Let me give you some background information before I begin. My name is Chance Miller and my dad is Justin. I just turned eighteen and my dad is thirty-three. Yes, he was only fifteen when I was born. My mom and dad were both in high school and my mom wanted to get an abortion but my dad and grandparents refused to go along with it.

When I was born my mom gave up all parental rights and I never knew her. I was raised by my dad and his parents. My grandfather owned a construction company and when my dad was twenty-five, both my grandparents were killed in an accident with a drunk driver. My dad had worked for his father and inherited the company.

My grandfather was old fashioned and trusted people even though he had been broken into several times. Dad immediately put in a sophisticated security system. There were beams around the building that would sound and turn on all the outside floodlights if the beam was broken. If an employee arrived during closed hours we all had swipe cards to deavtivte the alarm, but it still sounded a small alarm inside incase other were working and would be alerted that someone was coming in.

That will all play into the future events of the the story.

As I said in the beginning, I finally turned eighteen but had been having sex with my best buddy from highschool for about two years and we did it all. He was the star quarterback on the football team and I was the center. He loved it during games when we'd be in position and he'd rub my balls oout on the field getting ready for the snap. He loved to tease me like that.

Duke, my best friend, was older and had told me about a bathhouse in the neighboring town that was wild. He had been several times and said that the sex wan non-stop. He said it was a private club and was members only and that the membership fee was kind of steep.

He went on to say that you could rent a locker or a room. There was a small gym, steam room, dry sauna, pool, and what was called the night room. I asked what the night room was. He said that it was a large room that was in total darkness except for very dim lights around the ceiling. He said that even with the lights you couldn't see anyones face. Everyone in the room was naked and groping and when you felt a cock you liked you sucked it there or invited them to your private room. He said that the only way to tell the blacks from the whites was by the texture of their pubic hair.

Working with dad at the construction company had been fruitful. I saved most of my earnings as dad had been putting away a substantial for my college education. Dad had said that my ernings were mine to spend however I wanted. A six month membership was $750 and that covered everything except the private rooms which were only $5 for members.

Duke told me exactly how to get there. Dad always held meeting with the formen on thursday night and was never home before ten and usually not until later. They would go over the plans and schedules for the following week. Dad also frequently had dinner evenings with clients, but saturdays and sundays he reserved for just he and I. We were close and were very open in our conversations more like brothers instead of father and son.

When I was fifteen, I found that I loved to go nude, so I began going around the house that way. Dad asked me one day what the hell I was doing and I told him that I was more comfortable that way and Intended to go naked when I was at home unless we had company. About two months later he began doing the same thing. We'd tease each other when we saw the other getting a boner and even joked around playing 'grab-ass'. We joked about maybe jerking together sometimes each saying that we knew the other did it. Yes, we were more like brothers.

Anyway, I was now eighteen and ready for the bathhouse. I withdrew the membership fee from my account and headed out to the neighboring town thirty minutes away. It was a thursday afternoon about three and I knew dad would be in his meeting until at least ten. That would give me plenty of time.

I arrived at the bathhouse and after showing my ID to prove I was eighteen, I filled out the membership form and paid the fee. Everything was explained to me. In each area was what was called a panic button. If some other member tried to force you to do something you didn't want to do, you could hit the button and a member of staff would be there immediately to handle the situation.

I chose a private room and was assigned room 9. I went in and stripped and locked my belongings in the locker in the room and with just a towel around me I headed for the pool. As I walked down the hall, I realized that the towel was strictly for drying off. Every one else had their towels over their shoulders. As I removed mine a muscular guy in his early twenties smiled at me and said, 'First time here?'

'Is it that obvious?'

'Yea. No one that has been here before wears a towel around their waist.' He joined me at the pool and we talked about our builds and I found out that he was on the wrestling team at the local college. Things began to get more intiment and I asked if he'd like to go to my room. He said yes and I led the way. Once in the room, I locked the door and he immediately grabbed me and pulled me to him and we began kissing, deep hot passionate tongue fighting kissing. after a couple of minutes we were both completely hard and he looked at me and said, 'Well, for you to be in here, I know your legal, so what do you like to do?'

