The British Roommate – Part 7

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Legal Disclaimer: This story contains explicit sexual content between consenting adults. It also depicts unsafe sex between two lovers. The author does not condone this in real life. If this offends you, or if it is illegal for you to access such content in your country, please do not read any further. This story is fictional. The characters and the events in this story are made up by the author's imagination and any resemblance to real names and events is purely coincidental.

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The following part contains actual events that have been twisted with some fiction. Names of people and places have been changed for various reasons. 


Previously on The British Roommate…

*“There you guys are” 

“ are you?” 

“I’m good man. Ethan...always good to see you” 

*“That was weird” Lizzy said as soon as they left. 

“Not really, Ethan is just being his old stubborn self” Jake said

*“Okay, please tell me you’re not mad at me for bringing him as my date” 

“ can bring whomever you want”

“Eth...Don’t be like that. What happened between you guys is over. The guy is just trying to be friends with you.”

“Why would you even help him to get me to be his friend? You didn’t even like him when he and I dated.”

“I know, but he changed. He seems different.

“Not really. We had sex again” 

“What? When?” 

“A few days ago

“Look Eth, you and Jake were together for a very long time. He was your first serious relationship and one doesn’t get over it that quickly.”


“But you have the chance to start over. Start a new chapter...gain new experiences...and you have a willing guy who is smitten with you

*“Are you not coming in?”

“No...You go ahead. There is something I have to take care of once and for all.”


“You alone?” 

“Yes...Eth what are you doing here?”

Ethan pulled Jake in for a kiss. He kissed him hard, pulling him closer as he kissed him wild and passionately. After a few seconds, Ethan pulled away. 

“I’m saying goodbye...”

Part 7

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November every year. It is a day on which families come together to celebrate freedom and give thanks.

Los Angeles is a long drive from Chicago. 31 hours and 2019 miles to be exact. One would have to be stupid to drive that distance instead of flying which would take up a fraction of the time. Or of course, one would have to be desperate to drive all that hours just so you could get your head cleared and reflect on things. That is what Ethan was thinking about the whole day while he was sitting in one class after another, contemplating on whether he should fly or drive. Of course, the upside of driving would be to see different places and experience different things. And he would have his car with him to use while he’s back home. He wouldn’t want to rely on his parents or sister to drive him around to wherever he wanted to go. But on the downside, he was traveling that distance with Phillip. He has been trying to avoid any extra time alone with him, mostly because he felt guilty about what happened with Jake....

“Hello?” Ethan answered.

“Ethan, oh my God honey, it’s so good to hear your voice” his mom squealed on the other end of the phone.

A few months has gone by since he last spoke to anyone back home except for the occasional text message or email being exchanged back and forth.

“ are you?” Ethan said, genuinely surprised to hear her calling.

“I’m good, things have been good. How is school honey? Are you coping? Are you eating enough? Are you keeping warm?”

“Yes mom, school is great.” Ethan answered as he stared at a stack of books on his desk.

“Oh good, I’m glad honey. And have my little boy strung any hearts while down there?” his mom joked.

Ethan rolled his eyes and sighed. He has always hated when his mom treated him like a baby. Yet again, the fact that she has taken an interest in her gay son’s romantic life was about ten times worse.

“I’ve met someone, yes mom”

“And when are we going to meet this mysterious stranger that won my son’s heart?”

“I don’t know, it’s not that serious. Listen mom, I actually have a ton of work to do for tomorrow’s classes...”

“Oh alright, I’ll stop prying. I actually called to remind you that next week is thanksgiving. Will you make it home?”

“I dunno mom...”

“Oh come on Eth, we miss you so much. Your dad and I would really like to see you. As will your brother and sister. Please say you’ll try?”

Ethan thought it over for a second. If by agreeing to go home would be a quick way to end this conversation, then he’ll take it.

“Sure mom, I’ll drive down.”

“Oh thank God, I thought that I was gonna have to resort to blackmail” she said very excited.

Ethan laughed.

“Don’t worry, that won’t be necessary. See you at thanksgiving? Send my love to the rest of the crazy clan.”

“Oh I will honey, see you then. Have a safe trip. And call me to check in. I love you Eth.”

“Love you too mom” Ethan said and hung up just as the door opened.

Phillip walked in and threw his books on the bed. He grabbed Ethan and kissed him hard.

“Hey...” Ethan said smiling as he pulled away.

“Hi...was that your mum on the phone?”

Ethan frowned and then smiled.

“Yes...and was that you listening in on my conversation through the door?”

Phillip smiled. “Maybe...” he said and kissed Ethan again. “So how’s it going with your parents?” Phillip asked as he sat down on his bed.

