Everyone had left except for me, dad, Ray, Roy, Jack, my future brother-in-law and Don, my future father-in-law.

We were talking about all of us watching each other fuck the strippers hat had been hired for the party, when we all our cocks began to slowly rise.

Don was sitting on the love seat whild dad sat in the center of the large sofa. To my shocked surprise, Don began to fondle his stiffening cock then began stroking it in front of everyone. I noticed the others watching him as their cocks contnued to rise.

Surprisingly, my own dad began stroking his. Jack, my brothers and I were siting on stools at the nearby bar. Then suddenlly, Jack got up and went and sat next to his dad as Ray and Roy Went and sat on each side of dad.

Then that is when things took a turn to the unexpected.

As Jack leaned over and began sucking his dad's cock and Ray leaned over and began sucking our dad's cock, dad and Roy began kissing passionately.

I was frozen in time, stunned and unabe to speak. Finally, I managed to exclaim, 'HOLY FUCK! What the hellis going on?'

The sucking and kissing stopped and dad looked at me and smiled. he stood and walked over to me, sitting on the stool next to me and said, 'Son, Let me start from the beginning.'

'I think someone should,' I said snapping at him.

'Back when yu were a junior in college, I happened to find out that your brothers were gay. I came out to them that I was also and had been since my teens. The three of us began having sex together daily. We made sure we hid it from you.'

He took a sip if his beer and continued.

'When we were invited to meet Karen's family, it was a total shock to me. You see, about the time you and Karen began getting serious, I had to go out of town on business. I went to a gay bar and met a man and invited him back to my hotel room. We never exchanged names. As it turned out it was Don. You can imagine my surprise when I saw him. Anyway, you and Karen had gone out, and Jack invited Raay and Roy to go out with him. Joan suggested that Don and I go out and get to know each other. We did but went to a cheap motel and got a room. We talked and asked if any of the kids knew about their dads being gay. Don said Jack knew and was gay also. I confessed that Ray and Roy knew about me and were also gay. We both confessed that we were having sex with our sons. I told him I felt sure you were straight and wasn't sure how you would accept it if you found out that your dad and brothers were all gay. Don called Jack and the three of them came to he hotel room and we all had sex together.'

'Okay, but...'

'Let me finish, please. We began to devise a plan to see how you would accept a gay male. Jack said since he wasn't blood related, he'd find out. That's when the stroll on the beach idea came up. Later, when Jack told us what had happened on the beach and when you were alone together after that, I was shocked and yet thrilled. This party was planned to be our way of coming out to you. We had planned for male strippers but when you insisted on inviting your buddies, we switched to the girls. They were paid well amnd instructed to wait in the loby for your friends. when I had a chance, I told your friends that the girls were a gift to them and were waiting for them in the lobby. That's why the left so quickly after the girls.'

By now, Roy and Ray were standing beside me. I looked at the three of them then said, 'Dad, I sill can't believe you three are gay.'

He smiled and got off his stoll and faced me. Taking my face in his hands, he leaned in and kissed me passionately offering his tongue. instinctively, I acepted it and offered mine. as we kissed, Ray moved around me to the other side. When the kiss ended, dad said softly, 'Let me prove it to you.'

He knelt down beteen my legs and began swallowing my cock. My brothers began kissing my neck and lips and as I tensed, my head spinning, one of them said, 'Relax Mark. Go with it. dad's been wanting to do this for years.'

I relaxed and tongue kissed my brothers passionately as dad expertly sucked me to a roaring climax. As I emptied my load into his hot mouth he eagerly swallowed every drop.

When he finished, I looked down into his eyes saying, 'Dad, that was awesome.'

'It was for me also, son,' he said as he stood. I eased off the stool and kissed him then said, 'Now it's time for me to fulfill my fantasy.'

I quickly knelt and swallowed his hard cock as I heard him say softly 'Oh Fuck Yea!'

I sucked my dads huge cock lovingly and soon had the pleasure of tasting the delicious seed that created me. It was delicious and I swallowed every drop. I then surprised them by sucking Ray and Roy both off as Jack got behind me and fucked my ass. Dad sat next to Don and watched, stroking Don's cock. After I hungrily swallowed both of my brother's loads, I moved over and sucked my future father-in-law dry as his son continued fucking my ass. As the father climaxed down my throat, the son climaxed up my ass. I was geting filled by father and son at he same time.

The rest of the night was filled with sex. I was fucked by dad, Ray, Roy and Don and fucked both my brothers as well as dad.

After that, the four of us had sex whenever we could. And when possible, Don and Jack joined us.

I beganhaving second thoughts of marrying Karen and told dad and Don about it. They both said that they had had great marriages while still enjoying the pleasures of another man, but the decision was mine. I said that I didn't want to be the one to break it off, and Don had a suggestion.

He said Karen hated to be told how to do things and when to do them. he said for me o start making decisions and sticking by them and she'd get pissed. I did and three weeks before the wedding she broke it off. I was now a free man.

I moved back home with dad and my brothers and it was great. We lived nude inside and in our fenced very private back yard. We had sex when and where we wanted and with whoever we wanted.

Dad got a call from Don saying that he and Joan were splitting. It seemed that her old boyriend came back to town and that they rekindled their relationship and he came home and caught them fucking in his bed and kicked her out.

When the divorce was final, Don sold his home and moved his business to our town and bought another home. He and dad became extremely close and after a few months announced to us four boys that they were lovers. Jack worked with him in the business and he too had moved to town. Jack and I began seeing each other regularly and two months later announced that we too were lovers.

After congratulations from dad and Don and my brothers, they smiled and said that even though thy were blood brothers, they had agreed to be lovers also.

Dad had moved in with Don and Ray and Roy were looking to buy their own place, leaving our old home for Jack and I.

That was five years ago and all three couples are very happy. Karen found out and now refuses to speak to any of us. We really don't care, but Jack put the word out that she was a bitch and demanding and now she can't get a date. We all think it's funny. She's all alone and we are all extremely happy. Life is grand.




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