I have always looked at him a certain way. Every time he talked it sent chills up my back and making the hairs on my neck stand straight up. He was gorgeous to me. His muscular body, his light blue eyes, his short dirty-blond hair. He had to be at least 6'2 and he was 23 years old. He was like an angel and I looked forward to him babysitting all the time. He would babysit very often because both of my parents would be at work most of the time. Therefore I could dream about him all I wanted.

As a little kid when Charley would put me to bed I would always ask him to lay with me until I fell asleep and I would use the "I'm scared trick" on him, to make him stay longer. But as I got older he would say no to lying with me. He said I was getting to old and it was too inappropriate to have him lay with me. This made me furious because the warmth of his body against mine would feel amazing before going to sleep. When I got to age 13 and my sister was 10 my parents wouldn't make Charley come as often because the believed that I was old enough to take care of my sister and myself. They would only get Charley to babysit if they were going to be out really late or not come home at all.

One night my parents were working a 24, all day and all night, so they got Charley to come spend the night with Mikayla and I. For the past twenty times or so that Charley has come to babysit I haven't thought much sexually about him. That being said the past times we have just hung out like normal friends so you can say. We would watch movies, eat, and play games. Mikayla on the other hand was on the shy side and would mostly stay in her room, which is on the other side of the house, the whole time Charley was there.

I thought this time was going to be like any other past times with Charley where we would just hang out and have fun until my mind started rambling about how hot Charley was and what I wanted to do you him. Sitting on the couch thinking of this, an erection started forming. Unlike other times before when my penis was very small and didn't show much with an erection, not it's showed a lot. All four and a half inches looking straight up at the ceiling. I was praying that Charley wouldn't notice the bulge in my basketball shorts and make things awkward but he did. He looked over at me with a weird face and said "Dude why do you have a boner?"

"I...I don't know." I replied

"What were you thinking of some hot girl from school?" he remarked

I finally got enough confidence and said, "I have always wanted to tell you that I have always had a crush on you, and I think you are extremely hot!" He had a scared look on his face led to a smile.

"You think I'm hot huh?"

"Yes, extremely!"

"Alright, this can work."

He grabbed me with his strong arms and started leading me to my parent's bedroom. I was so excited. At that point I knew what was going to happen. When we entered my parent's room he didn't even bother to turn on the lights and just threw me on the bed. I was lying on my back and I could barely see Charley until he dimmed the lights down. He started to strip down. First, he removed his shirt, which revealed his sculpted abs and pecks. Then he took off his dark brown khaki shorts. His huge erection was bulging out of his briefs and it made my mouth water. He took off his socks but left his skimpy little pink briefs on as he crawled his way up the bed towards me. He started his warm man hands up my leg and into my shorts, under my boxers and onto my cock. I started to take my clothes off until he said, "Let me do it." I didn't resist as he slowly pulled down my under wear and shorts both off together.

My cock stood right up in the air with a little drip of pre-cum already forming. I ripped my shirt off in a matter of seconds. Charley and I were now laying face to face, him rubbing my face. He put his had on the top of my head and pushed me down towards his cock. His huge man meat and me were eye-to-eye wen he released it from under his briefs and it smacked me in the face. It was huge at least seven inches. I started to lick the head of it until I gradually slipped it into my mouth. I could only fit half of it into my mouth with out choking on it. Charley put his hand on the back of my head pushing his cock deep into my throat gagging me. Coughing and spitting saliva onto his cock he kept on thrusting gagging me even more, but for some reason I loved this feeling of his huge cock slipping down my throat. While be face fucked Charley slipped his hand down by my ass and stuck his wet finger into my asshole making me clench up. I mean I was used to this because I would always tease my hole while masturbating. After a while he stopped thrusting my head and fingering my hole and slid down to my cock and swallowed the whole thing with no problem. He was so sloppy drooling all over the tiny bush around my cock it felt so good and made me moan.

After twenty minutes of him sucking my cock and teasing my ass with two fingers he demanded me to go onto all fours. Charley crawled behind me and started to stick his tongue in and out of my pink tight hole. He kept rimming and sucking and spitting all over my anus. This feeling was so extraordinary and I dint want him to stop so I pulled his face deeper into my ass. At this point I was moaning from how good it felt to have his tongue search around my anus.

He came up for a breather from eating me out and I said, "Kiss me Charley!" He did what I said and lustfully kissed me for such a long time, moving his tongue around my tongue, swapping spit. At one point he made me open my mouth and spit in my mouth. Weirdly I loved the way he tasted. We hooked up for a few more minutes and again he made me go on all fours, but this time I didn't know what he was doing. I was hoping he was going to eat me out again, but I was far off.

He laid his cock on my lower back and tried to spit on his cock but missed and it sprayed all over my back. He got closer to my ass and spit a huge pile of saliva onto my hole. I felt the warm liquid dripping down my taint and onto my balls. Charley said, "Are you ready Joey?"

I replied, "I guess Charley."

He slowly slipped his huge cock into my ass and I screamed in pain. He quickly put his hand over my mouth and told me to shut up. I tried to but the pain was too great. He thrusted in and out for a good twenty minutes, making me moan every time he entered me. He was grunting very heavily the whole time until he said "OH Joey I'm gunna cum!" He ripped hic cock out of my ass and turned me around to spray his hot cum all over my face and neck. He was breathing very heavily and it was as though all of his muscles gave way and he crumbled on top of me. We laid there for a few minutes, when out of nowhere he whispers into my ear, "I want you to cum for me. He sucked my little cock until I shot my load into his mouth and he swallowed it all. Both of us lay there naked breathing in ecstasy. We fell asleep like that and woke up the same way.

My parents got home that morning at around tem o'clock. As Charley was leaving he turned to me and winked and mouthed, "Next time will be even better!"




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