Ethan plopped down on his own bed and laid backwards, his shirt pulling up slightly exposing his abs.

“They’re good. They actually want me to drive back home for thanksgiving.”

“Wow, that’s a long drive, isn’t it?”

“Yep...” Ethan said as he put his arms behind his head, exposing even more of his body.

Phillip felt himself getting hard as he stared at Ethan’s exposed abs.

“So are you going?” Phillip asked to distract himself.

“I think so...I actually miss them, you know. I’m just not looking forward to the long drive.”

“It won’t be that bad. At least you won’t have to sit around a table pretending to be part of someone’s family that doesn’t exactly want you there but they feel obliged to have you just because you are related to them.” Phillip said, lying back on his bed. His hard on was straining to get out of his pants. He was horny, no doubt about it and seeing Ethan laying on his bed on display didn’t exactly do much to help his situation.

Ethan pulled himself up on his elbows to look at Phillip. He felt sad for him. And then he caught a glance of the growing bulge in Phillip’s pants. Ethan felt himself getting hard.

“You know...” Ethan said as he got up and walked over to Phillip’s bed. “All this talk about thanksgiving is making me hungry.”

“You wanna go grab something to eat?” Phillip asked, not noticing Ethan approaching him.

“No, I think I have enough to fill me up right here”

Ethan said as he grabbed Phillips bulge. Phillip moaned loudly as Ethan rubbed his hard leaking cock through his pants. Ethan gets on top of Phillip and starts to kiss him. They kiss passionately while Ethan grinds his ass on Phillip’s bulge. Both of them moaned loudly. Ethan took of Phillip’s shirt and kissed him again. He kissed his way down to Phillip’s neck, down his torso and sucked in one of his nipples. A loud moan escaped Phillip’s mouth. His nipples have always been extremely sensitive. Ethan knew this. So he focused on paying special attention to each one, sucking and biting just hard enough that it sent bolts of electricity right through Phillip and to his cock.

“Please...” was all Phillip could get out.

Ethan moved down and slid Phillip’s pants down. He licked Phillip’s dick slowly from the base to the tip and collected all the juices that was drizzling out.

Ethan took the tip in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around a few times, making Phillip squirm under him. Then in one motion, he took the entire length into his mouth. He sucked furiously, milking Phillip’s cock for more nectar. Phillip moaned and squirmed as he glided his hands through Ethan’s messy hair. Ethan moved down to Phillip’s balls, taking one by one into his mouth and swirling it around. Ethan sucked a finger into his mouth to lube it up. When it was nice and wet, he took the dripping cock back into his mouth while moving his finger down to Phillip’s hole. He moved his finger over the twitching hole before he slid it in slowly. Phillip was squirming, biting his lip as the pleasure started to get too intense. With the finger fuck he was getting and Ethan sucking the life out of him, he weren’t able to last much longer.

“I’m close...” Phillip whispered breathlessly. Ethan wanted it so badly. He sucked harder, deep throating Phillip. With a loud moan, Phillip let go. He came hard, deep inside Ethan’s mouth. Ethan was trying to swallow everything but some of it ran out his mouth. When Phillip calmed down, Ethan lapped up the last of the cum that spilled. He went back up and kissed Phillip hard. Phillip tasted himself. The taste was intense.

“My turn” Phillip said and reached for Ethan’s cock. But Ethan stopped him.

“Later. I’m meeting Lizzy in a few minutes. You wanna join us?”

“Uh actually I think I’m going to take a shower if that’s alright. Can I meet up with you guys?”

“Sure” Ethan said. He got up and kissed Phillip before he left the room.

“Oh my God” Lizzy said a little too loud.

“I know, it’s like every time he talks about home he gets all sad and depressed. He hasn’t had the easiest childhood.”

“ after he told you this you gave him a blowjob?”

Ethan frowned. “What? How did you know?”

Lizzy laughed. “Oh honey, your breath reeks of penis. Here, eat this” she said and handed him a bag of potato chips. Ethan laughed and took a few.

“You seriously have to get laid already” Ethan said, looking out over the hundreds of students walking around.

“Why don’t you just rub it in bitch.” Lizzy sighed. “I’m trying. There’s just no decent guys here.”

“You are just too picky.” Ethan said as he spread his legs on the grass to make himself more comfortable.

“Yeah...only when it comes to you...” She said. Ethan looked at her. She sat there, deep in thought.

“So what are you gonna do?” she asked after a long silence.

“About what?”

“About Phill, the whole thanksgiving thing?”

“I dunno...I mean I feel sad for him...but I can’t just exactly blow of my parents”

“Nobody said that you have to blow them off. Take him with you?”

