Legal Disclaimer: This story contains explicit sexual content between consenting adults. It also depicts unsafe sex between two lovers. The author does not condone this in real life. If this offends you, or if it is illegal for you to access such content in your country, please do not read any further. This story is fictional. The characters and the events in this story are made up by the author's imagination and any resemblance to real names and events is purely coincidental.

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The following part contains actual events that have been twisted with some fiction. Names of people and places have been changed for various reasons.


Previously on The British Roommate...

*He got up, sat at the edge of the bed in his tight black briefs and waited for his mind to recollect the happenings of the previous night. All he could remember was the intoxicating smell of deodorant mixed with a subtle hint of sweat. He remembers vaguely how he was kissed roughly, the stubble against his soft flesh, the warm breath against his neck, the warm hands caressing him. But was it all a dream?

*"Hey" Ethan said as Lizzy sat down next to him.

"So I missed you last night, where were you?"

"I have no idea; I woke up this morning completely hung over"

Lizzy laughed.

"Who was he?"

"No one in particular, just a one night stand I guess."

"Guess? How much did you drink last night? It's not like you to hook up with a random"

"I know, I know, I just...have no idea what got into me."

*"Look, what happened between you and Jake is history, alright. Besides, you hooked up with a random last night which proves that you are finally ready to move on"

*He opened the door and frowned as he smelled the familiar deodorant.


"Hey lover, sorry for taking off in such a hurry the other night..." Jake said as he smiled at the half naked Ethan standing there...

Part 4

Ethan closed the door behind him as he stepped into the hallway. It was still quite early so nobody was up yet...luckily.

"Jake, what are you doing here?"

"I came to see you...but looks like I interrupted something" Jake said, smiling and pointing to the dried up mess on Ethan's naked torso. Ethan looked down and tried to cover himself with his arms.

"You look good, have you been working out?"

"Cut the crap Jake, what do you want?"

"Right now?" Jake asked as he stepped closer and pulled Ethan into his arms. "I want you to go inside, grab a shirt and meet me downstairs. I wanna take you to breakfast."

"Jake, I---"

"Look Eth, I just wanna talk, please?"

Ethan sighed and went inside.

Ethan ordered a cup of strong black coffee as they sat down in the booth of Harriet's diner.

"No food?" Jake asked as he took a sip of his cappuccino.

"I'm not that hungry" Ethan answered, looking down at his fiddling hands.

"Okay...look about the other night..."

"...Did we really hook up?" Ethan interrupted.

Jake frowned.

"You don't remember?"

"No, I mean I remember some of it. But I don't know why you would take advantage of me when I'm drunk"

"I didn't take advantage of you, you called me, remember?"

Ethan frowned.


A few days earlier...

"Come on, you still have to help me pick out something to wear!" Lizzy screamed as she banged her fists against the bathroom door of her childhood home.

"Its just a party, Liz. Wear whatever you like!" Ethan said as he fixed his hair in the mirror.

Lizzy sighed,

"You are they worst gay best friend in the history of gays, you know that?" she said as she left to go back to her room.

"You know you still love me" Ethan said, opening the bathroom door with a huge grin.

Ethan was wearing a pin striped green shirt and one of his loose pairs of faded jeans. He felt comfortable in those clothes.

When he entered the room, Lizzy was trying on a flower patterned cocktail dress.

"What do you think?" she said as she spun around dramatically.

"You look amazing, but I don't agree with your choice of shoes." He said and walked up to her closet. After a few minutes, he emerged with the perfect pair of Manolo Blahnik's.

"There" he said and handed her the shoes. "Much better."

She smiled and put on the shoes. Ethan walked over to the bed and plopped down hard, sighing.

"Okay, what's wrong?"

"I can't believe my life has come to this, third-wheeling with you and your date to the party."

"No, come on. You're not third-wheeling, we're all going together."

"Yeah that sounds a lot like third wheeling" he said and handed her purse to her as she sat down next to him.

