They are identical twins and the four of us have been good friend since out sophomore year and played football together.

On the camping trip Greg and I shared a tent while

Trey and Troy shared another. On our first night camping and after a few beers Greg's dad had bought us, we went to our tents. In ours, Greg and I began talking and the conversation turned sexual. One thing led to another and soon he was giving me my first blow job. I, in turn sucked my first cock. It was then that I found out Trey and Troy were also gay. That week, I sucked cock several times a day and learned that getting fucked wasn't that bad at all once you got used to it. By the end of the week, I knew I was totally gay.

I continued to be active in the gay life throughout college, even sucking my room mates cock and letting him fuck my ass. He was the teams star quarterback and everyone wanted him but I was getting him almost daily.

After graduating from college with a computer technology degree, I went to work for a large computer firm. That's when I met Brad. I was twenty-three at the time and he was a year older and married, but I wanted him desperately. From his open collar shirts, I could tell he was hairy chested and the snug shirts told me he was well built.

We had been working together for just over four years when we were called to the boss's office.

"Gentlemen, as you know there is a technology conference coming up in Ft. Lauderdale next week. I've registered you two to attend. You are my sharpest guys so it was only natural to send you. It's a two week conference so pack accordingly. I'll make your fight and hotel reservations."

We left his office and talked not about the conference but being in the beach.

On Friday before we were to leave he called us back to his office.

"Guys, you're tickets will be at the United counter at the airport. You're scheduled to fly out Sunday at noon. Here is your hotel confirmation. I tried to get you each a single room but they were all booked. I had to bunk you two together, so to make up for it, I got you a mini-suite. Here is a thousand dollars each for incidentals. If you eat in the hotel charge it to your room. If you go out use this money to pay for it. You don't need receipts and whatever is left over is yours to keep. Have a good trip."

As we left his office, I said I'd pick Brad up at his place Sunday so we would only have one car at the airport.

"Sounds good," he said. "Why don't you come by about eight and we'll all have breakfast before we head to the airport."

"See you then," I replied.

I met him at his house and after breakfast he kissed his wife goodbye and we headed for the airport. We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale and took a cab to our hotel on the beach.

After checking in we went to our room on the twelfth floor and were pleasantly surprised with the accommodations.

The room was large, with a kitchenette to the right, siting area with TV and bar in the center and two queen beds off to the left, along with a huge bathroom. It s all open with only a railing separating the beds from the sitting room. From the sitting area there were sliding glass doors going out to a large private balcony,overlooking the ocean. Because of the side walls, it couldn't be seen from any other balcony.

We unpacked and decided to go down to the bar and have a drink. After a few drinks, we went for a walk around the area before returning to the hotel and having dinner.

Once back in the room, we kicked off our shoes and socks and shirts and got comfortable.

Brad's chest was indeed hairy and much more muscular than I had thought. He caught me looking him over several times but never said anything.

When it was time for bed, I showered first, returning to the room in just my briefs. I noticed him quickly glance at the bulge in the front of them.

As he showered, I climbed into one of the beds and began watching TV until he was done. He came out wearing boxers and slipped into the other bed. After pulling the sheet up over him, I saw him raise his hips and remove his boxers, dropping them on the floor.

When he saw me watching him he smiled slightly and said, "Sorry, but I always sleep nude. If I have anything on I just can't sleep."

"Hey bud, no problem. It's just something else we have in common."


"I've slept nude since my freshman year in college. I totally enjoy nudity."

"So do I. I'd love to go nude at home but June is such a prude she won't let me, but I do it when she's not home."

"Man, I strip as soon as i walk in the door and don't put anything on until I have to go out."

"Fuck, I wish I could do that," he said as I got out of bed and removed my briefs while facing him.

As I took my time getting back in bed, I said, "Brad, it's strictly up to you, but if you'd like to go nude here in the room, I'm game to do it also."

"Maybe," he replied, adding,"Let me think about it, but the most I've been nude around anther guy is just in the locker room at the gym when I change."

"Well, like I said, it's up to you."

We went to sleep and the next morning when I woke up, Brad was up and had made coffee. I sat up and looked toward the kitchen area to see him fixing his cup, his back to me. He was nude and his ass was beautiful. I so wanted to kneel behind him and start eating it.

Crawling out of bed, I joined him saying, "I guess you've made you decision."

"Yea. I figured why not. We're both have the same equipment, so what's the big deal."

"Well, from what I can see your equipment makes mine look puny."

"Like I've heard before, It's not what you got but how you use it that counts."

"Very true," I replied.

Both nude, we went to the living room and I went out onto the balcony. He was hesitant but soon joined me saying, "I hope no one a can see us."

"Not up this high, besides with the scroll work on the railing they can't see through it."

We finished out coffee and dressed and went to breakfast then to the seminar. We finished the day and returned to the room just after four.

As we undressed, he said, "Their chairs are so fucking hard my ass is numb."

