Ethan woke up to the bright light shining in through the open curtains. He moved his arm over the empty side of the bed and sighed.

He got up, sat at the edge of the bed in his tight black briefs and waited for his mind to recollect the happenings of the previous night. All he could remember was the intoxicating smell of deodorant mixed with a subtle hint of sweat. He remembers vaguely how he was kissed roughly, the stubble against his soft flesh, the warm breath against his neck, the warm hands caressing him. But was it all a dream?

He got up and went to the bathroom. He looked in the mirror as he wiped his eyes clean. His short dark hair was messy, his hazel eyes slightly darker than yesterday and the early morning trace of a beard on his face. Ethan considered himself as being handsome. At the age of 22, he still resembled that handsome boyish student look, slight form of a six pack and a cock that was average at best. 7 inches when hard, cut and drooling pre cum like a leaky faucet. He dropped his hands down to his crotch. He was sporting some serious morning wood. But being in his state, he was in no mood for a jack off session. Instead, he got into the shower. The warm water on his naked body felt great.

After the shower, he dressed himself in a pair of faded black jeans and a loose white T shirt. His hair was still messy. A sexy messy. He picked up his laptop bag, threw in a few books he'll need for his first morning class and looked at the empty bed in the corner, thankful that his roommate has not yet shown up. He left his room.

It was a rather quiet day on campus. Maybe perhaps because it was the big playoffs tonight and everyone was getting ready and hyped to attend. Plus classes on a Saturday were mainly scheduled for Junior and senior year students who had clashes during the week.

"There you are stud" Elisabeth said as she approached the bench where Ethan sat in waiting for their first class to start. Elisabeth, or Lizzy as everyone called her was Ethan's best friend since their early years. She was one of the hottest girls on campus. Yet she wasn't as interested in a relationship with anyone who didn't approve of her best friend being gay. She had long blond hair, bright blue eyes and a complexion of ten super models put together. Her body was tight, like one of a runway model and she dressed like a typical student would. Always in a loose shirt or blouse with a gypsy skirt that hung to her ankles with either a pair of flats or a little heel.

"Hey" Ethan said as she sat down next to him.

"So I missed you last night, where were you?"

"I have no idea; I woke up this morning completely hung over"

Lizzy laughed.

"Who was he?"

"No one in particular, just a one night stand I guess."

"Guess? How much did you drink last night? It's not like you to hook up with a random"

"I know, I know, I just...have no idea what got into me."

"You need to meet someone, you need to be in a serious relationship. You know that, you can't be the type who goes around hooking up, me neither, we tried that remember?"

"Yeah, I know, but the chance of meeting someone decent on campus that happens to be gay also is slim to none."

"In due time my dear, in due time"

They both laughed.

After class, Lizzy parted ways to get ready for the big game also. Ethan walked all across campus back to his room.

"Excuse me, I hate to be a burden but I'm lost" a deep voice with a British accent said behind him.

Ethan looked around quickly and stopped breathing for a second. A tall blond guy stood in front of him with a piece of crinkled paper in his hands. The guy has blue eye from what he could tell and his face was boyishly handsome. Ethan swallowed hard as he tried to speak.

"Uh...uhm...what are you looking for?"

"I'm looking for Darlington Hall", the guy said as he handed the piece of paper to Ethan.

"The junior boys dormitory? I'm heading that way myself if you wanna tag along"

The guy sighed a huge sigh of relief. Ethan looked at the giant Adam's apple in his throat. There is nothing Ethan finds sexier than that. That - and deep dimples that cuts into the corner of a guy's mouth when he smiles.

"That would be wonderful, thank you so much. I'm Phillip by the way. Phillip Roberts" the blond specimen said and stretched out his hand towards Ethan.

"Ethan White" he said as he took hold of Phillips hand. He had a nice strong grip. It felt like a jolt of electricity that shot through Ethan's hand and straight down to his crotch. He felt himself getting turned on by the sight in front of him. And the touch of his hand.

"So what room are you in?" Ethan asked, breaking the awkward silence as they approached the building.

"Room 409" he said. His accent was delightful. Deep British. Must be from London, Ethan thought.

"That's my room number, you must be my new roommate" Ethan said. His heart started racing.

"Seriously? What are the odds, huh?" Phillip said and smiled at Ethan. And there it was. Dimples deep.

"And here we are, our own little slice of heaven" Ethan said sarcastically as he opened the door to their room.

Phillip walked in and over to the empty bed where he put down his bags.

"Nice, seems roomy" Phillip said as he inhaled deep. The room smelled like beer and sex. Phillip smiled at the thought of his hunky new American roommate being naked and having sex. He felt a stirring in his pants. He looked over at Ethan stretched out on his bed, his hands behind his head as he stared at the roof.

"So...where are you from exactly?" Ethan asked as he looked over at Phillip again.

"London, transferred from The University of Westminister. You?"

"California, born and raised in Encinitas" Ethan said.

Phillip took of his jacket. He had on a loose fitted black T and some pair of old jeans with sneakers.

"London? That's kind of far away, isn't it?"

Phillip sat on the edge of the bed.

"Yeah, had to get away from home. I have some family this side and the helped me get into this place."

Ethan frowned.

"You running from something? The cops or immigration?" Ethan teased jokingly.

Phillip laughed and lied back down. He felt he had to get this off his chest sooner rather than later.

"My parents kicked me out of the house when the I told them I was gay"

Ethan's smile subsides. He couldn't believe his ears. A hunky British guy that happens to be gay is now rooming with him? Is he dreaming? Is this for real?

Phillip half expected to get thrown out of the room for his confession.

"I'm sorry, parents can be dicks sometime. My parents took it surprisingly well when I came out to them" Ethan said as he looked up at the ceiling.

Phillip sat up on the bed in shock.

"You are gay?" he asked. Ethan looked at him and smiled.

"Yep. Last time I checked."

Phillip felt himself getting hard again. His heart starting beating heavily in his chest. This is going to be a great year indeed.



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