"It's an end of the summer party, Eth. No one expects you to show up to these things with a date"

"Then how come you're taking your boyfriend along?"

"Gavin and I aren't dating, I told you. He's just a summer fling. Tomorrow we'll be back on campus and I'll have forgotten all about him."

"So one last good fuck before the big disappearing act?" Ethan mocked in a sarcastic tone.

"No" she said as she stood up and walked to the door.

"One fabulous fuck" she says with a smile before they leave her bedroom.

The party was in full swing when they walked through the door of Peter Davenport's house. Peter and Elizabeth have been friends since they dated back in junior high. Their relationship ended because they were too much alike and decided to be friends instead. Peter's parent were both lawyer's, owning one of the biggest firms in the United States. They are barely home and never cared much for what their only son was up to, just as long as he checked in with them once in a while.

"Liz!" Peter yelled from across the busy room and rushed through the crowd to greet her.

"Pete!" she said as she hugged him tightly. "It is so good to see you. Have you been working out?" she said as she checked him out from a distance.

"Just a little bit" he said and they both laughed. "Ethan White, my man how are you?" he said cheerfully as he hugged Ethan.

"I'm great man, thanks for inviting us to this fabulous party"

Ethan said as he looked around the crowded room. People were standing around, drinking, talking, and laughing. Just like a typical high school party. Except they were seniors now. So things are supposed to be different.

"SO make yourself at home guys, I need to move work the room, make sure that everything's still standing."

And with that, Peter disappeared.

"We're getting something to drink, you wanna come with?" Lizzy yelled over the music buzzing in their ears.

"I'll catch up with you in a sec" he said as they disappeared though the crowd. Ethan made his way through the crowd in a different direction. He didn't exactly want to be the third wheel on Lizzy's date despite what she said. He got himself a drink and walked though crowds and crowds of their friends, talking and greeting everyone he knew. He spoke to some about what they have been up to over the years, and others who shared explicit details about their summer sexcapades in their drunken ranting's.

Bu the time the party was half over, Ethan had a big buz going on. He has been alone most of the night and drank one drink after the other to pass the time. He was scanning the crowd, looking for Elizabeth and Gavin but they were nowhere in sight. Instead, he had to endure the sight of happy horny drunken couples, making out, groping each other and making him feel even worse for being alone. He took his cell phone from his front pocket and dialled a number. There was an answer on the second ring.

"Gallagher Hello?"

Ethan listened quietly as the person on the other side was breathing, waiting for an answer.

"Anyone there?"

Ethan sighed.

"It's me" Ethan said, almost slurring his words.

"Ethan? Is that you?"

"Why did you let things spiral out of control like that?"

"Eth, are you drunk? Where are you?"

"I'm at...I'm at a party with Eliz...with Liz"

"Eth tell me where you are? I'll come pick you up."

"Did you even love me?" Ethan slurred and took another big gulp of his drink.

"Of course I did. I still do. Now tell me where you are?" Jake was sounding panicky.

"I'm at Peter's house. I don't want you to...come here"

"Stay put. I'll be right there." Jake said and hung up the phone.

Ethan looked at the phone.

"Shit" he said and gulped the last of his drink.

He stood up and tried to focus on where he was going. But his blurry vision made it in no way possible. He stumbled his way outside into the cold rush of the evening. It was cloudy and almost look like a big storm was about to hit. He took his phone out again and dialled Liz's number. But he couldn't exactly focus. Just then a dark Hyundai Accent pulled up. Ethan looked up and saw Jake jumping out of the driver's seat and rushing over to him.

"Eth, you alright?" he asked as he approached a stumbling Ethan.

Jake was handsome. Even more handsome than Ethan could remember. His hair was longer, a dark wavy blond and he was unshaven. He had a beard that was at least a few days old.

"I'm fine" Ethan said and tried to take a step but he stumbled and plunged forward into Jake's arms.

"There you go, I've got you." Jake said as he helped Ethan to his car.

