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Legal Disclaimer: This story contains explicit sexual content between consenting adults. It also depicts unsafe sex between two lovers. The author does not condone this in real life. If this offends you, or if it is illegal for you to access such content in your country, please do not read any further. This story is fictional. The characters and the events in this story are made up by the author's imagination and any resemblance to real names and events is purely coincidental.

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The following part contains actual events that have been twisted with some fiction. Names of people and places have been changed for various reasons.


Previously on The British Roommate...

*"Jake, what are you doing here?"

"I came to see you..."

*I don't know why you would take advantage of me when I'm drunk"

"I didn't take advantage of you, you called me, remember?"

*"Gallagher Hello?"

"It's me, Ethan...Did you even love me?" Ethan slurred

"Of course I did. I still do. Now tell me where you are?"

*Jake tries to get up but Ethan stops him. Ethan moves forward and kisses Jake

"We can't do this. You're drunk, it wouldn't be right."

"Please" Ethan begs and pulls him closer. "I need you. I want this so badly..."

Part 5

Ethan sat there, confused. He remembers now; everything that happened that night. How he went to the party, how he got drunk, how he drunk dialled Jake, how they had sex.

"Oh my God" Ethan said as every piece of his memory flashed back.

"See!" Jake said as he placed his hand on Ethan's. "I would never take advantage of you. I respect you too much".

Ethan pulls his hand away quickly.

"No, this was a mistake."

"I told you everything that..."

"No Jake, I mean this, us, what happened shouldn't have, it was a mistake"

Jake looks down, disappointed.

"Look Eth, I still love you, okay. I never stopped loving you"

"I'm seeing someone else Jake"

"But if you weren't?"

"That's not the point, Jake. I've spent the past few months trying to get over you, trying to move on with my life"

"but you don't have to...get over me"

"No!" Ethan yells. He sits back, takes a deep breath and wipes his face with his hands. "It was not supposed to happen, that night, the phone call, I felt alone, sad, depressed, I wasn't myself..."

"You honestly think that you would've called me if you didn't still have feelings for me?"

Ethan looks down at his hands.

"I don't have feelings for you anymore, Jake. It's over."

"You can't even look at me when you say that because you know that deep down you still love me. I made a mistake, Eth. I realised that the moment you left me, I was in pain and I never wanna feel that way again."

Ethan looks up and sees that Jake has tears in his eyes. For the first time in his life, Jake is actually telling the truth and being sincere.

"I have to go" Ethan says as he stands up to leave. Jake grabs his arm quickly.

"Wait; please don't leave things like this..."

Ethan looks at him for a moment before rushing of and out through the door of the diner.

Phillip was nowhere in sight when Ethan walked in and closed the door. He sat down on his bed, his head spinning. He felt sick to his stomach. Jake...the sex...seeing him again, like that practically crying and begging him for a second chance...that is not the Jake he knows.

Ethan takes out his cell phone and sends a text to Lizzy, sitting on the edge of his bed. He throws his phone down on the bed and lies backwards. He thinks back to when he and Jake met his first year into varsity...

"Hold the elevator" Ethan yells as he rushes into the almost empty elevator, sliding past the closed doors, breathless.

A blond guy smiles shyly as Ethan settles down, catching his breath. Ethan stretches down to tie his shoe laces. The blond guy stalks back, checking out the very tight very fitting figure in his tight jeans. Suddenly, the elevator jerks, the lights flashing a few times. Ethan looks up and around in a panic.

"It happens, especially with the elevators in these old buildings" the blond guy says.

"What do we do?" Ethan asks, pushing buttons with no response.

"Well..." the guy says as he sits down, stretching out comfortably. "Now we wait, could be hours before someone rocks up to help us."

"Fuck, I have a very important class that I can't afford to miss."

"Don't we might as well sit down, take a load off."

Ethan sighs, throws his bag down and sit next to the guy.

"Jake Gallagher" the blond guy says and holds out his hand.

"Ethan White" Ethan murmurs as he shakes Jakes hand.

"So Ethan, you have a boyfriend?"

Ethan looks down at the floor and then up at Jake.

"No, I'm single."

They sit there in complete silence for a few minutes.

"How did you know?" Ethan asks, breaking the awkward silence between them.

"That your gay? Please, it's all over you. Don't worry, I'm one as well"


"A queer as they call them, as gay as they come..."

They both laugh.

"I like your laugh" Jake says, looking Ethan square in the eyes.