"I know what you mean. Mine is so numb somebody could shove a cucumber up it and I wouldn't feel it."

He burst out laughing saying "The picture of that in my head is funny as hell."

"Smart ass," I said as I pulled a couple of beers from the fridge. After opening them we went out onto the balcony and I asked what he wanted to do for dinner.

"Honestly, just order room service and stay in and stay nude. I'm so fucking comfortable."

"Sounds good to me."

We had a couple more beers before ordering dinner. When it arrived, I slipped on my slacks while Brad slipped into the bathroom. Once delivered and the door closed, I again removed my slacks. We ate out on the patio and afterward, I took the tray and after peeking out into the hall to make sure no one was there, I sat the tray on the floor.

When I came back in Brad laughed saying, "I thought about running over and locking you out in the hall naked."

"You asshole! If you had, I'd have killed you."

We continued drinking and as we did, Brad began taking the conversation towards sex.

"Man, I'm horny as hell. June's timing was terrible."

"What do you mean?"

"Wednesday she started her period and I haven't got my rocks off in a week."

"Well, when you shower it's up to you how fast you wash it. Every guy does it."

"I know I do and I assume you do also."

"Almost daily."

After a moment he asked, "Mark, I'm just curious but when you were growing up did you and your buds jerk off together?"

"Oh yea. I think most boys do after reaching puberty. Did you?"

"Oh hell yea! There were about five of us that used to get together and jerk. We'd have a race to see who would shoot first or shoot the farthest."

"There was just me and one other boy that jerked together."

"Did you and he ever jerk each other?"

"Sometimes. How about you?"

Oh yea. We'd sit in a circle and jerk off the guy to out right since we were all right handed. Was fun."

"I agree. did you and your buds ever do anything else?"

"Can I refuse to answer that?"

"If you want to, but me and my bud did a lot of experimenting," I lied.

"So did we. You name it and we did it," he said.

"Same here," I replied as I went back in for another beer. Brad followed and after getting our beers we lay down on our beds.

After a moment, out of the corner of my eye I saw he had began slowly stroking. Without saying anything I did the same.

Soon we were both totally boned. After a moment, Brad got up and walked around his bed to mine and lay down next to me. I knew what he wanted and moved slightly closer to him. He eased closer to me and after he did he casually reached over and grasp my cock and began stroking it. I did the same to him.

As we stroked each other, I turned my head toward him and found him looking at me. Our eyes met and locked together. As if reading each others mind our faces moved closer to each other and our lips met. I slowly extended my tongue and waited for his reaction. His lips parted and he offered his. As we tongue kissed we continued stroking each other. As we both drew closer to our climax the kissing got wilder. Soon, we were both erupting out onto out stomachs. The kiss slowly ended ad i went to get rags to wipe up with.

After cleaning ourselves off and dropping the rags on the floor, he cuddled next to me and was soon asleep. I lay there wondering if things would go further.

About dawn, I woke to find Brad sitting in the dark on the patio. Walking out I asked, "Is anything wrong?"

"Mark, nobody can know what we did. It could mean our jobs and ruin my marriage."

"Brad, calm down. No one needs to know what we did or might do in the future. It's none of their business. what happens in this room stays in this room. I'm damn sure not saying anything to anyone."

"Thanks, man. I don't know what got into me, but it somehow just felt right and I enjoyed it."

"I know what you mean. It felt right to me also."

I went in and started coffee and when it was ready I took him a cup. We had coffee on the balcony and when we went in he stepped up to me and kissed me again and said, "Thanks. You're a great pal."

"So are you," I replied.

We dressed and went to breakfast then to the seminar.

That evening we relaxed and chatted but not about what happened the night before. We later dressed and went to dinner then stopped at a small piano bar for drinks.

Once back in the room, we, of course, stripped and got comfortable. I pulled back the covers on my bed and lay down while Brad was in the bathroom.

When he came out, I expected him to go to his bed. Instead, he came to mine and asked softly, "May I join you?"

"Sure," I said.

He lay down but as he did, he moved next to me, laying his head on my out stretched arm. We lay there a moment before he said, " I enjoyed being next to you last night."

"I enjoyed it also."

"May I do it again tonight?"

"Brad, you can do it every night if you want to," I replied as I turned onto my side facing him, and lay my free hand on his hairy chest. I began to rub it gently paying special attention to his nipples. He moaned softly.

I looked into his face and as I did he pulled my head down and began tongue kissing me. It was all over for me. I knew I had to have him.

We kissed passionately for a couple of minutes before I moved to his neck and ears, then his nipples, gently sucking each one. I changed positions and got between his legs. I licked my way lower and around his hard cock ending at his large ball sack.

I gently sucked each one into my mouth one at a time, caressing them with my tongue. Then I slowly raised his legs and buried my tongue in his hole as he gasped loudly. I ate his ass for a few minutes before returning to his balls.

I then went up to his cock and slowly lifted, licking the clear drop of precum off the slit.




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