"Where are you taking me?" Ethan asked as Jake opened the passenger's seat.

"Back to your dorms. You need to sleep this one off."

Ethan felt sick as they drove back to campus. The lights flashing by as the car drove down the dark streets of Chicago. Ethan stayed with Elizabeth and her mother over the summer because his parents went on a cruise and he didn't want to be alone in California.

When they got back to the campus, it was pretty quiet still because not everyone had yet returned. Jake helped Ethan up to his room. He switched on the light and kicked the door to close on his way in with a stumbling Ethan. Since Ethan and Elizabeth lived so close to campus, they never actually packed up their stuff because they knew they'd be back earlier anyways. Ethan sat at the edge of his bed, cradling his head in his hands. Jake took a seat beside him and gently stroked his back.

"You okay?"

Ethan looked up. Tears were filling his eyes.

"I screwed up"

"No you didn't; it's okay Eth. You just need to get in bed. Sleep it off. You'll feel better in the morning."

Jake tries to get up but Ethan stops him. Ethan moves forward and kisses Jake, a soft sensual peck at first. Then he pulls away and looks into Jake's eyes. He moves in again and they start to make out passionately, their tongues dancing around in each other's mouths. Then Jake pulls away.

"We can't do this"

"Why not"? Ethan asks, confused.

"Because you're drunk, it wouldn't be right."

"Please" Ethan begs and pulls him closer. "I need you. I want this so badly."

Jake looks at him for a few seconds. Then he slowly moves in and kisses Ethan. First softly, but it turns more aggressive. He starts to remove his shirt as he gets on top of Ethan who also discarded his shirt and was busy unbuckling his belt. Ethan felt Jake's hard on pressing into his thigh as they were making out, grinding their bodies against each other. Jake kissed his way down to Ethan's neck, nibbling all the way down to Ethan's nipples. He circled his tongue around the one while gently grazing it with his teeth and teasing the other one with his left hand. Ethan was squirming underneath his body in pure ecstasy. Jake kissed his way down to Ethan's treasure trail. He lifted up and started taking of Ethan's pants. He saw a wet spot forming on the front of Ethan's white briefs. He bends down and presses his mouth to Ethan's crotch, slowly licking and sucking Ethan's hard on through his wet briefs.

"God you're delicious" Jake says and pulls down Ethan's short to reveal his hard cock. He plunges forward and takes the head in his mouth, licking at the slit to get more of the precum. Ethan has his hands on Jake's head, slipping his fingers through Jake's messed up hair. Jake takes Ethan's entire length into his mouth, focusing on the sensitive part. He pulls of and licks his way down to Ethan's balls, taking one in his mouth and swirling it around, and then the other before he licks his way back up and deep throats Ethan again.

"Fuck me, please!" Ethan begs as he squirms around on the bed. Jake lets up and unzips his pants. He fishes for his hard cock and lubes himself up with some spit before pushing Ethan's knees up to his stomach. He lunges forward without warning, pushing his entire length into Ethan all at once. Ethan screams out in pure lust, begging Jake to go in deeper, harder and faster. With east hard thrust, Jake could feel his cock hitting Ethan's prostate, making Ethan squeal and whimper with sexual pleasure.

"Ah it feels so good" Jake admits as he leans forward, kissing Ethan again. He starts thrusting faster, giving Ethan a good fuck which he will feel and remember the next morning. He could feel himself getting close. He fished for Ethan's cock bouncing between their bodies and started to jack him off. Ethan gave a loud moan and started Cumming, covering him and Jake with globs of hot thick white cum. Ethan clenched his hole as he came which pushed Jake over the edge. With one deep thrust and a loud animalistic groan, Jake started shooting his love juice into his ex-lover. Ethan felt the hot liquid filling him up and covering his insides. They lied there, panting and trying to catch their breath. Ethan fell asleep almost immediately after they reached their intense climax. Jake pulled out and rolled on his back, trying to contain himself. He drifted off to sleep.

To be continued...

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