“What?” Ethan asked surprised.

“He clearly doesn’t want to go home for thanksgiving. And it’s not like you haven’t brought home a boyfriend to your parents before.”

“Yeah well this is different”

“Different how?” she said and looked at Ethan. She was turning the conversation into something serious.

“Because it is...I mean weren’t you the one that told me to take things slow? See what adventures we could have together?”

“Yeah...but that was months ago. I slow are you taking things?”

“It’s just...introducing him to my parents? That seems kinda big, don’t you think?”

“Eth, you have got to get over your fear of commitment.”

“Yeah? Then why aren’t you taking someone home for thanksgiving?”

“It’s different with me Eth, you know that. Besides, my parents decided that we are going to Denver to visit my grandparents for thanksgiving.”

They both sat there, looking at the various students and their whereabouts.

“So I just invite him over? Assume that he’ll want to go?” Ethan asked, breaking a rather long silence.

Lizzy sighed. “Well it’s worth a shot. Maybe he’ll say no.”

Ethan got up and shook the grass off of his backside.

“Where are you going?” Lizzy asked.

“I’m gonna go call my parents...tell them that I’m bringing someone home for thanksgiving.” Ethan shouted as he started to walk away.

“ don’t wanna fall on land on his dick again” Lizzy returned with a smirk.

“Oh fuck you!” Ethan shouted as he laughed.

“You wish babe!!” She shouted back. She got up, collected her stuff and walked off.

Ethan walked into the dorm room to find Phillip sitting at his desk, typing away on his computer. He closed is as Ethan approached him.

“What you up too?” Ethan asks as he starts to massage Phill’s shoulders.

“Working on a project.”

Ethan sighs and walks over to his bed to sit down.

“So listen...I’ve been thinking...” Ethan says as Phillip turns in his chair to face him.

“I’ve been talking to my parents and I would really like it if you would go home with me for thanksgiving...”

“Why? I mean, are you serious?” Phillip asks, confused.

“Well, to answer the why part, I love you and I really want you to meet my parents. As for the sure part...I mean it’s up to you”

Phillip gets up and walks over to the window. He feels himself getting close to tears. The reason why, he is not so sure of yet. Maybe the fact that his lover might pity him for what he said this morning. Or the fact that he heard his lover saying that he loves him. Or maybe even the fact that his lover...his boyfriend wants to introduce him to his parents.

“You know...meeting your’s kind of a big step for us, don’t you think? I mean...We’re not exactly sure where we even stand in terms of relationship.”

Ethan gets up and walks over to Phillip. He places his hands on his lovers face, pulling him in for a passionate kiss.

“Did you hear what I said?” Ethan asks.

Phillip is still sort of in shock.

“Yes, I heard you. You said that you...”

“...That I love you, Phillip Roberts. And I would like to take you home with me, introduce you to my family as my boyfriend...and then make passionate love to you in my old bedroom filled with superhero posters and stuffed animals”

Ethan says as they both laugh. Phillip couldn’t stop the tears from welling in his eyes and streaming down his cheeks.

“So what do you say?” Ethan asks again, still holding Phillip.

“I think that would be wonderful. I would love to meet your parents as your new boyfriend.”

“Cool...then it’s settled. So why don’t you get to packing and I will go get us some food.”

Ethan kissed him and walked out of the room. Phillip sighed, wiped his eyes with his hands and for a moment, a brief moment he felt as if his world has changed.

After their last class of the day, Phillip and Ethan finally hit the road back to Los Angeles. It was a rather long drive and the boys took turns driving. Ethan was kinda nervous about Phillip meeting his parents. His brother and sister will also be there.

It was just after two in the morning when Ethan pulled into a motel for the night – their final pit stop before they reach home. Phillip was fast asleep in the passenger seat. Ethan got out and went to the front desk to get them checked in.

“Good evening sir, may I get you a room for the night?”

“Yes please. Uh what time is check out?”

“Well check out time is at ten in the morning, but you look like you had a rough night darlin’. You just get a good night’s rest and don’t you worry about a thing...” the middle aged woman behind the counter said in a very thick southern accent.

“Cool.” Ethan said as the woman typed on the computer. Ethan took his phone out of his pocket and fired up a message to Jake.

‘Hey Jake, heading home for thanksgiving. Hope you won’t be alone this year. Have a great time. Eth’

“Here you go sweetie” the woman interrupted his thoughts as she handed Ethan a key to the room.

“Thank you ma’am” Ethan said and went back to the car to grab Phillip and their bags.

“Any last minute advice about your folks that I have to know about?” Phillip asked nervously as they drove past the sign that said ‘Welcome to Los Angeles’.

