It has been my secret for years in my early teens I had a few fumbles with my cousin nothing heavy wanking, cuddling etc just boys experimenting kind of thing.

But that gave me a taste for the gay sex thing but being from a rough housing estate it was not the kind of thing you advertised. I had fumbled with a couple of sleeping friends again it was only quick feel stuff enough to get my imagination going and keep me supplied with wanking material. When I was 16 I left school and got a job in a bakery as a trainee store man it was hard work 4am starts 5 days a week but once I got used to the early rises I was actually enjoying the job the guys I worked with were all decent guys always joking and messing about with a lot of gay innuendo and being the youngest I was often the target of these jokes. They would grab me bend me over and pretend to shag my ass etc. The only problem with that was that quite often I would hit a brickie but was able to keep it hidden under my overalls.

At the end of the shift it was normal practice to shower as most days you resembled a ghost covered in flour from head to toe that's when things got a bit dodgy for me the male shower room was just a long wall with 7 or 8 shower heads so you had to stand side by side with your co workers as you showered most days I delayed my shower as I was always the one left to clear our work area so most days the other guys would be showered and getting dressed by the time I went for my shower.

One of the guys who worked with me was Gary he was two years older than me I suppose he was fairly good looking about 6 foot tall short fair hair slim to average build and a pretty easy going guy. I spent more time working beside Gary than I did with any of the other guys we had to clean out the flour bins ,porter flour through to the main bakery etc and we got on pretty well. But when we were in the main store room with the other 4 guys who worked there Gary was one of he men and I was the boy the older guys would say things like I was Gary's bum boy his boyfriend etc and he would play along saying he was pumping me etc and how I wished it was true.

Anyway this day I am going in for my shower 10 minutes after everyone else as usual I was getting undressed as all the others where getting dressed then Gary came into the changing room he had been in the main bakery for some reason and was that little bit latter coming for his shower. Of course the other guys made jokes about that saying things like ' hurry up lads lets get out of here and let the lovers shower together ' they laughed it off I went into the shower and a minute or so latter Gary came in I was using the shower head at the far end facing the wall to be honest hiding my cock from sight because just knowing that Gary was coming in had me semi hard.

Gary turned on one of the shower heads in the middle and began soaping up and being curious about his dick I stole the odd peek I had been in the showers with most of the guys at some point but there had always been a few of us and I was not bold enough to look at anyone incase I sprang a bonner but I did realy like Gary and as he was only two years older than me I had a bit of a crush on him so could not resist eyeing him up without making it too obvious what I was doing. Gary was not hiding anything he stood side on facing me his cock and balls in full display as he washed his hair head back and eyes shut I got a good view at his meat I suppose it was average size ad in my opinion very suckable I just could not help but spring a bonner. I knew that the changing room was free as there was no voices coming from it and I prepared to make a dash from the shower hoping I could keep my embarrassment hidden from Gary my solid 5.5 inches was trying to stretch to 6 it was so hard as I turned to make my break for it Gary was once again facing me his time his eyes where fully open nd he was working the soap into his cock and balls and he was certainly not hiding the fact that he had a fully grown hardon to be honest it looked as if he was wanking more than washing.

I don't know if it was shock or desire or what the fuck it was but I was frozen to the spot just staring at him as he stroked his meat right in front of me I honestly believe I had lost the use of my legs I wanted to get out of the shower but the message from my brain was just not reaching my legs.

'It is about time you gave me that blowjob you have been promising me' where the words that startled me back into life I was back in the corner of the shower bay Gary was face to face with me our bodies almost touching then I could feel him pushing me down by the shoulders and a nano second later I was sucking his solid hard 7 inch dick like I was born with a cock in my mouth.

I had sucked off a few guys before in stolen moments but probably for a maximum of two minutes this was different Gary was face fucking me I was gagging and chocking getting my breath back then going at it again it was insane someone could have walked in on us at any time but I was not scared I could not believe my luck I had wanked to this image so many times in the past now I was fulfilling that fantasy I was not going to shy away from it. Gary was like a guy possessed as he thrust his hard uncut cock as dep in my mouth as I could take it I was holding his big sagging balls and sucking for all I was worth then I felt him tense up his legs begn to shake and he pushed me away as he shot the most amazing wad of cum I had ever seen it hit me on the neck and began running down my chest a second spurt hit me on the cheek and a third fell on to my leg.I was wanking myself furiously still on my knees his dripping cock less than 6 inches from my face

I moved forward took him back in my mouth tasting the drips that were left of his cum then I felt it rushing from my balls all the way up my shaft and it fired out of me on to the floor of the shower I swear I let go about 5 or 6 powerful spurts sending shock waves through my body like nothing I had ever experienced before. It was incredible it was fucking fantastic and just then my alarm went off I woke with a start to find my boxers soaked with cum it had only been a wet dream but fuck it felt so real. That morning every time I looked at Gary I had a big smile on my face and a hardon in my overalls . I just knew I had to make that dream cum true and I did but hey that's another story and took part away from the bakery I will write about it another time.



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