Let me make the introduction of this story plain and simple. I am a middle aged man in my later thirties, actually 37, and I know, thats getting somewhat old, at least to most of the younger gay men, who depend on their youth and beauty, but the fact of the matter is sooner or later we're all gonna get there, and the youth fades from the body and yet there's still the same you, inside.

Well I had had my days of wine and glory so to speak, and I was working one day at my job, I worked in a factory running a break press for a sheet metal building manufacturing company, I won't mention the company's name, but I had been there a good fourteen years fairly high up on the seniority list in our division, and I was given a special job, the lubrication of the upper rams on the top of the machine, well that particular job takes about three shifts long to complete I was working the final leg of the last of the three shifts and I had to climb on a ladder and get on top of the machine and It was about 15 feet high, well I had done this job and completed it succussfully many times, but this particular day was different, I had finished the job of lubrication and had started to climb back onto the ladder when the bottom of the ladder slid out from under me and I fell at least 12 feet down ontop of the Parts cart full of press dies below, these dies were made of solid steel and I was pretty badly hurt, well I was taken to the hospital and admitted into the surgery unit and given huge amounts of Morphine for the pain and was wisked into surgery for a shattered hip bone and socket, broken leg in four places and several other things, cuts and lacerations, bruises ect, thank the stars of heaven I didn't hit on my head I probably wouldn't have live thru it.

I was in recovery period for about six month and underwent several surgeries and the Surgeon told me I would be retiring with a pension from the company because I wouldn't be able to perform my machinist job because of having to stand too long to operate the machines I had trained on.

I was really disappointed and went thru a state of depression for about a year, but I did recieve a nice settlement from the company and a monthly allotment to live on for the rest of my life. I was financially set for life.

I had moved out of the appartment I lived in because my mother had passed away and left me the two bedroom house she lived in, it was in the older section of the town we lived in and It had and upstairs appartment which I rent out for extra income, and thats nice ,because I rent to an older gentleman and he is gone eight months out of the year to his kids in Florida, and Arkansas, and he always paid by the year.

I take care of mowing the yard, and keeping the place up to code and maintained.

Well I have this one thing I like to do and that is to set early in the morning and watch the sun rise on my patio porch, reading the morning paper with the radio on in the house and drink my coffee, I do so love my coffee.

For about a year I have walked with a noticeable limp, but I do walk for excercise and it keeps my legs and hips from stoving up. I walk down the alley way behind the house and It is about two miles long spanning several city blocks and I walk back with my cane helping me, I am for the most part a rather nice well built man, but I am gay, and I haven't had a lover in quite a while.

I masturbate my lovely seven and a half inche cock to wonderful climax several times a week, but there is always that feeling of wanting the touch of another person, I miss that so terribly much and I want to touch another man too, you see I am a toucher as well as loving to be touched I longed for the feeling of a mans erect cock in my mouth slowly going in and out as I sucked and feeling that exquisit taste of his manhood as it unloaded its love nectar into my throat and to feel once again the feeling of a Nice Long cock as it gently and lovingly slides into my manhole. God I miss that.

Well there were quite a few older homes like mine down the alleyway behind my home and I was looking at them as I walked, I noticed there was this one young man, kind of a loner, lived down the alley in the upstairs appartment of this house there and I would try to strike up a conversation with him and he was nice enough but rather withdrawn, I found out his name was Phil and he was part time cook and dishwasher at a Diner up the street about a mile. I tried to be out there every morning to say high as he walk by going to work, I noticed he wore the same old tattered jeans and a uniform shirt and his shoes were old grungy looking sneakers and I ask him one day If he would like to come onto the patio and have a cup of coffee he said he would take a raincheck on that because he was running late and had to get to work, I said I'll be counting on you comming and having coffee with me soon then, he kinda smiled and said that sounds good.

Now Phil wasn't a greek god or anything but he was good looking homeboy looking young man and I noticed he was about 6 ft. 1 inche tall and was nicely built maybe with a little baby fat on him and he was strong looking.

One Saturday he came walking up the alley with a kinda down and depressed look on his face and came into the yard kinda smiled and said Hey man, is that coffee you offered still on, I said well of course Phil, you look sad and kinda depressed this morning, He said I'm sorta pissed, I was saving for a car, and I had my money locked away in a metal box in my appartment and while I was at work last night, somebody broke into my appartment and stole that box, It had all my money, my dad's diamond ring that he left me, and all of my keepsakes, I really felt for him and I said Phil Im so sorry, How much did you have saved, He said almost Three thousand dollars, I said good lord Phil why wasn't it in a bank, he said I have always intended to get it there but always got sidetracked.

