After those 2 weeks with Jake, I realized I had forgotten about my boyfriend, Wiley. I also forgot that a small town like Steilacoom is where rumors spread like wildfire. So, I went downtown to the café, and Wiley was sitting at the front table, angry, with his arms crossed.

I'm going to skip ahead since nobody likes breakup stories.

Anyway, I got a call from Jake's parents, Jeff and Scott, a few days after my skateboarding exhibition. That's right, I'm a pro skater. They said they needed me to watch Niles while they went out on their anniversary. I told them I'd do it, and they said they'd give me $5 an hour.

After Niles fell asleep, I went into the living room, and watched Saturday Night Live. But I kept thinking about how good Jake was that night.

===Jeff's POV===

For our anniversary, Scott took me to this really fancy restaurant in Bellevue.

Me: "You know, I can't wait to get home and straight to work on you."

Scott: "About that. Since it's our anniversary, do you think we should spice things up?"

Me: "How so?"

Scott: "I was thinking maybe a third person."

I did a spit take. Scott usually wasn't into that kind of stuff.

Me: "Wow. You really want to?"

Scott: "I think it's time we did it. I mean, we have kind of been doing the same thing almost every night."

Me: "Well maybe we should also check out that store that sells..."

Scott: "Hey. Slow down, hot rod. First things first."

Me: "Right."

===Derek's POV===

After the show, I wound up zonked out on the couch. I woke up when Scott slammed the door.

Scott: "Oh, sorry. Did I wake you?"

Me: "It's fine."

Jeff: "Hey, um, how'd you like to make another hour of money?"

Me: "How?"

Jeff: "Well, we're trying to spice things up for our anniversary, and..."

Me: "Say no more. You want a threesome."

Scott: "Wow. You're good."

Me: "What say we turn off every light except the lamp behind the couch. For mood."

After they did, they got on the couch and I was standing in the middle of the room. I decided to play with them, and put on a show. I took off my shirt, and threw it on the ground. I slowly rubbed up my abs, my chest, and lingered on my nipples. Jeff and Scott pulled out their dicks, and started stroking.

I yanked off my belt, and threw it behind the couch. They cheered, in that quick, shrill way that sounds like "OW!" I unzipped my pants, and let them slipped down. Jeff started unbuttoning his shirt. I rubbed my dick through the fabric of by briefs. Scott, who was now also shirtless, came over and yanked the boxers down. He started sucking y dick, while Jeff came over and sucked on my nipples.

This was awesome. They are so good at this, WAY better than Wiley, and even better than Jake. Soon, Jeff got down on his knees, and started licking the part of my shaft that Scott wasn't getting to. I was over whelmed.

Me: "I'm going to cum."

They stopped, and sat on the couch, mouths open. I jerked off fast, and sprayed my cum all over them. I went over to the couch, while they where making out, and licked some of the cum that had gotten on his neck. Then, I went up and lick some off his ear. He really liked that. I started flicking his earlobe with my tounge, and nibbled around his earring.

We went into their bedroom, and they got into a 69. I got onto the bed, and poked my dick at Jeff's crack. I shoved it in, making him moan with Scott's dick in his mouth. After 5 minutes of pulling out and pushing into Jeff, I went around to the other side of the bed, and started on Scott. Scott was 10 years older than Jeff, but he sure was strong enough to handle my dick. He pulled off of me after a minute. He patted the bed and, I came up. Then, the guys got off the bed, and Jeff started fucking me. Then, Scott came up behind him, and started fucking him. This was so overwhelming. These guys, at ages 30 and 40, were really powerful. Jeff soon ended up spraying into me, all the while he was also getting sprayed into.

This routine became regular every time I babysat Niles, until I was offered a contract for a skateboarding team in San Francisco, California. I still remember those days, but now I'm with someone new. And this time, I won't cheat on him.




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