The British Roommate - Part 2

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Part 2.

The day went by pretty fast. Ethan and Phillip spent the afternoon getting to know each other. Phillip opened up about his family and his college days at Westminister. He has two brothers that still lives in London, though not with his parents. The one is a few years older than him and married with two kids and the other one is a year younger single and is into politics. Phillip takes after his father, baring his interest in architecture and design. His mother runs the family pub in London.

But he didn't talk much about them kicking him out.

Ethan explained that his parents, both in the teaching industry, inspired him to become a teacher. He has one sister, still a junior at Pacific Academy and a younger brother who is shy of 12 years old and of course the spitting image of both him and his father.

That night, Ethan and Phillip went down to the quad to meet up with Lizzy at the game. She was dumbstruck to see him arriving with someone.

"Wow, who's the hotty?" she asked blatantly as Ethan and Phillip took a seat next to her.

"Phillip Roberts, meet my best friend Elisabeth Banks, Elisabeth, this is Phillip, my new roommate"

"Pleasure to meet you Phillip" Lizzy said as they shook hands.

"You could call me Phil, charmed to meet you too"

Lizzy raised her eyebrow as she heard the strong British accent.

"Straight?" she mouthed to Ethan as Phillip turned his attention to the game.

Ethan shook his head no and smiled brightly

"Son of a bitch" she mouthed again and winked at him. The returned to the game.

Afterwards, the three of them went out for a celebratory dinner as their team won the game. Elisabeth sat opposite Ethan at the booth, forcing Phil to take a seat next to Ethan.

After they ordered, Phil excused himself to go to the bathroom.

"So?" Lizzy asked curious.

"So what?" Ethan played stupid, taking a sip of his black and white milkshake.

"Is he dateable?"

"Gah, I've only just met him today"

"SO what?! He is freaking hot! And British. And gay! God, I had a hard-on when I met him"

Ethan blushed and smiled as he looked down at the table.

"You like him!" Lizzy said and hit him playfully on the arm.

Ethan shrugged.

"I don't know, I don't know if I'm ready to date yet"

"Yes! Yes you are! Look, what happened between you and Daniel is history, alright. Besides, you hooked up with a random last night which proves that you are finally ready to move on."

Ethan sighed.

"I guess, I just don't know whether he'd be interested in me"

"Why the hell not? Look at you, you are the perfect man. Handsome, smart, funny, witty, romantic, single and you have a penis which makes it a bonus in his eyes. Hell, if you were straight I would've jumped you the minute we met"

They both laughed at the thought of that.

"Look" Lizzy said and put her hand on his in front of them.

"You will never know until you try, okay. Stop being so afraid. And if you wanna take things slow, start by inviting him to that charity event formal dance thing my mom is hosting next weekend. She won't mind"

"And who will be your plus one?"

"Look at me! I'll find someone in a heartbeat. Don't worry."

Phillip returned to the table, as did their food. The three of them had a blast, talking and getting to know each other.

Afterwards, Phillip and Ethan walked Lizzy back to her dorm before the returned to their room.

"She's nice, I like her" Phillip said as they entered their bedroom. Ethan closed the door behind them and the both plopped down on their beds.

"Yeah, we've been best friends since forever I guess."

Phillip sat up and took his shirt of. Ethan got a good look at his body. He had wash board abbs, looks like he spends a few days a week in a gym at least.

Ethan laughed as Phillip got stuck trying to take off his shirt.

Phillip blushed as he threw the shirt in the corner. He stood up and took of his pants as well. He stood in front of Ethan in only a pair of Briefs. He looked handsome as hell. Ethan looked away quickly as Phillip turned around. He could see out of the corner of his eye that there was a big bulge in the front of Phillip's briefs. He started to get excited himself.

"I cant sleep with that much clothes on, feels like its strangling me in the middle of the night."

"I'm the same, don't worry about it."

"So you gonna get ready for bed?" Phillip asked as he sat down, staring openly at Ethan.

Ethan stood up, took of his shoes and his shirt. It felt like he was on display. He knew Phillip was watching his moves, but he didn't mind. He slid of his pants next, but he didn't turn around. He knew he was sporting some serious wood.

He got under the blankets quickly and switched of his side of the bed lamp. Phillip got into bed as well, his heart seriously racing. He got under the covers and switched of his light as well. Both of them laid there in complete darkness. Ethan looked over at Phillip and could barely make out the outline of his slim body under the thin covers. He pictured himself laying there next to Phillip in his warm arms, their naked bodies touching, his hands roaming and him grazing Phil's bulge---

"Thank you for tonight, I had fun" Phillip said to break the silence.

"Me too. We should do it again, soon hopefully." Ethan said back. He hesitated for a moment.