Ethan blushes and looks down at his now fiddling hands...

"Eth?!" Lizzy asks as she opens the door slowly. She peaks around the corner and sees Ethan lying on his bed. She walks in and closes the door behind her.

"God, this place reeks of sex. What, you had an orgy and didn't invite me?"

Ethan sits up. Lizzy takes a seat next to him.

"What's wrong, babe?"

"I'm fucked Liz"

"Besides stating the obvious..." she says with a smirk. Ethan has a serious expression on his face. Lizzy picks up fast that something is seriously wrong. Knowing someone your whole life can do that to you.

"What happened?" she asks, putting her hand on his back.

"Remember my one night stand from a few nights back?"

"The mystery guy with the warm breath, soft touch, hungry eyes,"

"Oh God..." Ethan says and gets up, walking over to the window and looking out over the courtyard.

"Tell me Eth, who was it?"

"It was...Jake" Ethan says, sitting down on the chair at his desk, cradling his head in his hands.

"Jake? As in your ex-boyfriend turned momma's boy dumb ass mutual masturbation Jake?"

"Yeah...oh God Liz I screwed up"

"How did this happen exactly?"

"We were at that stupid party, I couldn't find you guys, I drank a lot and I...drunk dialled him"

"Oh honey, why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I didn't know until this morning, Jake showed up here, filled in all the missing blanks."

"Wai...what? Jake is here? At school? Where is he now?"

"I don't know...Liz, what am I going to do? This is so fucked up..."

Liz gets up, walks over to Ethan and haunches in front of him.

"Do you still have feelings for him?"

"What? No! Of course not...I mean...I don't know. Seeing him this morning, all sincere, sitting there his old charming self...I felt sorry for him."

"Feeling sorry for him and having feelings for him are two different things Eth. What about Phillip?"

"We had sex last night..."

Liz smiles and sits down on the floor in front of Ethan.

"That explains the smell in here. So? How was it??"

"It was great, special, like nothing else..."


"And then Jake showed up and ruined everything"

"Eth, look you gotta..."

The door swings open and Phillip walks in. He smiles when he sees Elizabeth sitting on the floor.

"This looks cozy...Hello Elizabeth."

"God, do you have to sound so formal British dude?" Liz says smiling.

Phillip sees Ethan all upset.

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to interrupt"

Lizzy looks at Ethan.

"Nah, just a little heart to heart between two besties...I have to go now, dinner tonight?"

"Sure...sounds fun" Ethan says as he gets up and walks over to his bed. He sits down. Lizzy closes the door behind her as she leaves.

"What is wrong?" Phillip asks as he sits down on his own bed, kicking off his shoes.

"It's nothing really"

"Oh's me, is it about last night? Did I do something wrong?"

" last night was wonderful. It's not that"

"Then what is it?" Phillip asks as he walks over to where Ethan is sitting.

Ethan sighs. "My ex boyfriend showed up this morning"

Phillip is quiet, contemplating what to say next.

Ethan looks at him, standing there, being all quiet.

"Please say something?" Ethen says as he cups his chin with his one hand, running the other through his messy hair.

"I don't know what to say..." Phillip says as he walks over to his own bed and sits down quietly. "What does this mean exactly?" He asks, breaking a long silence.

Ethan gets up and walks over to Phillip. He haunches in front of him and looks him in the eyes.

"This means nothing" Ethan says, stretching out every word, every syllable as he says it.

Phillip looks at him and leans forward, suddenly kissing him.

"I like you..." Phillip says as they break the kiss. "I wanna meet him..."

Ethan looks at Phillip, shocked.

"Who? Jake? Why?"

Phillip gets up and paces around.

"He was your boyfriend Ethan, you shared a big part of your life with him...and if I'm going to be a part of your life then...I wanna meet him..."

There were loud music playing from the Houston Lounge and Phillip and Ethan approached the doors. Ethan was nervous letting Phillip and Jake meet. As Phillip touched the doors to the bar, Ethan reached out his hand and grasped Phillip's.

"Are you sure you wanna do this? We can always call it of...go back to the dorm..."

"It will be okay...don't worry about it..." Phillip said as he gave Ethan a quick peck and opened the door.

People were standing around, drinking, dancing and talking over the loud music. The place was quite packed. As they approached the bar, Ethan saw Jake standing at there, having a drink and looking around. Ethan started to get nervous. Jake was handsome and dressed to entice him...loose buttoned white shirt, a pair of chinos, sandals showing off his handsome manly feet.