I said man, thats a real bummer, he said yea! Well I got to talking to Phil and we started hitting it off really well and he started kinda coming out of his depression and I said what the hell it's only money, I said let it go, as sad as it is, things will get better.

As we were setting at the patio table about a month later he looked at me and said Ken, Have you always been alone and by yourself and I said not always Phil, he said tell me about it, and I said I had a lover that used to live with me, and we lived together for about ten years and then I found him with another guy having sex in my house and that was it, Phil's mouth fell open and said, 'Another Guy', I said yes Phil, I'm Gay, he said your kidding right? and I said no Phil, He just stared at me for a few minutes, I was expecting him to say well so long dude, see ya! but he didn't he just set there and got a slight grin on his face. I said what about you? Phil looked up and said I was always like a black sheep, I couldn't get a girlfriend, I said never? He said, Never! I said haven't you ever had sex, He looked a little embarassed and said only with a buddy of mine back when we were about fourteen, I said did you enjoy it? he said yea what I can remember of it. Well my minds wheels were turning then and I started getting bolder and ask then you've never had sex then, with a girl or man, He said no, but I've been wondering what that felt like, I jerk off, like most guys, but I have never had the feeling of being touched there by anyone but me.

I looked him straight in the eyes and said Phil would you like to see what it feels like? He looks up at me and said, Yes sir. I said come with me. and he just gets up like a little Kid and followes me into my bedroom. He sorta smiles and says now what do I do? I looked into his eyes and said nothing I'll do it all to begin with and he said O.K. Like he didn't know what to expect. Now the first thing I'm gonna do is undress you Phil, alright, he says alright, and then he said are you going to undress too. I said yes if that's o.k. with you, he said yea I'd like that, so I reached over and slipped of his tee shirt and then he slipped off his sneakers, and socks. Then I reached over and undid his trousers and noticed he had boxer shorts on. He said, just a minute, I thought you were going to get naked too. I said you want me naked first, He said yea please, I don't know how big my pecker is compaired to other guys, and I will have someones to compare it with, I said Phil the size doesn't matter if you love the guy your with, he said yea I know but, I said alright then and I got down to my briefs and took them off and out sprung my nice, thick, hard, seven and a half inch cock with a foreskin, he smiled and said just like my dads was you got that skin covering too. I said yes Phil it is call a foreskin and I still have mine, he said I don't I got it removed when I was a newborn, I said yea they do that most of the time in the U. S. Well then I got his boxer down and Jesus Fucking Christ this Kid had a Porno Star cock, It was straight with beautiful veins, a gorgeous flaring head perfectly matched to the width of his cock and at least eight inches long and very thick, I might not get it into my mouth, damn, and It was gently rising as we stood there, and I smiled and said, just beautiful Phil, just beautiful. He notice my scar on my hip and said man what happened, I told him the story, and He said that was aweful, I said it' water under the bridge and I just layed him down on the bed and said now just let the feeling go and enjoy what I do, he nodded his head and let me have his body I said Phil your a really very good looking man and he said do you really think so? I said Yes Phil, I know so. He just layed back on the pillows on the head of the bed and I started kissing his body and he started saying how awesome it felt, I said thank you Phil and he sorta wimpered as I sucked on his nipples and I started kissing his stomach and went down and he was gently rotating his hips and body around and lifting up with the stroking and kissing, I noticed his cock looked it had turned to concrete and he said man I have never felt like this before, this is just fantastic, I started licking on his nutsack and he said oh shit man, thats awesome, I said they taste awesome, My joy of tasting someone elses body, his cock and balls and even his chest and hairy stomach, fuck man his body odor was sending me into orbit I got up next to his chest and raised his arms and his underarm hair, I started licking under his arms, his arm pit hair was dark and had just the hint of underarm odor and it was enough to send me into outer space, I was in heaven with his body odor, his manly scent and I was gone, I slid my mouth downward and wimpered a little and just sucked his Hot, hard, smoothe, throbbing cock full length into my mouth and He let out a loud gasp and said AW SHIT man, and I started sucking like a vacuum cleaner and he was responding to the love making I was performing on his cock, he as grunting and groaning and snorting like a Male deer in rut, I was wimpering and sorta just moaning my satisfaction, and I had taken a lubricated finger down to his rectum and started circling his opening and pressing on his little pink hole and he starte writheing and moanin really heavy and he said Man I'm gonna squirt it in your mouth man, I getting ready and then He Said AW Shit man, awe shit, OHHHHHHHHH Shit, and If I could have gone to the finest restaurant in Paris, Nothing could have tasted finer to me at this moment that His cum spilled, no blasted, like It was in a pressure sprayer and he just kept shooting volley after volley of hot delicious cum onto my tongue, I was savoring ever little driplet and drop of it, God It was awesome, and Phil just layed there silent and after a few minutes He said Ken, I didn't know anything could feel that wonderful. I said rest for a few moments, do you think you can get a hardon again, and he smiled and said are you kidding I can do this all night if you want, I said we'll see and I smiled I got up and we went to the kitchen and got us cool drink from the fridge, He walked with different gate when he walked into the kitchen, so manly now, not wimped out like before, and he stood there so studly and masculine, I just said Phil, your one of the most handsome men I have ever known, as I viewed his naked, hot, body, he said Really man, what you did a while ago, man I could fall in love with that, I said Any time you want it, It's always here for you, he said no shit man, and I said no shit Phil.

