Paul worked in the kitchen at the Basement Bar and Grill on the outskirts of El Paso Texas. The first time I saw his cute smile, I swear I almost cried. The bar was small, dim and rock and roll was the mix. The small stage in the corner featured live bands, drag and sometimes live sex. I had tipped Paul generously several times and he appreciated that. I learned Paul was looking for a boy friend, so I thought I'd make the first move. 'How are you tonight Steven?' Paul asked. 'I'd be better if you'd date me Paul' I said. His medium frame graced with tight blue jeans and a purple T-shirt. 'I get off in ten minutes' he said. ' We'll go to my hide-a-way' I responded. Soon we arrived at my RV parked in an empty lot not far from the bar. My heart was filled with Love and Romance for Paul. Sex was a secondary matter, because I didn't want to blow this romance. Paul was just to beautiful a guy to lose. I stepped into the RV to turn on the air conditioning. When I returned, Paul had set up two lawnchairs for us to sit in. Reaching into my pocket I pulled out the long gold chain with a gold crucifix and placed it around Paul's neck. 'Thank you Steven' he replied. 'I thought you were a gay Christian, like me' he murmered shyly. We embraced and kissed. I knelt on one knee, pledging my eternal devotion to Paul, that night, on that dusty, lomesome country road. We have been married for seven years now and I have never strayed. Paul has his Gay Christian Ministry and I have Paul. I thank Jesus Christ for this Life and for this Love.



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