"Phil, I wanna ask you something"

"Sure, what?"

"Well you see, Elisabeth...Lizzy's mom is hosting this charity formal dance thing next week and I was wondering if you..." he took a deep breath, "...If you would wanna come with me maybe?"

Phillip smiled.

"Like on a date?"

"No" Ethan snapped quickly. "Maybe, I don't know we could go just as friends...if you want?"

There was a long moment of silence. Ethan thought he crossed the line. Maybe he was taking things too quickly. Maybe he read the signs wrong.

"Sure, I would love to accompany you" Phillip said suddenly.

"Great" Ethan muttered and sighed. He turned on his side and drifted off as the time ticked away.

A slight moan escaped Ethan's mouth as he turned his head quickly, still relishing in the morning activities. He opened his eye and saw Phillip standing in front of his bed, naked and exposed. Phillip turned around quickly as he heard a stirring and jumped when he saw Ethan awake.

"Oh God I'm so sorry" he said as he covered himself quickly with a towel, blushing.

Ethan wiped his eyes and lifted himself up. He looked at the time on the alarm clock. It was still quite early.

"Why are you up so early anyway?" Ethan asked

Phillip sat down on the bed, dressed in a pair of briefs now.

"I'm curious. I heard great things about Chicago and I figured why not go out and explore before my classes start tomorrow. Wanna join?"

Ethan laughed.

"It probably be best that I tag along. I've been in the city almost four years now. I know this place upside down"

Phillip laughed.

"Can we grab a bite to eat first? I'm starving"

Ethan got up and searched for a pair of pants and a shirt.

"Uh yeah" he said as he got dressed quickly.

Ethan went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He smiled to himself in the mirror.

'A whole day with Phillip', he thought as he rinsed his mouth.

They went to Harriet's Diner around the corner. Ethan knew the owner, Harriet and though that they made the best breakfast pancakes topped with crispy bacon and drenched in maple syrup.

And he was right. Phillip cleaned out his plate.

"" Phillip said as he wiped his mouth clean with a napkin. "That was---out of this world."

Ethan smiled broadly as he ate the last bite.

"Why do you think I look like this?" Ethan said mockingly as he rubbed his stomach.

"What are you talking about? Look at you, it looks like you were carved out of wood" Phillip said as he took a sip of his tea.

"Back at you handsome" Ethan said quickly before he could stop himself.

Phillip laughed as Ethan looked down, blushing.

"Sorry for that, sometimes I speak before I think"

"It's alright" Phillip said. His face turned serious again.

Ethan sat forward.

"Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, It's...all good" Phillip said as he took out his wallet.

"No let me" Ethan said quickly as he put down a debit card. He decided to let go of the subject for now. He'll wait for Phillip to open u on his own.

After breakfast, they went into the streets. They took a bus to the far side of town to visit the museum of Natural History and artefacts. Then they went to Chicago's famous ice cream parlour for a scoop of choc mint. On the drive back, Ethan knew that Phillip was lost in his own thought and the day's events, although fun, didn't do much to distract him.

When they got back to campus, Ethan took him for a stroll through the park. They stopped at the bridge overlooking the lake. Phillip still seemed lost.

"Okay" Ethan said and took a deep breath. "You've been distant the entire day and I can't help but feel like it's my fault for saying what I did this morning."

Phillip looked down at his hands as he leaned against the railing.

Ethan put his hand on Phillip's arm.

"What's wrong? You can tell me"

"It's stupid really" Phillip said, still looking down.

"Tell me, I won't judge, I promise"

"I just...I like you, today was great and all but it's all so new to me"

Ethan frowned.

"What do you mean new?"

"I've never been in a relationship before"

Ethan started laughing. Phillip looked at him strangely.

"I'm sorry" Ethan said as he calmed himself down. "It's are so handsome, it's kind of hard to believe that you have never been in a relationship."

"Yeah...story of my life"

Phillip looked down again. Ethan turned to him and lifted his face up.

" have nothing to worry about, okay. Relationships take time and everything we will be new to the both of us. It will be our firsts, together."

Ethan leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on his lips. He pulled away and for a moment they stared into each other's eyes. They moved in and kissed again, this time more passionately. Phillip felt Ethan's tongue pressing against his mouth and he opened up to welcome it in. They stood there making out for a while before they pulled away.

"Let's get back, huh; it's getting kind of late." Ethan said looking lustfully at Phillip.

Phillip couldn't help but grin widely as they walked back to campus, holding hands like two lovers.

Next time on The British Roommate...

Ethan's breath was warm against his skin. He kissed his neck slowly, passionately as his hands roamed his English body. Ethan loosened the button on Phillips jean and watched as it slid down to the floor.



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