I set my glass of tea down on the table and said from the looks of your cock your ready for round two.. He just kinda smiled and said, Your gonna get off too this time arn't you? and I said yea if we do it right we'll both get off, and I said lay down, and I reached into the bureau drawer and pulled out a tube of lubrication he said whats is that for? I said you------and me. He said oh! what do you mean? I leaned him back and started squirting lube on his cock and stroking it up and down and he just started smiling a great big smile, and I reached around and shot some up my asshole and fuck it felt so good, I was about to have a stroke wanting that cock in my ass, and I gently got up onto Phil lap and picked up his cock in my hand behind me and guided that muscle of his love into my love tunnel and I cant' tell you how awesome that cock felt in my rectum, My asshole was tingling and I was leaning back with my hand on his knees and raising my ass up and down on his cock, He was laying with his mouth tightly closed and his lower lip stuck inward as he clamped down on it with his upper lip and teeth and was wimpering as is fucked his cock and I started saying oh fuck Phil, and he started good god man can It get any better feeling, and I said I don't think so. He started by grabbing my hips with his hands on both sides and started this fucking motion with his hips and with each thrust his cock sank into my intestines all the way to his nutsack, Fuck it was awesome, I was about to explode with lust and I leaned over and started just licking his body and grunting and groaning, He was hitting that spot inside that fucking wonderful spot and I had left the planet, Phil started saying man I'm going to do it again, Im fucking gonna squirt it off again, and I said so am I Phil, he said really man and he reached up and started massaging my cock for me and that was what did it I started shooting like a sixteen year old kid, Mother fucker I was jerking and spasming and grunting like It was my first time, as a 37 year old man I shot a load like a teenager, I felt just wonderful, the first time ina a long time witha another guy and it was so friggen fantastic, Phil said whoa man, whoa man and as I blasted my final volley of cum and watched Phils face, It got beet red and he gasped for breathe and just Yelled Oh Fuck me man, and I felt his Cock jerk and spasm that coming feeling in my intestines and felt his hot semen as it ejected into my body, It felt totally awesome. As we layed there Phil said I never sex witha guy was anything like this, fuck man I don't want to leave you, I said I guess you don't have to I have a spare bedroom, you could move in with me, and be my new lover, he said would I have to sleep in another room from you? I said no..not really, but we would keep it for you, you know for looks and all, but you would be mainly sleeping with me. He said fucking awesome dude, He said how much rent would I be paying? I said the house Is mine, paid for so theres no morgage payments so you wouldn't be paying rent, just what groceries we would like to have and even that is probably going to be minimal. He smiled and said what more could I ask for?

Phil went down to his little appartment and got his belongings and they were two boxes of clothes and a few little things.

It Was breakfast the next morning and Phil came dow in a bathrobe and boxers, no undershirt and I said What the fuck is this? He said what did I do wrong? I said Phil now dont' tell me your going looking for a new car in that outfit, he dropped his cup of coffee in the floor and said, saywhat! I said we can't go looking for a car in that outfit can we? He started smiling and said men this is a joke isn't it. I said, not that I know of, Phil jumped up and said man I don't believe this, and I said believe it, it's for real.

Now Phil is real conservative and we got him a nice litte used Toyota, a new model not a new one it had everything he could ask for and when and got his insurance ticket on it, and got it liscenced and He was like a kid with a new toy, he was smiling, and said Ken, no one has ever given me anything, how will I ever repay you? I said you already have Phil, he said, How? I said, by making an older man feel like he has something left in this life to offer. Phil looked up with tears in his eyes and said come with me, and we went to the bedroom, and For the first time in many years, Phil made Love to me, we didn't just have sex, He made love to me. Phil sucked my cock and took my come with out a little hint of a gag or any such thing and then later that night he let me fuck him, and for the first time in his life he had a climax without even touching his cock just by getting fucked. Phil had fallen in love with me and I have fallen in love with Phil.

My little Boy from the Alley.



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