I heard a rumour that he was into BDSM and went to some of the local clubs, looking for submissve girls. He would invite them over for the weekend, play with

them and drive them home. I knew that he was a powerful man in his 50's, about five years older then me. He was also a retired judge, and into local politics. and he seemed untouchable by the law.

I don't know why, but I wanted him to have me, to be conquered by him, to be his and first I would have to act and dress like a girl, being a crossdresser i knew I could do both, but I would have to dress up in such a way as to make me appear both sexy and vulnerable to him. After doing some research on the web, I thought a ballerina wearing pretty pink tights, a blue leotard, high heels and a white tutu

would do the trick. I settled on buying a bodysuit instead of the leotard, as it had snap crotch, making it easier to remove.

After purchasing my outfit I tried it on to make sure the fit was okay. First I slipped on the pink tights, carefully caressing my legs as I put them on. Next I stepped into the navy scoop neck bodysuit, on leg at a time, and then pulling the soft silky top over my arms. Next came the high heeled sandals, strappy ankle straps with 4 inch heels. The tutu came next, followed by my wig.

I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what i saw. I then slipped my mens pants over my legs and over the tutu and put on a shirt and covered the leotard. Perfect I said to myself as I looked at my image in the mirror. I could sneak out of the house this way, and drive to the street he lived on and quickly change into my ballerina outfit in seconds.

The next day was a dry run, I knew that he was out of town, at a meeting. I drove to his street that evening when it was dark. He lived on a solitary dirt

road and quickly changed into my girly outfit in less than a minute. Tomorrow would be the day I said to myself.

The day arrived, I left work early, about 4pm. After driving home, I took a quick shower and applied some very feminine spray to my private parts. Then I took a tube of KY jelly and applied some of it to my pussyass with my finger, making sure it went inside me very deep. After washing my hands I proceeded to put on my nice pink tights. One leg at a time until they fit perfect. My cock was hard as a rock as I slipped the leotard on and pulled it all the way up. My black High heeled strappy sling back sandals were next and then the tutu. My pants and shirt were put on and my wig went into a a my purse, which i had handcrafted using 2 pairs of handcuffs and a choaker, giving it a heavy metal gothic look.

I left the house at 6:30 and it was already dark. I drove to where his street intersected the country road and parked the car. I shut the headlights out and glanced to where his house was, a qurter mile up the road. The lights were on upstairs. I knew that he would be leaving at 7pm to go out for a drink and I would be waiting for him.

I took my shirt off, and put my wig on. Next I slipped out of my pants and hid them under the car seat. Here I was, sitting in the car wearing my leotards, tights and a tutu watching excitedly as the lights went out of his house. I put the 4 way flashers on, got out of the car and raised the hood and bent over it looking like i had

broken down on the road as his car approached me.

I could barely see him as he looked at me in his headlights. He stopped the car and said, 'Hi do you need help' 'Why Yes i replied, I am on my way to the

clubhouse for a show and my car broke down, Will you let me use your phone?'

'Yes of course he said, but cellphones don't work here, you can use the one in the

house' That will be fine I said. I grabbed my purse shut off the 4 way flashers and walked to his car and got in. I couldn't help noticing him staring at my purse and then to my pink legs.

'What club are you going to he asked?' Oh, to the Vanguard, the gay club in the next town' I replied. 'Thats a strange purse you have' he replied. 'Oh, just something I threw together last week, I just love the look and feel of handcuffs against or on me'

I replied.

He drove me to his house and let me in the front door, 'The phone is in the kitchen' he said. 'Do you mind if i use the toilet first?' I asked. 'No, no problem..it's down the hall.

I walked down to hall, and flipped on the switch. I could see him looking at me in the mirror and smiling. My heart was really beating fast as I closed the door. Then I heard him speak 'You're a guy aren't you?' 'yes, I am a crossdresser' I replied back. 'Why are you going to that club?' he asked. 'to meet a guy who will screw the daylights out of me' I shouted back, thats why I have the handcuffs, I want to be his slave for the night'. I took my purse, unlocked the handcuffs and legirons and

put them on my ankles and my hands. Next the choaker chain went around my neck.

I opened the door and said 'Master may I be your slave tonight' and stood in front

of him, my blue leotard, pink tights and tutu with heels made me very feminine, and my restraints, very submissive.

He led me into his room and I kneeled down before him. He loosened his pants and let them fall to his ankles and then slipped out of them. His underwear was

next. I could see his wonderful cock start to get hard as he slipped it into my mouth. I attacked his cock with my mouth as he held on to my choaker to let me know who I was, and my place. I was his slave and my place was on my knees serving him.

Within minutes I was on my knees doggy style with him on top. My tutu was pulled down and my leotard was unsnapped at the crotch. My pink tights were pulled down to my knees and my pussyass was up in the air, waiting for his cock to enter me.

I felt ky being inserted into my ass and then felt the cock enter me. I groaned with excitement as he pushed himself in further and further into me, past my spinicker. His cock was warm and next I felt a tug on my choaker. 'Open your mouth' he commanded. 'Yes Master' was my reply and a gag was inserted into my mouth.

He was pounding my pussyass hard and I was enjoying every minute of it. His cock was being pulled out and pushed in and I could feel his balls hitting the back of my ass.

On the last thrust, he forced himself even further inside of me, and I screamed in excitement as I felt his cock surge and he cummed inside of my ass. I could

feel the hot juicy cum inside of me, warming me on the inside as he pulled his cock out of me.

I was sore, tired and my hands and feet hurt from the cuffs. the Master then commanded me to pull up my tights and to snap the leotard crotch closed and to put

my tutu back on, I was then told to lie down in the closet, with my hands, feet and my mouth gagged so I could serve my master in the morning, and also for the

rest of my life.


Misty Stiles

[email protected]


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