=== Halloween 2016. Wesley-Easton House, Niles's Room ===

Sebastian: "So, Niles. What do you want to do for Halloween?"

Me: "I don't know. Now that I'm 11, I just don't think trick-or-treating is that fun anymore."

Sebastian: "Oh, come on! You don't like getting candy?"

Me: "Well, I feel like I've gotten too old."

Sebastian: "Well, than I have an idea. This year, we can trick-or-treat 10 houses, and then we can sneak off to the Saltar's Point Pier."

In case you've never been to Steilacoom, The Salter's point pier used to be a boat and jet-ski dock at Saltar's Point Beach, until it was destroyed in a fire several years ago. Now, nobody is allowed on the dock, although no one obeys that law. People go there all the time. Someone once even brought illegal-size firecrackers there, but that was stupid. Ya know why? Firecracker, BOOM, someone hears the BOOM, they call police, police come to arrest. Anyway, it's really creepy. Even though there weren't any deaths, it's still a rickety old boathouse on a sand-less beach in one of the oldest towns in the Pacific Northwest. That's creepy enough.

Me: "Cool. Let's do it."

=== Halloween 2026. Rodman House, Living Room ===

Me and Sebastian are watching TV. He is under house arrest for lighting illegal-size firecrackers on the Saltar's Point Pier. He's a great guy, but not the sharpest knife in the kitchen. His parents wanted me to keep an eye on him while they visit his mom's family in Portland.

Let me tell you a little about ourselves. I am 6'0", pretty skinny at 120 pounds, with a 8" cut cock, Caucasian, really smart, and I am a Junior at the University of Washington. I was adopted as a baby by Jeff and Scott, but I am biologically related to Jake. My dads didn't want to separate brothers, so they adopted both of us. Sebastian and I have been dating since 2021, but we still haven't lost our virginity.

Sebastian has been my best friend since he poured apple cider down my pants in 2010. And no, it hadn't cooled off yet. But still, after chasing him 2 blocks down Lafayette Street, we had fun. He is 6'1", 150 lbs, 6 gauge ears, really muscular, Japanese, with a 10" cut cock and people keep thinking he's older than me.

Sebastian: "Man this is lame. I wanted to go to the Pierce College Halloween Party."

Pierce College is a community college in Pierce County, with one campus in Puyallup, and one in Steilacoom. You wouldn't believe how crazy the entire county gets about Halloween. It's like a second Christmas to us.

Me: "Well, then you shouldn't have bought the firecrackers."

Sebastian: "Hey, remember 10 years ago, when we went to the pier, and we made out?"

Me: "Yeah. And then I pulled you off because you started unbuttoning my shirt."

Sebastian: "I know. Party pooper."

Me: "I was 11, you were 9."

Sebastian: "Fine. You're right. (sigh) But I still wanted to dress up tonight. And now my parents even just left a barrel of candy on the porch for trick-or-treaters because they don't trust me to open the door without running away."

Me: "Hey, you know what, why don't we dress up, just so we can still have some Halloween fun?"

Sebastian: "Ok. That actually sounds kinda fun."

We went into his closet, and found his hot prisoner costume, and my sexy policeman costume. Then we went downstairs, and put on "The Twilight Zone."

We probably watched for over an hour before I fell asleep. I was sleeping for a while, until Sebastian startled me awake by licking my ear.

Me: "Oh, yeah. Oh, keep doing that."

Sebastian: "Yes, officer."

Oh! Role play. I see what tonight is. There's going to be screaming, but not because of the horror show on TV.

Me: "You've got to pay for robbing that bar."

Sebastian: "Oh, please have mercy!"

Me: "No! You have to do your community service. Now start unbuttoning my shirt!"

Sebastian: "Yes, sir."

There must have been 20 buttons on that vest, but he ripped right thorough them. He pushed me down against the couch, and started open-mouth kissing my neck. My cock was getting so hard now, it might literally rip the shorts of my costume. Sebastian sucked my nipples, and licked slowly down my chest. Just when I thought he was going to take off my shorts, he went back.

Me: "Pull off my shorts, punk."

Seb: "Whaddya gonna do? Arrest me?"

Me: "You'd better watch that tone, or you'll be eating jail food until Thanksgiving."

Seb: "Oh, I'll be eating something alright. In 3... 2... 1..."

RIP! My penis penetrated the shorts, leaving only the boxers. Seb gripped the shorts with his teeth, and ripped the shorts all the way off then, as he held them in his teeth, he lifted me up, and carried me up to his bedroom. He spat out the shorts, and got on top of me, and we started making out.

Me: "Wow! This is further than we've ever gotten enough confidence to go!"

Seb: "Be prepared for more. We're only beginning this trip."

He yanked of my vest, and threw it with what was left of the shorts. He pulled my boxers down, threw those, too, and started stroking my cock. I grabbed the back off his head, and pushed him down so that he finally went down on it. It only took 3 seconds before I unloaded 12 jets into his mouth.

I then pulled him off, and made out with him so I could taste my cum.

Me: "Get up on the bed."

Seb got on right away, and immediately, I started taking his prisoner suit off. I kissed his nipples, and licked down all the way to his penis. I sucked that thing down so fast, I almost choked. As I went up and down on his dick, he groaned.

Seb: "Keep going."

And that I did, until he was almost ready to burst.

Then, he flipped me over onto the bed, and got on top of me. He pushed his cock so hard into me, and started pounding me at almost (figuratively) 100 mph. When he unloaded, it took nearly a minute before he was empty.

He rolled off of me, and fell right to sleep. I decided to try one more thing we still hadn't done. I scooched down the bed, and pulled his butt open. I licked it, and pushed my face in further with every lick.

After 4 glorious minutes, I pulled off, to find him still asleep. I crawled over him, and cuddled up, knowing this was going to be the first of many times.




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