At the age of fifteen I had my first sexual experience with another male when a classmate of mine and I went camping one weekend. It started out by just skinny dipping with each other, but by the time the weekend was over we were both sucking and fucking each other and enjoying it.

I knew from that weekend that weekend that I was bisexual as I enjoyed pussy just as much. I knew it would be nice to be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

I had identical twin brothers who were eighteen, and I wondered what they would think if they knew their 'little' brother liked to suck cock and get fucked. They were sexually attractive and muscular and I would love to have had one fucking my ass while I sucked the other, but no way was I going to come on to them in any way.

I kept my lifestyle secret from my family, but I enjoyed sex with both men and women regularly, sometimes finding a guy for sex after I had taken my girlfriend home. It was amazing how many men jumped at the chance to have sex with a teenage boy.

I went away to college and there I also enjoyed the pleasure of both sexes. That's were I met Karen. We became a couple and she was hot as hell in bed. Her main drawback was that she didn't suck or have the equipment to satisfy the yearnings I had for something up my ass.

I continued to hunt and find hot men to go to bed with that loved the same things that I did. I was enjoying life totally.

During our junior year, I agreed to spend a long weekend with her at her parents weekend place at the beach. I met her parents, Don and Joan, and her brother, Jack. Karen and I were both twenty-one and Jack was twenty-three and still single.

When I met Jack, I was immediately attracted to him, but kept it to myself. However, there was something about the way he looked at me whenever he had a chance.

Karen and her mom had gone into town shopping and Jack invited me o join him for a long walk on the beach. I readily agreed and with both of us in small swimsuits and tank tops, we began our walk.

About a quarter mile from the house, Jack began walking closer to me and letting his hand brush against mine as if he was wanting to hold it. Later we stopped and after removing our tank tops, we went for a swim. This area of the beach was totally deserted except for he and I.

We began clowning around and wresting and in doing so, our hands would brush or grasp each others crotch. Soon, we were both fully erect and it seemed we both grabbed more for the crotch area than any where else.

When we finally stopped and walked to the shore, Jack looked at me and said, 'Mark, when we were wrestling it sure felt like you had a whopper inside your suit.'

'Well,' I responded, 'I've never had any complaints from anyone, but you didn't feel little yourself.'

'I should think not,' he replied, 'and neither have I. Just how much you got there? Just out of curiosity, I'd like to see it.'

'Well, turn about is fair play,' I answered. 'You go first.'

'Let's reveal what we got at the same time,' he replied.

We stood facing each other, each hooking our thumbs into the waistband of our swim trunks. Simultaneously, we shoved them down, releasing both our hard cocks.

'Damn,' he said upon seeing my eight inch thicker than normal cock. 'Very nice!'

'So is yours,' I replied when I saw his equally as long cock but not quite as thick as mine.

'You mind if I feel it?' he asked.

'No at all. Go ahead.'

He reached over and grasped my cock, squeezing it gently then began to slowly stroke it. I decided to go for broke and did the same to him.

As I did, with his free hand he pushed his trunks lower and stepped out of them. then he pushed mine down. I casually stepped out of mine.

'Mark, I hope like hell you can keep a secret.'

'If it's about us doing this, hell yea. It's no one else's business.'

'I'm referring to this,' he said as he quickly dropped t his knees and swallowed my cock. I moaned audibly as he expertly sucked my hard cock.

He went at it eagerly and I was loving it. It didn't take me long to reach my climax and fill his mouth with my large hot thick load.

AS he stood and swallowed, I replied, 'Everything is just between me and you.'

'Thanks. I've wanted to do that ever since Karen introduced us.'

Without saying anything, I dropped to my knees and swallowed his hard throbbing cock.

'Fuck yea!' he exclaimed as I worked his cock eagerly with my mouth. Soon he climaxed and as I swallowed he said, 'It's obvious that wasn't your first time.'

'Nope. I've been bi since I was fifteen.'

'Well, I was bi starting at sixteen but at twenty I decided men were better and went totally gay.'

'I assume none of your family knows anything?'

'Only my dad. He knows. He accepts it.'

'Well, I still don't want him to know.'

'No problem,' he said, 'but I hope this will not be a one time thing between us.'

'Hell no. Whenever we can, I'm all far it.'

'Man, it's going to be nice having you as my brother-in-law.'

He stepped closer and we kissed passionately. When the kiss ended, we managed to get our trunks back on and headed back to the house slowly. As we walked he asked if I was into anal also. I told him most definitely both in giving and receiving. He said he loved both also.

I knew that my weekend had just gotten better as I was sharing a bedroom with Jack and it had been added on on the opposite side of the house from the other bedrooms.

After college graduation, we began preparing for the wedding. The closer it got the less sure I was that I wanted to get married.

I had asked my dad to be my best man and both my brothers and Jack to be groomsmen. Our families soon met and my brothers, Roy and Ray, hit it off with Jack right away.

The three of them decided that we needed to have my bachelor party early. They planned it six weeks before the wedding at an upscale hotel in town.

A suite was rented and my close friends were invited along with both dads. Besides me, my dad Greg, Roy and Ray, Jack and Karen's dad Don, there were also six of my closest buddies.

Three strippers were hired and things got interesting. The girls were totally naked, gropping and feeling all the guys, the dad's included. As they did, the guys began fingering their cunts. Soon, the girls began undressing a the guys and all of us were down to our underwear. Needless to say, we all had drank quite a bit and were loose and uninhibited.

My buds began eating the girls pussy's as the girls came to them. I was totally shocked to see my dad and Don both eating the girls cunts.

Then the girls began removing our underwear and soon had all the men naked. It was the first time I had seen my dad boned, and he was as big if not bigger than me. Don was equally as well endowed, as were Ray and Roy.

The girls went from man to man sucking on their cocks then sitting on them, bouncing on the hard cocks. I was really shocked to see my brothers and dad fucking strange pussy.

Near one, the girls left and my buds soon followed. All that was left was me, dad, Roy, Ray, Jack, and Don. During the evenings activities, we had all continued drinking and decided to all spend the night there in the suite. But what was strange, was that none of us made any attempt to put any of our clothes back on, and it just seemed so natural to remain nude.

Then we began taking about the evening and surprisingly began discussing the size of everyone's cocks including my buds. Soon, we noticed we were all beginning to get boners.

My mom and dad had divorced when I was a sophomore in college and I asked dad straight out if that was the first pussy he had had since then. Smiling, he said yes but not the first sex. I couldn't believe what he had said. Was he saying he had had sex with men?

We continued chatting with everyone making suggestive remarks. Our cocks continued to gradually stiffen. Then, things began to take on a whole new perspective.

TO BE CONTINUED.............



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