The Ballerina, part 2

The next day, the master opened the door of the closet and led me out. I was allowed to use the toilet to freshen up. Master then took me to back to his room where I was to remain, as his maid would be arriving to cook his breakfast.

After his breakfast, I was allowed to eat and was taken to the basement where I was commanded to enter a large metal cage constructed of heavy bars. I was commanded, and I obeyed my Masters commands and started

to put on my wrist and leg restraints and to gag myself, I was then locked into the cage for the day. Master then went to his job and I waited for his return.

When the Master returned that night, he removed my shackles, handcuffs and gag. I still had my leotard, tights, heels and tutu on. Master commanded me to go with him and He then drove me to my apartment at 11pm and commanded me to gather up all of my female clothes and put them in his car. Next a letter to the andlord was written telling him I was vacating the apartment and to mail the deposit to a PO box that the

Master used.

Master them commanded me to gather up all of my mail and to get my checkbook and give it to him. A mail forwarding card was to be sent to the post office giving them my new address, Masters house.

After returning, Master then took out a box which contained some bondage equipment. I saw that it came from Autumn and Company and I thought what a pretty name it was. Master took out a gold metal colar and commanded me to put it around my neck and to fasten the hasp in the back of the collar with a small lock that was given to me I put the collar on and locked it in place. Next Master gave me a pair of metal wrist restraints and commanded me to put them on as well, and to lock them on. I accepted my master restraints and put them on my wrists and locked them on so they could not be removed. A pair of leg restrains were next, also in a shiny gold metalic finish. I

took them from my Masters hand, and put them on my feet. These were also locked on.

Master then commanded me to kneel before him and he took a soldering iron and heated the locks on my collar and wrist restraints and soldered the locks permanently shut. my leg restraints were left untouched so they could be removed to allow me to change my tights.

Next came a pair of black metal shackles which I, when given to me slipped them on top of my metal restraints. With that, Master commanded me to unsnap the crotch of my leotard and to pull my tights down. I had to remove to tutu to do that. Master gave

me a chastity belt with a butt plug on it. I was commanded to lube up the butt plug and insert it into my pussyass for Master. I did as was commanded and then locked the belt on with another lock. My pink tights were then pulled up, Master handed me one

of my dresses and a slip. I was to wear the dress and slip instead of my leotard and tutu.

Next came a gag that had a plug shaped like a cock on it. It was a penis gag and Master commanded me to put it on. I took the gag from him, slipped the rubber penis into my mouth and fastened the gag behind my head. A lock was placed on the gag so it could not be removed.

Master then took out another box from Autumn and it held a heavy leather collar that he called a posture collar. I was commanded and I obeyed and put the posture collar around my neck and locked it on.

Next came the leather tie, which was a heavy leather strap that had a collar on it. it had straps built into it that would hold my wrists in place. At Masters command I put the strap around my neck and locked it into place. Next I twisted it around

so the restraining straps were on my back.

Master then gave me a hood to wear. I took the hood out of his hand and put it on my head. Next Master said 'Put your arms behind you' Since I was gagged, I could not respond verbally, but placed my hands behind my back, and into the straps. Master then tied the straps over my wrists.

A pair of handcuffs were then attached to my wrists and I was then led back to my cage where I was locked in for the night, the ring on my posture collar was locked to a chain laying on the floor the the cage.

About an hour later I heard the cage being unlocked and then felt my Master pull my tights down and felt the chastity belt being unfastened. Next I felt my Master cock enter me and he fucked me hard and deep. I could feel his hot cum enter me as he dominated me.

Shortly after he replaced the chastity belt and pulled my tights up. Not a word was spoken by Master. The gate was locked and I heard the cellar door close. I was then left alone.

A while later I was awakened by the master who let me out of the cage, removed my hood and gag and my chastity belt. I was allowed to relive myself in the toilet and to take food and water. Master then commanded me to suck his cock. I eagerly

bowed down before him on my knees and then opened my mouth and took my Masters cock into my mouth and began sucking it. Using my tongue I swirled it around his man tool waiting to taste his precum. I didn't get a chance to, as Master then commanded me to bend over and submit to him. with my hands still tied,

i turned around and bent forward. Master pulled down my tights to my knees.

His cock was then shoved deep into my ass and I screamed. Further and further inside of me, my Masters cock went. Each time I screamed and moaned. Master then shoved the penis gag into my mouth while pushing his cock in even harder.

Master was pounding my ass hard when he finally came, and I could feel the hot juicy cum flow deep inside of me. My own cock cummed after that, Master then locked me back into my cage after putting my chastity belt and hood on and pulling my tights up. Chained up in my cage, I remained there for the rest of the day waiting to serve my master when he returned.


Misty Stiles

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