It has been 6 months since the last time I saw Derek. I am now a freshman at the University of Washington. Yes, the Seattle Campus. I couldn't believe it when I won that full ride scholarship to the best college in Washington! But I won't bore you with the details of that.

My roommate and I aren't exactly the type of people you'd expect to live together. In fact, we thought so, too. We barely talked to each other.

Let me tell you about him. Nick is 6'6", 180 pounds, and really muscular, from being on the football team. He is blonde, with hair on his arms and legs, blue eyes, and Caucasian.

Anyway, it was the day before Thanksgiving Break. Nick was a nervous wreck. The big game against Washington State University-the "Apple Cup"-[Cue angel chorus singing]-was on Black Friday. UW Huskies vs. WSU Cougars. We were watching a movie. Well, I was. Nick was pacing around the kitchen.

Me: "Dude, calm down. Try not to think about it."

Nick: "Are you crazy?! My entire family is coming all the way from California to watch me play!"

Me: "Maybe if you relax..."

Nick: "Relax? Ha ha! If I don't win, I'll be the laughingstock of my family!"

Me: "Try to think about Thanks..."

Nick: "Oh, Thanksgiving's going to WORSE! They aren't going to talk about my sister and her girlfriend getting engaged! They're not going to talk about My brother and his husband adopting a child! No, they are going to focus all attention on my freshman football career! This game decides what they think of me!"

Me: "Oh come on! They're you're family! A football game can't be more important than you being a part of the family!"

Nick cracked up.

Nick: "That's a good one! Have you MET my family?"

Me: "All right. Fine."

I paused the movie, and stood up.

Me: "If you're that worried, practice tackling on me."

Nick: "What?!"

Me: "Come on."

Nick: "Dude, I'd crush you."

Me: "Ok... I see how it is... wuss."


Nick: "What did you just call me?!"

Me: "You heard me."

Nick yanked his shirt off, and ran toward me. He tackled me onto the couch, with enough force to actually tip it over.

Me (weakly): "See? You just needed to let the stress off."

Nick: "Wow. You're right. I feel so much better."

Me (still weakly): "Get off."

Nick: "Oh. Sorry."

He rolled off of me, and smiled.

Nick: "You poked me."

Me: "What are you talking about? My hands were scrunched under my back."

Nick: "Wrong body part."

I took a second before I realized what he was taking about. I lifted my head up to see a huge boner trying to penetrate my pajamas. I threw a pillow over it while Nick cracked up.

Me: "Hey, shut up!"

Nick was still laughing while he put the couch back up. We went to bed, but I couldn't fall asleep. I was trying to convince myself that I didn't have a crush on Nick. Nick was a ladies man, I'm a man's man. Besides, he was on the football team. If he was gay, his teammates would never let him hear the end of it. But what if he was gay? What if he was just hiding the fact that he was gay? What if all those girls he sleeps with are just a cover up for...

Suddenly, I felt a hand go over my lips. I opened my eyes, and there he was. Nick was looking at me, lustfully.

Me: "Nick. What are you doing?"

Nick: "I've always tried to convince myself I wasn't gay. But after tonight, I just can't stop myself."

He leaned down and kissed me, right on the lips. It took me a second to realize what was happening. I closed my eyes, and ran my hands up his chest. I played with his nipples, which made him shiver. I went back down, and felt his cock about to rip his shorts.

I tugged his shorts off with my teeth. I kissed his dickhead through his underwear. I even slapped it with my tounge.

Nick: "Stop teasing me. I'm going to cum."

Me: "Hm? What's that?"

Nick: "Please Jake. I'm begging you."

Me: "There we go."

I pulled down his boxers, again with my teeth. I looked back up to he a surprisingly long and think cock.

Me: "Whoa. How big is that?"

Nick: "Last time I measured it, 11 inches up, 3 inches around."

Me: "W... but how?"

Nick: "I'll tell you later."

Me: "Wow, if this gets any bigger, I'd need a ladder to do this."

I got up,  bent over, and suck down almost half of the thing in. Nick groaned. I went up and down on that thing for almost 10 minutes, all the while stroking my own dick. Nick then shoved my head down even further, and I couldn't believe how was space has still left between my lips and the scrotum.

Nick then pulled by legs over the bed, pulled don my pajamas, and started slurping my dick. I was in heaven. Out of all the times I have had sex, this was the best. Then just as he was almost going to cum, I let go, and he couldn't keep up with all the semen, so he let it drip down my chest. He let go of my dick, and went up to my crack. He started licking me, and i got so excited, I almost bit him.

This was my dream. I have dreamed since  was 16 that a big, muscular football player would fall in love with me and get all over me like there's no tomorrow.

Finally, he took me off, and lay me down across my desk chair. He put is cock in, and it was so big, and hurt so bad, but the pain turned into pleasure. He went in further, and for a second I thought I might pop. He went deeper, until he was entirely in me.

He just stayed there for what felt like half an hour. Then, he pulled all the way out, and right back in. Each time he did this, he got faster, like he was trying to split me in half. When he did cum, he pulled out, scooped it up, and let me drink it from his hand.

Wee collapsed onto my bed, and drifted off, knowing that the next time we see each other would be Saturday. But I couldn't wait until then, and I know Nick couldn't either. Because, just before I fell asleep, he put his hand over my cock.

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