"Jake..." Ethan said quickly as they approached the bar.

Jake looked around and saw Phillip. He held out his hand.

"Jake Gallagher..." he said as they shook hands. "You must be Phillip...the new boyfriend..."

"We're not actually dating, we're just getting to know each other..." Phillip said and smiled at Ethan.

"Well then...I ordered you some drinks..."Jake said as he handed them both a bottle. Jake lead the way to a booth in the back of the lounge.

Ethan's head was spinning. He didn't know what to make out of all of this. Too much was happening too fast. He sat there, looking around at everyone as Phillip and Jake chatted and got to know each other.

"...but like I said...I'm always looking for new business ventures...I can't be side tracked with this new contract that we have...the client is super rich and he is trying everything to impress his wife so we have full swing in what goes on..."

"I need to use the restroom" Ethan interrupted and jumped up, rushing through the crowds of people.

He walked over to the sink, opening the tap and splashing some cold water onto his face.

"My god...this is weird, I'm not gonna get through this..." he kept on whispering to himself.

Ethan looked around quickly as he heard the door of the bathroom shut close. Jake was standing there, looking intensely at Ethan.

"Where is Phillip?" Ethan asks as he closes the tap and dries his hands with a towel.

"He's on the phone with someone...then he's getting us some new drinks..." Jake says as he approaches Ethan slowly.

"Jake I..."

Jake pushes Ethan against the wall, pinning his hands above their heads and kissing him hard.

"Jake no..." Ethan says as he breaks the kiss.

"You want this as bad as I do..." Jake says, staring deep into Ethan's eyes. "I can feel it" he says as he pushes his hard on into Ethan's groin. Ethan moans out loud. Jake kisses Ethan in the neck, breathing against his skin and planting soft wet kisses on his neck.

"Does your new boyfriend do this to you?" Jake asks as he rubs his stubble against Ethans neck, making Ethan squirm under his touch and rolling his neck to accommodate Jakes mouth.

"...or this..." Jake says as he starts to nibble on Ethan's earlobe, licking his way down Ethan's neck and back up again.

"Does he whisper in your ear...I want to be inside of you...I'm so hard for you..." Jake whispers as his hands roam down to Ethan's shirt. He starts to unbutton the top button and then the next. Ethan moans loudly, giving in to the intense torture. Jake drops to his knees, kissing Ethan's treasure trail as he unbuckles Ethan's pants. He pulls down both Ethan's pants and briefs in one swift motion, freeing his hard dripping erection.

Jake takes the tip into his mouth, focusing on the underside of the head and licking up as much of the nectar as he can get.

"God you taste good" he says as pulls Ethan into his mouth. He sucks on Ethan's dick, as hard as he can, savouring every moment...every taste...every feel. He lifts up Ethan's leg as he starts making his way down to Ethan's sack, kissing and licking his way down further...savouring the manly taste of his Ex lover. Ethan pulls Jake up in one swift motion and kisses him hard on the mouth.

"Fuck me..." Ethan says a he undoes Jakes pants. Jake lifts Ethan up against the wall, Ethan wrapping his legs around Jake's waste as he steadies his weight on Jake's legs. Jake spits on his hand and rubs it all over his wet hard cock...lubbing himself up. He finds Ethan's quivering hole and in one swift motion, pushes himself in deep. Ethan moans loudly as he feels Jake filling him up with his dick, the skin on skin making it more sensitive. Jake starts to move and out of Ethan, the sweat starting to form on his forehead. Ethan bounces on the hard dick, pushing his fingers through Jake's long hair as Jake rams Ethan up the wall, fucking him hard and fast. Both of them moaning loudly, Jake hitting Ethan's love spot with every thrust. It sent Ethan over the edge as he started to shoot all over them, covering them both in hot cum. With the intense fucking, Ethan's warm tight hole and his warm cum dripping from them both, Jake couldn't hold out any longer. He gave one big thrust as volley after volley of hot cum spurted out of him and deep inside his lover.

After the intense climax, they both stood there, breathless and Jakes member sliding out of Ethan's hole.

"Oh my god..." Ethan said as he finally calmed down.

He took his legs down and struggled to find his balance, his legs still shaking.

Jake leaned forward and licked a glob of cum from Ethan's chin before kissing him hard on the mouth and sharing it between them.

"I missed this..." Jake says with a big grin as they break the kiss, still a little out of breath

"Me too..." Ethan said....

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