'I'm pretty open, so why don't we just play it by ear.'

I led him to the bed in the room and as we lay down he began kissing my neck then chest and nips. I moaned in ecstacy. He slowly went lower and soon had my eight inch cock buried in his throat. 'Oh, fuck yea,' I said. He sucked me slowly and passionately for a while before raising my legs and burying his long muscular tongur deep in my ass. Electric shocks went through my body as I jerked in response to his hot tongue fucking. When he stopped, I pulled him up and began working on him. As I neared his cock, I saw the pearly white-clear precum began to flow from the tip. I quickly licked it up then began swallowing his cock. It was nine inches and as thick as my wrist. I made up my mind that I eventually wanted that monster tool up my ass. I sucked it lovingly finally getting my throat to relax enough to get the entire cock down my throat and my nose buried in his pubes. what hadn't been shaved off. I soon brought him to a climax and as the Huge long ropes of his delicious nector shot down my throat and into my mouth, I thought I would drown. Hungrily, I managed to swallow every drop, milking his slowly softening cock with my mouth until there was nothing left.

'Man, you're something else. I haven't been sucked like that in ages. That was absolutely fantastic.'

'I certainly enjoyed it. You damn near drowned me. How long had it been since you got off last?'

'About a week, I think. I've been having wrestling events and sex drains my strength. Now I want you to do something for me.'

'And what would that be?' I asked as I caressed his pecs.

'Fuck me.'

'Gladly, but I uh, didn't bring any lube. I forgot.'

He reached over to the small table and opened the drawer. There inside was both lube and condoms. 'They keep the rooms well supplied. Do you mind doing it bareback? I want to feel your load shoot up into me.'

'No, not at all,' I said as my cock grew even harder.

He lay back and raised his legs and I immediately began eating his hot firm ass as he moaned softly. I lubed up my fingers and started with one, then two then finally three. His ass muscles began to relax and as he greased my cock he said, 'Once the head pops in go balls deep without stopping. That's the way I like it.'

'You got it. You're the boss.'

'Once in, fuck me hard and deep.'

I got into position, placed my cock against his hole and applied pressure. when the head popped in I did as I was instructed and went balls deep.

'AAWWWWWW!! Mother fuck! Damn your cock's fat. Oh, yea, baby fuck this bitch,' he said loudly. I knew anyone near my room could hear him. 'Fuck my pussy baby.'

I did as he wanted and fucked him hard fast and deep, making sure my cock rubbed across his love button. 'Oh yea, baby, just like that. Damn, you're going to make me cum again.' I continued fucking and I soon could feel my own climax boiling up. 'I can tell you're almost ready baby,' he said, 'so am I. Let's go together.'

After a few more strokes it happened. My cock exploded and as it began shooting he yelled out, 'Oh yea, fill my ass with your load. Here comes mine.'

His cock exploded again sending huge long thick ropes of cum out onto his face and chest. He opened his mouth to catch as much as he could. Once it was over, I managed to hold myself up and as I slowly slipped my cock out of his beautiful muscled tight ass he smiled and said, 'Man, do you ever know how to fuck a guy. Lick me clean then feed it to me.'

I licked up the cum he couldn't catch collecting it in my mouth. when I finished he looked at me and said, 'Just let it drip from your mouth to mine. I want to be able to watch you feed it to me.'

I hovered about four inches above his open mouth and slowly let his cum drip out of my mouth and into his. He collected it all before swallowing.

'Perfect,' he said when he had swallowed it all.

He looked at his watch and jumped up saying, 'Shit, I'm going to be late and Coach will kill me. We have a banquet tonight.' Without grabbing his towel he bolted from the room.



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