“Nah, don’t be nervous. My folks will love you. Besides, they are fun easy going people. You don’t have to worry.”

“People here looks different” Phillip said as they drove through the streets of Encinitas.

“What do you mean different?” Ethan asked.

“I dunno…they don’t make them like this in London” he said smiling.

“That’s probably because you don’t get any sun that side.” Ethan mocked.

“Shut up” Phillip said and hit Ethan playfully.

They stopped in front of a rather large house. Ethan switched of the car just as a middle aged woman ran through the door to their car.

“Oh my God you are here” she yelled as she hugged Ethan tight.

“Hey mom” Ethan said, hugging her back.

Phillip got out of the car and started unloading their luggage.

“And this must me the boy boy who stole your heart” she said as she approached Phillip with an even bigger heart.

“This is Phillip Roberts. Phill, this is my mom.”

“Charming to meet you Mrs White.” Phillip said as he kissed her on her cheeks.

“Oh please, do call me Haylie.”she said.

“There he is” a voice from the door as an older version of Ethan walked over to the driveway.

“Dad” Ethan said as he hugged his father. “This is Phillip, dad. My boyfriend. Phillip this is my dad, Nathan.”

“And he is British no less” Ethan’s mom said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

Mr White shook Phillip’s hand and smiled at him warmly.

“Welcome to the family my boy” Mr White said.

“Please come on in. you two must be tired from the long drive. Nathan, help the boys with their luggage.”

“This is the last of it” Nathan said as he put down two small boxes. “I will leave you boys to freshen up. We will see you downstairs.”

Nathan closed Ethan’s bedroom door behind him. Phillip looked around the room. A typical teenager’s bedroom, he thought. Superhero poster on the wall, all in tight spandex pants doing sexy poses and photos of a group of boys. Phillip could make out Ethan’s face in some of the photos. He looked kinda young in them.

“So make yourself comfortable” Ethan said as he plopped down on his bed.

Phillip sat down beside him.

“You’re quiet. Something wrong?”

“No. Its just all so overwhelming. But in a good way of course.”

Ethan sat up on the bed and pulled Phillip closer to him.

“Im sorry babe. You’re not used to this, are you?”

“A loving family. Overwhelmed with love and joy when they see their son and his boyfriend? Nope, I most certainly am not used to it.”

Ethan kissed him.

“My family can be a bit much. But you will get to know them.”

“I like them. They are nice.” Phillip said. He took a deep breath. Probably the first time he breathed since they arrived. Ethan pulled him closer and kissed him.

“Your folks are expecting us down stairs” Phillip said as he tried to pull away.

Ethan pulled him back and kissed him again.

“Later” Ethan said. “First, I am going to fuck my boyfriend on the bed where I spent most nights jacking off thinking about fucking my boyfriend right here” he said.

He kissed Phillip again as he started to unbutton his shirt. Phillip moaned as Ethan kissed his neck.

Ethan pushed him flat on the bed and started to open the zipper on Phillip’s jeans. He took his pants and underwear off in one swift motion, freeing Phillips leaking erection. He took his lovers cock into his mouth in one go as he heard his lover moaning out loudly. Phillip writhed under Ethan’s intense sucking as he started sucking on Ethan’s fingers, getting it all wet for what he was craving. Ethan started toying with his lovers hole, dragging his finger over Phillip’s quivering entrance before sticking in his finger to loosen up his lover. Phillip moaned again as he felt Ethan’s finger inside of him. First one finger, sliding in and out while he was being sucked at the same time. Then another finger. The sensation was overwhelming for Phillip as he felt his intense build up exploding in Ethan’s mouth. Ethan sucked as much of the juice from Phillips cock and brought it up to his mouth as they kissed passionately, sharing the cum.

“God I want you so bad” Phillip said breathlessly between kissing.

“Tell me what you want” Ethan said.

Phillip moaned again as he felt a third finger entering him.

“I want you to fuck me.” Phillip said, almost screaming it out.

Ethan kissed him again as he lined his cock up with Phillip’s now wet hole. He kissed him hard as he trusted forward, shoving his cock into the warm wet hole. He started slamming his dick in hard and fast. The sweat was dripping from his forehead onto his lover who was moaning loudly and begging to be fucked harder. Ethan was getting close. He kissed Phillip again as he slammed into him hard. Phillip could feel his lover blasting his insides with warm cum as their tongues were fighting inside each other’s mouth.

Both of them panted loudly as the subsided from their intense lovemaking session. Ethan laid down next to Phillip as they were both catching their breath.

“God that was amazing” Phillip said as he wiped the sweat of his forehead.

“it was more. Can’t think of a better welcome home present.” Ethan said smiling.

To be continued...

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